Super Sonic Rainboomboom 2 Electric Scootaloo Arcade edition

May 12th, 2014
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  1. *******
  5. This story is a horrible nightmare fuel fic that includes diapers, messing, a horrible “fan fic writer” that has no idea what he is doing, and cute cartoon ponies in over the top situations. Turn back now if you aren’t comfortable with diaper usage, don’t know what hyper messing even is, or if you are just a casual scrub lord
  7. Nine out of ten doctors agree that this fan fiction piece will be devastating to your sanity.
  13. Final Warning, there will be no turning back from this point.
  22. Final final warning, this is going to be the most awful thing I have ever written in my life. You only have yourself to blame for any permanent damages caused by reading this fan fic. You have now been warned... Yet again.
  24. *******
  26. It was a clear, sunny Wednesday afternoon in Ponyville; a local teenager Pegasus named Scootaloo was busy waiting for her idol and mentor Rainbow Dash, a local hero that lived in town. Rainbow Dash agreed to show Scootaloo the latest tricks that she had been trying to perfect for her next Wonderbolt performance.
  28. In the middle of a large isolated field Rainbow Dash was warming up for her attempt at the new trick. As she began stretching, she noticed a young filly slowly approaching from her rear. As the filly got closer, she was able to successfully identify her as Scootaloo. Happy to see her number one fan, she called out to her, “Hey Squirt, long time no see!”
  30. As Scootaloo got closer she was happy to see her idol, but realized something was amiss. “Rainbow Dash! -Um, why are you wearing a jumbo sized diaper with Fluttershy’s cutie mark on them?” Scootaloo asked, completely perplexed to see her idol wearing an adult sized foal diaper.
  32. Rainbow Dash smirked at Scootaloo’s question, “Oh, this super cool thing? I’m just wearing it today for the rare chance I have an accident during one of my super awesome and super dangerous extreme stunts that will blow your mind!” Dash gloats.
  34. Rainbow Dash finishes stretching, and trots over to the young filly, “This will be the fastest 5 minutes of your life Scoots, only the greatest fliers in Equestria can handle these tricks.”
  36. With that, Rainbow Dash flies up to the sky and immediately begins her barrage of fancy tricks. Soon the sky became an aerial show filled with Rainbow Dash soaring through it. Even with the drag provided by the oversized diaper, she seemed unfazed and began to gain unbelievable speed, hopping from cloud to cloud.
  38. Soon Scootaloo began to forget all about her idol’s current attire, and was left awestruck by the performance she was witnessing today, one that rivaled anything that she had seen Rainbow Dash do before. Soon Rainbow Dash flew higher and higher, eventually eclipsing the sun. The little filly knew what was coming next; no matter how many times she had seen it before, it never got any less amazing.
  40. While gaining momentum for her newly improved sonic rainboom, Dash felt a rumbling in her insides, but refused to be discouraged by it.
  42. She pressed on, the pressure building up in her intestines. Similar to a balloon filling with air, the pressure continued to grow, first very slowly and then expanding exponentially. Yet Rainbow Dash continued her downward dive, at this point moving at a much faster rate than usual, most likely the result of her rapidly filling bowels.
  44. Scootaloo looked on engrossed by the speed at which Rainbow Dash was coming in at; with that strained look on her face, it seemed like she was giving it all she had to pull this trick off. Whatever Rainbow had planned would be something she was never going to forget. As she looked up, she began to see that same ripple forming around Rainbow Dash, the anticipation ever growing in the young mare for what was about to happen.
  46. One thought was on Dash’s mind: the faster she flew, the faster she completed this trick, the faster she could stop the pain growing inside her. Soon she felt a different pressure; it was the resistance of the air, trying to hold her back. Dash pushed forward with all of her might to break the hold the air had on her.
