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  1. <i>v1.9.0.4</i>
  2. <li>Made slight modifications to the mod's graphical interface</li>
  3. <li>Fixed a game crash affecting some users on the newest game build (2215)</li>
  4. <li>Disabled mission fail prevention for "Fake Teleport" temporarily (cause of the issue mentioned above)</li>
  5. <li>More minor changes</li>
  7. <i>v1.9.0.3</i>
  8. <li>Fixed effect "Randomize Player Clothes" always choosing the same clothes</li>
  10. <i>v1.9.0.2</i>
  11. <li>Included a new sound which plays every time a new effect is activated! You can either change or disable the sound by replacing / removing the following file: chaosmod/sounds/global_effectdispatch.mp3</li>
  12. <li>Added meta effect "No Chaos"</li>
  13. <li>More Lua related improvements</li>
  14. <li>Changes for existing effects</li>
  16. <i>v1.9.0.1</i>
  17. <li>Fixed certain meta effects not working properly with Twitch integration</li>
  18. <li>Further improvements for Lua scripts</li>
  20. <i>v1.9</i>
  21. <li>Added ability to create your own effects in Lua! See <a href=>here</a> for more information.</li>
  22. <li>Added meta effects! These will modify the mod itself in various ways (like modifying the timer speed or activating multiple effects at once). Currently these will be active every 600 seconds by default, you can modify that (and other) values in the config utility.</li>
  23. <li>7 meta effects!</li>
  24. <li>Added 6 new effects</li>
  25. <li>Minor effect and stability related changes / fixes</li>
  27. <i>v1.8.2.3</i>
  28. <li>Added effect "High Pitch"</li>
  29. <li>"x0.2 Gamespeed" and "x0.5 Gamespeed" affect the game audio now</li>
  30. <li>"Minions" slightly increases the audio's pitch</li>
  31. <li>"Flying Cars" allows you to adjust your vehicle's pitch now</li>
  32. <li>Minor changes to "Need For Speed" and "Virtual Reality"</li>
  34. <i>v1.8.2.2</i>
  35. <li>Adjusted some effects to make crashes less likely under game-stressing scenarios</li>
  36. <li>Added crash dumps (making debugging crashes easier)</li>
  37. <li>Fixed clowns appearing without the visual effect and not despawning after "Killer Clowns" ends</li>
  39. <i>v1.8.2.1</i>
  40. <li>Fixed a crash when loading a savefile / starting a new game</li>
  41. <li>Fixed performance issues with "Insane Gravity" and "Invert Gravity"</li>
  42. <li>Made changes to "Brake Boosting"</li>
  43. <li>Made "Virtual Reality" and "Nailguns" short-timed by default</li>
  44. <li>Fixed "Fake Death" and "Suicide" causing the suicide animation to loop in rare occasions</li>
  46. <i>v1.8.2</i>
  47. <li>4 new effects</li>
  48. <li>Reintroduced change which fixes effect flickering, should fix issues users were experiencing before</li>
  50. <i>v1.8.1.2</i>
  51. <li>Reverted change preventing effects from causing flickering to fix an issue causing a consistent mod crash for some users</li>
  53. <i>v1.8.1.1</i>
  54. <li>Fixed issue with one of the newest effects causing a softlock</li>
  55. <li>Shortened "Turn Turtle" effect duration</li>
  57. <i>v1.8.1</i>
  58. <li>4 new effects</li>
  59. <li>Removed "Bullet Time"</li>
  60. <li>Effects will no longer cause flickering / any other weird behavior when certain other effects are active</li>
  61. <li>(Hopefully) fixed "Bus Bois" persistently causing a crash for some users</li>
  62. <li>Some effects will now respect game speed (if applicable)</li>
  63. <li>More minor changes to existing effects</li>
  65. <i>v1.8</i>
  66. <li>28 new effects! (all of them contributed by the community)</li>
  67. <li>Fixed "Insane Gravity" and "Invert Gravity" causing crashes on the newest Steam build</li>
  68. <li>(Hopefully) fixed "Set Everyone Into Random Vehicles" causing crashes</li>
  69. <li>"Lag" is slightly less annoying now</li>
  70. <li>Removed "Blind"</li>
  71. <li>Removed "Chop Vision"</li>
  72. <li>Renamed "Fog Of War" to "Gunsmoke"</li>
  73. <li>Adjusted "Mercenaries"</li>
  74. <li>Made "Fake Death" even more convincing</li>
  75. <li>Made "Hot Traffic" hotter</li>
  76. <li>More minor changes to effects</li>
  77. <li>Effects in the config utility are sorted in alphabetical order now</li>
  78. <li>Moved list of contributors to seperate file</li>
  79. <li>Included a new experimental utility for changing the looks of the OBS overlay</li>
