Dec 8th, 2017
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  2. USERNAME : @yahjoon
  3. PASSWORD : "excuje me!"
  6. BIRTH NAME : Anwen Nam
  7. STAGE NAME : Anwen
  9. β€” ann
  10. β€” wenie
  11. β€” nams
  12. β€” new
  14. ETHNICITY + NATIONALLY : korean + british
  15. BIRTHDAY + AGE : MARCH 16, 1998 + 19
  17. WOULD U
  21. FACE CLAIM : TWICE's JEONGYEON ( tt or signal era)
  22. BACKUP FACE CLAIM : lee joo young (actor from weightlifting fairy)
  25. BACKGROUND : Anwen was born in Manchester, Britain, and grew up there as a half asian and half british young girl. she was fairly popular, because of how pretty she is, but mainly because of her extremely honest personality. everyone knew her as the little girl who would point out something she didn't like, it either be your outfit, how horrible your creativity is, or just how plain you are as a person... she speaks her mind and even adults were threatened around her. Anwen was always teased around by her cousins, being an only child, because of the sole fact that she wasn't as feminine as them. obviously, she pointed out how short her cousins skirt was, and how cheap it felt, soon cozying up into her big fluffy hoodie. her parents, on the other hand, were more than happy to have a daughter like Anwen. she was always questioned about her ethnicity and her life, the girl always answering clearly with, "my mom is half british and half korea and my dad is fully korean.. problem?" not only was she strong with her words, she was also physically strong, adding to the tomboy part. she could easily kick ass, but would do it for a good reason. as in, her friend was being bullied? ass kicked. her ethnicity was made fun of? ass kicked. an elder was being poked at? ass kicked. Anwen was also a great student, but was extremely great at music and arts. she was highly creative, many going to her for inspiration and help, and she would do just that. though people were afraid of her at times, her genuinely close friends couldn't help but question the girl. was she two faced? there would be days when she would send homemade memes to the groupchat, with a message like "look at this jazzy meme i just made πŸ€™πŸ»"
  28. β€” being alone, left at peace
  29. β€” homemade memes
  30. β€” her creations being praised, music or art wise
  31. β€” sweet old people
  32. β€” oversized sweaters
  33. β€” when her sarcastic words aren't taken to the heart
  34. β€” when she doesn't have to put too much feelings into something
  35. β€” people that get the memo much faster
  36. β€” learning more and more of the music and arts industry
  37. β€” when her words actually help others out, not receiving a frown or glare as she spoke up
  39. DISLIKES :
  40. β€” being poked at for anything
  41. β€” being ratted out for something stupid / ridiculous
  42. β€” others thinking they're better than anyone else, though just being cocky
  43. β€” when children / teens are disrespectful towards elders or older people for no significant reason
  44. β€” skin tight clothing
  45. β€” someone not dropping something easily, being petty almost
  46. β€” people thinking they can be 10x more friendly with her when she shows little interest / affection towards them
  47. β€” highly oblivious people
  48. β€” when someone makes a huge joke out of themselves, someone else, or something important / serious
  49. β€” her truthful, honest opinions and thoughts being shot back with negativity and crap talk
  52. β€” creating, music or art
  53. β€” making memes out of friends / other members
  54. β€” watching foreign dramas / movies to acquire knowledge (or u know get that good romance fill)
  55. /
  56. β€” frowns / pouts unintentionally even when not angry or just there
  57. β€” when walking, she'll pull at her sleeves and have sweater paws
  58. β€” has to speak her mind on almost everything, sometimes
  60. TRIVIA :
  61. β€” her family owns two cats named mac & cheese
  62. β€” she named the cats herself since her family thought she'd come up with something g r e a t and c r e a t i v e
  63. β€” likes wearing oversized hoodies, because they make her feel comfortable
  64. β€” would wear skin tight clothing before, but once a dude on the streets complimented her breasts back in high school, she's started wearing larger male clothing
  65. β€” naps like 57 times in a day
  66. β€” doesn't want to learn how to drive because she thinks she'll either forget everything or angrily crash into someone
  67. β€” isn't as hardcore as people actually think she is, lives and breathes for memes
  68. β€” says she'll drop the idol life if they start dressing her in too feminine clothing
  69. β€” low key not the greatest dancer, she has to work on no end to learn choreography
  70. β€” will kick ass for her friends / members, but will make fun of them or snap back on a daily
  71. β€” affection is really hard for her to show in person, so she'll message you how much she loves you instead
  72. β€” isn't ignorant, isn't the rude or honest type where she's dead on her track only, if someone's correct and she isn't, she'll back down
  73. β€” would rather walk everywhere than by mobile, she can get motion sickness really easily
  74. β€” really likes the number 7 for no actual reason
  75. β€” her favorite korean drama is goblin and playful kiss
  76. β€” doesn't show her softness but she's extra soft for romcoms
  77. β€” extra extra soft for other soft people. for example, kim namjoon
  78. β€” likes nature aesthetics
  79. β€” low key likes Valentine's Day because she sees all the couples being cuTe
  80. β€” doesn't know how to style her hair, so she always ended up cutting it boy short
