[TLH/SinKid] The Lemy Fight Saga (WIP)

Jul 15th, 2019
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  1. "Oh, yeah, that." Lyra sighed, replacing the necklace around her neck. "It's about Lemy."
  2. "What did he do this time?" Toby asked, walking into the room with a trio of hot drinks in his hands, handing one to Lyra and then another to Rochelle before taking a nearby seat and having a sip from his own.
  3. "He got into another fight. Apparently he was 'defending some kid who was getting picked on', which I find a little hard to believe."
  4. "A-and that's... a problem?" Rochelle raised an eyebrow.
  5. "Intention, no, that's actually quite noble. Only problem is, from what I got out of him anyway, is that he kinda just leapt in without thinking about any plan other than fighting them. He's not even a good fighter!"
  6. "Hmm, yeah, that does seem like an issue." Toby leant forwards, holding his index fingers to his lips. "Me and Aunt Lynn could give him some training?"
  7. "No, thank you." Lyra sighed. "I'd want him to calm down before he learns how to fight properly. Lord help us if he had skill without discipline."
  8. "That's part of the martial arts training, but yeah, I get what you mean." Toby shrugged.
  9. "S-so why are y-you asking us f-for help?"
  10. Lyra groaned, rubbing her face. "He won't listen to me about it, he'll just get pissy with me. I need someone both he and I can trust to tell him to calm down and think before leaping in, swinging fists wildly and getting himself hurt. Ideally someone who's also able to keep their cool as well and someone who doesn't look like someone Lemy could fight if he gets mad."
  11. "Welp, that's me ruled out." Toby chuckled. "I'm not exactly the most stable emotionally, and I like to think I don't exactly look fragile physically so he might lash out at me if I get too overbearing."
  12. "I know, that's why I was thinking Rochelle." Lyra gestured to Rochelle.
  13. "M-makes sense." Rochelle shrugged.
  14. "What? Are you sure?" Toby raised an eyebrow. "You just said he might lash out."
  15. "I'm kind of banking on him not swinging a punch at Rochelle."
  16. -
  17. "But, Rochelle's not exactly, well, tough, I don't want her to get hurt if he does-"
  18. "T-Toby." Rochelle crossed her arms. "Y-you're doing i-it again."
  19. "Right right, sorry." Toby sighed. "I know, you're a big girl now, have been for a while, I'm just... worried, that's all."
  20. "I kn-know, and th-that's okay, b-but I'll be f-fine. I-I'll take him to th-the park, it's nice and c-calm there so w-we can talk about it." She turned to Toby. "A-and no, I d-don't want you hiding in th-the bushes in c-case he attacks me."
  21. "Dang it." Toby deflated a little.
  22. "So, you're sure you want to do this?" Lyra asked.
  23. "I am." Rochelle nodded. "He and I d-do get along quite w-well thanks t-to BJ, and I-I haven't l-lectured him on a-anything before s-so h-he won't be used to that. I'll d-draft some plans up l-later, but I'll do it a-as soon as I c-can."
  24. "Thank you, Rochelle." Lyra smiled. "Hopefully this'll help him. He can't keep doing this, he'll get himself hospitalised or worse, or Allie will get the wrong ideas."
  25. "Well, all we can do is see what happens." Toby replied. "But I swear to God if he hurts you, Rochelle..."
  26. "Don't f-fight him, Toby." Rochelle groaned. "I'll b-be able to t-take care of him m-myself."
  27. "I'll... try."
  29. ---
  31. "So when's BJ getting here?" Lemy asked.
  32. "H-he'll be here i-in a little w-while, d-don't worry." Rochelle replied, keeping pace with him.
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