Cold November Night With Kate

Mar 2nd, 2015
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  1. >It was a cold November night, with winds bringing temperatures well below freezing.
  2. >For some reason, you found yourself outside in this weather, going to your friend’s house.
  3. >She had wanted you to bring over that burned CD that she wanted you to make for her.
  4. >Why she didn’t just pirate her own music was beyond you, but you two have known each other ever since you were kids, so you can’t really turn her down.
  5. >Her house was only a block or so from yours, so it wasn’t this much of a hassle usually, but a sudden cold front had made things rather difficult.
  6. >This kind of freak weather is a side effect of living in a town right next to a massive lake, but the summer weather is so beautiful it more than makes up for it.
  7. >You really wish you had put on something warmer before you went outside; the wind is really starting to bite at your face and hands.
  8. >You finally spot her porch light a little further down the street and hurry towards it.
  9. >Finally at her door you ring the doorbell and stamp your feet trying to keep out the cold.
  10. >Christ what the hell is taking her so long.
  11. >You hear the lock on the door come undone and it opens to the sight of your friend.
  12. >In front of you is Kate, a Dhampir with earthy red hair down to her shoulders and crimson eyes, wearing a hoodie from your high school days with matching sweatpants.
  13. >”Yo, you got the CD?”
  14. >”Yeah I got it, you gonna let me in or are you gonna let me get frostbite?”
  15. >She rolls her eyes and steps back, letting you into her house and shutting the door behind you.
  16. >”Look Kate, I know you like music, but why the hell don’t you just download this stuff yourself? It would be a shit load easier than having to rely on me all the time.”
  17. >”Yeah, but I’m lazy, and I know you’ll do it for me if I ask, so why bother?”
  18. >You shoot her an irritated look and make a mental note to make this the last time you nearly freeze just because your friend is fucking lazy.
  19. >”So, you wanna hang out some since you came over?”
  20. >”Sure, why the hell not, it’s better than freezing my ass off walking back home. You got any movies we could watch?”
  22. >”Yeah, just let me put this upstairs first.”
  23. >As she walks upstairs, you look around her living room and can’t help but be impressed by how much better off she seems to be when compared to you.
  24. >She has a flat screen TV, where all you have is a shitty CRT you found at a garage sale, and she even has some art around the room.
  25. >You suppose that’s the difference between a person who is working their way through college (you), and one who is getting her tuition paid for by academic scholarships (her).
  26. >Aside from the TV, the most notable object in the room was the giant, plushy couch in the middle of the floor.
  27. >You are very familiar with this couch, as it’s the one you and her watched movies and played videogames on all the way from elementary school up until high school, finally dragging it halfway across the country with the two of you so you could have it at college.
  28. >God that couch is awesome.
  29. >You hear Kate coming back downstairs, and see her walk into the room carrying a big stack of DVDs
  30. >”What are all those, rentals you need to return or something?”
  31. >”Nah, they’re the movies we’re going to watch tonight.”
  32. >”Whoa, how long do you think I’m gonna be over here? I can’t take too long, there’s supposed to be heavy snowfall tonight, and I need to get back before it starts.”
  33. >”It’s too late for that then, look out the window.”
  34. >You turn and walk over to a window and pull back the shades, only to see snow already starting to come down heavy
  35. >”Shit, now how the hell am I supposed to get home?”
  36. >You turn around and walk over to Kate
  37. >”Well I’m obviously going to be here for a while, what movies do you have there?”
  38. >She grins and lays out the movies on the floor in front of both of you, totaling about 10 films in all.
  39. >The collection starts off with two of the worst horror movies ever created, Frogs and Night of the Lepus, mainly to lighten the mood
  40. >You walk into her kitchen and rummage around in the cabinet you know she keeps her snacks in, eventually finding some microwave popcorn.
  41. >You throw it in the microwave and grab some drinks for the two of you, making sure to get a bowl for the popcorn along with glasses for the drinks.
  42. >You pour out the popcorn and drinks, bringing them back into the living room with you.
  43. >When you get back, Kate has already pulled over a coffee table to set everything on and has made herself comfortable sprawled out on the couch, remote in hand.
  44. >”Geez, could you have been any slower? I about started the movie without you!”
