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  1. RawMelon’s team: No. While the team was solid back when he initially submitted it, I don’t believe that it is sample worthy. Even though Shiftry is gone and the team is fairly straightforward, I actually don’t think it fares too well in the current metagame because naturally, it misses out on meta trends such as Silvally-Dark+Eggy, Sub SD Bouff, Z-MM Swanna, NP Raichu can do a number, Bronzor plus a Knock Off switch-in or CB Fire Punch switch-in (i.e Bronzor+Altaria or Bronzor+Gourgeist-XL or Bronzor+whatever, Bronzor can really annoy this team tbh), and so on. No from me.
  3. Ho3n’s team: Yep. The team is pretty solid and indicative of the current metagame, and equally as important, it’s easy to play. However, I think the team has a notable weakness to special attackers such as Silvally-Dragon, Sash Kadabra, NP Raichu, Simisage, etc which means one would really have to play around said threats. Personally, I also think the team is slightly slow for this metagame, as those faster breakers can be annoying as well as late-game cleaners such as RP Tort, Scarf Evire, Z-RD Swanna, etc.
  5. sketchy ecchi’s team: Yes. The team is p indicative of the current metagame rn with how well Z-MM Swanna and mixed Simisage fare in the current metagame, and Smash Crustle+Scarf Evire is p solid as well. Team is really straightforward which is great too. That being said, Bronzor on this type of team is a momentum drain which as sketchy points out in his submission post, makes the team that much weaker to Dark-types.
  7. Rav3ndan’s teams:
  8. - Alolan Golem+Jumpluff: No from me. Is not indicative of the current metagame and seems inconsistent imo because it is fairly slow and relies on Jumpluff+Ditto having good matchups. In addition, the team does not look easy to pick up and use for the average player/someone not familiar with ZU.
  10. - Poliwrath+Camerupt BO: No. This team is toeing the line of semi-stall imo because it lacks the speed to really pressure opposing threats and its main breakers are Sub Punch Poliwrath and Specs Camerupt, two Pokemon that require good support to work. While Rav pairs them with Volt-Turn, I still don’t think that this team is easy to pick up nor standard enough for samples
  12. - Corsola+Gourgeist-XL Balance: No. Team looks pretty solid defensively as it has room to outplay threats and breakers. While I think this team is more solid than the others, it falls into the same pattern of not being simple enough to pick up (i.e no Ground-type means whoever uses this team always has to predict around Scarf Evire) and again is not standard enough for sample teams. Honestly I’m slightly torn because these teams are somewhat solid, but generally miss out on reflecting the top trends/mons in the current metagame
  14. Tack’s team: No. I played Tack one time when he used this team and I was really intrigued as it has some nice techs and Pokemon combinations. However, looking at the team more closely I don’t think that it is sample worthy because it has too many weaknesses to play around (i.e any Swanna variant, SD Combusken/Fire-types in general, Rotom-S, etc) and it also lacks a wincon which is never good for a sample team imo.
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