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AEB Present 1.5 Log 53

DNA-zama Sep 4th, 2015 80 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Eclipse has connected.
  4. Trulhammaren has connected.
  5. Chloe has connected.
  6. Kaorin Sakura:  So I am to assume without a time of arrival for Avara we'll be going on without her?
  7. DNA:    I guess so? Avara's going to be late but I don't know by how much, but I'm cool with either waiting, or proceeding at the appointed time.
  8. Chloe:  I would be fine for continuing on ahead.
  9. Kaorin Sakura:  Alright. Give me a moment to review the final events and calm down before I begin.
  10. Kaorin Sakura:  No one needed anything from me did they? Stats for anything or stuff? I got all the things out, correct?
  11. DNA:    I'm curious to see if there are any finished Evoker drafts, but as far as this campaign is concerned, I'm up to date.
  12. Chloe:  I got my stuff
  13. Chloe:  I just need to actually stat out the thing.
  14. DNA:    I think one half-hour is the appropriate sound-off point?
  15. Chloe:  once Kaorin is ready
  16. Kaorin Sakura:  Alright, I am ready. Would anyone like to begin with a recap?
  17. DNA:    Today we met a Magikarp with a wet blanket, which was being harassed by a Pikachu. After some inspirational something-or-other, we caught the Primal Pikachu, which Jen now has, and steered the not-Magikarp off of a suicide run. Now we're about to enter a dark and spooky forest. oooooooOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!
  18. Kaorin Sakura:  Description: Windy
  19. Temperature: Cold
  20. High: 26°F (-4°C)
  21. Low: 13°F (-11°C)
  22. Wind Force: Moderate
  23. Wind Speed: 19 mph (30 kph)
  24. Date: Friday, February 20th 1549.
  25. 1415 Hours.
  26.         Chloe:  "Forest..." Chloe said to herself, noticing the growing density of trees as they walked. "Now what did we need. Investigating two things, a hovercraft theft and a mysterious song or signal. So we keep our ears and eyes open. What else can we do?" Chloe turned the question to the others.
  27.         Chloe:  Chloe considers what kind of tracks a hovercraft might leave in the snow, if any. Technology
  28.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If it's really that dark on the inside we're going to need a light, so we need to keep safe." Saturn pointed to the bright orange thing on her hat.
  29.         Saturn Rosewell:        "But I don't think we're looking for anything else in particular here..."
  30.         Chronicler:     What's this about your hat? I think I may have missed something. Unless that thing is Natasha?
  31.         Natasha:        o/
  32.         Natasha:        Yes, I am the 'bright orange thing'. I thought it would be a fun descriptor to use!
  33.         Chloe:  "A hovercraft might blow snow to the side, but that is a might. And we had a snowstorm since then. Maybe, maaaybe the trees protected the path, since it cuts out so much light. But I'm not depending on it. Inbee, any ideas on what signs to look out for?"
  34.         Chloe:  Chloe keeps an open eye on the snow on the ground, hoping for any kind of human or vehicle trail. Perception
  35. DNA:    (We're outside the forest, or are we walking in right now?)
  36.         Chloe:  (walking in, I hope)
  37.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn's keeping her senses sharp for any other life that might be nearby, just to make sure they don't get ambushed. Intuition 6d6+1 .
  38.         Natasha:        Natasha's doing the same, at 5d6+6 .
  39.         Chronicler:     I am going with the 'stepping into the forest' idea. Because it moves things forward and no one is denying this suggestion. Give me a moment while I flood the gates.
  40.         Natasha:        I have decided to not be worried at you flooding the gates.
  41.         Chronicler:     Before I begin my descriptors, is Natasha the only light source?
  42. Chloe:  yes
  43.         Chronicler:     Remind me what her light range is?
  44. DNA:    I think you said it was...10 metres, plus 5 shadowy illumination?
  45.         Chronicler:     Sure, we'll go with that.
  46. DNA:    Not sure if that's the precise figure, but that sounds about right. Also I'm not sure how the Pyromancy flame factors into this.
  47. Chloe:  is Trul here? He signed in and hasn't said a word
  48. Chronicler whispers: As soon as you walk into the forest you and Natasha are almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of "life" all around you. You can sense creatures hiding beneath the leafy floors, the many, many, many living tree's around you and creatures of flight high above you. Most things flee from your light as you enter so, at the moment, you are given a wide berth.
  49.         Chronicler:     When you enter the Precious Ebony Wilds you can see several creatures of the dark scurrying away from the light and much of the "music" of the wilds fade. The tree's bark is black and smooth, almost leathery in appearance. The treetops are too high to see with the limited source of light but the ground is damp and moist. You feel as if the temperature spiked up a good 10 or 15 degrees by merely entering the forest, There is absolutely no snow on the ground in the forest but there are a smattering of tree leaves covering the majority of the forest floor. The trees are tightly packed together, forcing you to maneuver around them in winding paths.
  50.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Ah!" Saturn and Natasha yelped at almost the same time, clutching their heads with one hand as they did so. "They're giving us room, but...there's...so many..."
  51.         Chloe:  "Ah... that feels nice..." Chloe sighed, pleased at the increase in temp. A damp forest barely above freezing might not be the warmest, but after getting out of the snow and the wind it felt amazing to walk through. "It looks like we have to work around these trees... that might be good, it means there are only so many paths the people we're looking for can take. We're looking for the hovercraft, but also disappearing shipments of... I forgot." Chloe paused awkwardly. "But..! The important part is there should be a lot of human tracks leading to where we want to go, and a lot of wet ground to find them in." Chloe scanned the ground as they walked, looking for human tracks, bootmarks and vehicles in what was likely a mess of pokemon footprints. Usually the opposite of what a tracker would do..." Perception
  52. Trulhammaren:   ((is here sorry, fell asleep again, and the keyboard was kidnapped))
  53. DNA:    Reverse Huzzah!
  54.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'm so used to the cold that the warmth comes as a shock...but you're right, it does feel nice." Saturn is maneuvering just a short distance above the ground, so she doesn't end up triggering any traps or just tripping up on something. The forest floor isn't always obvious.
  55. Chronicler: (( Hello Trul. Glad to have you back and conscious. ))
  56. Trulhammaren:   ((is caught up))
  57.         Chloe:  "I don't think a vehicle would get through here easily... either we need to find a really wide path or the hovercraft is outside... Oh! Here's a set of bootprints. They look old though, nearly two weeks. It's the only lead, unless we want to look around the edge of the forest." Chloe turned to Inbee, "If you see an area you think the hovercraft could have fit through, tell me. I don't know how wide it is."
  58. * Valerie Ylsef re 'sheaths' the door, equips her sheild and makes her hand glowy. ((10 + 5 shadowy))
  59.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "It wouldn't obviously be here. It was further north. I thought we were coming through here to check on that thing you had and swing north to check for the hovercraft there. Did I misunderstand?"
  60.         Saturn Rosewell:        "This does save us the trouble of looking for one thing. Lets us focus on one thing at a time. Chloe, how important is finding the siren to you?"
