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Articles on Moving Beyond 'Gamers'

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  1. On Not Becoming Gamers: Moving Beyond The Constructed Audience - Adrienne Shaw. https://archive.today/DxEkG
  2. On "Gamers" - (Games Words Incorporated) Various people. https://archive.today/a5OST
  3. The End of Gamers - Dan Golding. https://archive.today/k8WTN
  4. Let's Retire the Word 'Gamer' - Brandon Sheffeld. https://archive.today/2N0YJ
  5. 'Gamers' don't have to be your audience. 'Gamers' are over - Leigh Alexander. https://archive.today/Awcw9
  6. Gaming is leaving "Gamers" behind - Joseph Berstein. https://archive.today/jVqJ8
  7. If you love games, you should refuse to be called a gamer - Simon Parkin. https://archive.today/i4Y4L
  8. In Defense of 'Gamer' - Mary Hamilton. https://archive.today/Nzmw2
  9. on the dominant discourse of ‘gamer’ - Brendan Keogh. https://archive.today/f1WT7
  10. Game of Moans - The Death Throes of the Male Gamer - Brendan Keogh. https://archive.is/DgNxb
  11. The Meritocracy of Video Games - Mattie Brice. https://archive.today/cBeNG
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