  81. β€” really only shows emotion towards her family, friends, members, and fans, being the most softest for all of them but will be herself towards them as well
  82. β€” gets easily flustered when a fan suddenly starts wanting to hear her speak english, and then bombard her with how beautiful her accent is
  83. β€” loves holding hands but she wouldn't own up to it
  84. β€” back hugging is her Thingβ„’
  87. β€” really enthusiastic dogs
  88. β€” soft kids that cry for almost everything
  89. β€” coffee that is made for her by a friend / member
  90. β€” when a fan would be like, in love practically, "omg!! your accent!! beautiful!!" her heart is Extra Softβ„’
  91. /
  92. β€” when confused or in need of help, she'll figure it out herself rather than asking for help
  93. β€” will forget to eat at times, if she's really really busy
  94. β€” too too honest with new people
  96. PERSONALITY : Anwen happens to be someone who, since a young age, is naturally severely honest and sarcastic. many would say, "ah, children are always honest, they have no filter!" but now, people can't help to either ignore the space around her completely or watch themselves when with her. it's not that the girl is rude, no that's another story, she won't pick on you because of something that you're obviously easily weak on– but she will tell you how your hair looked slightly better the last time she saw you or how the shirt you're wearing doesn't match your shoes or whatever. she can come off as rude though, always being quick to give her opinion, while being honest, and people tend to get ticked off. for her sarcasm though, it was likely that she'd have to use it around people who understood her or took it lightly, but it didn't mattered to her. sarcasm was like another language for Anwen, it still is. "ahaha oh my gosh! yes! he was such a hottie woah !!1!1 😍" "Wen you're using sarcasm right or did you develop a crush somehow–" "mAN HE AINT WORTH MY TIME". now on the topic of boys, Anwen never took an opportunity to have a boyfriend, not that she was never given one because woah. somehow, boys really liked her tough and no taking bullshit but low key soft personality, and they always tried even b r e a t h i n g beside her and she noped so hard. the girl just didn't have an interest in dating, let alone interest in guys. and she'd absolutely dislike it when some dude popped out liking her– many blamed how she's a tomboy and how she's probably gay. now, she doesn't care who she'll end up with, love is love, but the way she dresses isn't the reason why. Anwen would rather dress in tights and an over large sweatshirt than a skirt and croptop. it's just how she likes to be, comfortable. Anwen is a low key soft person, being the type to help out her friends in the background and not own up to it later on. she'd fight for her friends, always wanting the best for them all. she's extremely creative, and uses such talent in producing music and rapping with her hearts full content, though she uses it on something else as well... homemade meme creating. Anwen the type to talk shit to you but then throw random ass memes, of you or herself or anyoneΒ‘, all of a sudden. she ain't got no restraint y'all, she'll attack you with words or memes!!!
  99. INDIVIDUAL FANDOM NAME : PRESENT's (as in, now in the present... bc her nickname is Wen aka 'When')
  103. MESSAGE TO FANS : hello! hopefully, when you guys seen me through your screen or in person, I don't come off as rude or passive, that's just how I am! giving me a small push will surely help me succeed in being your friend, don't be shy! talk to me like a friend, eat and sleep well PRESENT's!
  105. MESSAGE TO MEMBERS : sup, if I have food in the fridge please don't steal, you can have a portion but not all of it. I'll be using meme worTH pics of your faces as memes at times, don't be alarmed or scared, you're all cute so don't hide your face. hope we can work for a long period of time together, don't forget to treat yourself respectfully, eat your meals, do you work. Peaceβ„’.
  107. MESSAGE TO AUTHOR : hello!! this is my first time applying for one of your apply fics, I think? hopefully I did a passable job, one that makes you nod your head with a "this low key ok". I don't have to be accepted lolol just THAT makes me feel like I've been accepted into your heart and satisfaction so thanks if you feel that way (: but many many thanks if you accept my form (: I haven't done many forms lately, school beating me up, but I gotchu man, I tried my best! hopefully you get many more forms, and that this apply fic is a damn hiT.
  109. EXTRAS : nothing (:
  112. β€” Anwen is doing her daily meme picture taking, needing a new load of memes that somehow make it up online
  113. β€” she goes out with a member to have a good time, since they're on break or resting, and the other member happens to record themselves while they were out and once the video is uploaded, fans go "aw" and "omg so this how she rlly is" to the letting loose and true Anwen. (omg like that vid jungkook did of jimin. jim looked so well and himself there omg im tearing up)
  114. β€” she's not the most active on social media, the groups account, so when she comes out with a "watch me do my cleansing face routine!!" video, people were shakinG. they got new meme pics, a new side to her in which she genuinely loves and makeS memes
  115. β€” with her awesome english skills, she'll read comments through their social media and see who she's shipped with in the group and makes sure to investigate them in her next solo vlive. lolol or group vlive she ain't afraid to talk bout it
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