  48. Soon she felt it happen. The sky began to let her, pass through, she was reaching it, remembering that feeling of relief that comes with completing the legendary Sonic Rainboom. Soon, that feeling began to increase, and Dash became alarmed. Her bowels were about to let go! With all of her might, Dash tried desperately to hold it in, while still trying to complete her trick. Unfortunately, it became too much and Dash felt the inevitable and without warning, gave in. She lifts her tail and lets the growing pressure in her intestines flow out.
  50. Suddenly, a massive load of brown goop rushes from Dash’s filled rectum into her giant empty foalish diaper. The added weight from Dash’s diaper, that was quickly filling to the brim, was causing her to lose control.
  52. Dash goes into a full panic, screaming as she continued to empty more into her diaper. Remembering that Scootaloo was still on the ground watching her, Dash screamed out, “Scootaloo help, please, i-it won’t stop! Oh Celestia, it just keeps coming out!”
  54. The only thought on her mind was the regret of having eaten three Quad stack Hayburgers from McPonies… “Oh Celestia, it’s getting everywhere," Dash says to herself as she flies at a record breaking speed towards the ground.
  56. Scootaloo looked up, eyes enlarged at the terrifying yet mesmerizing scene she was witnessing. Here was Rainbow Dash going on an insanely fast downward dive, with an ever expanding diaper. Soon the white diaper was dyed a thick brown, and she was sure that there was even a hint of yellow on the front. Yet she looked on, waiting for the inevitable Sonic Rainboom.
  58. With one last yell, Rainbow believed she was about to release what she hoped was the last of the contents in her bowels. The air around her electrified, and began to morph. It was happening. Soon, the pull in the sky extended around not only herself, but her massively filled diaper, and with one last push she did it.
  60. That same feeling of relief washed over her. No, this was far greater than any feeling she had felt before! She could smell it in the air; it was a mixture of adrenaline, determination, and whatever the hell she emptied into her diaper.
  62. As she looked back she could see it, but it was nothing that she had ever seen before. Beyond her colossal brown diaper she could see the sign of the Sonic Rainboom, but something was wrong. The usual bright rainbow colors were replaced by different shades of brown, almost as if it was a rainbow of shit. A Sonic Shitboom, something the world had never seen before, something that she was afraid she was going to be remembered for. Soon the sky was filled with colors akin to the mess she had created. Even through it all, Rainbow Dash had a sense of pride of the mess she just created, as the relief of not only completing the Sonic Shitboom, but finally letting go in her diaper washed over her.
  64. Scootaloo was left without words. She wasn’t even sure what was happening anymore; this was far beyond any trick she had seen anypony perform. She looked up at the bizarre brown tainted Rainboom that was created. Even through it all, Scootaloo was left amazed at what Rainbow Dash had created, both in the sky and in her diaper. As Dash got closer and closer to the ground, Scootaloo began to smell something positively rancid, and it didn’t take long before she realized it must have been Dash’s diaper.
  66. The musk coming off the diaper was something she had never smelled before. It was as if someone had boiled a Dumpster filled with foal diapers from the nearby nursery. She knew that the pony that changed that diaper would be the most unluckiest pony in all of Equestria. After regaining her senses, she realized that Dash was out of control and began to run out of her way before she was crushed by the blue mare and her giant brown diaper.
  68. Soon, Dash was careening towards the ground. The mass of the diaper had increased her momentum far too much, making it impossible for her to slow down before hitting the ground at full force. Unbeknownst to Dash, the massive mass in her diaper had managed to reduce the impact of the crash, similar to a giant, smelly, warm, squishy airbag.
  70. “SQUISH!” The sound was so long and so booming, it seemed to echo all across Equestria.
  72. Dash soon realized that she had managed to land on her diaper, and was left completely unscathed from her blunder. As she regained her bearings, she realized that something was wrong. She tried to kick her legs and flap her wings, and as a result, she fell flat on her back. The shock from the incident was too great. She began to flail in an attempt to get attention from Scootaloo, who was watching these events all unfold.
  74. Scootaloo, genuinely worried about her mentor, instantly runs over to her fallen companion. “Dash, are you okay? Ugh, what did you even eat!?” she says as she puts her hoof over her snout in a desperate attempt to filter out the now tainted air.