  45. >You throw a piece of popcorn at her and hit her in the face, earning yourself a stuck-out tongue and a kick in the leg
  46. >She starts the first movie, and as expected it’s horrible, the story revolves around the amphibians and reptiles on a swamp island killing a family because their company is responsible for pollution in the area.
  47. >The next movie is arguably worse, the plot focusing on an evil cult that botches a ritual, summoning a horde of rabbits that attack and infest the nearby town causing chaos amongst the inhabitants.
  48. >You both have trouble containing your laughter as the second movie ends, deciding on taking a break to use the bathroom and refill on snacks.
  49. >You walk off to the kitchen to get refills of everything, grabbing some other snacks in case this part of the marathon runs longer than the last.
  50. >After you finish getting the snacks ready, you feel nature calling, so you go to the bathroom before you head back to the living room.
  51. >You flop down onto the couch and Kate starts the next movie, already gnawing her way through a bowl of chips you brought out.
  52. >About 15 minutes into the movie you notice that you feel a bit colder than before, but it’s nothing unbearable, probably just al the excess heat from your winter clothes finally wearing off.
  53. >10 minutes later though, and your teeth are practically chattering.
  54. >”Hey Kate, what the hell is wrong with the heater in your house, it’s freezing in here!”
  55. >”Oh, I usually turn it down at night to keep from wasting energy, but if you’re cold I could grab a blanket for you.”
  56. >”Yeah, I’d appreciate that, thanks.”
  57. >Kate gets up and walks off toward another part of the house, coming back a few minutes later with a big down comforter that looks as comfy as the couch you’re sitting on.
  58. >”Hell yeah, now that looks warm!”
  59. >”Yeah, it’s the biggest one I own, perfect for this couch.”
  60. >Kate throws the comforter across the couch, and you, then crawls underneath it herself.
  61. >The next few movies go by fairly quickly, although even with the comforter it feels like the house is getting colder and colder.
  62. >Eventually you ask Kate to go and turn up the heater, but that doesn’t seem to help, so you just shiver underneath the blanket for the remainder of the current film.
  63. >Once the film ends, Kate gets up, changes out the DVDs and then gets back under the blanket.
  64. >Only, this time she sidles up right next to you.
  65. >”Uh, Kate, what are you doing?”
  66. >”Well you said you were cold right? The heater isn’t working, and it would be rude of me to just ignore you.”
  67. >”Well, I mean, I appreciate the thought, but you really don’t have to go this far.”
  68. >”It’s only a foot or two from where I was sitting before, what’s so far about it?” she asks, sticking her tongue out at you after.
  69. >”Christ, fine, do what you want, just play the movie.”
  70. >Kate elbows you in the ribs and starts the movie again, practically shoving her body up against yours
  71. >It’s pretty uncomfortable at first, but once you relax, it honestly isn’t too bad, and she certainly is warm.
  72. >A little ways into the movie, you feel Kate start moving around, and you feel her pull your body into a hug underneath the blanket, resting her head on your chest and sighing contently.
  73. >You don’t really know what you should do in response, but you wrap your arm around her, resulting in her nuzzling against your chest.
  74. >Wait, nuzzling?
  75. >”Kate, what are yo-
  76. >She cuts you off with hard kiss, breaking off and whispering in your ear, “What the fuck do you think I’m doing?” before pulling you into another kiss, nipping your neck on the way back.
  77. >Kate kisses you again passionately, catching you off guard from shock.
  78. >”You always do things for me, help me out, and put up with my bullshit, this is just a bit of compensation for all the trouble.”
  79. >She shifts around and straddles you, blocking out the TV entirely, kissing and nipping you repeatedly, all the while running her hands through your hair and occasionally running one down your chest.
  80. >After a bit of this, you come back from shock, and reach up and brush her hair back, letting the light from the TV hit the side of her face.
  81. >You don’t ever think you’ve seen her look more gorgeous than she does in this moment, pale skin shaking with passion, hair casting a fiery glow around her head, all with her eyes seemingly pulsing with a deep, predatory glow.
  82. >You lean up and kiss her, feeling equal parts passion and primal fear.
  83. >Whatever is in her eyes is making your mind scream for you to run, but this is Kate, and she would never do anything to harm you.
