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  1. The waves of change had crashed against these ships set sail from both Huangzhou and Levengard alike.
  3. Warriors both old and new each with their eyes settled upon that distant prize which stood proud above all other isles scattered about Agartha.
  5. Endless power which spilled outwards from such a massive pillar of pure potential, those spires which had long eluded the hands of humans now to be taken and claimed by the warriors which had fought for peace.
  7. Even in the distance one could feel the raw energy which such a beacon had given off. With a single pulse outwards from that massive spire knocking this ship around even further against those brutal waves as all had grown closer.
  9. Seconds would turn into minutes.
  11. Minutes would turn into hours.
  13. All as both ships had come to the shoreline of this massive isle, the endless expanse of nature and mountains beckoning these wayward adventurers ever forwards.
  15. Sailors and Helsman alike all preparing to dock upon these unknown, unexplored lands filled only with mystery.
  17. The sword is poor company for a long road.
  19. He'd had many sleepless nights leading up to this, but now, the hour was nigh. Anticipation born of both doubt and excitement steadily climb in him, his heart thumping in his chest, warring in eternal conflict, his ribcage the battleground. Siegfried does his best to remain distracted for the full duration of the trip, chats with random passerby interspersed with introspective gazing into the ocean's depths.
  21. The company that surrounded him is...bizarre, to say the least. They came in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life. Demi-angels. A demon. Humans, obviously, kitsune...Gehenna, Huangzhou, Levengard, and even one he swore he'd first encountered in Dusk.
  23. Truly, this gathering was a testament to the diversity which had been made possible only by the generations of warring that had stained Agartha bloody.
  25. Them stepping foot anywhere near the Spires of Agartha was the byproduct of hundreds of years of forward progress. The things they could unearth here would revolutionize the world. History was being written, every second, and they were at the center of it, their every action something that could impact the very world, for better, or for worse.
  27. "Anybody else get seasick? No? Just me? damn..."
  29. And Siegfried looks like he'll lose his lunch any second.
  30. (Siegfried)
  32. ________________________
  34. ((The party moves onward with the expedition...))
  36. The young drakkan would look around. Seeing what was made of the destruction. The trees would like oddly stacked up together in the process. She would see that there were also slashes upon some trees as well.
  38. But those slashes, But as a blacksmith, she truly knew that those slashed trees were not simply made by sword of any stretch of the imagination. And once she was made aware of this, her heart would slowly start racing.
  40. She would look at the other stacked trees for any more information regarding what could have done this. She would slowly locate small tendril markings upon the trees themselves.
  41. Not made by any magi, nothing of the sword.
  43. Once she had treat further with the group, she would take a small note of the Ichor that was raining from an unknown enemy.
  44. And with being aware.
  46. Her soul lit aflame. Nothing but passion was taking over within. She was entranced by the curiosities of nature itself. But more importantly. She wanted to see if the group could bring the ugly beast down.
  48. "Lets get to it!"
  50. She would yell charging.
  53. (Azera Deveraux)
  55. Azera being the first to charge, is pushed back as the creature screams. She's hurled in the direction from which she came. At least one thing is confirmed from this.
  57. It's a sound monster.
  58. (Butterfree)
  60. Siegfried, utterly unexcited for this, stares down the monstrous entity that is screeching hot fuck into the vicinity. A hand raises over his face, covering it, and his expression scrunches into one of discontent as the echoes pierce his ears.
  62. What a fucking pain.
  64. It looks like they'd be too slow to stop the malicious entity from it's one-sided battle with Azera, but that doesn't stop him from trying to get in there as fast as he can, eyes emanating an ethereal azure light as he taps into his connection with the Spirit Realm and draws on the strength of his fallen father.
  66. Showtime.
  67. (Siegfried)
  69. Winds howl around the winged beast, as it struggles to contest the might of the Agarthan magi. Despite it's shrieks, and the sparks around it's frame, it's unable to properly defend itself...
  71. Like this.
  73. Noel Elisheva manages to push it back, as a small opening in it's defenses was created by the sacrifice made by Sugarboy, sending the beast spiraling into the ground.
  75. There, it lies, it quakes, and the wires begin to shift. Metal plates around it's chest unhinge, opening to reveal an socket where something should lie.
  77. It begins to drain the mana of all around it, to make up for the lack of a proper power source, prepared to give them it's all in one final act of defiance.
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