  61.         Chloe:  "Oh? Maybe I misunderstood... I thought they might be related, which is why we started looking here."
  62.         Natasha:        Human-Hoenn: ((They could be related. Perhaps the hovercraft crashed north, but then their passengers were led into the forest by the siren?))
  63.         Chloe:  ((I swore Chloe talked about this out loud a bunch))
  64. DNA:    I wouldn't doubt that
  65. DNA:    Sadly, for some reason, my brain does not recollect.
  66.         Chloe:  "If Inbee doesn't think its here, it probably isn't. But we're already here..." Chloe sounded uncertain.
  67.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I have an idea. How about we try to make our way to the northern exit to this forest? If the passengers went into the forest, we'll run into them, or their traces, on the way out."
  68.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' shrugged as she pointed east, "Directly east of here is Snowmeadow. I lost my craft further north before I reached the city. They went west, definitely." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looks to the forest, "This looks like a good hiding spot, but the hovercraft wouldn't fit here. Maybe the entrance elsewhere would have bigger gaps? I dunno."
  69.         Chloe:  "This place looks really easy to get lost in." Chloe crossed her arms and considered the advice of the others. "But the people lured into the forest were lured because they heard the soung from *outside* the forest. Which means we could head north from here, try to keep the edge of the forest in sight, enjoy as much of this heat as we can while we can and then when we hit the northmost point of the forest we can follow Inbee's directions."
  70.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Circle the perimeter of the forest, huh..."
  71.         Chloe:  "Or, if we hear the song, we can investigate from that point of the forest's edge."
  72. Avara has connected.
  73.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I guess, if the siren is indisriminant with their luring then I would think we would get hit sooner than later if we went into the forest."
  74.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Otherwise the siren was targeting someone specifically and we will have to enter the forest directly if we are wating to find this thing."
  75.         Chloe:  "Saturn was right, the siren's song isn't that important. Not compared to looking into Inbee's problem and... um... the *other* forest. That's why I think going around outside will work. If we hear the song we have a lead, otherwise we will be spending a lot of time trying not to get lost in this huge forest while looking for something that lives here that doesn't want us to find it."
  76. * Valerie Ylsef shrugs
  77.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. That sounds like a good plan."
  78. DNA:    @Trul: indiscriminate
  79.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((just woke up))
  80. DNA:    don't worry; all is good
  81.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...So we're okay with skirting the border? ...that'll be a relief to my head, that's for sure..."
  82.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Well, if thats the case we probably don't need this."
  83. * Valerie Ylsef snuffs out her hand
  84.         Chloe:  "Heehee... Okay. Let's keep following the boundary of the forest." Chloe takes the lead again, using the snow as an indication of the forest's reach. She kept the group at ankle depth."
  85.         Chloe:  * -"
  86.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn isn't far behind, just air-walking above the edge of the snow. She's grateful for not having to deal with the sensory overload right now. Plus, it'll be a lot harder to actually get lost this way.
  87. * Valerie Ylsef requips her door with a lovely florish that totally shouldn't be possible with a quarter ton door.
  88.         Chronicler:     As you begin moving along the border you find two strange....individuals.
  89.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((brb, need to poor some h2o2 into a hole on his finger real quick and bandage it up))
  90.         Chloe:  ((attack them with skill checks!))
  91.         Chloe:  Perception for information!
  92.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn slows her breathing to a standstill so she can't be heard as they're approaching. Intuition to sense motives 6d6+1 .
  93. Chronicler: (( Little more detail than that Rob ))
  94.         Natasha:        Me too!
  95.         Chloe:  ((What are they, who are they, what are they doing, what are they carrying))
  96. Chronicler: (( I'm gonna give their description before answering those skill checks. ))
  97. Chronicler:     The two are standing next close enough to the forest to not be in snow but far away enough to not be inside of it. They're both poking and swiping at the air without looking at one another but they're speaking to each other in an accented but noticeably Kanto Human language.
  98.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((returneth I have, and god that hurt))
  99. DNA:    Hydrogen peroxide tends to do that.
  100. Trulhammaren:   its been a long while since I've had to use it I had forgotten))
  101. Chronicler:     They're both covered in head to toe in some sort of odd suit getup, as if they were expecting to fully submerged in something or delving into something. You can't see any of their features beneath the get-up. The suit covers every inch of their body and their heads are protected by some sort of thick pressurized helmet.
  102. Chronicler: (( Now onto skill checks. ))
  103.         Chloe:  "I can't tell anything... do they look confused to you Saturn?"
  104. Chronicler whispers: You can't see enough of their features, or any of their features really, to get a good read on them. Its difficult to sense the motives of a creature when you aren't sure what the creature is or what non-verbal gestures and hints to work off of. They don't appear hostile at the least, or even aware of your presence.
  105.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I can't either...but they don't appear hostile...or to have noticed us."
  106. * Natasha shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.
  107. * Water Weird self releases herself.
  108. Jennifer Attaway: (( can i roll edu general to attempt to identify what kind of gear that is, and who it might be affiliated with? ))
  109.         Chloe:  "Lets go say hello." Chloe smiles. ((Knowledge might be a good choice there too))
  110.         Water Weird:    "I may be able to get closer without being noticed if you are aiming to avoid detection."
  111. Avara:  right, bardic as well.
  112. Chronicler:     You guys are free to roll what you think is appropriate.
  113. Avara:  Knowledge.
  114.         Jennifer Attaway:       "So... they're probably a new group or something. Those are pressurized suits to isolate them from their environments... expensive-looking tech, too."
  115.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Maybe they are trying to investigate the siren as well?"
  116. * Saturn Rosewell nodded to Valerie, agreeing with her. That did indeed seem really likely.
  117.         Chloe:  "Do you want to greet them?" Chloe asked Jennifer. "You're the entertainer among us."
  118.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((question is the wind speed affected any by being in teh proximity we are to the forest?))
  119. Chronicler:     No it isn't.
  120.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... sure." She approaches the weirdos.
  121. * Valerie Ylsef keeps close the Jennifer
  122.         Chloe:  Chloe follows close behind.
  123. * Saturn Rosewell brings up the rear.
  124.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "We can fix it, stop bitching already." Noticeably Male Individual continues swatting at the air then, does something entirely new and pokes the suit around his neck.
  125.         Noticeably Female Individual:   Noticeably Female Individual is frantic in her air poking and swatting, "We're going to die here. Otropolis will be a whole new world by the time we get back. We'll be written off as dead even if we live. Our families will be long dead when we get back. My great grand children won't even know who I am. We'll probably be killed if we find our way back!"
  126.         Noticeably Male Individual:     Noticeably Male Individual pauses and sighs, "Tobis. Shut up."
  127.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Excuse me." She raises her eyebrow, already getting a couple of ideas.
  128.         Noticeably Female Individual:   Noticeably Female Individual snaps her head in your groups direction and notices you all are looking directly at them, "...The locals can see us!"
  129.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Are you, by any chance, interdimensional travellers?"
