Explanation to new players using mono rain

checkmater75 Nov 24th, 2015 80 Never
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  1. checkmater: I'd try
  2. checkmater: not to have so many water types
  3. checkmater: on the same team
  5. checkmater: as it stands things like bulky grasses will beat you handily
  6. checkmater: rain teams generally have politoed+ludicolo and then 4 mons to compliment the core
  7. checkmater:
  8. checkmater: team #4
  9. checkmater: is something that's more like a rain team in the current meta
  10. checkmater: it's got 3 water types
  11. checkmater: but the rest are designed to compliment that core
  13. checkmater: repeating typings and coverage too much can be bad
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