Fire Emblem Heroes 03-14-17 update "Strongest" messages.

Mar 14th, 2017
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  1. MID_JAFFAR_STRONGEST: You are too kind—to me, to all\naround us, to everyone.$k$pThat is your weak spot,\n$Nu.$k$pYou make a grave mistake if\nyou think me a friend. I am your\ntool to use. Nothing else.$k$pWhen I fail, cast me into the heap\nwith the trash and offal. You must,\nfor that is the way of life...$k$pWhat? You won't? Then you\nleave me no choice but to live\non and on, serving you.$k$pKnow then that there is no\nmission too cruel for me to\nhandle on your behalf.$k$pI will finish it. I will return to you.\nThere is no need to worry.
  3. MID_RUTHEA_STRONGEST: I have come to trust you more\nthan most I meet, so I feel it's\nsafe to share my story with you.$k$pWhen I was young, I suffered\nterribly in an orphanage—children\nought never be so tormented.$k$pI also suffer what some might call a\nsickness of the soul. What it is,\nexactly, is difficult to say.$k$pEven now, when I think of how I\ that body\nfalls into lapses and strange fits.$k$pI'm sorry. I should have told you\nall about this, but I wasn't yet\ncomfortable confiding it.$k$pI feared that you'd lose respect\nfor me if you knew the truth—or\nwould even be repulsed.$k$pI do such good works that I\nshouldn't allow myself to care, but\nwhen it comes to you...I do.$k$pI put myself in your hands. Will you\nlike or loathe me? But know this,\nyou will have my loyalty.
  5. MID_REBACCA_STRONGEST: I just can't say how glad I am\nto be here. Everyone's friendly\nas friendly gets!$k$pThere's never a dull moment,\nwhich is good for me, since\nI don't like being left alone.$k$pYears ago, my brother left our\nvillage without saying a word.\nNever came back either.$k$pI know, day after\nday, week after week, and\nyear after...$k$pOh, my! Sorry for carrying on.\nDon't want to get weepy\nall over you!$k$pBesides, that's all in the past.\nI've got you and everyone\nelse around here now.$k$pJust don't you get any funny\nideas about disappearing\non me, all right? Good.
  7. MID_PRISCILLA_STRONGEST: May I ask you a question? I don't\nmean to trouble you. I\nseem stronger to you?$k$pI barely recognize myself in the\nmirror, now that I've been here\nfor a while.$k$pI knew nothing of the world—or\nworlds—before all of this.\nAnd what did I know of battle?$k$pI've changed so much, and\nI believe that you deserve much\nof the credit. Don't you?$k$pWell, some goes to me. I do think\nthat you and I make a fine team.\nAnd I hope we always will!
  9. MID_NINIAN_STRONGEST: So you surely realize by now\nthat...dragon blood courses\nthrough my veins.$k$pDragons have not often lived in\nharmony with humans...or is\nit vice versa?$k$pYet here I feel as if I can truly be\nmyself without fear or shame.\nThat's because of you.$k$pYou have the rare gift of seeing\nothers, or at least me, as if there\nare no divisions between us.$k$pI appreciate this more than you\ncan know. And so, I offer you all\nmy dances in deep gratitude.
  11. MID_KAREL_STRONGEST: You are a puzzle to me. I am on\nthe path of the sword and cut down\nthose strong enough to matter.$k$pYet you cannot fight—not with a\nsword, not even any magic.\nStill, you are on my path.$k$pHow troubling. Why don't I just walk\naround you? Why do I continue\nto fight for you? Perhaps...$k$pPerhaps it is because having\nyou at my side propels me\nfaster along my path!$k$pIn any case, here we are—the\nsword and the swordless!$k$pWhat else can I do but continue?\nThat is, until the day when I see\nyou standing IN my way.
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