  130.         Chloe:  "You seem to be lost..."
  131.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "And now you're being rude." Noticeably Male Individual turns to Jennifer and swats at the air one last time, "...That does seem likely, doesn't it?"
  132. * Valerie Ylsef whispers to the party behind her not quite so quietly. "Any of you gals ever here of a town called Otropolis?"
  133.         Noticeably Female Individual:   "Interdimensional whatsits?" Noticeably Female Individual swats at the air a final time as well.
  134.         Jennifer Attaway:       ((Knowledge Otropolis.))
  135.         Natasha:        Gen Edu on Otropolis 5d6 !
  136. Noticeably Male Individual whispers: You have never heard anything remotely similar to that.
  137.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Are you from another world or reality? Your rambling... hinted."
  138. * Natasha shakes her head. It's not ringing any bells whatsoever.
  139.         Chloe:  "Is there something in the air around you? Because that I can't see." Chloe decides to double check. Perception, is there anything they are swatting at?
  140.         Jennifer Attaway:       "This world's had a few. It never ends well."
  141.         Noticeably Female Individual:   "...oh my gawd. Hendrix...! HENDRIX!" Noticeably Female Individual began hyperventillating under her mask.
  142.         Noticeably Male Individual:     Noticeably Male Individual facepalms about as well as you can with a ball on your head, "Tobis. Please stop it. The locals are trying to talk to us."
  143.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Hendrix and Tobis, hm..." Saturn mused quietly aloud. "...Those are nice names."
  144.         Noticeably Female Individual:   "They'are wasting what little time we have! Its been seconds! SECONDS! Look at how much has happened already! They think we're from another realm of reality!"
  145.         Jennifer Attaway:       "..." she sighs, then looks to Hendrix. "If I'm wrong, please correct me on the matter. As I've said, we've had a few."
  146.         Natasha:        Human-Hoenn: ((She has a rather...odd perception of time, to freak out over just seconds.))
  147.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "So, we're from a...I can't really say. But we're from the same place as you are. Not another dimension or even another time. This time period is ours and this land is native to us as well."
  148.         Chloe:  "I don't want to cause more panic, but the closest city with any kind of technology is a two day hike to the north." Chloe said, making sure not to say where north was, worried the desperate one might sprint out into the cold.
  149.         Noticeably Female Individual:   "Hendrix stop talking to the locals! It's been..." Noticeably Female Individual checks something by poking at her suit, "Fourteen seconds! Do you know what that means?!"
  150.         Chloe:  "Unless a way back to where you are from can be made with sticks and snow, I don't think there's anything here that can help you."
  151.         Natasha:        Gen Edu on: Same place, same dimension, same time, but clearly from somewhere else? What the hell are they talking about ?
  152.         Noticeably Female Individual:   Noticeably Female Individual turns slowly to Chloe, "...Twenty-four to fourty-eight hours?!" Noticeably Female Individual throws herself at the ground and stops crying.
  153. Noticeably Female Individual: (( Starts not stops. ))
  154. DNA:    yeah, stopping crying would actually be really out of character
  155.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Does she... need some sort of medicine, perhaps?"
  156.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Could you like explain what the hell she is going on about, mr dud-guy-person?
  157.         Chloe:  "W-well there are myths about pokemon who can travel through time!" Chloe assured with haste. "And I've met vampires and succubi and learned some magic so that myth stuff isn't as inaccurate as it sounds..."
  158.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((dude*))
  159.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I know time travelers exist, but...I thought it was a lot more structured."
  160.         Valerie Ylsef :         "We might be able to help, if we know whats going on, that is kinda our shtick."
  161.         Chloe:  Chloe realized she is very bad at giving people panic attacks. Or very good at it. Either way, it didn't turn out well for anyone.
  162. DNA:    ^lol
  163.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "Tobis, no one told you to crush the resonator with your hands in a fit of frustration. I'm trying to make the best of things." Noticeably Male Individual looks to the group, "Truth be told, the world we're from is just culturally different in a way. But, as time passes, even in seconds, we're losing our ability to return. She's freaking out about it."
  164.         Chloe:  "Can you... reverse resonate?"
  165.         Saturn Rosewell:        "What are you trying to do, or look for? You're obviously here for a reason, and it sounds important."
  166.         Noticeably Female Individual:   Noticeably Female Individual pauses her crying and sits up, "...Hendrix?"
  167.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Wait I thought you just said you were from " here "."
  168.         Chloe:  "...switch the polarity.." chloe mumbled, not at all sure she could follow.
  169.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "I heard it Tobis." Noticeably Male Individual folded his arms and groaned.
  170.         Jennifer Attaway:       "What is 'it'?"
  171.         Jennifer Attaway:       Perception.
  172.         Noticeably Female Individual:   "Point of no return. We've failed." Noticeably Female Individual poked at the air slowly again.
  173.         Saturn Rosewell:        Intuition, to see if 'it' can be sensed. Saturn: Natasha:
  174.         Chloe:  "I'm... really sorry..."
  175.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Would it help to get back anyway if you had the opportunity to study a world-spanning chronomantic summoning artifact?"
  176.         Chloe:  "...wha?
  177.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Again, maybe you could give us more information, you never know what we might be able to do to help."
  178. * Jennifer Attaway pulls out the Soapstone.
  179.         Valerie Ylsef :         "We also have a dimension spanning doorway, or sorts."
  180.         Noticeably Male Individual:     Noticeably Male Individual looked to the female for a moment, "Well, we could try and make the best of life with the locals." Noticeably Male Individual turned back to the group, "While I can't give you any exact details, I will say it is here, as far as geography is concerned. And its in this time. But its culturally different."
  181. * Valerie Ylsef hefts the door which appears weighless in her hands.
  182.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "And unless you can turn back the hands of time or command time travel at your beck and call, I'm pretty sure we're SoL."
  183.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Cultural differences usually don't involve points of no return." She pauses for a moment. "I know there are a couple pokemon said to be able to do both of those things."
  184.         Valerie Ylsef :         ....
  185.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Chronomancy can summon creatures and people from any time period, and this object in particular can breach dimensions."
  186.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Totally confused, how can you be here and now, and not be here and now....."
  187. Noticeably Male Individual whispers: If it refers to the thing they poke and swat at, no.
  188. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: It was actually whatever 'it' was, when he said 'I heard it', but I guess that can't be heard either. I have a weird question, though - is it possible to use the psionic amp to momentarily create a dimensional gap, if they can get the coordinates for their homepoint somehow?
  189. Jennifer Attaway:       "There's a criminal Chronomancer locked up in Snowmeadow Village..." she starts thinking.
  190. Noticeably Male Individual whispers: Oh, that. A small click within their suits.
  191.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Last resort. I doubt she'll want to do anything for anyone."
  192.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Still might be easier than finding Celebi or Dialga and convincing them."
  193.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Wouldn't trust her to cooperate anymore than I can throw Targkon."
  194.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "Understandably our appearance is disturbing or unusual. And its here exactly. But not exactly in the same sense you're familiar with. Its difficult to explain without explaining bits that I'm not allowed to."
