The Amulet of Graveeda 2

Feb 25th, 2013
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  1. Daring Doo and the Amulet of Graveeda
  2. Part 2
  4. This is a shameless Fetish Story, leave now if you don't want that
  6. Contains: Pregnancy, belly expansion
  8. Wanna skip all my silly buildup and get right to the preg-play?
  9. Hit control+f and type 'Get on with it!'
  10. Don't blame me if you miss out on context though.
  12. Daring groaned lovingly, she felt absolutely wonderful. Not exactly sure why she did, but it didn't mean she couldn't take some joy in this inexplicable goodness. She yawned shortly thereafter, stretching her limbs around her mammoth gut, letting her legs gently caress its sides as her hooves softly stroked it. She moaned softly as she opened her eyes to her gorgeously gravid girth. Slowly the haze of her sleep disappeared and her senses returned, that was when the sight of her body made her recoil sharply.
  14. “Wha... what!?” The memory of last night slowly returned. “no... oh no, this is bad.” She slapped her hooves over her eyes. “Bad, bad, bad.”
  16. Slowly she lifted her hooves up, her eyes gradually taking in her profound stomach once again. It almost seemed unreal to her, as she watched her gut slowly rise and fall with her slightly labored breathing. The warmth of its immense mass washing over her, slowly bathing her in its radiance. She gently prodded it, feeling the disturbance of her gut moving created a wonderful tickle deep within. As she slowly retracted her curious touch something within struck her prodigious problem, gently shaking it about as a familiar feeling exploded through her gut. Her belly moved rhythmically to her quickened breathing as she moaned from the sudden burst of activity.
  18. As she slowly recovered Daring was almost at a loss for words. This situation didn't make any sense to her, at the very least she understood she was pregnant somehow, but being pregnant wasn't supposed to feel like this. At least she thought it wasn't supposed to, she hadn't exactly ever planned on having kids before. This just reeked of magic, or a curse, or-
  20. Daring quickly slapped an annoyed look on her face as she remembered the shock from the amulet, “Oh of course the ancient relic is cursed! It's always cursed!” She sighed deeply as the situation seemed to set in, noticing the rising sun peeking in from the kitchen window. “Well, I guess its time to do some research. I'm probably gonna have to return it to its rightful owner or something before it makes me have this kid or something.”
  22. Daring almost felt bad about referring to the life in her as something annoying, at least she believed it was actually alive and not some kind of weird illusion. Thinking on it a little more she realized becoming pregnant hadn't been the worst thing to ever happen to her. Either way she had to dismiss it, there were things that needed to be done. She slowly got off the floor, needing to make use of some wing power to lift herself over her gut. Luckily she seemed to only have one foal on the way, although it seemed to be a rather big one, yet no matter how big it may be she could at least still walk.
  24. As she began to move she took note of a smell she didn't care for, “Maybe research can wait till after a shower.”
  26. Daring then started to trot slowly to the bathroom, taking her time to get used to the new weight firmly placed between her legs. She did her best to ignore the feelings coursing through her, as every stride caused her legs to brush up against its side and the child within rolled her stomach about as it tried to return to a more comfortable position. If trying to walk was filled with this much distraction Daring Doo knew this was going to be a long day.
  28. ()()()()()
  30. “We've been to almost all the prior candidate's households already, there's no sign they had a delayed reaction to the amulet and we don't have enough time to go checking every mare in town.”
  32. The senior member sighed deeply, “The amulet doesn't act spontaneously. It's power was already almost drained and this boon from the awakening of the current godmother will not last. The curse will not be suppressed long.”
  34. Another member of the small group who had yet to speak did so, “Sir, what if the godmother isn't a candidate?”
  36. “What are you suggesting?”
  38. “What if the godmother was an outsider, somepony who doesn't live here? The amulet is almost always on display, it could have been touched or brushed against by a careless individual.”
  40. “Perhaps... alright, I want the city locked down. Lie if you have to but no tourist is leaving today, not until we find the godmother. Somepony get me Showcase, she's been giving tours for the last month.” One of the young initiates saluted and disappeared from his sight, “Quick Fix.”
  42. The pony who had spoken earlier stood at attention.
  44. “Start sending teams to visit families that have signed for well wishes in the godmother book, but please be discreet. We're not trying to open old wounds, you just need to find a mare who's happy to have her foal's back. It shouldn't be a hard thing to spot.”
  46. ()()()()()
  48. Daring quietly poked her head out around the alley's corner again, she had been cautious to not be seen. She didn't really want to be seen so suddenly heavy with foal, although she had to admit to herself who was going to know? It wasn't like she was well known around here, she probably could've gotten away with walking down the street without much of a fuss. Instead she opted to be careful, staying to alleyways and rooftops, although flying was already becoming a chore. She could barely manage the small distance between two buildings, much less flying across a street if need be. Daring really hoped that the answer to her problems wasn't going to require much use of her woefully sore wings.