  84. >The two of you butt tongues like this for a while, Kate interspersing love bites, and you occasionally groping her chest.
  85. >Wait, if she even wearing a bra?
  86. >You reach under her shirt and she gasps as you grab flesh; by god she isn’t wearing a bra.
  87. >When you start to knead her breasts, she breaks off the kiss and tells you to stop for a moment, pulling off her hoodie and leaving her bare chest out in the open.
  88. >You never gave her chest so much as a glance before, but she certainly isn’t lacking, with nice and perky C-Cups and erect nipples standing at attention, due to both the temperature in the house, and your attentions.
  89. >Kate’s breathing becomes more ragged as you sit there staring at her bare chest, sweat beads forming on her skin.
  90. >She leans down, holding your face in her hands and kisses you again, finally breaking away when you both need to breathe.
  91. >”You can touch them you know.” She says after she catches her breath, staring at you expectantly.
  92. >You press your hand against one of her breasts, and her breath catches in her throat.
  93. >After a moment, she gives you a nod, and you start to squeeze her breast, eventually rubbing it in a circle, watching her expression the entire time.
  94. >Kate stares into your eyes, taking shallow breaths and shuddering, running her thumb across your cheek tenderly.
  95. >You move on to her nipple, lightly tracing her areola with your fingertip, then taking hold of the nipple itself, lightly pinching and pulling on it, as you repeat the process with her other breast.
  96. >She leans forward, placing her hands on your shoulders to steady herself as she shudders, slightly overwhelmed by the experience.
  97. >After a few seconds she regains her composure and moves closer, touching her forehead to yours, lightly kissing you on the nose.
  98. >This continues for some time, you rubbing her breasts, her pressing her face close to yours and occasionally moaning in between the quick pecks on your face.
  99. >After some time though, she puts her hands on yours and pulls them away, lifting them up above your head.
  100. >”Hold these here.” She says, dragging her hands back down your body, stopping at your waist.
  101. >Kate grabs the bottom of your shirt, and then slowly pulls in up and over your head, planting kisses along your stomach and chest as she exposes more and more of your torso.
  102. >After that she throws your shirt across the room, and pulls you into a hug, pressing her body against yours and pushing her face into your neck.
  103. >You wrap your arms around her, pulling her tight against your body, just enjoying the physical contact.
  104. >After a few minutes of this, you notice that the movie had ended some time ago, and the screen in just displaying white static.
  105. >If Kate notices she doesn’t seem to care, simply content to hold onto your body, murmuring in to your neck.
  106. >Yeah, murmuring like when you were kids and she would fall asle-
  107. >God fucking dammit Kate
  108. >You look down at her face, and yep, she’s out cold
  109. >You try and carefully untangle yourself from her grasp, but every attempt at escape is met with her gripping you even tighter.
  110. >Eventually you sigh and give up, resigning yourself to being a living Daki for your friend
  111. >You manage to pull over the remote to the TV with your foot, and shut it off to get rid of the remaining light in the house.
  112. >In the darkness, you spend some time reminiscing about how this would happen all the time in the past during elementary and middle school.
  113. >The two of you would go all night playing videogames and watching movies, and wind up passing out on top of one another, waking up to find that your parents had thrown a blanket over the two of you at some point in the night.
  114. >A warm and nostalgic feeling spreads in your chest as you look down again at Kate, pressed firmly against you, still mumbling nonsense.
  115. >You lean down and kiss your friend on the top of her head, before wrapping the two of you in the comforter and settling down for the rest of the night.
  116. End of the First Night
  117. Start of Second Day
  118. >Damn, you don’t remember your bed being this warm and snug.
  119. >Not that it’s out of the question, but usually it would take drugs to make you feel this good in the morning.
  120. >You also don’t remember ever sleeping with a body pillow, especially one that drools.
  121. >Yep, last night is now coming back into focus.
  122. >Damn, you can’t believe that that really happened, but the fact that a topless Kate is drooling on your neck and shoulder proves it.
  123. >Better find something to eat you suppose.
  124. >You try and move Kate and she’s thankfully much less clingy than she was last night, sliding off of you easily.
