Violet Rubs

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  1. >I should do this more often.
  2. >Hiking usually isn't my thing, but the tranquil stillness with this perfect weather, the mountain trail I'm currently occupying really is absolute bliss.
  3. >When my lungs aren't trying to heave themselves out of my rib cage.
  4. >I should probably do the whole exercise thing more.
  5. >Not that I'm unhealthy, just adverse to strenuous or extended activity.
  6. >It'll be fine you said, it's just walking you said.
  7. >You should get out of the house more you said.
  8. >Hey let's hike a mountain you said.
  9. >I need to stop listening to me more.
  10. >I'm at this for what feels like hours, checking my watch says it's been one at best, and checking overhead, that wonderful weather didn't like being so wonderful anymore.
  11. >Not terrible, just bleak now, as though it'll rain any momen-
  12. >As if the entire sky wanted to dump down everything it had in a single instant, it starts to rain heavily.
  13. >Thankfully I'm within sprinting distance to a cave by this point along the trail.
  14. >Not many people seem to want to hike this area of the mountain, something about dragons in the area.
  15. >I live somewhat nearby, and I've been in areas where there's a decent dragon population, and they don't try to hide themselves whenever they're flying from place to place. And I've only seen them about twice in the last couple of years being here, and they were definitely not flying locally.
  16. >Although many, many (talking 50+) years ago there was a family or two about according to Jeb, my next door farmer.
  17. >Left for as much reason as any wild animal does.
  18. >Off track, the cave was damp, but not incisively dumping down, so a marked improvement.
  19. >I stuck to bedding down fairly close to the mouth of this cave, although if I was paranoid about being exposed I could of gone down what looked like at least mile or so into it.
  20. >Or what looked like it, it went pitch black long before that sort of distance and I didn't bring spelunking equipment or so much as a torch to find out.
  21. >Even though I wasn't out in the rain for long, it was enough to soak just about everything except for a spare set of clothes I had right at the bottom of the bag and some of the food I had right next to it.
  22. >That the fox sitting on the opposite side of the cave mouth from me was leering at with every motion I made with the bag.
  23. >Not today fox, this food is mine.
  24. >The sleeping bag thankfully wasn't completely soaked through, but enough to feel damp in certain places.
  25. >By now I was starting to drift in and out of consciousnesses so I figured spotted dampness or not I was going to sleep.
  27. >The first conscious thought when waking up is “I don't remember the sleeping bag being so heavy.”
  28. >The first thing I happen to see is the underside of a wing. Dull purple in colour, and large enough that it filled my vision looking up.
  29. >Leering over It's more dull purple, but now in the form of the upper half of a dragon sleeping on top of me.
  30. >Two decently proportioned head horns and a muzzle, along with front arms the length up to my shoulder, nothing out of the ordinary as far as physiology goes.
  31. >Looking in the opposite direction a tail and legs, just as bog standard a western dragon can get.
  32. >It was wrapped around in a similar fashion to how dogs wrap themselves up while sleeping, although not nearly as tight.
  33. >Good thing, or I'd have asphyxiation as opposed to confusion and stiffness first thing in the morning.
  34. >As much fun as looking at every detail of the scales that ran along my current over sized heat pad, I wanted to get up.
  35. >Brute forcing myself out wasn't happening, I thought these things were supposed to be able to fly.
  36. >So leaving myself the only thing I could do now, I squirmed like there was no tomorrow.
  37. >It moaned like people usually do when they're woken up, and it lazily moved its head around to look at me.
  38. >It had the most lovely eyes I think I had ever seen on a living creature, a radiant violet that felt as though shouldn't exist to that level of intensity.
  39. >Clearly very violently awoken now, It yells out a cry that definitely would indicate the power a animal its size would possess, but yet with a femininity that's at odds with the very same noise.
  40. >It almost sounds like it's saying “Oh” while yelling, but not well enough to say confidently.
  41. >At the same time it flings itself off of me with a grace the previous heft wouldn't of ever clued in on.
  42. >Everything was stiff lower torso down so I had to stretch a bit before I could move properly.
  43. >The dragon is a bit taller than I am standing on all fours, including the extra height given with its neck sitting up.
  44. >It stares at me as I make sure my stuff is still in the bag.
  45. >It's still in one piece and everything's there, although not anywhere near where I left it.
  46. >There are some small fox sized bite marks on it, along with a clearly much more gentle set of dragon sized bite marks near the handle.