  50. She poked her head out once again, wondering where that librarian was. It was still relatively early in the morning, but well past the time she was supposed to open. Then she heard whistled coming from down the street. Daring almost ducked back into hiding until she noticed who it was. The librarian, the sad sulking mess of a pony, was jaunting down the street whistling cranky doodle donkey. She was even wearing a brightly colored dress, although it was a little loose around her waist.
  52. “What the...” Daring just stood there dumbfounded as the front half of her body stood out clearly from the alley, it didn't take long for the librarian to notice her.
  54. “Oh, hello. Waiting on me? Sorry but I just had to pick out a dress today, to mark the happy occasion.”
  56. “But yesterday-”
  58. “Oh phooey, yesterday is yesterday, now come on in.” The librarian entered her business quickly and left Daring to follow.
  60. Which she did, after making sure that the eerily empty streets had stayed that way. Not even a passing tourist amongst all the locked doors and shutter closed windows. Going inside the library almost seemed like a sanctuary to all the dreary atmosphere that waited outside. Over the threshold, and doing her best to hide her gut, Daring noticed the librarian was still checking files behind her desk. Lucky, considering the librarian was probably the only pony who would remember that she wasn't pregnant the day before. It was her chance to close the distance between them so she could keep her gut out of sight on the other side of her desk.
  62. Finally at a range close enough to not rouse suspicion at her unseen cargo Daring spoke up, “So, any books on that subject I brought up yesterday.”
  64. She looked up from her work, magic gently wrapped around a pencil that tapped thoughtfully against her chin. “Well I gave it some thought last night, and you might be able to find something out about the amulet in an old history book. In the encyclopedias about obscure equestrian history, over in that room there.” She pointed to a doorway close by, and thankfully at such an angle that Daring wouldn't need worry about being spotted as she perused the books.
  66. “Alright thanks.”
  68. She waited for a minute for the librarian to return to her work and started walking toward the room mentioned when a kick suddenly rocked her gut. She managed to suppress any noises she may have made, but instead heard giggling. She looked toward the librarian, who was blushing and apparently didn't realize Daring was still there. She started moving again before anything else weird could happen, but the kid kicked again. The feelings were maddening, but Daring was distracted again by another loud chuckle from the mare behind the desk.
  70. This time the librarian seemed to realize she was being stared at, and carefully cleared her throat before turning away from Daring in her chair. Daring kept an eye out as she continued onto her destination, and witnessed the librarian looking downward. She seemed to be mumbling at something, but couldn't tell what; the desk just as good a screen for her as it was for Daring. She just pushed it out of her mind, she had to find the answer to all her problems not wonder why some librarian liked to talk to herself.
  72. ()()()()()
  74. Daring had been looking through volumes of dry textbooks for the last hour, and had just only found something that might help. A small section with a heading 'the amulet of Graveeda' which detailed a rather small and uninformative account of a relic held sacred by certain sect of pony's who lived within Prodigal Point. Daring Doo felt like she had hit a dead end, then she noticed a small footnote at the end of the article.
  76. “For deeper insight consult The Founding of Prodigal Point in volume twelve of obscure Equestrian history.”
  78. She groaned at reading that. Apparently this back room hadn't been tended to in a long time, and the volume mentioned had been left up rather high on the bookshelves there. There was a stepladder, but she couldn't really use it thanks too a certain package lodged in her belly. There were no other leads though, and despite the soreness in her wings she devised a plan. She could try and fly while using the step ladder as a kind of guide rail, kinda like flight camp when she was a filly.
  80. Up she went, slowly flapping higher as her wings protested every struggled beat she asked of them. It didn't take long thankfully, but the final stretch was going to require her to fly solo. She swallowed her fear, and took the final length toward the book. It was in her grasp quickly, but for a split second one of her wings stopped working and she collided into the book case. In a span of luck she managed to correct herself just before she landed, but not before the disturbed stepladder fell over in a loud boom that echoed through the deserted library alongside a small avalanche of books.
  82. Daring wasn't exactly unconscious, but rather befuddled from the commotion. She knew she was on her back, and looked to see that her belly was covered by a thin layer of books. The first thing she wondered was if it was hurt, but a curious wiggle and kick reminded her otherwise. She actually sighed in relief, the thought of it being harmed bringing an unwanted fear to her mind.
  84. “Are you alright in there?”
  86. Uh oh, she thought to herself. “No, I’m fine just some books fell over that's all.”
  88. “Oh, well I can help with that.”
  90. “No-no, its fine really I just-” She tried to sit up, but her overly large belly seemed to be getting in her way.
  92. “Oh dear.”
