My Teacher - 07

Jul 15th, 2020
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My Teacher


Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Min-Soo Cheol / 민수철 MC
Kim Bo-Young / 김보영 FMC
Min-Soo Jeong / 민수정 MC's Guardian
Head Teacher / 교장선생님 Old Fatty who wants to fuck every female teacher
Hajoon Seong / 하준성 Rapist, Drug Dealer, Minsoo Jeong's Boyfriend

고손작: Author

호닷: Artist

Script Information:

Minsoo Cheol MC
Kim Bo-Young KB
Minsoo Jeong MJ
Head Teacher / Principal P
Hajoon Seong HS
Classmate C1, C2..
Teacher T1, T2..
Random R1, R2..
Gangster G1, G2..
Jessica J

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 07









G1: Don't disturb me anymore from now on.

R1: Yes ~ Haeng-nim!*

T/N: He called him older brother (Hyung / Hyeong) with -nim as honorific suffix, it seems he's from the "southern" region of South Korea so it was spelled differently. Only the tone and usage of vowels are slightly different from the Seoul dialect. Almost sure dude is using Gyeonsang dialect.

R1: Five.. Ten.. Fifteen, Twenty -

R1: Argh

R2: Uh?!!

R2: *Wow! It's money!

R1: No! Stop!! My money..

G1: What the heck! Didn't I tell you not to interrupt me?!

MC: Teacher!

MC: Teacher! Get up, please! It's me!

MC: {Teacher... Wait, it's not her..?!}

30 minutes earlier...


Today, Tomorrow and the day after Tomorrow (Sign of the place FMC went in)
Business Room


P: Why are you so late?! You made the Vice-Commissioner of Education wait!

P: Pardon my intrusion.


P: Since the Vice-Commissioner of Education said he was interested in having a chat with a civil servant like him, I prepared this girl for you.

R3: Ohoh ~ A talk between rightful people is always something to look forward to...

P: She's a part-time teacher at our school..

R3: Ohoh!

R3: Sit down here, are you really a teacher?

KB: Not.. Yet..

MC: ...

G1: Hey son of a bitch, who the fuck are you?!

G1: Aren't you gonna answer?!

HS: Hold on Hyung!! Calm down and let me explain everything..

G1: What the..?

HS: He's my good Dongsaeng*, he's a nice kid but unfortunately he drank too much tonight..

T/N: Dongsaeng is a Korean word describing a family or friendship relationship. It is used to refer to one's younger sibling or a close friend that is younger than oneself.

HS: Instead of hitting him you should pass your anger on me since I...

HS: ...

G1: Fucking bitch! I should beat you to death for letting bastard like him get in! Get the fuck out of this room before I kill you, moron!

HS: Hehe , please enjoy your stay here!

HS: You better explain what the fuck you were trying to do!

MC: Teacher.. Teacher.. Where are you..?

HS: Crap.. What should I do..?

MJ: Min-Soo Cheol!

MJ: What the hell happened to the two of you..?

MJ: Is it the smell of alcohol..?! Did you make Min-Soo drink?!!

HS: ...

MJ: What happened to your face, did the two of you had a fight?

HS: It's not like that.. Sigh..

HS: {I can't tell her the truth, it'll drive her crazy..}

MJ: What happened?! TELL ME!

HS: Ah.. About this..

MJ: Since you don't want to tell me, forget it! Min-Soo will tell me everything once he wakes up, you can leave now.

HS: Yeah.. I'm here if you..

HS: ...

MJ: Min-Soo, are you okay? Why did you drink so much ~ ?

MJ: Should I bring you some water? Huh?

MC: Teacher... Teacher..

MJ: Teacher?

MC: Teacher, in a nightclub like this.. Don't go in... You've me so don't go..


MJ: What the hell happened to you in the club..?

MJ: ?

To be continued..
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