  47. >Wasn't that nice of it to move the bag before lying on me.
  48. >Hang on, it might have been trying to keep me warm through the night.
  49. >Now I feel bad for being so condescending.
  50. >It's still staring at me, but it's sitting down with its tail wrapped around itself with a clearly sad look in its eyes.
  51. “Erm, thank you for..., keeping me warm last night.”
  52. >I pack up and start to leave.
  53. “I..., didn't break anything, did I? I shouldn't of -”
  54. “I'm fine, I-”
  55. >Wait.
  56. >I knew that dragons were smart, smart enough that some considered them small-ish horse sized seven year olds in intellect. Even had what seemed like a language they could talk to each other with that linguists are still diligently trying to decipher, but I personally never heard of one speaking english.
  57. >I stop and turn around.
  58. “Hi?”
  59. “Hello!”
  60. >She says back, while waving a wing in my direction.
  61. >Only slightly surreal.
  62. >I wanted to say something, but I was completely drawing a blank with what to say, so I start leaving again.
  63. “Please don't go.”
  64. >Turning around, again,
  65. “Ok..., Where.., Where does a dragon learn to speak english?”
  66. >I sit down on a nearby rock, not that there was any immediate danger to myself leaving anyway or anything, but when a creature that size want's you to stay, you might want to at least humor the notion.
  67. >She's delighted I stayed, and gets down into a sphinx position.
  68. >Then becomes immediately sad again.
  69. “I was... alone a very long time ago. My parents were nowhere near when I hatched.”
  70. >She brightens up.
  71. “Then Frank -”
  72. >As she says that, she stops and gets up. Disappearing into the bleak end of the cave, with only a small flame coming out of her nostrils lighting the way.
  73. >Soon after she returns with a framed and faded black and white photo with a older gentleman in a bowler hat with massive full faced sideburns holding a much smaller version of the photos owner.
  74. “Thif if-”
  75. >She gives the photo to hold.
  76. “This is Frank, he took care of me after he found me in the woods near here.”
  77. “Is Frank still about?”
  78. >She shakes her head.
  79. “He took care of me for a very long time, twenty years? He had a very large house that I used to live in. Had lots of food that lived with him as well. Used to let me chase them down sometimes when I hadn't broken anything. But-”
  80. >She was visibly upset now.
  81. “But he...”
  82. >A solemn pause.
  83. “...I lived with the food for a while. Didn't eat it all right away. I know Frank wanted them to live good lives until they were eaten. I tried my best to keep them alive the way he did, but other people came saying I had to leave because Frank wasn't there anymore and they owned the house. They had guns.”
  84. >Another pause.
  85. “You're ok now though, right?”
  86. “Yes, but it took a long time before I could fly again.”
  87. >With a flap strong enough to almost knock me over, her wing was exposed to show some dark spots near where the wing met with her body, presumably healed bullet holes.
  88. “After that I ran about until I found this cave. I might of scared some people when I couldn't fly, so no one ever comes around. But you're here! And...”
  89. “...and?”
  90. >The skin underneath her scales went red on her face as she looked away.
  91. “When I was little, and really good, Frank would-”
  92. >She hid her face with her wing.
  93. “Frank would give be tummy rubs.”
  94. >We both sat there for a moment.
  95. >I wanted to laugh, but it felt wrong with how much she was shaking at the thought.
  96. “So..., you want me to rub your stomach?”
  97. >Her wing nearly knocked me over again with how fast it dropped.
  98. >With her face back to its normal colour, she had possibly the happiest expression I had seen in person in a long time.
  99. “But first, I need to eat.”
  100. >Punctuated with how loopy I was feeling.
  101. “Oh, right right!”
  102. >She got up and turned around, picking up a mangled carcass off of the floor.
  103. >Still dripping blood as she swung around and placed it at my feet.
  104. “It was trying to get your food when I saw you, so now it's your food.”
  105. “You know what, I think you need it more than I do.”
  106. >With a chuckle,
  107. “I was really hoping I could have it, It's not much but it looks really good.”
  108. >I pull out a lump of bread and other edible chunks that used to make up a sandwich and try to piece it back together.
  109. >She picks up the would be thief of edibles again and places it down away from where I was.
  110. >With enough heat to put a oven to shame, it was flash cooked into what was just a furless charred lump on the ground.
  111. >She flips it into the air, managing to catch the majority of it in her maw. With only the hind legs still flapping about outside.
