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Jul 20th, 2021
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  1. Hello everyone, Noraus here. This alliance update will contain three sections. WWB2 and the upcoming decisive battle, conflict and complementation between FRT and the TTC, and the Great Heist reserve bank.
  3. The 1DQ constellation and its combination of jammer+JB+supers has stood for 90 days against thousands of attackers, to give the devil his due due, the Mittani has cultivated a group of diehard loyalists. Goon firesides have stayed very stable around 900-1300. The Mittani seems to not care nor understand member burnout, and this is very different from how TEST and other null alliances manage our members. We (alliance leaders) thought we understood the nature of the player base and game mechanics, so we launched WWB2, but this tireless swarm of maniacal bees is somewhat unexpected.
  5. We tried simple frontal attacks, two-pronged attacks against both 1DQ and E-V, covert T3 gangs; swapped between Hacs, AF’s, and Bombers; had countless propaganda slapfights on reddit. The goons spent 2 months refining their defensive strategy, and this gave their members a sense of satisfaction and pride, in certain timezones they started outnumbering the coalition. OTOH, since the coalition is unable to use capitals, and facing imbalanced game mechanics, fleet numbers gradually decreased, and the overall mood became frustrated.
  7. Coalition command started talking about the concept of long term containment. Going after alts in highsec, setting up rorqual locust fleets in lowsec to entice goon members, setting up interdiction on NPC delve stations, and cleaning up goon structures where they could be found. This campaign did not achieve the intended result: Goons have been using NPC delve nad 1DQ as staging points, frequently using stealth bombers to hit coalition production, including Querious, Fountain, and Period basis. They’ve killed around 20 rorquals in 2 months. At the same time, Dreadbomb. Has been fighting XIX/AOM for control of Feythabolis and Impass, this has also diverted some coalition attention.
  9. There are two paths ahead of us, we either prepare long term entertainment for our members and maintain the containment of delve, meaning the coalitions must have some internal mutual resets to create content; or we can use a new method to take delve regardless of cost. Coalition command will announce their decision to all alliances on the 24th, with the goal of ending WWB within 60 days. FRT CNTZ will have our alliance meeting at 8 PM on the 25th. This concludes the portion on WWB.
  11. In 2018, TEST and FRT agreed to a ceasefire after getting a keepstar’s worth of war indemnities from us. They then set up the only highsec keepstar called the Tranquility Trading Tower, or TTT for short. This structure receives a large amount of broker fees every month through plex/injector sales. PH and Panfam quickly declared war on the TTT, FRT also sent numerous fleets into highsec under (don’t know FC in game name) to fight TEST, goons, and highsec mercs. However, this highsec contest was suddenly stopped by some behind the scenes agreements. FRT and Panfam were left out of the agreement; profits from the TTT were split between PH, TEST, Goons, and highsec management in an arrangement called the TTC.
  13. This unreasonable and unequal domination is at an end. We moved from drones to vale, we slowly cleared the natives, then the surrounding lowsec. I believe the opportunity for FRT to contest the forge market, and thus the EVE market as a whole, is finally here. Last week, the alliance put up a keepstar in Oijanen in the Forge lowsec. This will be freeported in the coming future. Winterco will be providing goods wholesale, the entire coalition will be sending exports to the Forge market. The stability of the TTC has been greatly decreased by tWWB, Goons and Test have declared mutual extermination, right now we need internal organization more than ever, with a focus on people with the ambition and aptitude for the market and industry. At the same time (not enough context here to fully TL, looks like FRT is offering dividend bearing shares in something, not war relevant).
  15. Lastly, the reserve bank is open for withdrawal. First things first, I hope all of you know that this patch is called “the great heist”, not “the great harvest”. The most important thing is to steal what belongs to other people, conquer what doesn’t belong to you yet, go happily harvesting in Esoteria and Feythabolis.
  17. There is 1.2T in the Oasa reserve bank, 300B in Perrigen falls, 700B in branch, 1.7T in vale. The game will have 4 kinds of region-locked anoms, each anom will have two kinds of ESS keys. Branch and Value use the same kind of key, while drone use another. Alliance will be setting up a buy orders for keys in 4-H keepstar, my attitude towards the ESS is as follows:
  19. The reserve bank in Vale and Tribute belongs to you, belongs to the strong, belongs to the pilots who keep vale and tribute safe. All reserve banks in FRT system in these two regions are open for members to take. Unfortunately, the alliance has dibs on the reserve bank in Oasa and Branch, I love money. These two regions have collected a lot of saved up FRT bounties in the past 2 years, and the 1.9T income can nicely resolve any of our financial issues. Alliance FCs will bring fleets to drones to harvest isk as quickly as we can get the keys. If you find a neutral in a Winterco ESS, kill them first, contact diplos later, at the same time you can not steal from blue ESS.
  21. With the conclusion of WWB, the population of this game will start being more active. You must be well prepared and well stocked for our goals and activities in the future, at the same time don’t forget your personal skill development. The alliance requires at most 1 more month, and then this game will be more fun. We had a great July meetup in Wuhan, see you all in Shanghai in August.
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