Discover Your Own Truth

Jan 22nd, 2018
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  1. Discover Your Own Truth
  3. No truth is ours until we make it our own.
  4. All the truths in the world don’t matter unless and until we discover them to be true for ourselves. That’s what the journey is about. An insight, a lesson, a new belief is at the end of each adventure—whether that adventure happens in a moment, an hour, a day, or a year. This lesson doesn’t come from books, although books might help along the way. It doesn’t come from classes or lectures or well-meaning friends. The lesson we’re seeking comes from inside us, from our hearts, from our deep abiding connection to consciousness and the truth.
  5. It springs quietly from within as we notice one day that we believe something new, something different, something more free, more fun, and more life-enhancing than what we believed before. For a moment we may turn back and say, Why didn’t I know that? Why didn’t I see that before? Then we step back on our path, laugh, and go on our way understanding that is why we are really here. Not to know everything in advance. But to allow ourselves to go freely through all the lessons that teach us all we came here to learn.
  6. You are on a journey of discovery. Find
  7. out what’s true for you. Remember A truth
  8. isn’t yours until it rings true for you.
  10. Excerpt From: Melody Beattie. “Journey to the Heart.”
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