  195.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I reeeeeeeally doubt that, Jennifer."
  196.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Can you explain why you're not allowed to explain?"
  197.         Chloe:  "You look normal to me."
  198.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Oh trust me, your appearance isn't even remotely the strangest thing we've run into."
  199.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "Hometown culture. Can't talk about home to locals." Noticeably Male Individual shrugs, "Not sure why, but I don't want to start breaking the rules any more than Tobis already has."
  200.         Chloe:  "Well, if they're not going to come and get you, there are no more rules to break."
  201.         Valerie Ylsef :         "And if they are gonna come get you, maybe a little rule breaking is in order for that explicit reason."
  202.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "Plenty more to break, actually."
  203.         Noticeably Male Individual:     Noticeably Male Individual sudden wobbles and has to sit down, "Whoa. Got dizzy all of a sudden."
  204.         Natasha:        (I made a Gen Edu check a while back but I don't think I got a result.)
  205.         Noticeably Female Individual:   Noticeably Female Individual was, by this point, lying back down, but remarkably silently.
  206. Noticeably Female Individual: (( I must've missed it. What was it for? ))
  207.         Chloe:  Chloe sat next to the female individual, "... are you going to be okay?"
  208.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Hey Chloe, you think maybe the space-time dino might know something?"
  209.         Natasha:        For someone that can be from here, in this location, at this time, but also not from here.
  210.         Natasha:        i.e. how? (The roll was a 5d6)
  211.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((as I recall you were holding onto him, or was it Saturn?))
  212. DNA:    It was Saturn
  213. DNA:    though if Chloe has ownership, then she has ownership
  214.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((redirect my last statement to Saturn))
  215. Noticeably Female Individual whispers: By simply being out of sync. A lot of ways this can occur, but most easily is by having strict policy of disengaging from the rest of the region for an extended period of time.
  216.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((no one has ownership))
  217.         Chloe:  ((White Elephanting it))
  218. DNA:    lel
  219.         Noticeably Female Individual:   Noticeably Female Individual gave a single very slow nod.
  220. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: And do I know what 'out of sync' means?
  221.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Um...Oh! Um...it might. It couldn't hurt to ask..."
  222.         Noticeably Male Individual:     Noticeably Male Individual paused for a moment, "Tobis...?" Noticeably Male Individual slowly reached out and poked at something, "Otropolis wouldn't....wouldn't like...us to talk about...the....time distort-wait...no can't."
  223.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's probably the only lead we'll get right now." Saturn takes out a Poke Ball she'd been holding on to, and then suddenly, there was a very large dinosaur.
  224.         Ülang:         "..time distortion...?"
  225. Noticeably Male Individual whispers: Placed in a situation where a certain group of individuals do not progress in accordance with the rest of the region either in the supply chain or in the eco-system.
  226.         Chloe:  "... do you know anything about the void pockets?" Chloe asked, out of nowhere. "It's something we don't understand, and you seem to know a lot about what we don't understand."
  227. Noticeably Male Individual whispers: You notice that you no longer sense life from the female.
  228. * Natasha looked to be deep in thought. It seemed like she might know why those two things are stuck where they a-
  229.         Natasha:        ((...!))
  230.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "Void...what?" Noticeably Male Individual pauses, "Carbon dioxide...? What...?"
  231. * Natasha zipped over to Tobis in the suit. Intuition 5d6+6 !
  232.         Natasha:        She looked...visibly shaken. Like something awful had happened.
  233.         Noticeably Male Individual:     "Gonna...lie..." Noticeably Male Individual coughs a few times, "Down." Noticeably Male Individual lies down slowly and thumps at the last moment.
  234.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Natasha, what's happening?"
  235.         Natasha:        Human-Hoenn: ((I...I think she...she might...)) She wasn't able to finish her sentence due to shock.
  236.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Said something about Carbon Dioxide.."
  237.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Are they... dead?"
  238.         Saturn Rosewell:        Intuition 6d6+1 on Hendrix .
  239.         Chloe:  Chloe Hugs Noticable Female!
  240.         Chloe:  +25% HP!
  241.         Natasha:        ((I...I...hope not...))
  242. * Valerie Ylsef sends out Phyllis
  243.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Check them out, we aren't sure whats wrong."
  244. Noticeably Male Individual whispers: Just as you begin to focus on Hendrix, you can see the wisp of life fade out - like the slowly dimming of a light bulb.
  245.         Saturn Rosewell:        Noticing Natasha's panic, Saturn rushed to Hendrix's side, to ascertain if he was alive. Given the way he thumped as he lied down...Saturn was not very confident.
  246. * Phyllis rolls over to Hendrix. MEdicine eud
  247.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Th-They're..." Saturn was close to crying. "...they're gone..."
  248.         Chloe:  "...yeah..."
  249. * Jennifer Attaway stands there, looking down and feeling kind of really damn useless.
  250.         Phyllis:        "Get the suit off him, I can't tell anything."
  251.         Chloe:  "I'm not sure if that is a good idea..." Chloe said. She wasn't sure if it was a bad idea either. But it felt disrespectful.
  252.         Saturn Rosewell:        "M-m-m-maybe we can tell...what the suit was for...? Was it...life support?"
  253. * Valerie Ylsef hustles over and starts hunting for a way to remove the suit, short of breaking it open, which she will do if she has to."
  254.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((perception?))
  255.         Finch:  Perhaps I can be of assistance. Tech Edu 6d6+4 .
  256.         Chloe:  Chloe stands up and backs away, still watching. She wanted to stand at a distance she felt safe, even though it really meant nothing.
  257. * Jennifer Attaway stands beside Chloe.
  258.         Phyllis:        Tech to direct Val
  259.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn is still stuck kneeling on the ground, watching Hendrix. Natasha isn't much better. Seeing someone die right in front of them is...well...
  260. * Jennifer Attaway walks over to Saturn and puts a hand on her shoulder while the others work.
  261.         Phyllis:        "Start with the helmet, unlatch there and there."
  262. * Valerie Ylsef frantically starts following directions.
  263.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I feel useless right now."
  264.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Targkon get your tentacled ass over here and help!"
  265.         Finch:  (Waiting on the check to see if I can find out what the suit does in terms of functionality. Sorry; I probably should have specified.)
  266. * Targkon makes his way over and follows directions as well, hopefully decreasing the time to get the suit off.
  267. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( Yup! Shoulda! I thought you were doing a check for how to remove the suit ))
  268.         Finch:  (whoops)
  269. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: Once the suit is removed you can give it a full examination.
  270. * Phyllis will begin diagnosing as soon as Val and Targkon are able to get any peice off. Medicine
  271.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I will be able to tell what it does when the loud one and the vine beast remove it.))
  272.         Chronicler:     After roughly five minutes, the two are removed from the suits entirely. They're wearing skin tight spandex underneath. They both appear entirely human. Almost pure even - and their muscles look to be as if they never worked labour a day in their life.