  125. >You lay her down on the couch and drape the comforter over her, and then put on your clothes, leaving her hoodie folded on the coffee table in front of her.
  126. >Deciding you could use some breakfast, you head into the kitchen to try and find something to eat.
  127. >A bit of searching later and you manage to find some pancake mix, along with enough beef to make a small patty or two.
  128. >You pull down a hanging skillet and start cooking, the smell of pancakes and cooking meat drifting through the house.
  129. >Eventually you hear Kate rustling in the other room, followed by a loud thud as she presumably falls onto the floor.
  130. >A muffled groan comes from the living room as you finish making breakfast, and Kate wanders into the room as you set the table.
  131. >”Morning, hope you don’t mind me making something in your kitchen.”
  132. >Kate looks at you with bleary eyes and mumbles something about it being better than eating cereal for the 20th time.
  133. >You both sit down at her kitchen table and start eating, devouring the pancakes and burger patties like they were your only meal for the day.
  134. >There is a bit of an awkward silence as Kate barely manages to keep her eyes open, and you remain unsure as to how you should begin talking after last night.
  135. >Though your bowels give you an idea rather quickly.
  136. >”I’m gonna use the bathroom, ok?”
  137. >Kate mumbles something that sounded like consent, and you trudge off to the toilet.
  138. >You do your business and come back, finding Kate standing in the living room looking out the window.
  139. >”What’s going on outside?”
  140. >”Look for yourself” She says, stepping to the side. “It looks like you’ll be spending even more time here than you had planned.”
  141. >You brush past her and look out the window, greeted by something you would rather not have seen.
  142. >Her front yard is covered in at least four feet of snow.
  143. >It would probably be impossible to get out her front door, let alone make it back to your house.
  144. >You sigh as Kate turns on the TV, switching to the morning news where they are discussing the snowstorm that swept through town last night.
  145. >The city has called off all school, and the local college has decided to cancel all classes and activities planned for the day.
  146. >They estimate that most people should be dug out of their homes in at most 2 days, so everyone should hunker down until then.
  147. >”Well this fucking sucks” You say as Kate switches off the TV. “I have a paper to write and all my research material is back at my house.”
  148. >”I’m sure your professor will accept an excuse given the circumstances, besides, it’s not like you’re just blowing it off.”
  149. >”I suppose you’re right, but still, what the hell are we supposed to do now?”
  150. >”Hmm… We could watch a movie I suppose, but we already did that last night.”
  151. >As soon as she said that Kate seemed to remember what else happened last night, her cheeks turning red and her eyes going wide.
  152. >”Hey, listen, about last night…” Kate looks at you with a somewhat worried expression on her face.
  153. >”Oh, hey don’t worry about last night, really! It’s nothing to be concerned about!” You try and reassure her as you put on what feels like the worst fake smile in the world.
  154. >Truth be told you can’t help but feel extremely nervous about last night yourself.
  155. >You mean, you almost ended up having sex with a friend you’ve known since you were a kid, and it wasn’t exactly light petting the two of you were doing either.
  156. >Kate looks at you with an equal parts awkward and relieved smile. “Ok, good, good, that’s good to know.”
  157. >A few minutes pass as the two of you awkwardly sit there, trying to think of something to do or say to pass the time.
  158. >Finally, Kate is the one to break the ice when she clears her throat.
  159. >”Y’know, I think I still have my old N64 upstairs, you want me to bring it down and play some?”
  160. >”Uh, sure! Yeah, that sounds great!”
  161. >Thank god for Nintendo.
  162. >When Kate gets up and leaves you sit there and think for a good long while about what you should do about last night.
  163. >The two of did some pretty serious stuff, and you aren’t sure about how you feel about it yet.
  164. >Sure, she’s a great friend who has been with you for years, but do you really feel about her that way?
  165. >You’re interrupted by Kate coming back downstairs, carrying a box filled with an N64, controllers, and more than a few game cartridges.
  166. >”Ok, pick out what game you want to play first while I set this up.”
  167. >You take a look at the game collection she has and you have to admit, you’re impressed how many games has.
  168. >Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, it’s like looking at a library of your childhood.
  169. >Eventually though, you settle on playing Goldeneye.
  170. >You start up the game and spend the next few hours shooting one another like you did when you were kids.
