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  1. We are an european Server, that does not mean that we accept only europeans, it means that you will have the best ping if you are connecting from europe. Maybe we will have some event rounds. Anyways, have fun!
  3. You want to Report someone/something? Contact me! Discord: <b>KonKavex#4584</b>
  4. You want to join our Discord? <b>Discord.gg/QVmZvpX</b>
  6. ===================================
  7. Todays Event:
  8. Event Explanation - All players (Excluding Seeker/s) will be spawned as a Class-D personnel and granted an O5 keycard on spawn. Upon Class-D release, they will be granted 2 minutes to hide before the SCP (Decided by Seeker's choice) will be released. If you are killed, you are to be respawned as a seeker. You will be using the same SCP as the player that has killed you. The game ends when there is only one person standing (LPS) or the timer runs out. The people still alive when the timer runs (20m) or when others are eliminated wins the round.
  9. Seekers - As a seeker, you have the right to decide which SCP you want to be. You may work alone or in a small team depending on your choice. As a Seeker you will be granted:
  10. - Invincibility and your health will be set to 1 to gain an SCP dedicated boost (Check SCP's below to see each of the boosts)
  11. - Bypass so Class-D personnel will not be able to lock themselves in an inaccessible room.
  12. You will not be allowed to exit the chamber for 2 minutes to grant Class-D personnel time to hide. All people you kill will be respawned as the same SCP that you are. You win the game by eliminating all Class-D personnel (LPS not included)
  14. SCP-173: Extreme Walking Speed
  15. SCP-106: Instant Capture
  16. SCP-049: Close to Instant Resurrection
  17. SCP-049-2: Haste and Increased Damage
  18. SCP-096: Faster Triggering
  19. SCP-939-53/109: Fast walking speed (Faster than a Class-D Sprinting)
  20. Hiders - You will be spawned as Class-D and granted 05 keycards to be able to access any part of the facility. You will have 2 minutes to hide anywhere in the facility or outside. Shooting SCPs will grant no damage as all SCPs will have invincibility. Locking yourselves in rooms like 914 will not grant you immunity as all SCPs will have Bypass enabled. Your goal is to be the last person standing or to survive until the timer runs out (20m).
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