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Jan 4th, 2019
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  1. happy new year :).
  3. collecting some resources for the wiki I find a discrepancy. in the Elven forest section, if you side with lynine in Denmiel focus point, it's give the choice to keep or return the crazy elf Sx, if you return them 1109 Sx will be deduced from party wallet, but my calculation the total amount is 911. in the first floor there are four patrols [troop id 424/425/428/429] one with one elf man, one with an elf woman, one with three men and the last with three women. On the second floor we have 6 patrols [troop id 424*2/425*2/426/427] and the boss group [troop id 430]: two group with one man, two groups with one woman and two groups with one man and one woman, with the boss there are one man and one woman. for a total of 9 men, 9 women and the boss, the men drop 37 Sx the woman 42 and the boss 200 [monster id 338 for the man, 339 for the woman and 340 for the boss]: 37*9=333, 42*9=378, 333+378+200=911. I am missing something?
  5. At the synod, in the unpeople vote (main chamber, the first event in the third row, id: 020) if you are in the "church diverge" or "new religion" 'path' the switch overreach [3122] it never flipped, but in the Nabith 'contribute' the second main branch ([3079] church diverge) will check the overreach status, this is impossible and the "motion -1" branch will never appear.
  7. I'm not RPGM expert, but seem you can avoid triggering the [Kerannii Froze] Status if you don't talk with her before the fourth day, and the frozen dialogue don't overwrite the [Kerannii Deal] switch.
  9. my comment for the balance.
  10. Unpeople: yes the vote, it's easy, but only if you defeat the unpeople motion in the ardford's summit and the succubi joined and accepted by the church, in other case you need to burn some influence for reach the best threshold (and even the second isn't so easy), I don't think the balance of the vote should go through heavy changes.
  12. Tak'Kan: his vote is harsh, very very harsh. I understand why is the most difficult vote (why the ivala church should help in restoring the orc nation and leave nearly all new givini and a big chunk of aram in the same condition without doing nothing? if you want to achieve this you need to burn some serious capital) but still, think is too hard and your ability to change the vote in the synod are minimal, even with all the relevant investment done (and givini tunnels is the most expensive of all, secret dungeon aside) and the full support of ignias (and the game push strongly to help kalant over him), in the succubi suppressed scenario you cannot reach the best threshold (the max attainable it's 13), the players will settle for a medium result (the "minor" switch) and don't spend any influence for this motion. even the +1 influence bonus in the minor issue segment is useless, you need 3 influence to ask Sarai to go full, and the best case scenario you can pass from medium bonus without [Tak'Kan Sarai] switch: +1 influence, to the lowest threshold with the switch on for +4 influence points. making it a zero sum action, and if that bonus doesn't change the result of Tak'Kan vote it's doubly useless. my proposal to improve: reduce one-two point all the thresholds in every scenario, give some motion score to the simon talking and make the sum of contributes of annah+esmera+kerannii more than 1 point in every scenario [it's the 0.40.5 situation].
  14. Purity Standard: the conceptual level is well designed, you need to balance the wish for some 'sexy time' with Sarai and the campaign again kaskia promotion, I find a nice touch the orilise hint with enough Rp with her. I'm frankly, I never spent too much to stress the vote, my guts tell me is better balanced, but nothing more.
  16. Fucklord Vote: Kerannii contribute is really weak compared the requisite, and the deal means something only if her score is 14+. her deal is way more weak, in the synod, compared of esmera, but it's fine, this fit with the personality of the two characters, but in this vote, it's like a joke, bring her to score of 14 isn't difficult, but she in near all the vote cannot change anything if you make a deal with her or not.
  18. Promotion Vote: Annah vote is very raiload to Kaskia, but Herin starts with 2 votes (Sarai and Kerannii), so I think is fine. this vote seems fine for me.
  20. Minor Isse phase: ok, I'm not totally impartial (as absolute Completionist I like the possibility to hit all the important threshold with an ultra min-max works), but I like the possibility to reach all the marks that matter if one had saved enough influence for all the topics in the best-case scenario (no unpeople, herin overwhelming, etc...), so I'm contented of the actual balancing.
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