  94. Daring Doo froze, the librarian was standing at the entrance. Thankfully there was still a thin layer of books over her belly, however her gut was so large that it looked like she was covered up to her chest in a small mountain of books. She didn't really know what to say as the librarian trotted over in a hurry, all Daring could really do was lay back and wait for the inevitable.
  96. “Oh you poor dear let... me... help-”
  98. Daring Doo wasn't looking, but she was pretty sure the lack of speech was followed by a jaw that dropped to the floor. When she did look to make sure the mare hadn't passed out she saw the librarian easing herself down to the floor to sit, as she seemed unable to take her eyes off Daring's apparently awe inspiring size. Daring didn't really know what to do. How many times had she had to explain away a sudden pregnancy before?
  100. “It's you.”
  102. “What?” The amount of wonder in the librarian's voice was peculiar at best.
  104. “I didn't even think you were real, but here you are.”
  106. Daring Doo watched as the librarian tried to hide her emotion behind one of her hooves, the other drifting down to rest on her own stomach. She barely hid a smile as tears seemed to well up slightly in her eyes.
  108. “Thank you, thank you so much.”
  110. “Thanks?” Daring Doo didn't know how to take that, and neither did the librarian seem to be able to understand her reaction. “Thanks for what?” She did her best to pull herself out of the book pile, which went easier thanks to the librarian's magic.
  112. “But you're... you're the godmother right. You saved my child.”
  114. “Whoa whoa, back up.” Daring barely managed to sit herself upright. “I don't even know what a godmother is, and how would I save anypony with this watermelon dragging me down?”
  116. “You don't even know what you are, do you?”
  118. “Yeah, I do! I'm Daring Doo, I'm not from around here, and I don't have time to talk in circles!” She tried to get up but found herself grounded, as a pulled muscle in her back made flapping her wings nearly impossible. She dragged her hooves over her face in a prolonged groan, “Why is this happening to me?”
  120. The librarian spoke up after a long silence, “I might know.”
  122. Daring just shifted about, trying to get comfortable. “Well?” She said after a prolonged pause.
  124. “My mother told me a story when I was younger, I always thought it was a fairytale, but it was about a curse that would steal away foals from a mother's womb before they were born.” Daring noticed the librarian was undoing buttons on her dress while she remained seated. “Yet there was a mare who watched over them all, protected them from it, shared in the mother's progeny as it still grew within them to protect it from the curse.” With the last button undone she opened the front of her dress, and this time Daring was the one who felt her jaw drop. “I just didn't know you could bring them back too.”
  126. Before her was a librarian, gut slightly swollen to the size of a large grapefruit. Nowhere near the size of her own belly, but seeing it nevertheless had Daring in a daze. A million questions flew through Daring's head. The one that seemed to ring loudest sprang forth first.
  128. “I didn't bring your kid back, how would I do that to begin with? What would even make you think that-”
  130. Daring's slight panic attack was cut short as the librarian leaned forward and gently rubbed her belly, she wasn't exactly sure what she meant by that. A feeling of warmth welled up in her gut, and tempted her to be rather indecent but she managed hold her urges in check. Suddenly the librarian leaned forward and gently kissed Daring's stomach near were her hoof had been stroking, and her stomach's warmth seemed to magnify even more. She couldn't hold back a slight moan as a tingle spread across her girth, her eyes unbelieving as a slight shimmer echoed the feeling. Her gut began to radiate with a warm glow alongside a soft throbbing sensation, one identical reciprocated itself in the librarian's own womb. It continued to do so as Daring watched a slight kick rock their wombs together, a single disturbance both simultaneous and mirrored on the same location on both their paunches.
  132. The librarian spoke up past Daring's awe as the glow began to fade. “My mother also said that rubbing the godmother's belly brings good luck.”
  134. “But how did you know?”
  136. “Sometimes mother's just know.” The librarian said back through a blush as she cradled her womb in her hooves.
  138. “Oh boy... This is weird, this is just too weird for me.” If Daring hadn't left home without her hat it would be pulled over her face by now.
  140. “No, its alright. Nopony around here will think differently of you, belief in the godmother is common-”
  142. “No, I can't do this, I can't be your fertility goddess. I have a life of my own, dreams, all that other stuff. I'm not ready to put down roots and become some big ball of unborn foal!”
  144. “Please, you don't understand, you haven't seen the pain that's here. I didn't believe my friends until I saw them, and I still thought it was a hoax until it happened to me.” Her eyes betrayed the emotion she felt, as she pleaded to her. “You can fix it all, give them back what the curse has taken, just understand.”
  146. Daring Doo wasn't going to listen, this was all crazy. She never even wanted kids in the first place, how was she expected to carry around an entire town's expected foal generation in her stomach!?