  112. “'re you shfure you don't fant fhome? I Pfomif if's complefy coofed.”
  113. >Looking at the meager amount of sandwich filling that was left after trying to salvage it, I say
  114. “Screw it, I'll take a leg. Only if it's really cooked through though.”
  115. >The dragon lowers her head towards me, it smells thoroughly cooked enough. So I grab a leg and pull.
  116. >She does the same, and I almost come along with with the carcass before the hip snaps, causing me to almost fall over.
  117. “Sof-”
  118. >She swallows.
  119. “Sorry.”
  120. “Really, I think I'll be ok.”
  121. >I had to dig at it with my fingers, wasn't expecting a home charred meal on this hike.
  122. >Getting the skin off was easy, and the meat underneath was very thoroughly cooked through to my surprise.
  123. >It was fairly easy to get the meat off of the leg, and the sandwich was much better off in size for it.
  124. >Didn't taste great though, but that wasn't the dragons fault.
  125. “Certainly one of the more odd breakfasts I've had.”
  126. “So you're done eating, right?”
  127. “Yes?”
  128. >She flips in the air still with the grace very uncharacteristic of something her size and lands on her back, arms and legs folded in the air and her tail moving from side to side excitedly.
  129. >Her wings fill up the area enough that she touches both sides of the cave walls at the same time.
  130. “Er.., I'm going to have to walk on your wing -”
  131. “It's going to take a lot more than you to break anything on me.”
  132. >I shrug in response and walk towards her lower torso.
  133. >She squirms a bit when I walk on the membrane, but doesn't indicate any other discomfort otherwise.
  134. >Kneeling closer to her torso lets me see the extent of the damage dealt with her when she suddenly had a change in abode.
  135. >As I almost touch it,
  136. “Would you not touch that please? It still a little sore.”
  137. >Ok, I move away from that and start rubbing. First around where I think a bellybutton would be, if she had one.
  138. “You don't need to be so soft, I'm fine everywhere else.”
  139. >I rub harder.
  140. >She squirms happily when I do this, periodically making squeaking sounds when I think I hit certain sensitive spots.
  141. >I can't quite see her face from where I am, but from what I could see she was absolutely loving it.
  142. >She's warm all over, just at the right temperature that doing this feels surprisingly nice on my hands.
  143. >Her legs jumping about so close to my head was a bit of a worry though, but she moved them out of the way when I stopped and pointed at them.
  144. >I keep going moving to and fro until I get a little bit too far south.
  145. >She stops squirming and grabs me with a front arm and shakes her head indicating not to do that.
  146. >Fair enough.
  147. >I'm at this for another minuet or so until I realized I couldn't get very good coverage from where I was, so in a moment of possible idiocy on my part, decide to jump on top of her, facing her head sitting right on top of the area right in front of where her legs attach to her body.
  148. >She looks up confused when I do this, but instantly drops down again as I start rubbing her midsection.
  149. >The very real possibility that I might get thrown off with her wriggling, which is even more extreme now, came to mind. But I forget about it as soon as it comes when I see how happy she looks.
  150. >It seems that all of where I can reach from here is thoroughly exhausted, so I make my way up and plant myself behind her front legs.
  151. >Her flinging her arms about in the air's rather endearing, in that they might cut my face if I'm not careful sort of way. Not that she did, thankfully.
  152. >It seems the area around where those arms attach is particularly sensitive.
  153. >She makes the most amount of noise when I rub and scratch those areas to the point I slow down just a hair to not disturb the local wildlife.
  154. >I start to slow down a bit generally, I don't know how long I've been doing this but it was enough that the muscles around the everything were starting to protest.
  155. >She seems to sense this, but,
  156. “Please don't stop. I know you're tired, but it feels so gooo-”
  157. >Starting up again in a final stretch of stamina, making it up to her neck and her under muzzle area, which she is clearly adoring every second of, is accompanied with some shots of fire when I hit certain spots on her neck which make me jump.
  158. >Laughter is what I get in response.
  159. >I wind down, collapsing on her upper chest from exhaustion.
  160. >She vibrates a little bit when I stop. A awkward hug is all the thanks I need at this point.
  161. >Punctuated by being enveloped by her wings.
  162. >Not a common fact by any definition of common, dragon hugs are the best hugs. No contest.
  163. >A while later the sun is setting, casting a brilliant array of colours on the floor of the cave.
