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Nov 27th, 2017
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  1. whatstheanswer:the tf2 community is the scum of the earth
  2. whatstheanswer:only the worst of the worst. The DREGS OF SOCIETY indulge into this evil videogame
  3. whatstheanswer:The so called "pros" of tf2 are all megalomaniacal psychopaths
  4. whatstheanswer:with inferiority complexes and have the most arrogant cunts ever
  5. whatstheanswer:no community is as bad as the team fortress 2
  6. whatstheanswer:community and thats a FACT
  7. whatstheanswer:@gemm Wow. Thanks for finally saying one thing that actually made sense. I am suprised, racist.
  8. whatstheanswer:@gemm GOD, you stink like BURNING LATRINE SHIT. Shit-eating RACIST gemmshit
  9. whatstheanswer:Every single tf2 server i go into what do i see?
  10. whatstheanswer:Oh nothing just a 13 year old mic spamming
  11. whatstheanswer:Oh nothing just an LMAOBOX HACKER spamming GET GUD GET LMAOBOX
  12. whatstheanswer:Oh nothing just a LITHIUM HACKER glitching the chat
  13. whatstheanswer:Oh nothing just a weeaboo spamming memes and binds
  14. whatstheanswer:Oh nothing just a virgin whiteboy loser talking SHIT. Fuck TF2
  15. SniperMain:spam around a corner as soldier, bait a teammate so they waste a headshot
  16. SniperMain:easy kills
  17. whatstheanswer:LMAO
  18. whatstheanswer:You're obviously a hacker
  19. whatstheanswer:@snipermain Massive, massive fail :)
  20. whatstheanswer: @insomniuhh BWAHAHAHAH!! More triggered loons coming out of the wood work! More! More! Give me more psychopaths to brutalize! ^_^
  21. whatstheanswer: Rage for me psychopaths! Show me how badly i've damaged your sensitive psyches. Man, if a simple emoji ("^_^") can trigger you guys into the stratosphere, I'd hate to have a look at your crawlspaces. ^_^ =D =D =D ^_~
  23. LstratosHF gifted a $4.99 sub to whatstheanswer!
  25. whatstheanswer: BWAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! Intellectually insecure defunct schizoid loons continue to copy and paste my arguments to deflect and cope with how badly they're getting absolutely REKT right now. Hahahaah this is fucking priceless! More please psychopaths. You're going to need a truckload of medications by the time i'm through with you cockroaches. Assuming you guys dont commit suicide over realizing the fact that a faceless stranger FRACTURED your existentisl integrity ^_^
  27. whatstheanswer: Insane rage!
  28. whatstheanswer: More! More!
  29. whatstheanswer: Keep raging for daddy!
  30. whatstheanswer: No validation for you! ^_^
  31. whatstheanswer: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  32. whatstheanswer: Megalomaniacal psychopaths continue to copy and paste my posts!
  33. whatstheanswer: Jesus, the sheer insanity you guys must be going through!
  34. whatstheanswer: Man oh man if only you guys knew how much pleasure you're giving me by doing this
  35. whatstheanswer: You would surely kill yourselves ^_^
  36. whatstheanswer: Whom is this "shen" you are referring to? Your gay lover?
  37. whatstheanswer: Aww does my proper english and grammar frighten you Warhuryeah?
  38. whatstheanswer: Amazing to know that there are so many openly homosexual people that comprise the tf2 community ^_^
  39. whatstheanswer: Also awesome to know that there are many mentally ill psychopaths that comprise the 6s community as well
  40. whatstheanswer: They all deserve a swift and immediate death
  41. whatstheanswer: You sit at home doing NOTHING for society and sit on your fat ugly pasty pimply asses playing a DEAD CANCER game
  42. whatstheanswer: Kill yourselves already
  43. whatstheanswer: Do everyone, your family and friends (if you have any) and just kill yourself
  44. whatstheanswer: *a favour
  46. whatstheanswer: PINK CHIMP crackers are the scum of the fucking earth
  47. whatstheanswer: They all deserve to die and rot in hell where they rightfully belong
  48. whatstheanswer: i hope they all fucking DIE
  49. WARHURYEAH: !timbeen
  50. Nightbot: omfgshutuphell: yeah its fucking me tim been
  51. whatstheanswer: Love how you created your own command for me LMAO
  52. big_piss: why are u so angry
  53. whatstheanswer: @big_piss Because tf2 is still alive
  54. whatstheanswer: I "HATE" the cancer scum tf2 community
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