  147. The panic seemed to rise like a tidal wave in her mind, threatening to bear down and destroy everything. It was then that a voice soft and pure entered her mind, and it spoke a single word.
  149. See.
  151. A strange force rushed through her mind, and the world disappeared in a flash of light.
  153. ()()()()()
  155. Daring Doo felt strange, her legs seemed to be moving on their own. Stranger still her wings were gone, and as the world faded into focus she couldn't help but feel like something was protruding from her skull. Something else began to pester at her, like a sickness, a strange nausea that was constricting her gut. She barged her way into a room that looked like a bathroom, which was appropriate considering how she felt. It wasn't until her body looked in the mirror that she realized who she was.
  157. The librarian? Daring thought to herself. The pain in her gut seemed to increase, which both she and the body she inhabited seemed to feel, a realization struck her.
  159. It was too late as the pain drove the librarian to the floor, her gut a firestorm of glass. She lay on her back as black smoke seemed to ooze out of her stomach, its size slowly fading alongside a bone-chilling coldness.
  161. “No,” The pain in the Librarian's voice was hard to listen to, “please, no!”
  163. The pain in her stomach increased dramatically as something invisible seemed to constrict it, the black smoke pouring out of her mouth in a fit of unbearable coughing. In an instant it then seemed over, the librarian only lay there, weak and tired from the strange event. Then daring could feel something, a strange... emptiness in her gut.
  165. When the librarian began to look down Daring could feel the tears well up in her eyes.
  167. “No... no.” she chanted as her gaze slowly looked upon what she feared.
  169. When her eyes finally fell upon her flattened stomach, no sign or trace of the life that was once within it, she let loose a pain filled cry so loud that had Daring not been a witness to it she may have believed somepony was killing her. Yet the curse had done something so much worse, and Daring couldn't bear it, she couldn't bear knowing this was even possible. She wanted out, she wanted to go back to her own body. She couldn't just stand here and listen to this, it was all just too much. She demanded to go back, now.
  171. At her command another wave of that energy pulsed through her mind and the world went white once more.
  173. ()()()()()
  175. The world came back in a rush, Daring breathing hard as the horrors slowly left her. As she finally registered that she was back in her own body, she found herself looking down at the warm girth between her legs. Never before so happy so see it and feel its warmth, she gave it a loving stroke and relished the feeling of the life within kicking back at her worried prodding. When Daring looked back at the librarian she seemed to be at a far more respectful distance, seemingly in awe of something she had just seen.
  177. Daring snapped her out of it, “What happened, how long was I out?”
  179. “Only a few minutes, but your eyes...” She seemed absolutely dumbstruck again as she recalled it. “I've never seen a pegasus' eyes do that before. I didn't hurt you did I?”
  181. “No, you didn't.” Her mind traveled back to what she had seen, the screams she couldn't forget. “I'm sorry about what happened.”
  183. Either Daring hid her pain badly, or the librarian could hear it in her voice. “Oh no, you saw-”
  185. “I felt it.” Daring wasn't the type to cry, but the memory of that thing crawling through her gut, doing something unspeakable. It left her voice hitched and her body shaking.
  187. The librarian trotted over to Daring and sat down next to her, “It's alright, see?” She gently picked up one of Daring's hooves and let it rest upon her less gravid belly. “You brought him back, and now he'll never be taken away.”
  189. Daring smiled as she felt the life jumping within them both. Even if she didn't know how she had done it, the fact that she had undone such a horrible thing left her in a moment of pride. Maybe being the godmother wasn't such a bad thing, but she still wasn't quite sure.
  191. The librarian seemed to sense her slight change of heart however, “So you think you could help my friends out? Help us all out?”
  193. Daring Doo couldn't look her in the eye, even though she wanted to help it was a tall order for what she was asking. “I don't know, I want to, believe me. I'm just not sure how I’d fit em all in here.” She said alongside a casual tap on her rather large stomach.
  195. “Well you already have a few in there don't you? Surely you can fit a few more? At least until we figure out what you have to do to deal with the curse.”
  197. “Actually, this is just yours.”
  199. The librarian stared blankly at Daring. “Heheh, you're kidding right?” The unchanging expression from Daring Doo left her befuddled. “Are you sure that melon you have in there is just mine?”
  201. Daring just shrugged, she wasn't sure how she knew but, “yeah I'm sure.”
  203. The librarian's face seemed to fall apart as her jaw dropped, “I'm going to get that big? I'm not going to have anything to wear! Oh, my mother was right about Clydesdale foals!”
  205. Daring Doo couldn't help but laugh. Sadly her revelry was cut short as the duo heard the sound of the front door being forcibly swung open in a loud crash.
  207. “Misses Quill, we need to speak with you!” A rather loud authoritative voice shouted through the space.
