Fizzling Magma 7 (AiE; Fizzle, nsfw)

Jul 27th, 2013
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  1. >Been a little over two weeks since Fizzle left
  2. >He swore up and down he would be back next weekend
  3. >When it came and went you were a little concerned but
  4. >He's a big dragon likely something came up
  5. >It's not like you missed him
  6. >Oh who were you kidding, you missed him terribly
  7. >Wish he had a phone or a...whatever the hell Spike is or something
  8. >Least then you could have kept in touch
  9. >It's pretty surprising how much you miss him
  10. >Nothing like how you ever felt for a crush or a relationship
  11. >But you felt a kinship with him since day one
  12. >It made sense you'd be friends
  13. >Albeit a bit more than just friends
  14. >His soft, curvy body was certainly a bonus
  15. >Icing on the cake you could say
  16. >Vanilla icing
  17. >With cherry colored eyes
  18. >OK OK so you missed more than just the bromance
  19. >The pros and cons of wanting to put your cock in him aside
  20. >You missed your friend... a lot
  21. >He wasn't a pony
  22. >Granted he wasn't human but he was more human than the ponies were
  23. >Hard to explain and you didn't feel like over thinking it
  24. >But part of you is even a little...
  25. >Worried?
  26. >Naw, Fizzle can take care of himself
  27. >Not like those dragons ever did anything too terrible
  28. >Not to each other
  29. >Right?
  30. >Something just felt wrong
  31. >You've known him for about 3 months but only really saw him four times
  32. >Didn't matter, he was your best bro, as he would say
  33. >Guess you had to do what any good best bro would do
  34. >Not having a real work schedule in Ponyville has benefits
  35. >Because it means that you can lock up and go visit
  36. >Completely unannounced
  37. >You're fully aware this might give poor Fizzle a heart attack
  38. >Better bring Spike as a buffer
  39. >Or just as someone to chat to on the way
  40. >You admit you've been neglecting Spike since Fizzle came along
  41. >But he's so busy you don't think he noticed
  42. >So, go looking for Spike
  43. >Check the library, get an earful from Twilight about Spike not being there
  44. >Of course he's not at the library
  45. >He's over at Rarity's trying to get his gems polished
  46. >Friggin' Spike
  47. >You'd think he'd figure out how friend zoned he is
  48. >But the little guy had determination, can't fault him
  49. >So you go to the boutique
  50. >Knowing full well what's in store for you
  51. >The door chime betrays your quiet entrance
  52. >There's Rarity, like a bolt of white-purple lightning
  53. >"Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where everything is---Oh Anon, I didn't know it was you! Come in, I have new designs!"
  54. >You're pulled by the arm into her back room
  55. >Rarity took a liking into making human clothing awhile ago
  56. >Maybe it was how blown away she was by the machine made clothing you had when you arrived
  57. >Or maybe it was the fact you were a unique creature
  58. >Who insisted on wearing clothing all the time
  59. >Tons of business, sometimes you feel like you work more for clothes than you do food
  60. >Either way, you can't get a word out before tape is being pressed to you
  61. >"I had the absolute pleasure of meeting your new dragon-friend...oh what was her name? SPIKE! Be a dear and tell me that beautifully scaled dragon's name?"
  62. >Figure's she'd like Fizzle's scales
  63. >They matched her coat
  64. >Typical Rarity
  65. >She meant well though
  66. >Spike is struggling from another room carrying a box full of fabrics double his size
  67. >She sorta meant well
  68. >"It's...Fizzle!"
  69. >He blurts it out as the box comes crashing down
  70. >You go to help him clean up but Rarity stops you
  71. >"Oh worry about that later, dear. You must tell me what you thought of her cute gym outfit! Tell me was it not tantalizing?"
  72. >It was gym shorts and a shirt with a pink headband---
  73. >Wait did she just say...
  74. >HER!?
  75. >Oh dear lord...
  76. >Rarity thought Fizzle was a girl dragon
  77. >Poor Fizzle was too embarrassed to correct her
  78. >You nearly lose it right there
  79. >But you really don't have time for this
  80. >Sides, it's kinda funny to let her keep thinking this
  81. >You tell Rarity SHE looked good but you really need to borrow Spike to go get HER
  82. >Spike looks confused and you give him the 'play-the-fuck-along' look
  83. >He thankfully understands
  84. >Rarity however...