  81. <i>v1.7.5.1</i>
  82. <li>Fixed "Vehicles Explode On Impact" not working on the newest (2060) game build</li>
  83. <li>Added more delays for "Set Everyone Into Random Vehicles", should hopefully prevent the mod / game from crashing by that effect</li>
  84. <li>Fixed "Deadly Aim" and "Simeon Says" causing infinite explosions if target is invincible</li>
  85. <li>Improved performance of "Beyblades"</li>
  87. <i>v1.7.5</i>
  88. <li>Added 6 new community-made effects</li>
  89. <li>"Fake Death" is more convincing now</li>
  90. <li>"Loose Trigger" now applies to everyone</li>
  91. <li>"Airstrike Inbound" doesn't clear the wanted level anymore</li>
  92. <li>Amplified "Heavy Recoil"</li>
  93. <li>"Mercenaries" spawns them closer to the player and ensures they fight the player quicker now</li>
  94. <li>"Help My W Key Is Stuck" blocks aiming</li>
  95. <li>"Deep Fried" also makes vehicle headlights much brighter now</li>
  96. <li>"Now This Is Some Tire Poppin'" is short timed by default now</li>
  98. <i>v1.7.4</i>
  99. <li>Added 6 new effects (all of them were made by one contributor!)</li>
  100. <li>"Explosive Bullets" and "Explosive Punches" are one effect now</li>
  101. <li>"Revive Dead Peds" also gives a random weapon to revived peds now</li>
  102. <li>Removed "No Weapon Switching" (in favor of a new effect)</li>
  103. <li>"Doomsday" is more chaotic but also just a short timed effect by default now</li>
  104. <li>"All Peds Are Cops" and "Peds Riot" will cancel each other out now</li>
  105. <li>The Epic Games version of the game crashing on "Spawn Random Companion / Enemy" has not been resolved yet in this version, please stand by</li>
  107. <i>v1.7.3</i>
  108. <li>2 new effects</li>
  109. <li>All peds will now get a weapon during "Peds Riot", resulting in a total mayhem</li>
  110. <li>Spawned vehicles will be more persistent now (the game may still despawn online vehicles after a few seconds, you can bypass that by installing a mod that patches that)</li>
  111. <li>"Explosive Peds / Zombies" are even more explosive now!</li>
  112. <li>Fixed "Explosive Zombies" occasionally still letting a wanted level slip through</li>
  113. <li>Renamed "Oil Leaks" to "Oil Trails"</li>
  115. <i>v1.7.2</i>
  116. <li>5 new effects! (all by one contributor)</li>
  117. <li>Made sure peds and objects spawned by mod gets cleaned up once too many exist</li>
  118. <li>Clearing / Toggling the mod will now remove all spawned enemies and companions too</li>
  119. <li>Fixed "Peds Are Brainless" not causing any more pedestrians on sidewalks to spawn</li>
  120. <li>Shotguns now shoot multiple guns if "Catto Guns" is active</li>
  121. <li>Increased time limit during "Need For Speed" from 6 to 10 seconds</li>
  122. <li>Fixed player not ragdolling when in a vehicle during "Player Ragdolls When Shot"</li>
  123. <li>"Portal Guns" will now also set peds into vehicles they shot at</li>
  124. <li>Fixed "Spawn Random Companion / Enemy" not spawning anything in FiveM SP; it can now use ANY ped model</li>
  126. <i>v1.7.1.1</i>
  127. <li>Fixed "Spawn Impotent Rage" causing the mod to freeze in FiveM SP / older game builds (due to it trying to load a non-existing audio bank)</li>
  128. <li>Improvements to "Explosive Bullets"</li>
  130. <i>v1.7.1</i>
  131. <li>Added effects menu option (consult the effects_menu_readme.txt in the chaosmod folder)</li>
  132. <li>Added shortcut option to pause the timer</li>
  133. <li>Fixed occasional crash caused by "Vehicles Explode On Impact"</li>
  134. <li>Greatly improved "Autopilot" AI, it can even finish missions almost entirely by itself now in some cases!</li>
  135. <li>Added some more checks to "Add Random Upgrades To Every Vehicle", should hopefully fix crashes experienced by some users</li>
  136. <li>"Add Random Upgrades To Every Vehicle" also applies random wheel types too</li>
  137. <li>Fixed "Portal Guns" and "Explosive Bullets" only working on close distance</li>
  138. <li>"Pwned" is short timed by default now</li>
  139. <li>"Launch All Nearby Peds Up" also affects peds inside vehicles</li>
  140. <li>Made "Total Votes" text in the Twitch Voting OBS overlay more visible (as suggested by some users)</li>
  142. <i>v1.7.0.1</i>
  143. <li>Compatibility with FiveM SP (and probably the Epic Games Store version of the game too)!</li>