  209. Daring knew the sound of unfriendly voices and caught 'Misses Quill' before she got up to leave. “Wait a minute, your dress.”
  211. “Oh.” She quickly began refitting the buttons.
  213. The booming voice from before spoke up again, “Now Misses Quill, the matter is urgent!”
  215. “One minute, you're overtly loud entry knocked over some books I was sorting!” Misses Quill quickly returned her attention to Daring, “I have no idea who these ponies are, there's a backdoor over in that corner just in case.”
  217. Daring followed where she pointed, and could barely make it out in the darkness of the backroom they were within. “Wait, I don't hear the words 'just in case' unless-”
  219. “You're far more important than I am,” Quill quickly heaved Daring off her plot and onto her feet. “Now just go.”
  221. “When I said now I meant n-”
  223. Quill cut off the loud barker, “Oh hush up I'm coming!”
  225. Daring began slinking off toward the door, lucky that the way out to the main foyer was the only way in besides this back door mentioned to her. As she got close to it she couldn't help but stop, she didn't want anything bad to happen to the pony she had only recently got to know. There had been an argument, but it wasn't until she started to listen that she made anything out.
  227. “I'm afraid I've never heard of your order and if you're not here to read or learn I’m going to have to ask you to leave. I'll not have you incessant bullying in my librar-HEY!”
  229. Daring could hear the sound of buttons clattering against the floor.
  231. “What is wrong with you, this is not the way to treat a lady!”
  233. “Your husband wrote within the godmother's book that the order was to wish well for your lost foal yesterday, and yet here you are heavy with one.”
  235. “Well surely he was mistaken, I'm sure he just... overheard me wrong at dinner. Overreacted.”
  237. “Mistaken about losing a foal? Are you saying your husband lied to the order? A capital offense that is. So is lying to me!”
  239. “Wha-what is that?”
  241. Daring had enough, but she didn't know what she could do. How was she supposed to fight with a full-term foal in her?
  243. “Just a trinket that's going to tell me that you're lying. Oh, yes just look at that. Magical residue all over your womb, and not just any residue. Godmother residue.”
  245. “Well... that doesn't prove anything. Just means she's back, I’m sure you're going to find a lot of happy couple's wandering the streets today.”
  247. “I might believe that, but you also have some on your hooves.”
  249. “Oh, You see I-”
  251. “It's also on your dress, and on your mouth. That mean's you had some very close contact with her, and recently. Now where is she!”
  253. Daring heard the sound of a mare grunting in pain.
  255. “Hey, Brash, maybe you should back off a lit-”
  257. “Shutup Buckwheat, Quick Fix put me in charge of this, and when I find the Godmother we're gonna hold her back until we get what we deserve! Max, check that room she came out of.”
  259. Crap, was about all Daring Doo could think to herself as a stallion stood in the doorway to the foyer. Opening the door know would just let in a flood of light and let them know she was there, but then again perhaps that was something she wanted, it would take the heat off Quill. Suddenly she noticed the stallion in the doorway brandishing a strange silver coin in a field of magic, it gave off a strange light all its own however. When it passed over Daring she felt strange, the warmth in her belly increasing to a point rather familiar. As the tingle began to spread across its surface she realized what was happening.
  261. A soft glow began to emanate in the dark.
  263. “She's here!”
  265. She wasted no more time, disappearing out into the old alleyway.
  267. “Out of the way she's mine!”
  269. Daring knew which voice that was. If she wasn't in her rather unique situation, she'd be ready to do a number on him, as it stood however she had to run as best she could. The sound of the back door begin smashed open wasn't a good sign as to her progress. She debated stopping and trying to fight anyway, the weight of her cargo already starting to tire her out, but she didn't want anything to happen to it. She had no way of knowing what would happen to Quill's foal if it was hurt in her own womb. She just couldn't risk that.
  271. “Heheh, that's right. You know you can't run.”
  273. She hated admitting it, but she began to slow down. Already out of breath, even though every fiber of her being still ached for her to run or fight.
  275. “Oh hoho, just look at you!” Daring finally met 'Brash', an earth pony, large for one his age, wearing some kind of robe that was probably a uniform of whatever order he was a part of. “If you weren't so important and heavy with a foal I might just do some things to you.”
  277. She could already tell he had a sparkling personality.
  279. “Nice lookin' little meal ticket you are. Oh yeah, Quick Fix is gonna have to pay up big time. You see he put me out looking for you, something of a little no-no in the order. Too long of a story to say why, but the headmaster would skin him alive if he found out I was given permission to help find our sacred little goddess in training.” He chuckled to himself. “It's kind of a hush-hush deal until we have her safe and sound back at the palace.”