  273.         Chronicler:     They have no scars or blemishes and the only discolouration in their face is how pale-blue they look. Probably a result with how they died.
  274.         Chloe:  "At... at least we distracted them. They might have been afraid, but... they might have been able to express it." Chloe was mumbling. It was a small something that they could give. The sight didn't disturb Chloe as much as it may have Saturn. She lived in Saffron during the Calamity, helplessly watching the death of others wasn't new to her. She just didn't expect to be taken back to those days so abruptly.
  275.         Jennifer Attaway:       Jennifer starts singing a dirge for the lost, wishing their souls to rest with their families. Charm.
  276.         Phyllis:        ((we using real world medicine for asphyixiation? if so I think we still have a chance to revive them))
  277.         Phyllis:        ((IIRC it takes about 10 minutes for brain death))
  278.         Phyllis:        ((typically))
  279. Chronicler whispers: Giving the suits a full diagnostics on its functionality you can see its a fully pressurized suit meant to withstand the vacuum of space or the intense pressure of the sea. It has a few settings such as 'sync with Otropolis' and 'stealth mode invisible' that aren't functioning at all.
  280. Chronicler: (( 3 minutes. ))
  281. Avara:  do we have ANYTHING needed to rez?
  282. DNA:    Yeah, but they seem to be running on an accelerated sense of time, so that might not apply
  283. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Can I tell why they aren't functioning?
  284. Avara:  five minutes passed, 3 to brain death so they're dead
  285.         Chloe:  ((Nah, they were just desyncing from their own place. It wasn't that time was passing quickly, it was that they were watching a countdown))
  286.         Phyllis:        ((ok, must be thinking of something else))
  287.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((This is a pressurized suit. Like for a diver, or an astronaut. Designed to withstand harsh atmospheres. The stealth and sync functions appear to not be working...))
  288. Chronicler whispers: From what you can see, a device around the collar of the suit is a 'resonator' that allows the function of several things in the suit. The helmet is a 'viewer' for a 'floating screen' of sorts that allows you, with the suit on, to interact with by hand. This explains the swatting and poking of the air.
  289.         Phyllis:        "Nothing we could have done, I'm afraid. I can definitively say they died from suffocation though."
  290.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((It appears to generate screens or dialogues with a device on the collar, which can then be interacted with by hand.))
  291. Chronicler whispers: The collar on the female, as she appears to be the one in control of both suit functions, is damaged and ceased its functionality. From checking her suit you can see that there was an input command to reverse carbon dioxide and oxygen flow. Their suits were flooded with carbon dioxide.
  292.         Chloe:  "Shoud... should we keep them...?" Chloe asked. "It sounds so disrespectful, but this is otherworldly technology we're never going to see again."
  293. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Is it possible to tell who did that command? Did she kill them both, or did someone else?
  294. Chronicler whispers: The command was input from the females suit. It looks as though she suicided in her last moment of sanity - or insanity. Though whether or not she intended to kill Hendrix is a mystery.
  295.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... Practically speaking, we should take at least one. We can try to reverse-engineer it."
  296.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((However, the breathing systems appear to have been running in reverse. The female did this voluntarily. But her command was synchronized to the other suit.))
  297.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Emotionally speaking... I can't say."
  298.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((This means this was a suicide.))
  299.         Jennifer Attaway:       "..." she pauses, looking at Finch. Then at the woman.
  300. * Jennifer Attaway does not relay this to anyone who can't understand.
  301.         Phyllis:        "Fools."
  302.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((Her action to do so also transferred to the man's suit, killing him also. However, I do not know if that was intentional.))
  303. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: CAn I still tell why the functions for 'sync' and 'stealth' aren't working?
  304. Avara:  ... fuck.
  305. Chronicler whispers: The collar, the resonator, is damaged. Those functions rely on the collar.
  306. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Ah, that's what you meant. Was it damaged on purpose?
  307.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Ms. Inbee, do you by chance have anyway of sending a message to Ceruluean or Snowmeadow?"
  308.         Chloe:  "What is it?"
  309.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((The woman's collar was damaged, disabling the stealth and sync functions for both suits. This explains both why they could not return, and why we could see them.))
  310.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((oops, wrong person, that is Phyllis speaking))
  311.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I don't."
  312. Avara:  sadness.
  313. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: Give me another tech check for the collar.
  314. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Tech Edu 6d6+4 .
  315. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: Oh, nice. A sec for my notes.
  316. * Finch scrutinizes the collar thoroughly, to see how, or if, it was tampered with. It's clearly damaged, but perhaps there is more to it.
  317.         Chloe:  "Can someone translate...?" Chloe asked.
  318. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: ...How nice are we talking here? Now I'm curious as to the number rolled.
  319.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... I don't want to. I can."
  320.         Finch:  (I think Jennifer was translating. If not, Natasha knows the language too.)
  321.         Phyllis:        "Very well, I suggest we bury the bodies we do not know how they're psyiology might affect the local populace. And me might as well take the suits, they won't be of any use to the deceased any longer."
  322.         Chloe:  ((Jennifer said she wasn't translating))
  323. DNA:    Ah. Sorry, was thinking of something else.
  324.         Phyllis:        "There was nothing we could have done to helo them, needless to say the suits breathing systems were not malfunctioning
  325.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... The woman commited suicide. Her suit was sync'd to his, killing him in turn."
  326.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((They were not malfunctioning. Correct. They were running in reverse.))
  327. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: Studying the collar lets you note that the sync is related to time. The sync allows it to sync with its "base", which causes it to speed up the suit and everything inside of it. The suit will then move at a speed that causes the time you're used to, to move at ten thousandth of its speed.
  328. * Jennifer Attaway resumes her dirge.
  329.         Chloe:  Chloe turned to look at the woman. She closed her eyes and shook her head.
  330.         Phyllis:        "Finch, did mention that that the other features appear to be tied to the collar which is damaged in some way, if I understood correctly."
  331. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: When she was panicking about losing mere seconds, in reality, with each passing second she was losing two hours, fourty-six minutes and fourty seconds per second passing.
  332.         Chloe:  "What do the suits do?"
  333.         Phyllis:        "They are similar in general function to what a deep sea diver or an astronaut may use."
  334.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I have managed to discern more about the sync function. It is related to time, causing its wearer to feel the passage of time at the same rate as its origin point.))
  335.         Phyllis:        "Something about stealth capabilities as well."
  336.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((The woman expressed great concern in losing mere seconds, correct?))
  337.         Phyllis:        "Yes."
  338. Avara:  i guess another parallel between jen and crystal: both helping with improvised funerary services. insert glados wheeee sound here.
  339.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((That is because her native universe runs at a time speed exactly 10,000 times faster than our own.))
  340.         Phyllis:        O_O
  341.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((1 second for us is 10000 seconds for them.))
  342.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((And since the sync function was damaged and not working, they lost nearly 3 hours of their lives for every second of ours.))
  343. Avara:  brb.
  344.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I am still trying to see if the collar was damaged accidentally or intentionally.))
