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Jan 23rd, 2020
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  1. Welcome to "The Vertex Server". This is a vanilla server, no plugins, This server has Staff, please respect the staff, This server also has some admin events/abuse (not common), I (The Vertex Lord) is undercover because I don't wan't everyone following me and begging for stuff and going easy, I also wan't to play, and NO... I don't abuse my powers! Let's get to the basics, This server offers Friendly Fire, and a good amount of Intercom speak and cooldown time. If you get team killed that's okay, unless that person is killing everyone (team killing) then let the Staff know, and if there's anything weird going on that ain't supposed to happen also ask the Staff. There are rules to this game and there's a result to those rule breakers.
  3. Rules and Results if broken:
  4. 1. NO HACKING! (Result: Ban -> Long Ban -> Forever Ban)
  5. 2. Do not be mean to little kids (Result: Karma)
  6. 3. DO NOT BE RACIST! (Result: Warning -> Kick -> Short Ban)
  7. 4. Do not be sexist (Result: Karma)
  8. 5. Teaming is okay, but don't hold up the round (Result: Death/Spectator)
  9. 6. Please don't close doors on other people (Result: Karma)
  10. 7. Be nice to Staff (Result: Kick)
  11. 8. DO NOT EXPOSE THE OWNER!!! (Result: ???)
  12. 9. Do not Mic. Spam (Result: Mute)
  13. 10. HAVE FUN! (Result: not having fun)
  15. If you want to join my discord for; Voice Chat, Applying for Staff, Getting to know people, and more. Here's the Link
  16. Discord:
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