  281. Daring Doo would of given him a piece of her mind about what he could do with his motor mouth, but her gut began to feel weird and not in a good way. She started to worry about Quill, the thought of this idiot hurting her or that unborn foal made her want to give him a taste of her cast iron horseshoes.
  283. “I'm gonna have so many bits in my pocket outta this little deal, gonna get me some fine ladies to follow me around.” He circled around to her backside. “Maybe even find one with a plot as nice as yours.”
  285. Yeah because money equals tail, dumbass. After completing her thought she doubled over, a strange rather unpleasant sensation rocking her gut about as she rolled over onto her back.
  287. “What did you do to Quill?” She barely managed to ask before the feeling began increasing in intensity.
  289. “That dingy librarian? I just knocked the wind outta her a little bit, now get off your back I gotta take you someplace more private before anypony else turns up here looking for you.”
  291. Daring couldn't answer him, she couldn't even answer her rage over hearing him say he knocked the wind out of a pregnant pony. Instead all she could do was groan as her stomach felt woefully sick.
  293. “Whoa, slow down there, what's going on?”
  295. She wasn't sure if he expected her to answer. It felt like her gut was being compressed, but not painfully so. Her breathing seemed quickened as she felt the warmth of her paunch slowly degrade, she looked down and saw that with every exhale her gut was shrinking.
  297. “No. No, no!” She didn't want to believe what she was seeing, she didn't want to believe what it meant.
  299. “Hey, hey stop doing that. They ain't gonna believe I have the Godmother if you don't have a nice big foal in ya, now grow it back now!”
  301. Daring couldn't hear him, not over the anguish in her mind, and certainly not over the white hot rage she had building up alongside it. She looked up at him, that big stupid slack-jawed face positioned perfectly behind her back legs. If there was such a thing as karma, it just delivered her the ultimate meal ticket. She pulled her rear legs close, and then bucked with everything she had. Even if she was on her back Daring knew that kick was enough to knock him senseless, the teeth flying overhead during his backwards flight was just an added bonus.
  303. “Holy crap!”
  305. Daring could see one of Brash's goons, probably Max the unicorn from earlier standing down the alleyway near the library. Even though she wanted to give him a piece of her mind too, Daring knew that you never took a unicorn on in a straight up fight. Even the inexperienced ones had a trick or two up their sleeves usually. So all she could do was get off her back and test her wings, still sore but more than capable of carrying her lessened weight far away. Without a second thought she took to the sky, aiming for distance instead of height as she graced her way past the tops of buildings.
  307. As the adrenaline started to wear off she couldn't help but think back to what happened. She didn't know much about being the godmother, but spontaneously losing your cargo like that probably wasn't a good sign. She debated circling around back to library, at least to try and check up on Quill. She almost committed to the idea, when suddenly her gut acted up.
  309. It was getting warm, really warm, and it was rumbling something fierce. She had to land, and did so in an alleyway many blocks away from where she had been attacked. When her hooves hit the ground the warmth in her gut seemed to start spreading out farther, and a strong rumble shook her gut about in a big way, as she felt something inside her weigh down her stomach slightly.
  311. Daring felt vulnerable out in the alley, and simply chose the nearest doorway out of necessity. She would be lying to herself if she said she didn't feel good at that moment, and she would be lying twice if said she wasn't particularly happy to feel these sensations returning.
  313. ()()(GET ON WITH IT!)()()
  315. The room was dark, but not so much that she couldn't see. The sensations from her gut demanded that she find a place to safely plant her plot, and lucky enough this seemed to be an under-tended kitchen. A place of potential privacy where nopony would find her. So she made no fuss about it and sat against the tile floor with a cupboard propping up her back. The floor was cold, but she was radiating so much heat the entire space was already starting to feel cozy to her.
  317. Daring tried to think while she still had time. What did this mean? Was she about to start carrying a different foal? It didn't make sense for it to be spontaneous, it had to have some sort of trigger. That was when she remembered the shock, from when she touched Quill. That had to be it, and if she hadn't touched another mare then that meant-
  319. She moaned as her gut began to rumble, the warmth bloomed alongside her labored breathing. Each intake gave her eyes a new sight to see as her belly grew, a weight within slowly becoming more prominent as its distinct shape began to be seen again. She cooed softly as she cupped it gingerly in one of her hooves, just feeling it grow and push against her arm as she carefully joined the ghostly hooves that had already returned to join in on the lovely belly rub. A great kick from deep within caused a moment of joy alongside a flush of gravid goodness as she felt her stomach rock about.
  321. It was Quill's, she didn't know how she knew, but it didn't matter to her. She simply relaxed and let the ghostly hooves do their work as they encouraged her growth. It was familiar yet at the same time new, this time her mind entirely aware as to what was happening. She was honest to herself, and knew she could get used to these strange lovely feelings.