  171. >Eventually the two of you are ready to switch games, after having a lunch which consisted of snack food and sugary liquid.
  172. >You decide to play Mario Kart, popping it in and enjoying yourselves with a healthy dosage of nostalgia.
  173. >Before you know it, most of the day has flown by and the sun is setting outside Kate’s house.
  174. >The two of you think about what you want to do for dinner, pizza being out of the question because of the snow.
  175. >The two of you eventually decide to make some noodles you find hidden away inside the cupboards of the kitchen, and eating some buttered bread on the side.
  176. >As you boil some water in a pot, your thoughts can’t help but drift back to what happened last night.
  177. >Will something like that happen again, or was it just a spur of the moment thing?
  178. >Whatever the case, you guess you’ll be sleeping on that couch again, since it’s the only other “bed” in her house.
  179. >Eventually night sets in, and the two of you get ready for bed.
  180. >Kate gives you a pillow from her closet that you can use before saying goodnight and heading up to her room.
  181. >On your way to the couch it crosses your mind how cold the house has gotten again.
  182. >When you lie down you realize that neither of you ever got around to actually talking about last night, only blowing it off like it was nothing.
  183. >Hell, even Kate seemed willing to move past it rather quickly, but then again who wouldn’t be.
  184. >You’d like to think about this some more, but playing vidya really wore you out, and you quickly fall asleep.
  185. >You wake up later that night feeling like someone is watching you.
  186. >You can’t tell who or what, but you feel the hair on your neck stand on end, and you have butterflies in your stomach.
  187. >You hear footsteps on the carpet approach you slowly, stealthily, so lightly you have to strain to hear them.
  188. >Suddenly they stop.
  189. >It’s silent for a few minutes, with no sound beyond your own restrained breathing and your heartbeat pounding in your ears.
  190. >You ever so slowly pull down the comforter to try and look at what was moving around.
  191. >You’re greeted by a pair of deep, glowing, crimson eyes staring right back at you from inches away.
  192. >JESUS FU-
  193. >The creature slaps a hand over your mouth, keeping you quiet
  194. >It comes in even closer to your face, leaning down to your ear.
  195. >”Sssshhh. Why are you so afraid? It’s only you and me inside this house after all.”
  196. >Kate? What the hell is she doing, trying to give you a heart attack?
  197. >”I remembered how cold you were the other night, and thought you might need some warming up again.”
  198. >You try and respond, but all you get out are some mumbles due to Kate’s hand.
  199. >”Well, if you insist.” Kate then lifts up the comforter and crawls on top of you, Christ you can hear her grin in her voice.
  200. >Oh god she isn’t wearing anything.
  201. >She drags herself up to eye level with you and removes her hand from your mouth, only to replace it with a kiss.
  202. >”You know, It’s very hard normally for me to express my feelings, but these past few nights have been special, do you know why?”
  203. >Suddenly you remember the warning posters around class; a full moon was going to happen this week, reaching its peak around today.
  204. >And you’re stuck inside Kate’s house when it’s happening, shit.
  205. >”Hmm, I think you guessed it. Do you know how hard it would have been for me to do something like what happened last night under normal circumstances?”
  206. >”I wanted to make you mine, but I couldn’t make myself attack you like one of those depraved beasts that we live around.”
  207. >”So I chose to let you decide for me, if you pushed me away when I came onto you, then I would have given up. But you didn’t.”
  208. >Kate kisses you again, this time worming her tongue into your mouth, giggling when she finally breaks away.
  209. >”You came at me just as hard as I came at you, and it made me so happy, I wanted to take you then and there.”
  210. >”Unfortunately, I was tired and clumsy, but there’s nothing like that stopping us tonight.”
  211. >Kate leans down and nips your neck, then slowly kisses her way along your collarbone before sitting up and straddling you.
  212. >The same feeling you had last night is screaming at you again, that Kate is something to be feared, that you need to escape, you are in danger.
  213. >But you don’t, you can’t, this is Kate, and no matter what your instincts are telling you, you trust this girl with your life.
  214. >You swallow your apprehension and lift up your shirt, pulling it off and throwing it somewhere in the room.