  345.         Phyllis:        "So we probably shouldn't attempt to use the suits unless we are able to completely disable that functionality?"
  346. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: hint hint
  347.         Chloe:  "What functionality?"
  348. * Valerie Ylsef takes Targkon and Ulang off a bit to begin digging shallow graves.
  349.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I do not believe so, Phyllis. It appears to not be working now, but I do not know how to actually enable it or disable it. It may be permanently damaged.))
  350.         Phyllis:        "Finch has informed us that their native times ran approximately ten thousand times faster than our own and the suits were designed to uhm...distort things so that they would experiance time correctly for themselves...I think."
  351.         Chloe:  "So... she really was sitting there for an age before she decided to..."
  352.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((No, not approximately. Exactly. The suits were designed so that they were forced to move at the time native to their own universe, readjusting for time.))
  353. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: The collar appears to have been damaged from some external force - crushing a lot of hte intricate and delicate internal circuitry.
  354.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I have discerned that the collar was damaged externally, thus crushing much of the intricate and delicate internal circuitry.))
  355.         Phyllis:        "Yes, every second for us was 3 hours for them. I am mistaken, that measurement was an exact figure."
  356.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((If we wish to be precise: 2 hours, 46 minutes, 40 seconds.))
  357.         Chloe:  ".... how do you even speak that slow? He barely had an accent."
  358.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I don't think he was?"
  359.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I think what they're saying is the suits were the speed augmentations."
  360.         Phyllis:        ((how long would you say we were talking to them? a couple of minutes?))
  361.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "That when we met them, due to the malfunction, we were moving at the same pace. But their home was still moving at the enhanced speed."
  362.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I cannot tell if the collar was destroyed intentionally or by accident. However, the damage was external. It was not an error in the suit itself.))
  363.         Chloe:  "Malfunction? Oh, you said something about a damaged collar, what exactly did that damage?"
  364.         Phyllis:        "He did mention something about the other crushing something in frustration, might that be connected to the damage?"
  365.         Chloe:  "What got damaged?"
  366.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "The male?"
  367. Avara:  resonator.
  368.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((Oh, then...))
  369. Avara:  jen is still singing
  370.         Chloe:  ((Rob knows, but that hasn't been spoken in a language any of my active characters speak))
  371.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((Then it was destroyed after we arrived? Was it when the female knelt to the ground?))
  372.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Finch, you said that the suit allowed them to move at the speed as something else?"
  373. Avara:  resonator was stated by the male
  374.         Phyllis:        "A bunch of stuff, sorry but technology isn't really my forte, but it appears that most of the functionality was in the collar which was externally damaged."
  375.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((But, both of those functions were disabled long before we arrived on the scene.))
  376. Avara:  in human kanto, the male said that the female broke the resonator in frustration.
  377.         Chloe:  ((And based on the information on hand, I don't know what that means. Sorry.))
  378.         Finch:  Finch turned to inbee, still speaking in his tongue. ((Yes. It permitted them to move at the same speed as the origin point of the suit. Presumably, it was 'where they came from'. I heard the word Otropolis mentioned?))
  379.         Finch:  ((If that is so, then this Otropolis is a place parallel to here that moves 10000 times faster than us.))
  380.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Point of origin? Otropolis? Nothing I ever heard of before. Is that their hometown or base of operations? I mean, its still moving at the enhanced speed, isn't it?"
  381.         Finch:  ((I assume it is still moving at the enhanced speed.))
  382.         Finch:  ((It is possible that because the collar unit was damaged, they were forcibly shunted here. But that is only a theory.))
  383.         Chloe:  "Otropolis is where they were from. A place or a world or something indescribable. But I think he knew how to explain it if he wanted to, he just didn.t"
  384.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "How advanced are these suits?"
  385.         Finch:  ((I would assume extremely. Are there devices commonplace in our world that adjust the flow of time for the bearer? If not, then they were leagues ahead of us.))
  386.         Chloe:  "I have no idea..." Chloe looks at the suits, then looks to Jennifer. She walks over to her instead, listening to her.
  387.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' will turn and relay information that is being discussed in non-human kanto for people to be brought up to speed.
  388.         Chloe:  ((yay!))
  389.         Chloe:  ((now my plans are canon))
  390.         Finch:  hahah
  391.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "So, mere seconds to them were large gaps of time and they were able to create suits with technology advancement leagues ahead of ours..." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' rubs her chin, "Anyone else getting a distinct villainy vibe from this Otropolis...? Why would you want your city to be moving so quickly ahead of the rest of the world?"
  392. * Finch then turns to his side momentarily while Inbee translates. ((Natasha. Please do not cry.))
  393.         Chloe:  "Are you going to be okay?" Chloe took Jen's hand and gave it an assuring squeeze.
  394.         Natasha:        "...? Oh...okay..." Natasha shook herself out of it.
  395. * Jennifer Attaway looks to Chloe, breaking out of her song again. "Sorry, I was... just trying to pay respects. Even if I didn't know them."
  396. * Valerie Ylsef would respond but is busy digging
  397.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I don't know what their motives were, but...I'm just...why would they just kick out two of their own to die?"
  398.         Chloe:  "I appreciate it. I just... you sounded really sad. Please continue."
  399.         Jennifer Attaway:       "It's a dirge. A funerary song grieving for the dead. I should hope it sounded sad..."
  400.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' shrugs, "If they had sync options on their suits I don't think it was for them to die. If they wanted that, wouldn't they have been exiled without any technology?"
  401.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Then that means they were sent here for a reason...and their sync options broke after the fact..."
  402.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wait, these aren't the ones who stole the hovercraft, right? Inbee?"
  403. * Valerie Ylsef returns to the group with Targkon and Ulang in tow.
  404.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' quickly shook her head, "No! No! The ones who stole it weren't strange humans in suits."
  405.         Valerie Ylsef :         "The graves are ready."
  406.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I...I didn't think so..."
  407.         Valerie Ylsef :         "So whats the deal with the suits?
  408.         Phyllis:        "You wouldn't get it, trust me."
  409.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Works for me."
  410.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I do not feel like explaining a third time anyway.))
  411.         Chloe:  "If we wanted to, we could use them to find Otropolis."
  412.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "That sounds like a great idea to me."
  413.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((If we could reverse engineer them, that would indeed be possible.))
  414.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((However, if they move 10000 times faster than we do, we must have some countermeasure if we are to actually move there.))
  415.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Well, we'd have to pass through Cerulean to get to the Forest, I'm sure someone there would be more than willing to pay for something like these suits
  416.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Wouldn't we just start moving that quickly when we got there?"
  417.         Valerie Ylsef :         "And actaully have the facilities to work on them proper."
  418.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I do not know how dimensional travel works. Do you?))
  419.         Chloe:  "If they moved that fast, I'm surprised they haven't retrieved the suits yet."
  420.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I didn't realize it was dimensional travel. I thought it was just time enhancement. But if that's the case we should work on it..."
  421.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((Perhaps they have not retrieved them, either because they are unaware, or they are unable.))