  164. >I wake up somewhat groggy, and look at my watch, startled by what it was telling me.
  165. >This wakes up the dragon as well, almost crushing me for a moment before she realizes I was still there.
  166. >Dropping my head in defeat,
  167. “I'm never going to make it back before it gets dark, and I need to get off to work tomorrow. Why didn't I bring a torch?”
  168. >She looks to the cave entrance.
  169. “... How far away is your house?”
  170. “Took me a hour walking up hill, why?”
  171. >Planting me the best she can to the side, where I walk off her wing to let her get reacquainted with standing up, something her legs weren't quite up to yet with the previous stimulus.
  172. “Get your bag and stand by the opening please.”
  173. >I'm not liking where this is going.
  174. “You should face the outside, It'll be easier if you do.”
  175. >I do just that and -
  176. >Running up to me, she grabs me mid jump, falls a bit until the air grabs her wings and soars into the air.
  177. >Her back legs try to grab my legs, so I don't flap about in the air probably, and eventually manages to do so after ripping my jeans up.
  178. >I needed to chuck these anyway.
  179. >It's somewhat hard to hear her, but
  180. “Which way is it?”
  181. >I point to roughly the direction I remember the trail following when I looked it up on google maps before heading out.
  182. >It's surprisingly pleasant up here, after she manages to get a firm grip on me.
  183. >Fun fact, dragons tend to fly in looping motions when they're happy.
  184. >The more inverted the dragon stays, the happier they are.
  185. >My head probably looked like a cherry within minuets, and I was loving every moment of it as much as she probably was.
  186. >It takes only a half hour to overshoot my house, probably would have been twice as fast without the acrobatics, but it did make the flight more enjoyable so I'm not complaining.
  187. >My back garden is less of a garden and more of a large patch of grass I probably should of cut a while ago, but it's more than enough room for the dragon to land.
  188. >After she dropped me down of course, crushing me when I just got back probably would have been awkward.
  189. >She stands there as I make my way to the back door with the look of “I'm never going to see you again am I?”.
  190. >After a moment she turns around, about to take of when,
  191. “Wait! Hang on, I'll be right out.”
  192. >She stops and looks to me with confusion.
  193. “I promise.”
  194. >She sits down right smack dab in the middle of the grassy area waiting for me to come back out.
  195. >I hope this stuff decides to cooperate today.
  196. >With a camera and tripod in tow I come back out and set it up on the bricked area right in front of the back door.
  197. >Thirty seconds should do.
  198. >I run over to her and try to pull off the best smile I can, not great at them, but still it's something.
  199. >Getting the idea, she sticks her snout between my legs and launches me into the air, landing right behind her head.
  200. >It's half a miracle I wasn't skewered by her head horns.
  201. >At that moment it takes the picture.
  202. “You could of said something!”
  203. “But I didn't know when it was going to take the picture.”
  204. >Sigh
  205. >After letting me down, I go over to the camera with the dragon following me to see herself how it turned out.
  206. >Even though I had just been thrown into the air moments before, it wasn't a half bad picture.
  207. >She seemed to agree.
  208. “How are you going to get the picture out?”
  209. “Well, I do have a photo printer.”
  210. “Oh.”
  211. >I don't think she quite got it, but it didn't really matter as after a wrestling match with the printer I got a ok print out of it.
  212. >It's about the same size I remember the black and white photo being, coincidentally.
  213. >I hand it to her, and I'm met with a flash of happiness, followed by concern.
  214. “But if I have it, then you won't have it, and-”
  215. “I can print off another one, I-”
  216. >Gah, she lunges forward to hug me again, barely able to stand up and keep the photo in hand.
  217. >Not that I'm complaining though.
  218. >After what felt like the shortest eternity, she lets go.
  219. >With what looked like tears in her eyes,
  220. “Thank you.”
  221. >I nod in response.
  222. “You can come back if you want to, I don't have much in the way of other people to talk to here so the company wouldn't be amiss.”
  223. >That definitely put a big smile on her face.
  224. “I'll definitely come back!”
  225. “...Oh, right, photo.”
  226. >I hand her the paper, which she carefully grabs with her mouth.
  227. >Realizing the amount of air she displaces when taking off, I run back before she does so.
  228. >It doesn't take long before she's out of sight, not that it helps that it's pitch black now.
  229. >Now I feel a bit sad. I think that's the longest I've been with another person in a while.
  230. >I get back inside wondering when she'll decide to drop in again.
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