  323. Daring just breathed, feeling her gut move against the pressure from the hooves that stroked her. It didn't take long for another rumble to rock across her gut, the mass pushing forward to encompass her unstretchable gut completely. She could feel the heat so clearly, the skin becoming taut, as a gentle throb raced across the surface. She continued to breath, the rush of air enhancing the effects as her belly swayed in and out. The shape still round as though she had simply been in a rather famished mood at a banquet.
  325. The hooves continued to work, she could feel them leeching something into her, something that coaxed her belly's warmth to the surface. She continued to breathe as another rumble disturbed the calm, the size of her gut beginning to balloon to something tremendous as its shape distorted more and more with every breath. Daring could feel its weight growing, every breath becoming more and more labored as she felt her belly push itself out farther as the pressure began to grow. She opened her eyes and could see stretch marks appear as the foal in her womb continued to grow past her limit. She groaned at the feeling of it, a need for release as her belly button began to show itself once again.
  327. Her paunch was truly grand in its size, yet still well short of her previous proportions. She just continued to breath, her immense package rocking about to her labored motions as she grunted from the buildup. The warmth began to build alongside the pressure, her muscles grew tense as she felt her stomach contracting itself against the growth. A distinctive red hue to her gut as she held in a breath, the entirety of her belly shaking from a strong throb echoing through the mass. Daring pushed against her own limit with everything she had, grunting from the effort.
  329. In an instant her womb exploded in size, her mind a storm of growth and weight as the initial gain slowed marginally. The sudden release did not let up, her womb continuing to grow heavier as she breathed harder and harder. Every pass of the hooves made her gut spasmodically twitch, its size slightly growing each time. She moaned as the hooves continued to work upon her, a tingle erupting across her gravid surface as it slowly began to fill out completely once more. She noticed the crest of her mountainous waist reaching out farther and farther until she slowly felt the growth halt.
  331. Her size seemed right to her, yet she just rested for a time. Taking in the fact that she still had some room to spare, perhaps she had enough for a second or so after all. She just lovingly stroked her stomach, bathing in its warmth, nothing at the moment meaning more than to see her womb returned. She noticed something a bit off about it though, it had stretched so much that she could see her navel. Her flat, ingrown, normal navel.
  333. There was a deep gurgle in her gut.
  335. Daring's belly lurched outward a few inches as she felt the pressure return with a thrust against her belly button. Her belly swelled in size as it fought for every last inch of room she had to give, all the while she felt the pressure increasing upon a single point. Daring groaned as she felt the navel nub begin to poke out once again, its once miniscule size already becoming greater as the pressure tried to force it out one more. Alongside it she could feel the weight of her gut increasing sharply, as it pressed against every part of her overstuffed bulbous belly and into her body.
  337. She felt the nub push against its constraints, an eager thrust alongside every pulse of growth it obtained. Daring could feel the thrusts increasing in intensity, one after the other as her belly began to stiffen from the exertion. The feeling of her breathing only served to enhance the effect, the deeper she breathed the closer her nub felt to escape. As her belly reached outward in a deep breath her muscles tensed in a subconscious reaction that made her stomach churn forward, trying to force her navel outward. It happened again, and again, each time an explosive feeling swamped her girth completely that left her feeling the warm heat pumping through her body. The titanic growth gurgling and growling as it needed just a little more room.
  339. Suddenly there was a rather audible noise from her gut as she felt something churn just behind her navel. Her belly suddenly felt flooded with pressure as every inch of it pushed outward, the entire thing taking on a reddish sheen, her navel trying to force itself forward in a constant climax of action. Daring groaned as she instinctually thrust her gut forward with all her might, trying to push the navel through herself if she had to. It began to move, slowly, as she felt the soft sensitive pink flesh slide past the sweaty walls of her navel. So close, she was so close. She could see it now, standing out clearly from the rest of itself, throbbing and swelling as it finally began to have room to grow.
  341. Daring continued to push and thrust, when suddenly her entire belly contorted as a contraction rocked its surface. Her navel pushed outward in a single loud pop, surging in size immensely for a moment from the pressures used to force it out. Daring just panted as waves of heat from her gut bathed over her, the gentle throb of her belly button fading as it began to shrink slightly from the fading pressures. Her gut began to return to a far more regular sheen as the warmth receded once more into an even tide of comfort instead of a constant turmoil of pleasure.
  343. As her thoughts began to become a little more coherent she tried to figure out what she'd do next. What to do about her... situation, and that curse.
  345. Before she could think much more somepony barged through a door on the other side of the kitchen, from deeper within the house. Light flooded the room as a broom wielded within a field of magic charged through the door.
  347. “Alright you weirdos get outta my spa house... and...” The stallion who had barged in on Daring just stood there in utter confusion, the broom clattering against the floor as he noticed her stomach.
