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  3. before
  4.       notes : ur amazing lOL TYTY
  5.       slot’s theme song : timeless - nct u
  7. basics
  9.        username : @GOINGNEO
  10.        password : spirited away
  11.        slot : orange
  12.        backup slot : pink
  13.        face claim : @oellrin
  14.        back up face claim : jeongyeon of
  15.        twice
  17. personal
  19.        name : jung jaeeun
  20.        nickname(s) :
  21. grey — her members call her this as a joke most of the time. since the public/media refers to her as this nickname all the time, her members call her this a lot. also, jaeeun has this somber mood all the time, so the nickname grey only matches her even more.
  22. blue jay ; since, the first part of jaeeun’s name sounds like the american name ‘jay’, some of her members call her jay, or to annoy her, blue jay. the bird has no relationship to jaeeun to any relevant way. its simply a nickname her members gave her.
  23.        alias :
  24. grey — jaeeun doesn’t have a  ‘special power’ compared to what her other members have. all she has is that metal bracelet on her left wrist all the time. the greek word ‘danger’ (κίνδυνος) is engraved into the thin bracelet, and since the bracelet is a space grey colour, the public refers to her as grey.
  25.        age : 19
  26.        birthday : november first, 1999
  27.        ethnicity : korean
  29. more about you
  31.        background :  
  32.           jaeeun was born powerless. both her mother and father had powers of their own, and so did her older brother. (one was a mind controller, the other was a air bender and her brother was a waterbender), yet jaeeun came out to be a 100% generic human, which was a special case to the doctors. at first, her parents didn’t believe it , and let jaeeun be experimented on to see if it was true that she was completely normal; and she was. her parents were ashamed of this. both of them wanted a daughter with powers, but they didn’t get one. instead of being happy that they had a child of their own, they hid her from the public. they told everyone their daughter died before she had a chance to live, they told everyone she didn’t exist, they lied to everyone to they wouldn’t be shamed. jaeeun grew up jealous of her brother that he got to go out of the house because he had those powers. this made her distaste to superheroes even more.
  33.           jaeeun really wanted to get out of her house, but when she found the idea her parents had, she would much rather stay home. she didn’t want to depend on a stupid metal chain around her wrist to be cool, but her parents were desperate for her to have a power, and if it had to be fake and played, her parents would do it. jaeeun was in america at that time. she was 17 years old. jaeeun used the teleportation bracelet to her advantage and teleportated all the way back to korea. she wandered the streets and found herself being confronted by a gang of criminals. they asked if she wanted to come with the, and jaeeun did, completely forgetting about her family.
  34.            in the group now, jaeeun balances her day life with her nightlife. jaeeun is use to staying home, and luckily, she has a job that makes handmade cards which you can buy and order from online for a living. during the night, jaeeun works with her members and does that good shit ;)
  36.        special conditions : peanut allergy
  38. appearance
  40.        height : 170cm
  41.        weight : 125lbs
  42.        what does someone think when they
  43.        first meet your slot? : on first sight, the first thing you generally notice is her somber yet nervous like expression. thought, jaeeun isn’t nervous, or sad. that is just her resting face. the ‘my soul has been sucked out of my body’ face is what jaeeun usually puts on. jaeeun gets overlooked at lot because of that. people think she can’t do anything because she looks so depressed all the time, but jaeeun will kick your ass, and will sell your body to china after that.
  45. personality
  47.       personality :
  48. mysterious — jaeeun isn’t open to her past as much as the other members. she doesn’t like explaining why she’s so stoic or why she’s the only one that does have powers. she just keeps it to herself
  49. strong — mentally and physically, jaeeun is one of the strongest people you might meet. being the only one in the group that isn’t power born, jaeeun has learned to roll with the punches and go with the flow. all that jaeeun has for a power is teleportation. though dodging things are easy, jaeeun uses her physical strength to fight through battles.
