Anubus RP Application

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  1. How did you find out about Anubis RP?
  2. Been watching streamers play on NoPixel for awhile and so I searched for FiveM servers to join on and this seemed interesting.
  3. Which country are you from?
  4. The United States
  5. How old are you?
  6. 19
  7. Which type role are you applying for? example: Police/Civilian/EMS/Lawyer/Gang
  8. EMS
  9. What makes you a good roleplayer?
  10. Staying in character is something I can do very well, the only times I've roleplayed characters was on VR chat and RP'd for a good 10 hours. I can improvise situations well and my sense of humor is on the spot.
  11. What is your characters short term goal as they get into the city?
  12. After getting a job at the hospital try and find a way to start my drug addiction or a therapist whatever comes first. Getting to know the city and other players on the server.
  13. What is your characters long term goal?
  14. Become known as a good doctor and build a good rep while also having a bit of a drug business on the side and see where that goes.
  15. Which type of characters have you roleplayed before?
  16. I roleplayed a penguin who's goal was to find a mate because his girlfriend died due to the ice caps melting. A southerner named Cletus who whoever he comes across he calls them family and it becomes a huge incestuous and fucked up family. I also RP'd a woman begging for money to buy her weave and would do anything for it. Yeah not so proud of that last one lol.
  17. What is your primary characters backstory?
  18. Recovering painkiller addict who is easily tempted to relapse. Was a paramedic in previous city but after getting addicted to painkillers he accidentally killed one of his patients which scars him for life and came to San Andrea's to escape his previous life and the law under a new alias: Peter Meds
  19. What are your characters assets and liabilities?
  20. Speaking monetarily his assets are just his car and his medical degree, and no liabilities at the moment. But like good and bad attributes his assets are that he is a good liar and doesn't like to be messed with or cheated when it comes to money. Pete's liabilities is that he is very gullible if there are painkillers involved and will go crazy when he has his withdraws.
  21. You are repairing your car and someone pulls up behind you with their gun drawn. They tell you to drop you stuff and handover your keys. What would you say and do in this situation?
  22. My character could be seen as nice, almost too nice he also isn't a very assertive person and is timid at least at first so his response would be. "Take my car and my money I I'm not looking for no trouble now here let me give the car a good waxin before you take it up on outta here can't be driving a dirty car now." Now say that I have a drug in the car and they go for it then even I were to get shot I'd go crazy and start trying to box them out saying. "MY MEDS I NEEEEED THOSE DON'T TOUCH THOSSSE!!"
  23. Do you understand acting “salty”, “breaking character” or acting “immature” even when someone appears to have broken rules around you is punishable?
  24. Yes I understand.
  25. Do you understand not following the rules or exploiting game mechanics may result in a permanent ban in one report?
  26. Yes I understand.
  27. When is a good time to break character?
  28. When the mic isn't toggled on and no one in the server can hear you.
  29. What should you do if your arrested, but lose connection during being processed?
  30. When/if I get back into the server I'd go back to the police station and say that my head exploded but continue as if I never left.
  31. If your robbing a store, how would your character deal with police if your surrounded – or if your police how would you handle the situation?
  32. I probably wouldn't be robbing the store alone so if I had a partner being an EMS I would pretend to be a doctor on the scene trying to escort a person who was shot, if this doesn't work then I would start running away.
  33. Do you stream, use youtube or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it?
  34. No I don't actively stream, I have once or twice with a friend. Mostly introverted so streaming takes a lot out of me but it was fun while I did it. Social media just a snapchat, Instagram and Facebook but I just use snapchat to talk to friends and the other ones I don't use.
  35. Please pick 3 or more rules and comment on why you agree or disagree with them.
  36. Apartment Inventory Sharing - Car Swapping: This rule seems pretty logical to me with making things fair and not have new characters already have everything. It also just doesn't make sense as a player to do this because it ruins the fun of building up your character and the story of your character to get those things.
  37. Cop Baiting: This is one where I'm not sure if I understand it correctly but I just don't see why it isn't allowed because what if your character is a complete dick who just wants to disturb the peace. I see how it could get annoying for cops to be chasing people around for minor things like this but I say if it's part of the character it should be allowed.
  38. Robberies: I could definitely see this being a really good rule so that people don't just get robbed all the time especially for new players it would just get annoying.
  39. Please explain what meta gaming is
  40. Meta gaming would be going to another persons stream to gain some knowledge that your character couldn't have possibly known on his/her own, and then using that information.
  41. Are you a Patreon ( or already a whitelisted member of Anubis? (App priority)
  42. No I am not.
  43. Can you tell us a joke or interesting fact? Humor and improvisation is important to us
  44. If you Viagra into a vase of flowers, they'll stand up straight for a week longer than they could normally.
  45. Cows moo in regional dialects.
  46. Sperm whales can't cum, don't know if that's true or not just sounds funny.
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