Mads Kings (KingsMadness0)

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  1. [16:29] Elethor (Owen Greybeard): Mads, do you have a moment?
  2. [16:29] Mads Kings (KingsMadness0): (busy response):
  3. [16:29] Mads Kings (KingsMadness0): hmm yes?
  4. [16:30] Elethor (Owen Greybeard): Hey Im an admin from Chronicles of Lynnea, a moderator mentioned you were here and had a musket/rifle. I just wanted to touch base with you a moment and let you know that we do not have those available in lore.
  5. [16:30] Mads Kings (KingsMadness0): alright then can do!
  6. [16:31] Elethor (Owen Greybeard): Appreciate your understanding, thanks for being cordial.
  7. [16:31] Elethor (Owen Greybeard): Have a great day, hope to see you soon!
  8. [16:31] Mads Kings (KingsMadness0): ^_^
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