  50. observant/quick — jaeeun is on the quieter side and only speaks up when it is needed. it is an advantage because she’s so good at noticing little things like how the enemy works or what do they do
  53. — milk tea
  54. — being alone
  55. — balloons
  56.       dislikes :
  57. — sharing her feelings
  58. — crowded places
  59.       trivia :
  60. — she like the colour gray, ironically
  61. — a bisexual queen
  62.       habits :
  63. — shaking her leg when nervous
  64.       flaws :
  65. — stubborn
  66. — oblivious , she observant alright, but tends to figure out things that are right in front of her late. she likes challenges so much that she sometimes forgets to look at the obvious  
  67.       strengths :
  68. — mentally strong
  69. — peace keeper
  70.       weaknesses :
  71. — romance / relationships , jaeeun didn’t have a perfect relationship herself so it was hard for her to cope with other relationships
  72. — trust issues
  73. — opening up to people
  75. powers
  77.       power :
  78.       how does it work? : she shakes her wrist once to activate the teleportation ability, and shakes it once again to close it so she doesn’t accidentally fly off to canada when she’s startled
  79.       how does your character fight? : jaeeun is probably the most vulnerable member next to pink. her ability isn’t much combat and jaeeun is usually defence.
  80.       how does the slots power match their
  81.       personality? : jaeeun, like her power, is mysterious. you never know where she is going to be next, and it’s almost impossible to catch her since she’s so fast.
  82.       weaknesses :
  83. — telekinesis , it can stop her from moving bc it’s really strong
  84. — metals , it interferes with her bracelet bc it’s also metal
  85.       strengths :
  86. — fire , she can escape easily out of these and teleport straight to the attacker and she won’t burn or drown
  87. — water , ^
  89. questions
  91.       how did your slot feel about becoming
  92.       a criminal at first? : jaeeun was the last to join the team, so it was a bit scary to her, but she hated the fact that she was different and powerless and that she had to rely on a bracelet. she wanted to show the world she could do just about everything a power kid could without powers
  93.       how do they feel about it now? : jaeeun is always on her toes, and it’s kind of annoying at times that she can’t stay still or she can’t enjoy normal things like regular humans and not run for her life all the time. that’s her honestly opinion, but it’s also really fun to kick some ass
  94.       would they trade their life for a    
  95.       ‘normal’ one if they could? : never. jaeeun loves her members to death and wouldn’t trade this “job” for anything else even though it gets annoying
  96.       which slot does your slot get along
  97.       with the most, and the least? : jaeeun gets along with orange the most since they’re both similar in the fact that the other members don’t really like them, and the least with black because they banter quite a bit
  99. love interest
  101.       love interest : mark
  102.       back up : doyoung
  103.       their power : electric
  104.       back up: fire
  105.       background : mark was that classic goody two shoes in school that played the flute and was a teacher’s pet. from young, mark knew he had the electrical powers. his parents knew too, and mark took classes after school to train his powers to be the best.
  106.        his mom died when he was in highschool and soon it was only him and his dad, and older brother. mark didn’t really feel anything about the death. he knew his mom would be proud of him if he went on with his life without crying over his mom. mark tried his best to do so.
  107.         he got the offer to be a super hero after highschool. mark accepted it almost immediately. mark’s mom was a superhero too, and it was always mark’s dream to be like his mom. he knew his mom watching from above would be so proud of him doing what he loved.
  108.       personality : mark is a carefree boy, and is a highkey dork but he gets serious when he needs to, especially when fighting. mark likes to be happy and tries to make sure his other members are too. his mood is always a shrug emoji tbh
  110. — rapping
  111. — makin his members laugh
  112. — playing video games
  113.       dislikes :
  114. — being tired
  115. — the colour red
  116. — heels
  117.       trivia :
  118. — favourite colour is yellow
  119. — can play the flute ofc
  120. — is squeamish about blood luckily his power allows him to kill without spilling blood most of the time
  121.       habits : max 3
  123. together
  125.       your first impression : “why and how the fuck does he not have any care in the world? it’s so messed up there must be something wrong with him.”
  126.       his first impression : “she’s so, bitchy and neutral. it looks could kill, she probably stabbed me 4 times already. maybe she was a tragic backstory™ i don’t know. i want to make her smile though.”
  127.       how does your slot feel about your love
  128.       interest? : at the beginning, jaeeun was confused about mark. she didn’t feel hate, or wasn’t madly in love at first sight. jaeeun was just confused
  129.       in the middle, she realizes mark isn’t terrible and that his care free personality is actually really cute and it makes jaeeun feels a bit carefree too.
  130.       in the end, jaeeun and mark are close but aren’t dating but are pinning h a r d
  131.       what’s your relationship at the end? : pinning, but not dating. if there is an epilogue, they are definitely dating by then
  133. extra
  135.      suggested scenes : no
  136.      missing : ur gæ
  137.      my message to you : thank you for
  138.      participating in my apply fic ! i wish you
  139.      good luck in being accepted and i hope
  140.      you love this story nonetheless. thank
  141.      you !!!
  142.      your message to me : LITTY
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