  144. <li>Fixed not being able to rename effects properly</li>
  145. <li>Renamed some effects</li>
  146. <li>Changed how the "Lag" effect works: instead of slowing down time occasionally, it constantly resets everyones' position to their previous one!</li>
  147. <li>Fixed "Add Random / Max Upgrades To Every Vehicle" causing an crash at certain times, also applies even more upgrades now</li>
  149. <i>v1.7</i>
  150. <li>2 new effects</li>
  151. <li>Changes to existing effects (see <a href="">here</a>)
  152. <li>Twitch Voting:</li>
  153. <li>Added new OBS overlay option</li>
  154. <li>Added "Random Effect" voteable option</li>
  155. <li>Removed no vote round options</li>
  157. <i>v1.6.1</i>
  158. <li>A <b>LOT</b> of effect changes (list of effects that were either changed, removed or merged can be seen <a href="">here</a>)</li>
  159. <li>3 new effects</li>
  160. <li>Fixed potential issue where some effects weren't able to be given a custom name (hopefully)</li>
  162. <i>v1.6.0.1</i>
  163. <li>Fixed custom sounds only playing the first time an effect occurs</li>
  164. <li>Fixed some typos (thanks to juhana)</li>
  166. <i>v1.6</i>
  167. <li>6 new effects!</li>
  168. <li>Changes to existing effects (see <a href="">here</a>)</li>
  169. <li>Added negative weighting to effects; recent effects will have a much lower chance to appear multiple times in a row</li>
  170. <li>Added option to rename effects</li>
  171. <li>Added ability to play a custom mp3 file when a specific effect starts</li>
  172. <li> Users are now permitted to change their existing vote in Twitch chat voting</li>
  173. <li>Added experimental option for Twitch votes to affect chances of effects instead of choosing effect directly</li>
  174. <li>Added notice to config utility if an update is available</li>
  175. <li>Removed .twitchmode file requirement to access Twitch tab in config utility</li>
  177. <i>v1.5.1.1</i>
  178. <li>Fixed "Suicide" being the only effect occuring if effects.ini wasn't generated</i>
  180. <i>v1.5.1</i>
  181. <li>5 new effects!</li>
  182. <li>Reworked config system. <b>This will reset your Twitch settings, however all other settings are unaffected.</b></li>
  183. <li>Ability to reload your config in-game (CTRL + L to unload / load the mod, ensure the option for that is enabled in the config utility)</li>
  184. <li>Changes to existing effects (see <a href="">here</a>)</li>
  185. <li>Option to exclude specific effects from ever being a choice in voting (they can still be chosen randomly by the mod itself though)</li>
  186. <li>A new splash text containing the names of all the contributors!</li>
  187. <li>The mod should start up even without any config files being generated now</li>
  188. <li>Resetting your config in the config utility will now exclude your twitch settings unless specified</li>
  189. <li>A new tab in the config utility containing links to the GitHub Repository and a place to donate</li>
  190. <li>The voting system will now create a "currentvoteables.txt" file in your chaosmod folder containing the current voteable effects which can be used to show them through an OBS overlay</li>
  192. <i>v1.5</i>
  193. <li>Around 20 new effects!</li>
  194. <li>Voting rounds for twitch chat integration use alternated numbers now (either 1,2,3 or 4,5,6)</li>
  195. <li>Several changes to existing effects (see <a href="">here</a> for a detailed list)</li>
  197. <i>v1.4.4</i>
  198. <li>Removed some of the more harmless effects</li>
  199. <li>Added 6 new effects (including ones contributed by the community!)</li>
  200. <li>Fixed on-screen voteables text also showing up on no-vote rounds</li>
  202. <i>v1.4.3</i>
  203. <li>(Twitch Mode) Added option to show voteable effects on screen</li>
  204. <li>Moved effect text + effect timer bar more to the right</li>
  205. <li>Fixed spawn blue sultan effect not using the proper sultan variant</li>
  206. <li>Fixed brainless peds effect causing the player's ped to freeze occasionally</li>
  208. <i>v1.4.2</i>
  209. <li>Added ability to have timed effects permanently on</li>
  210. <li>2 new effects</li>
  211. <li>Workaround for screen effects to not get overriden / removed by game</li>
  212. <li>Fixed poll mode mod effect duration restrictions also applying to normal chat voting mode</li>