  85. >"Wait that means...oh nononono! You will not go to that volcano again! Every time you do one of my classic outfits for you is ruined by lava!"
  86. >You'd argue but she isn't entirely wrong
  87. >But you really need to go
  88. >You explain you're worried about your friend
  89. >She giggles when you say 'friend'
  90. >You give her a dirty look and she stops
  91. >This girl and her romance novels
  92. >Anyhow, you promise you won't burn up your clothing
  93. >Rarity isn't convinced
  94. >She insists her and Spike accompany you
  95. >Even Spike overrides his yes-man, pussy-on-a-pedestal attitude around her to voice his objections
  96. >Rarity around an active volcano would ruin her hair, he says
  97. >Plus its a 5 hour hike, her hooves would hurt
  98. >Not bad, Spike, you know your woman
  99. >You don't wanna think about what Rarity on a nature walk that long would be like
  100. >She shuts the both of you up and says you'll simply take the Swift Wind
  101. >You don't know what the hell she's talking about
  102. >You make sure she realizes this
  103. >She scoffs and calls you something that you're sure she read off a word-a-day calendar
  104. >Either way you'll need a dictionary to figure out if you should be mad or not
  105. >But still insists you don't go without her and storms out the door
  106. >"Should we sneak out, Anon?"
  107. >Spike is equally confused but you decide its better not to upset her
  108. >You and Spike end up playing poker for an hour using Rarity's gems as money
  109. >You're only winning because Spike keeps eating his winnings
  110. >He's a little hustler that one
  111. >You're about to lose another hand when you hear what you swear sounds like a helicopter outside
  112. >You and spike both go to investigate
  113. >Rarity is on her way back
  114. >She has a captain's hat on
  115. >And behind her is...
  116. >Holy crap
  117. >An airship?
  118. >Really?
  119. >She tells you it belongs to Fancy Pants and he lets her borrow it
  120. >You're not sure if you should be impressed or scared at the thought of Rarity flying this thing
  121. >But you've wasted enough time so you, Spike and Rarity get on board and head to the dragon lands
  122. >It's a smooth enough ride, you give her that
  123. >A lot faster too
  124. >And the thing has a minibar
  125. >Nothing like a cocktail and high altitude to make a long trip enjoyable
  126. >And drown out Rarity's gossiping
  127. >You swear that girl has matched up every mare and colt in Ponyville
  128. >Blah blah blah, cute couple, yaddayaddayadda why does Big Mac ignore Fluttershy?
  129. >But you can't help but tolerate it considering how awesome this is
  130. >So you nod occasionally and drink Fancy Pants' booze
  131. >Not so bad at all
  132. >Plus you can avoid having to deal with Garble and his cronies
  133. >You're not a teenager anymore, breaking crap and laughing about breaking crap doesn't have the appeal they think it does
  134. >Not to mention all the wrestling they do
  135. >Makes you wonder how many of them are closet Fizzles...
  136. >You spot Fizzle's mountain and ask if she can land it on a ledge near his cave
  137. >She laughs her over the top laugh and says no problem
  138. >You see a bunch of levers star snapping back and forth and the craft lurches forward
  139. >Officially scared
  140. >Airships shouldn't go this fast
  141. >And fall this quickly
  142. >Rarity is yanking levers with her magic and smiling as if nothing is wrong
  143. >Close eyes, brace for....oh
  144. >Little bumpy landing but you survived
  145. >She scoffs at you when she sees you cringing from the landing
  146. >"Honestly, Anon, you think I would fly a craft without the finesse of a landing?"
  147. >No comment
  148. >Tell the two of them you're gonna go in by yourself
  149. >Rarity jams a heart shaped box of chocolates into your arms
  150. >Says that a gentleman always has a gift for his special lady
  151. >Spike snickers and goes below deck
  152. >You blush a little but for the wrong reason
  153. >She doesn't pick up on it but shoo's you off
  154. >Climb down from the airship with your box of mistaken gender chocolates
  155. >Head into Fizzle's cave
  156. >It doesn't look like he's home
  157. >His gem pile is a lot smaller than last time
  158. >Weird, all the rubies are piled in a corner
  159. >Like he doesn't want them
  160. >Wonder why?
