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  1. InSpy - A LinkedIn enumeration tool by Jonathan Broche (@jonathanbroche)
  3. positional arguments:
  4.   company               Company name to use for tasks.
  6. optional arguments:
  7.   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  8.   -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  10. Technology Search:
  11.   --techspy [file]      Crawl LinkedIn job listings for technologies used by
  12.                         the company. Technologies imported from a new line
  13.                         delimited file. [Default: tech-list-small.txt]
  14.   --limit int           Limit the number of job listings to crawl. [Default:
  15.                         50]
  17. Employee Harvesting:
  18.   --empspy [file]       Discover employees by title and/or department. Titles
  19.                         and departments are imported from a new line delimited
  20.                         file. [Default: title-list-small.txt]
  21.   --emailformat string  Create email addresses for discovered employees using
  22.                         a known format. [Accepted Formats:,
  23.               ,,,
  24.               ,,
  25.               ,,,
  26.               ]
  28. Output Options:
  29.   --html file           Print results in HTML file.
  30.   --csv file            Print results in CSV format.
  31.   --json file           Print results in JSON.
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