Sep 26th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >You wave a quick goodbye to Meisa as you leave her home.
  3. >She stopped serving you tea quite a long time ago, now she has several kinds of juice specifically for you.
  4. >... You still aren't sure who'll be the first moth you tell about your actual life.
  5. >Your past, job, family are still kept hidden from everyone.
  6. >Meisa seems reliable but you feel like you have to tell Hexferry first, because she's done so much for you.
  7. >... Pepper Dust is trustworthy. His outlook on life is much closer to yours than the others, he might respond calmly.
  8. >You doubt you'll tell Orange Pop first, she'll definitely respond with high amounts of energy.
  9. >... You don't need that, you need someone who'll understand but not think differently of you.
  10. >If this entire village has any other jewelry makers, you haven't heard of them.
  11. >... Why is this choice so difficult?
  12. >Oh, you're almost home already.
  13. >And there's Hexferry's house, right next to yours.
  14. >... Should you tell her first?
  15. >She's wanted to know who you are more than anyone else.
  16. >... You stop in front of her door.
  17. >It's possible she won't answer.
  18. >You knock three times.
  19. >... Everything's fine, everything's fine.
  20. >The knob turns and the door opens.
  21. >Hexferry looks pleasantly surprised to see you.
  22. >"Shimmer! How've you been?"
  23. "Fine."
  24. >"That's good. Come on in!"
  27. >She steps to the side to allow you in.
  28. >... You enter but you feel like you're going slower than usual.
  29. >Maybe that's just your nerves.
  30. >Hexferry leads you to a couch and sits down.
  31. >... You sit next to her.
  32. >...
  33. >"So, any specific reason for coming over or just to hang out?"
  34. >You look down at your skirt.
  35. >It's your white one.
  36. >You love this one, it complements your coat and hair so well...
  37. "What do you know about... me?"
  38. >It's an odd question, but you couldn't word it any better.
  39. >Hexferry takes a while to respond.
  40. >"You're not very talkative but you're really nice, you can't eat solids, you're really good at listening..."
  41. >... She doesn't go on.
  42. >It that really all she knows about you?
  43. >No, she just isn't saying all of the bad things about you.
  44. >That list would take far too long to talk about.
  45. "What else?"
  46. >...
  47. >Of course not.
  48. "What about... me?"
  49. >Well, here you go.
  50. "I'm no noble, I'm... common-born. I could never accept my parents; they weren't who I wanted them to be. I wanted to be royalty, that's who I thought I was meant to be."
  51. >... It's so odd to say so much, but...
  52. >You aren't even close to being done.
  53. "... So I left; I was hardly a filly. I went to a forest to make sure they wouldn't find me, but... I couldn't survive there. One night, it rained."
  54. >This is where you'll have a hard time.
  55. "Freezing... I almost died in that forest. I couldn't move."
  56. >... Just remembering the feeling is painful.
  59. "The forest caught fire around me. If I didn't die from hypothermia, I'd died from the flames. But I didn't. The fire burned through the rain, but it never touched me. By morning, the trees around me were burnt, but the grass was wet. The fire kept me warm."
  60. >You look straight into Hexferry's eyes.
  61. >She looks... concerned.
  62. "It saved me. I stayed in that forest; if the fire saved me once, it would save me again. I honestly thought that. Fire could see my perfection and wouldn't let me die. So I stayed in that forest for a few months."
  63. >You turned back to look at your skirt.
  64. "I found a cave. It was filled with jewels, so I took as many as I could and left. Within a week, I found this village, and I've been living here since."
  65. >... And with that, you've said most of who you are.
  66. >"Sh-Shimmer, I... I don't..."
  67. "I just wanted you to know. That's all."
  68. >The next few minutes are silent.
  69. "I'll take me leave."
  70. >"Wait!"
  71. >You didn't even move before she stopped you.
  72. >"How... do you feel?"
  73. >You look back up to her.
  74. >Why is she always so concerned about you?
  75. "... Fine."
  76. >"Do... Do you want to spend the night? I mean, you don't have to, but..."
  77. >... Well, it might help sort out the muddled feelings.
  78. "Sure."
  79. >Hexferry lights up and wraps her fore-hooves around you.
  80. >... You're okay with this.
  81. >The sleepover goes well and brings a lighter air to your life.
  82. >You really enjoy being with her.
  83. >It feels... nice...
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