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Jun 12th, 2015
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  1. Ban notification from a Alone in the Dark: Illumination developer — Just now
  2. You have been banned from Alone in the Dark: Illumination Discussions
  3. You have been banned from Alone in the Dark: Illumination Discussions by a Alone in the Dark: Illumination developer for your post in "Why is this game being bashed before realease?":
  4. Originally posted by Cealest:
  5. Originally posted by un4:
  6. Oh come on, the guys behind Nether are the same guys as those behind WarZ.
  7. No point even trying to disprove that, it is generally known.
  8. And if these same guys are behind this garbage game it explains a lot.
  10. Where are you getting this information?
  11. But you where the same people behind Rekoil as well which you abandoned within weeks and even went so far as to change your whole companie's name which btw , aside from trying to hide from the people who bought Rekoil , makes no sense. Would love to hear the reasoning behind releasing a game , not supporting it , leaving it broken on release and then disappearing from public view until you changed your companies name.
  13. Also you are saying "at one point contracted by the publisher Nether Production" as if you guys are not still in charge of it? We would know btw if your company wasn't a part of Nether anymore which I thought it still is...if you guys ever decided to talk to your community. Like how you claimed a year ago the website certification would be handled but never was... or how you would patch the broken issues with Nether that where part of your own companies fault.
  15. Also you say you where contracted for an I quote "handle live operations (basic post release updates) for Nether". When in fact you guys did not patch anything or atleast didn't actually fix any of the issues. The numerous exploits are still there. Auto run stuck , E pressed many times picks up infinite weight and many more. Even basics like pathing issues or mesh issues (falling through the world).
  17. You spent the time making a new mode which everyone suggested you fix the game first because trying to charge for a dlc that is just as broken as the game would be a waste of time. Lo and behold the mode was also broken and no one played it.
  19. You can answer it all if you want. But don't believe for one second we are stupid enough to keep believing lies or obfuscation. This might have worked with Rekoil but your company
  21. Ban Reason:
  22. Spreading Misinformation, Repeated Public Opinion Defacing, and Displaying Private Information
  24. Please review the Discussions Rules and Guidelines.
  26. This is a permanent ban.
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  31. Tincup_the_Middleman Just now
  32. Banning me won't change anything. Ty for ignoring all my legitimate questions. I will be passing this along to reviewers as always for them to show the world your actions. Trying to squelch the truth will just further push you down that Streissand Effect and show how you hide from exposure.
  34. Its your prerogative. But it never ends well.
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