  349. She couldn't really blame him for his complete befuddlement. What would she say if she barged in on a very pregnant mare after hearing a bunch of questionable noises.
  351. “Wait... are you my twelve 'o' clock, I thought you canceled?”
  353. Daring was about to say no, but then he might get more suspicious and cause a scene. Which would probably attract more of those robed goons to her after she had just gone to so much work to lose them, and she didn't exactly want to place bets on her gut magically shrinking again.
  355. “Y-yeah,” she spoke up, “I just came in through the back because I didn't want anypony to see me...” He was giving her a weird look. Daring quickly fell back on an old trick in the mare's social manual. “They might think I was fat, do you think I look fat?”
  357. The stallion immediately began stammering, “Oh-oh, um ah no. No you're beautiful, just lovely and about to start a wonderful family I’m sure. But, um, what was with the racket earlier?”
  359. “My,” She tried to think fast. “foal likes to kick a lot, and I’m so close to my due date that I thought it was labor starting.”
  361. As if on cue the foal in her gut gave forth a heavy kick, rocking her gut around enough for even the stallion to see.
  363. “I've never really had one before so I get a little scared whenever I think he's coming.”
  365. His mind seemed finally at ease, “Oh that's perfectly natural, my own wife always was always a little nervous when ours started getting a little rowdy.”
  367. Was? Daring couldn't help but ask, “Oh, so you're a father now?”
  369. A small bit of regret seemed to flash across his face, “I, uh... well you don't wanna hear about somepony else's kids when you're about to have your own now. What made you change your mind about coming anyway? I hope it wasn't to force your advance payment out of me, it's clearly stated that you have to warn me alot sooner than this morning for a refund.”
  371. “Um, you see,” She tried to think fast again, “My sister got some bad news recently and I thought I should go see her, but after me and my husband talked about it a bit we decided I shouldn't go because of... well.” She gently stroked her immense womb.
  373. The stallion seemed to pick up on what she was expressing, “How about... we stop dwelling on this and give you that world-class belly message you ordered then?”
  375. The word belly and message being used together really got Daring's attention, “Yeah I’d like that.” She wasn't sure if she liked the idea of taking another pony's appointment, but if it wasn't going to be used anyway then what harm was there in taking it? Besides she needed time to rest and relax, to plan her next move, the belly rub was just going to be an added bonus. So she got up off her plot, with a little help from the stallion, and followed him out to the main floor of his business.
  377. ()()()()()
  379. “What happened out there Quick fix!? I thought you understood what was at stake here!”
  381. He did his best to withstand the headmaster's berating shouts, “I'm sorry sir, I was just doing what I thought was best for the unborn.”
  383. “So you put Brash on a detail to find the Godmother? And countless others that are not only inexperienced but also on record for not respecting our creeds? And if that's not all I find out that the godmother had to use her power to escape them! Tell me, I want to hear how you justify this.”
  385. Quick Fix just looked at his leader, remembered what he had told himself what was the right thing to do. “I can't sir. I acted in a rash and unprofessional manner believing that we needed every eye open to find her. In so doing I unintentionally caused an incident that made an expectant mother nearly lose her unborn foal, caused an uninitiated Godmother fear for her life, and therefore use her powers to escape. Which has only worsened our situation and lessened the time we have to find her. Sir,” he placed a rather significant item of office upon the desk between them, “I will resign from my position.”
  387. The headmaster seemed to mull over his word's, but his judgmental glare never faltered. “I suppose there may be some hope for you yet, but don't assume you're off the hook. Once we find the Godmother an appropriate reprimand is in order.”
  389. “I understand sir.”
  391. “I hope you do, we didn't go through that upheaval and uprising decades ago just to become our enemy.”
  393. “Is that really possible sir?”
  395. “No, not while I have the reigns. But when I, IF I, give them to you and you allow braggarts like Brash to threaten you and use you then it'll happen all over again!” The headmaster sighed deeply as the heat fell from his voice for a moment. “I worked so hard with the others forty-five years ago to cast off the shackles the last headmaster created, to undo his damage. Forty-five years we have been hiding, trying to find the godmother again, to let the ponies of Prodigal Point live without those chains. Then in one day you almost destroy it all, and make the ponies believe that the order was returning to stamp its iron hoof down upon their throats again. You got lucky that it was only Brash that was so disrespectful to our code, the others had superiors to keep them in line.” He drove his point home with his gravely old voice, “And I do mean you got lucky.”
  397. “I understand sir.”
  399. “Well I sure hope you do.” The headmaster flicked the badge of office back to him, “Now pick that up, I’m overseeing this now, and we have work to do.” He looked at the amulet he had upon the desk before him, the spark of light within growing dim. "And not alot of time to do it."
  402. End Part 2
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