  213. <li>Config app now shows the current mod version</li>
  214. <li>Fixes and changes to existing effects</li>
  216. <i>v1.4.1</i>
  217. <li>Experimental Twitch Poll voting integration (has certain restrictions, consult <i>chaosmod/twitch_integration.txt</i>)</li>
  218. <li>17 new effects</li>
  219. <li>(Reuploaded) Fixes to teleport everything to player and spawn extreme griefer jesus effects</li>
  221. <i>v1.4</i>
  222. <li>Twitch voting integration! Make sure to read <i>chaosmod/twitch_integration.txt</i> for more information.</li>
  223. <li>2 new effects</li>
  224. <li>Fixed lag effect causing a softlock on mission fail</li>
  225. <li>Reduced amount of stutter in pause menu which occurred for some users</li>
  226. <li>Effects with higher / lower weight should occur more / less often now</li>
  227. <li>First Person and Cinematic Cam effects will put you back into normal view afterwards</li>
  228. <li>And more changes to effects!</li>
  230. <i>v1.3.3</i>
  231. <li>8 new effects (including suggested ones)</li>
  232. <li>Added option to enable a keyboard shortcut to enable/disable the mod quickly</li>
  233. <li>New random engine (effects shouldn't get as repeatedly activated anymore)</li>
  234. <li>More changes to existing effects based on feedback</li>
  235. <li>Config files will not be shipped anymore to stop users from overriding their existing ones for no reason. Run the config utility once if you installed the mod for the first time!</li>
  237. <i>v1.3.2</i>
  238. <li>Added ability to change duration (normal, short or custom) and "weight" (decreases / increases their chance of occuring) of effects (customizable <i>per</i> effect)</li>
  239. <li>Added option to clear active effects with a keyboard shortcut</li>
  240. <li>Added option to prevent same effect from happening twice in a row</li>
  241. <li>Added option to hide either timer bar or effect texts (or both)</li>
  242. <li>Changed behavior of some effects based on feedback</li>
  244. <i>v1.3.1</i>
  245. <li>Fixed crashes when an effect affecting all vehicles / objects runs but no vehicles / objects exist (might fix crashing on prologue)</li>
  246. <li>Fixed "Player Ragdolls When Shot" effect causing big fps drops when running</li>
  247. <li>Increased frequency and intensity of "Jumpy Vehicles" effect</li>
  249. <i>v1.3</i>
  250. <li>New config format. <b>No backwards compatibility, so make sure to regenerate your config files!</b></li>
  251. <li>30 new unique effects!</li>
  252. <li>Changed default timer values (New effects: 60s -> 30s, Timed Effects: 180s -> 90s, Short Timed Effects: 15s -> 30s)</li>
  253. <li>Fixed effect timers showing as empty for a brief moment on new effect</li>
  254. <li>More bug fixes and behavior changes of effects (Check out the commits for more information!)</li>
  255. <li>No chat voting integration yet in this build, will probably come as its own build</li>
  257. <i>v1.2.1</i>
  258. <li>More hotfixes!</li>
  259. <li>Extended entity pools to 1024 to prevent entities from being skipped</li>
  260. <li>Fixed zombie and meteor shower effects spawning an endless amount of entities (and causing a game crash!)</li>
  262. <i>v1.2</i>
  263. <i>Mostly just a bugfixing update</i>
  264. <li>10 new effects</li>
  265. <li>Changes on existing effects based on feedback</li>
  266. <li>🐛 Fixes!</li>
  268. <i>v1.1</i>
  269. <li>20+ new effects!</li>
  270. <li>Ability to configure timer bar, text and timed effect timer bar colors to your liking!</li>
  271. <li>Ability to configure duration for short timed effects</li>
  272. <li>Added a reset button to configuration utility</li>
  273. <li>Minor visual changes to configuration utility</li>
  274. <li>Changes to some existing effects based on suggestions</li>
  275. <li>Other minor changes</li>
  277. <i>v1.0</i>
  278. <li>Not a beta anymore!</li>
  279. <li>Added the ability to toggle effects individually</li>
  280. <li>Fixed timed effect duration setting not working</li>
  281. <li>Fixed a specific effect crashing the game due to improper configuration</li>
  282. <li>Fixed timed effects not stopping properly if cancelled by another timed effect</li>
  283. <li>Config files are now being shipped by default</li>
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