  76. Rainbow Dash was left mortified by the events. “This is so gross, Scootaloo! Nopony can see me like this! You have to help me out! I-I can’t even move! Y-you have to change my diaper, next to that tree over there is a spare diaper and changing supplies that Fluttershy gave me!” Dash replies frantically.
  78. Completely horrified, Scootaloo’s face instantly went pale. But realizing that her friend was in dire need, Scootaloo’s resolve strengthened. “Okay, Dash, only for you. But please, tell Apple Bloom and Sweetie that I love them if I don’t make it out alive!”
  80. Now preparing for the worst, Scootaloo readied herself with the changing supplies in tote. “I AM GOING IN!”
  82. One hour later, after changing Dashie, Scootaloo gives a sigh of relief. Able to finally think straight with Dash’s messy diaper replaced with a clean one, she looks herself over to make sure she was still in one piece. As she looked down at her flank, she noticed something there.
  84. She was left elated. It had finally happened! What she had always wished for, the moment she waited on for nearly a decade. Her cutie mark was now… A colossal soiled diaper thoroughly filled with manure and urine.
  86. “Wait, my special talent is changing diapers!?” Scootaloo asked, afraid of the answer.
  88. Rainbow Dash, who had finally gotten over the shock of the incident, got up slowly. “But Scoots, that doesn't look like a foal’s diaper, it looks more like a-” Rainbow Dash was cut off as she began to strain once again, and proceeded to once again empty her bladder and bowels into the new clean diaper, once again turning it a murky brown soup of shit and piss.
  90. “So… my special talent is changing your completely filled wet and poopy diapers!? No, no, Celestia damnit all! My life is suffering.”
  92. THE END
  94. *******
  96. If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.
  97. Thanks Obama
  98. GAY NERDS LOL - Lauren Faust
  99. Wait Rainbow Dash is the pink one? -M.A. Larson
  100. 100/10 -IGN
  102. *******
  104. Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom, Captain and Gilda were having a fucking amazing playdate together while Trixie, BaconPony, Nightmare Moon, Discord, the centaur guy, and Sombra watched.
  106. “Aww yeah, sit on my face with that nasty ass diaper, you filthy bitch,” Captain cried into the seat of Gilda’s nasty ass diaper, sandwiched between the floor and her thick, crinkly diaper.
  108. “You’re a dweeb, dweeb,” Catbird squawked because she is part burd, grinding the smelly diaper into his human face because fuck you, AiE is the superior format of mlp fanfiction.
  110. “Fimfiction can suck my dick,” Captain moaned, as Gilda began sucking his dick. “I don’t give a shit about beaks, feels good man!”
  112. Captain begun thrusting into Gilda’s mouth as she sucked him off, the crowd of villains cheering him on.
  114. “Wow, that is super neat,” said Trixie in perfect characterization. “I really like what I am currently seeing.”
  116. “Way to go, son!” called Tirek to Captain, a single tear rolling down his cheek. “You make your father so proud!”
  118. *******
  120. -Autism level 9001 -Hodgepodge
  121. -Merely pretending - Capn
  122. -BTW Captain Murphy wrote this last part obviously - Hodgepodge
  123. -Greatest love story ever told :DDDDD - Captain, 2011
  124. -I know right -hodgepodge, 2010
  125. -Hodge needs to keep his shitty opinions to himself - Hodgepodge
  126. -I like sucking my own cock -Captain
  127. -We can sense the sexually tension between you two, just fuck already - Everyone
  128. -I’m okay with this -Hodgepodge & Captain
  129. -Eyo bby want sum fuk? - anonymust
  131. ******* HALL OF SHAME *******
  132. #Crinkleponies for breaking me
  133. Lphooves & PeachStrudel for making fanart: &
  134. Detrail - my partner in crime
  135. Omufillyfilly - my editor
  136. Captain & skitter - moral support
  137. *******
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