  422.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((In any case, it would be prudent to take the suits with us, and have them more cautiously examined by an expert.))
  423.         Valerie Ylsef :         "We done with their bodies, or can I put them to rest?"
  424.         Chloe:  "I... I think so." Chloe said.
  425.         Valerie Ylsef :         "You even think of eating them and you will be in a world of hurt Targkon."
  426. * Valerie Ylsef moves the corpses to their graves with the assistance of Targkon and Ulang.
  427. * Jennifer Attaway will help bury them, once they're in place.
  428.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I know this sounds heartless but..."
  429.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((Certainly no more heartless than anything I have said.))
  430.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Should we remove all their belongings? They're essentially clues to this Otropolis mystery."
  431.         Phyllis:        "I thought I said as much."
  432.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((I am remaining neutral, but...I cannot pretend to not be affected by this. Poor Natasha appears to have the worst of it, though.))
  433.         Chloe:  "I think that's a good idea. Leave their clothes, but... I can look for anything else." Chloe searches the bodies for belongings.
  434.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' nods, "We have the suits but they still have their strange skin-tight clothes things. I'm no techno-genius but unusual garbs have already proven to do 'things'. Are we sure those don't do 'things' as well?"
  435.         Chloe:  Chloe searches as a Shift action. "D-do you want to take them off..?" Chloe agreed with Inbee, but agreeing something needs to be done and doing it yourself are two different things. She already felt strange touching the dead bodies.
  436.         Finch:  Finch takes a look at the garb. Tech Edu 6d6+4 .
  437. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( DNA. stop rolling so damn high ))
  438.         Finch:  NEVER
  439. * Valerie Ylsef will remove things if others are being squemish or whatever. ((I need to go find something to eat real fast))
  440. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: The suits are intended as a second skin and melds to the wearer, shifting the body weight. While it makes the wearer 12 lbs. heavier, it doesn't make the wearer any more encumbered than they naturally were.
  441. The suit is cold resilient, offering incredible protection against the cold.
  442. The suit offers incredible protection against water, preventing the user from ever becoming wet.
  443. The suit has a built in radio communications device and can be fine-tuned to radio frequencies, even encrypted ones.
  444. The suit offers basic resilience against special attacks, offering a +5 Equipment bonus to damage reduction against special damage.
  445. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( information delivered. ))
  446.         Finch:  That is a lot of information.
  447.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: ((These suits are 12 pounds in weight. However, they are designed as a second skin of sorts, molding to the wearer, and adds no encumberment. It is highly cold-resistant, and is impervious to moisture. It also appears to have a radio communication device, which can be fine-tuned to even encrypted frequencies. And it is also somewhat resistant to special attacks.)) i.e. Equipment bonus: +5 Special DR
  448.         Chronicler:     Does anyone have bonuses to Focus checks or against mind-affecting effects?
  449.         Saturn Rosewell:        I do
  450.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((don't think I do let me check))
  451.         Saturn Rosewell:        Why do you ask?
  452.         Chronicler:     What is the bonus so I can add it in?
  453. Avara:  i... don't believe i do.
  454. Avara:  am i about to get my ass kicked?
  455.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((if I do I can't find it))
  456.         Chronicler:     iunno
  457.         Saturn Rosewell:        It's +6. So Saturn's Focus roll is 6d6+7
  458.         Chloe:  let me look
  459.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((we about to get Odysseus'd))
  460.         Chronicler:     Just /whisper kaorin sakura 'bitch mah roll be' so I know what to roll for you guys.
  461.         Chloe:  chloe has a skill stunt against mind reading, but not mind altering. Lilea does the mind altering.
  462. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Saturn's focus roll is 6d6+7. Natasha's is 3d6+6. Finch is probably doing something right now so he's out, and it's 2d6-1.
  463.         Chronicler:     Wow. Someone actually rolled a 1.
  464.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((can guess who))
  465. DNA:    who was it
  466.         Chronicler:     Ulang.
  467.         Finch:  Was it me-oh.
  468.         Chronicler:     Once the dead are buried and the suits have been acquired
  469. Chronicler: (( Waiting ))
  470. DNA:    The armor suits, or the skin suits?
  471.         Chronicler:     Both. Valerie removed them.
  472. DNA:    Ah, okay
  473.         Chronicler:     Once the dead are buried and the suits have been acquired, a sudden chiming sounds faintly echoes in the area. Everyone with the exception of Inbee and Saturn suddenly enter a daze and turn to the forest and walk into it.
  474.         Chloe:  @___@
  475. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: You can hear this chiming sound.
  476. Avara:  ... no chance to song-counter?
  477.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((Domino is probably super pissed in his ball right now))
  478.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Whoa. Guys? Hey! Guys!" Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looks to Saturn briefly before following the others into the forest.
  479.         Saturn Rosewell:        "That...there's a chiming noise coming from...wait a minute!"
  480.         Chronicler:     No chance to counter-song as you failed your check.
  481. Avara:  okay.
  482. * Jennifer Attaway walks that-a-way.
  483.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Natasha! Finch! Everyone! Stop! Stop!!" Saturn gives chase, recalling Finch before he can walk much farther (Overland 4, he won't get far) and trying to catch Natasha before she's too far ahead.
  484. * Valerie Ylsef walks like an Egyptian >.>
  485.         Chronicler:     You guys can make another check. Add +1 to your Focus.
  486. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Would that require a combat check or something? Saturn's movement speed beats Natasha's, so she can catch up
  487.         Saturn Rosewell:        That's just for those who failed, right?
  488.         Chronicler:     Mmhm.
  489.         Natasha:        Focus 3d6+7 .
  490.         Finch:  Focus 2d6+0 , but that probably doesn't matter as Finch has been recalled
  491.         Chloe:  Focus!
  492.         Chronicler:     The creatures of the wilds, strange rodents you don't recognize, such as a flaming mouse-rat thing and a flaming rabit, as well as croagunk, rattata, minccino and surskit are locked in a daze. They don't flee from you or even notice you as you walk through, unhindered.
  493.         Alsine:         Focus!
  494.         Valerie Ylsef :         Val, Ura, Phyllis, Targkon, Ulang
  495.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Natasha! Jennifer! Hey! Snap out of it!"
  496.         Chronicler:     As Saturn yells and screams for her friends, they flinch briefly but the lure of the chime is too great and they continue their daze-like-walk. Despite being in this forest for the first time they seem to know where to make each turn and precisely where to go.
  497.         Chronicler:     As the group closes in on their destination, the chiming sound slowly begins to become clear and it begins to sound like a beautiful voice of a woman.
  498.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((just checking, but "Acts as a Gas Mask but also grants the Hazard Immunity capability and immunity to non-damaging Poison Type Moves.", would have no effect on this right?))
  499. Chronicler: (( It would not. Hazard immunity would protect you against Co2. Hilariously. ))
  500.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((didn't think so, but had to check))
  501. Chronicler: (( Hey guys, I choke slower than you do. ))
  502.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((ironically Ura doesn't have to breath))
  503.         Saturn Rosewell:        I don't choke ever. Ball's in your court.
  504. You have disconnected.
  505. Chloe has connected.
  506. Trulhammaren has connected.
  507. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  508. Avara has connected.
