Petscop 2 transcription

Apr 14th, 2017
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  1. Hey, so, uh.. The door opened on its own. Uh.. I was just in the other room for.. A couple of minutes, and I came back and the door was open. And I checked the recording, cause I was recording, and the door just opens on its own, I didn't do anything. So.. I'll take it, right? Uh.. So, I'm gonna show you what's in here, now. I haven't seen it yet. So, uh.. This could be interesting.
  2. Huh.
  3. That a phone?
  6. ["[Care](Yellow) left the room."](White)
  9. What is this? "A, B, NLM." Uh.
  10. OK. Nothin'!
  11. What's that? This just keeps going. Uh. Yeah. OK.
  12. Hmm. Sorry for not talking very much. I'm a little bewildered, if you wanna know the truth. This is a little more than I was expecting to see.
  15. [Michael Hammond](Pink)
  16. 1988 - 1995
  17. Mike was a gift.
  20. That's a dead kid. Yep. Hmm. Yep. OK. Wait. OK. Hmm. OK. Uh. Wait. Idunno. So, when I first came down here, I thought I was just gonna see, like, one room. Uh. Like something, but not.. This. Can I go in here? I can!
  21. Hmm. Oh. What?
  24. What?
  26. I don't
  27. Know
  30. OK.
  33. Keep watching
  34. the windmill
  37. Uh. Uh. Oh. Alright, so, it's been like two minutes. And, uh.. When those sounds were playing there was nothing happening as far as I could tell, and nothing has happened since. So, I'm just gonna keep going. There's already been stuff.. That I could dig a little deeper into. And I'm gonna do that, and keep you updated.
  38. Uh.. But also, uh.. When you come home, next month, and, uh.. Hopefully you're feeling a little more enthusiastic about that now. We can investigate this together, and maybe you'll find stuff that I can't find, here.
  39. Oh. Uh, what the fuck? Wait a second. What was that just now? Can I get that to happen again? Wait. Uh. Hey so, I had to look at that for a moment, Uh.. In the video. I was a little nervous. Uh.. The tones, I think those were the same tones, uh.. That you might have heard in the beginning. I'm gonna put in the beginning the part where the door opened. Uh.. And also the way the guy, on the other side, was moving for a moment. I'm gonna ask for your comment later on that. Uh.. So I was looking around here. So, this is backwards, it says, uh.. "Do you remember being born?". Uh.. And this just says "Quitter's Room". So, interestingly, I'm on the, uh.. Reverse side, here. Uh.. Yeah. OK, so. Moving on.
  40. Hm. And I'm back up here again. This again. Well, OK, I'm not gonna do that right now. Alright, so, I'm gonna stop this now, actually.
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