  215. >As soon as it’s off, Kate swoops down and buries her face in your chest, taking deep long breaths.
  216. >Once she is finally done, she starts to kiss her way down your chest, starting from your sternum, all the way down to your waist, stopping when she runs into your pants.
  217. >You feel her undoing the button and zipper, slowly pulling them off, and them dumping them off to the side.
  218. >Your hips jump a little as soon as Kate plants her face right in your crotch, next to your growing erection.
  219. >She runs her hands over the growing bulge, feeling its shape and curve, and strokes it lightly.
  220. >You gasp and she looks up at you with a smile, giggling, as she continues to stroke your dick through the fabric of your underwear, increasing the speed and pressure steadily.
  221. >Soon your hips are bucking from the sensation, and you’re about to reach climax when Kate suddenly stops, leaving you thrusting into the air.
  222. >”Kate, what the hell?” you say in between gasps for air.
  223. >”You can’t come from that, there’s so much more we need to do.” She says as she drags your underwear down your legs, tossing them aside.
  224. >Once your erection is free, she puts her hands on it again, stroking it steadily to get it back to full size.
  225. >Once it’s ready, she starts teasing you by planting kisses on it, starting with the head and working her way down to the base, then back up again.
  226. >While she is doing this, she begins to fondle your balls, slowly rolling them around in her hands as she works your penis with her mouth.
  227. >As you get closer and closer, she starts to gently squeeze your nuts, rolling them in between her fingers
  228. >This time when you’re about to come, she shoves your dick in her mouth, driving you right off the edge.
  229. >You unload a huge shot of cum directly into Kate’s mouth, with an orgasm so strong it makes you arch your back and leaves your hips shaking.
  230. >When you finish cumming, she sucks all the remaining sperm from inside your urethra, and then swallows the entire load.
  231. >Kate then stares at you with those same hungry eyes, while slowly stroking your dick with her hand.
  232. >”I have so much in store for you tonight” Kate says while playing with the head of your penis “by the end of it all, we’ll be so tired we might just sleep right through the day.”
  233. >She leans down kisses you again, this time a rather chaste peck on the lips.
  234. >She then leans down to your ear and blows into it, saying “Or maybe you want to continue long past dawn, hmm?” sucking on your earlobe until you become fully erect again.
  235. >Once your libido has served its purpose, Kate pulls herself away from your ear and again straddles you, rubbing her vagina and pinching her nipples at the sight of your naked body.
  236. >”So, what do you think about me? I already told you what I think about you, so you should return the favor, don’t you think?”
  237. >”I think you’re fucking amazing Kate, you’re smart, athletic, a huge fucking nerd, and a huge audiophile.”
  238. >”What, my body not good enough for an honorable mention?” She asks teasingly.
  239. >”Don’t think that for a fucking second.”
  240. >”That’s what I like to hear” she says with a smile “and I’m going to make sure you know just how fantastic this body really is.”
  241. >On cue, she starts to grind her crotch against your erection, causing her to gasp and moan as she covers your dick in her arousal.
  242. >”How the hell di-ngg, did you get this good?” you ask her.
  243. >”I was always thinking of how I cou-aahh, could make you mine without forcing you, so I st-haahh, studied sex and sexual positions until I became confident I could convince you to make me yours.”
  244. >You’re amazed at how much she thought about this, it’s honestly rather scary, although at least she had your best interests at heart.
  245. >As she grinds against your dick, you reach up and start to play with her breasts, rolling them around in your palms and pinching her nipples.
  246. >Kate starts shuddering from the double stimulation, leaning into your hands and pushing against your cock more forcefully.
  247. >She eventually pulls up one of your hands and starts to suck on your fingers, slowly going over each and every one.
  248. >As she does this she stops grinding against your prick, and stands it up straight, jerking it off with her spare hand.
  249. >She stops sucking on your fingers leading your hand back to her breasts, before picking herself up and aligning herself with your dick.
  250. >”I told you I wanted you as mine anon, and you showed me that you wanted me as yours, so let’s make that happen right now.”
  251. >She then slowly drops down onto your erection, carefully guiding your cock inside of her.
  252. >Then you reach her hymen, and she looks at you with those same hungry eyes, filled with lust and desire.
  253. >”Are you ready?”
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