  509. Eclipse has connected.
  510. Eclipse:        Wait for it...
  511. DNA:    There, the lag pocket is gone
  512.         Chronicler:     In the distance, you can see torch-lights which gives a faint sight of what looks to be a tree-house. At the base, a shadwy winged figure sits perched as two others are walking in the daze-like sway, same as most of the party is. As they reach the winged figure, two other winged figures swwop down from the tree-tops and snatches both. The sudden screams of fear immediately signifies the two as male and their screams die out slowly as they're pulled high into the air. The singing suddenly stops as the perched winged screams flaps its wings and ascends into the tree-tops.
  513.         Chronicler:     Everyone suddenly snaps from their daze.
  514. Chronicler whispers: You all are well aware of the stupor you were just in and fully aware of the control you didn't have over your own functions.
  515. * Jennifer Attaway flinches as she regains control, shaking a bit and breathing raggedly.
  516.         Natasha:        Human Hoenn: ((ARGH, WHY!?!)) Natasha screamed as soon as she snapped back to coherency.
  517.         Alsine:         "Akel- ... No..."
  518.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "...You all good?"
  519.         Chloe:  "Gna.... " Chloe was released with a gag, practiaclly dry heaving.
  520.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Fuck that, I'm taking them out!" ((here is your one and only case of stopping her))
  521.         Saturn Rosewell:        "H-H-...Hey! Stay with me! Breathe, guys!"
  522. * Valerie Ylsef begins to heft her door.
  523.         Chloe:  "I- I'm okay. Just startled." Chloe looked around her, trying to figure out what was going on.
  524.         Saturn Rosewell:        Intuition to sense exactly where the sirens are. Saturn: , Natasha .
  525.         Alsine:         Alsine drew both of her scimitars.
  526. * Jennifer Attaway is still quiet, trying to calm down from a bit of panic.
  527.         Natasha:        Command on Jennifer to calm her nerves, 6d6+6 26 .
  528. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: The winged creatures you recognize the life signature of immediately, as they left their aura residue all over your senses. All of them are above you. They seem to be perched in the tower of the tree-house.
  529. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: When you say 'recognize immediately', is it due to the hypnotism thing that just happened, or have we actually met it before?
  530.         Chloe:  "Who's on what side now, they seem like they're fighting. Maybe."
  531. Avara:  how does Command work for calming someone?
  532. DNA:    inspiring against fear, was what I was going for
  533. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( Yes. ))
  534. DNA:    Might not apply totally here, but it seemed the most fitting option.
  535.         Saturn Rosewell:        "They're up in the tree-house... is there a way we can climb up there?"
  536.         Chloe:  "I think I can."
  537.         Saturn Rosewell:        (How tall is the way up to the tree-house, and is there a ladder nearby?)
  538.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((throw is 4+ ath or acro right?))
  539. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: Due to the hypnotism
  540. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Thought so. Just checking.
  541. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( Yah ))
  542.         Chloe:  Chloe tries to climb the tree, to see how hard it is. Going a few meters up to test. Athletics
  543.         Chronicler:     You're not close enough to see any ladder but you assume there is a way to ascend hte tree-house.
  544.         Chronicler:     You guys didn't reach the tree-house.
  545. * Valerie Ylsef charges the tree, as no one stopped her ((unless I missed it in which case disregard))
  546.         Chronicler:     Its about 24-meters away.
  547. DNA:    24 metres up?
  548.         Chloe:  Chloe walked toward the tree.
  549.         Chronicler:     No, away.
  550.         Chronicler:     ...Why did I...
  551.         Alsine:         Alsine takes succubus form. She attempts to identify what she saw of the creatures. Occult
  552.         Chronicler:     Hold on, its distance is in feet, not meters. Let me convert.
  553.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((is now wondering if slamming into the tree with the door could count as collision damage >.>))
  554. DNA:    The tree probably has like 440 HP
  555.         Chronicler:     The tree itself covers a 15-meter radius and is 130-meters tall.
  556. DNA:    okay, and how far up is this treehouse they ascended to
  557.         Chronicler:     The tree-house itself is 36-meters above ground.
  558.         Alsine:         (radius or diameter?)
  559. Chronicler: (( Probably diameter. Its 15-meters wide. ))
  560.         Alsine:         ((Yes, radius would make it 30 meters wide)
  561.         Chronicler:     The tower itself is in three layers above the tree-house. The first layer is 6-meters above the tree-house and the other two layers are both 3-meters above each other.
  562. * Ura slides up behind Val and stops her from charging the tree.
  563. DNA:    Of course it's 36m up
  564.         Ura:    "Lend me your rope and I will be able to get all of us up there."
  565. DNA:    That means I have to climb up
  566.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Fine..."
  567.         Ura:    ((checking length of rope, gimme a sec))
  568.         Chloe:  If Chloe reaches the tree, she changes out of her snow boots for her running shoes. Then she begins to climb. Athletics.
  569.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine follows behind in the air.
  570. * Natasha flies up!
  571. * Jennifer Attaway does similar to Chloe, just without having running shoes to change into. Athletics.
  572.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn will probably be climbing along with the rope and the rest of them; Athletics 4d6+2 .
  573.         Chronicler:     When you reach the tree, you do not see any ladder or obvious way to ascend the tree. Except for what Chloe does.
  574. * Ura slides up the tree with the 120 ft of rope and attaches it somewhere secure before dropping it to the grounded party members.
  575.         Chronicler:     Give me an Acrobatics check to secure the rope.
  576.         Saturn Rosewell:        While climbing she's also supporting herself with her levitating, so that if she falls, she'll remain in place in the air for a while.
  577.         Ura:    Acro
  578. * Valerie Ylsef returns Targkon and Phyllis
  579.         Chronicler:     That rope is quite secure. And offers a quicker route up into the tree than scaling the side of the tree itself (although both saturn and chloe had made decent progress already).
  580. * Ülang shimmies up the tree via Wall climber.
  581.         Chronicler:     I think this is a good point to break.
  582. DNA:    I don't even get a description of the ledge!?
  584. * Valerie Ylsef climbs the rope. Ath
  585.         Chronicler:     I'll keep that check for later Trul.
  586.         Valerie Ylsef :         kk
  587.         Chronicler:     TXP: 4. PKMN XP: 55.
  588.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((soo close))
  589. Eclipse:        I think that puts us to 17.9...?
  590.         Chronicler:     iunno
  591. Eclipse:        ...yes it does!
  592.         Chronicler:     :3
  593.         Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~!
  594. Eclipse:        So very very close...
  595.         Valerie Ylsef :         18.33333333333333333333333333333333
  596. Avara:  *hugs*
  597. Trulhammaren is disconnected.
  598. Eclipse is disconnected.
  599. Chloe is disconnected.
  600. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  601. You have disconnected.
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