  161. >His featherbed is still there
  162. >Doesn't look like its been slept on though
  163. >Your worry becomes a lot more genuine
  164. >Dragon's aren't the nicest creatures, maybe a bigger one came and...
  165. >Fizzle's not a weakling but he's just a teenage dragon
  166. >Panic creeps around your heart
  167. >You call out to him
  168. >Your voice echos in the cave
  169. >No answer
  170. >You check the magma pool in the back, still no sign of Fizzle
  171. >The chocolates begin to melt through the box
  172. >Wonderful
  173. >Even in your worried state, you manage to find a reason to be annoyed at Rarity
  174. >That mare has a knack for it
  175. >With a sigh you wonder if you should wait here or--
  176. >"Oh ANON! Be a dear and come back outside! We have a surprise for youuuuuu~"
  177. >Ugh what does she want now?
  178. >You reluctantly head back outside
  179. >Oh
  180. >Dear
  181. >God
  182. >"Look who I found coming back to her cave~"
  183. >Fizzle....why?
  184. >Why did you let her do that?
  185. >He's standing there with Rarity
  186. >In a simple green dress
  187. >The frills are laced with gems
  188. >He's looking at the floor but when you show up he peeks his pink eyes up, smiles slightly and blushes
  189. >Swaying a foot under the dress
  190. >"Isn't she marvelous? Oh, wait, I nearly forgot!"
  191. >Rarity uses her magic to weave a bright blue bow in Fizzle's pink scale-hair
  192. >He goes wide-eyed then looks back at you again
  193. >You swear his eyes sparkled for a moment
  194. >" do I l-look?"
  195. >You...can't take it anymore
  196. >Down you go
  197. >On the floor laughing
  198. >Spike pops his head out of the airship and sees this
  199. >He joins you
  200. >Both of you crying you're laughing so hard
  201. >Fizzle is the epitome of embarrassed
  202. >Rarity is furious
  203. >"Anon! You're embarrassing her! I didn't have time to make a proper dress so I went for a more traditional---"
  204. >"Rarity!!" Spike manages to choke out between cackles "Fizzle is a DUDE!"
  205. >She freezes
  206. >You swear you can hear her mind cracking
  207. >"!!!"
  208. >She levitates Spike onto the airship and a the door slams
  209. >A moment later the thing takes off
  210. >Somehow it mimics her fury when it disembarks
  211. >Literally, the thing practically flips you off as it storms into the sky
  212. >So much for the minibar on the way home...
  213. >And your ride, that was kinda your ride
  214. >"She was....really mad?"
  215. >You nod
  216. >Just you and Fizzle now
  217. >You awkwardly hand him the box of chocolates and ask him to the dance
  218. >He accepts with a little too much enthusiasm before he realizes you're making fun of him
  219. >"Sh-shut up, Anon! She....she blindsided me!"
  220. >You chuckle and say he shouldn't be modest
  221. >Because he's quite the pretty lady
  222. >"D-dammit Anon I....wait you think I'm...I"
  223. >You don't feel like it but you tell him to go right ahead
  224. >He does a beeline for his cave
  225. >You follow behind with a lot less vigor
  226. >You don't hear it but a splash of magma shoots in the air from the back
  227. >Poor guy dove in to get rid of the dress
  228. >Or to hide how pretty he felt
  229. >Either way, he was nude when he came out
  230. >And Fizzle has another surprise for you
  231. >One you legitimately weren't prepared for
  232. >As he's getting out of the magma pool you figure out why so many of his gems are missing
  233. >Someone's been eating
  234. >You thought it was Rarity's dress that made his hips look...curvy
  235. >But it was all him
  236. >It makes Rarity's mistake seem a lot less stupid
  237. >He's walking over and even swaying his hips
  238. >Or he's not used to the extra cushion he has now
  239. >Figures Fizzle's genetics would send any excess weight to his thighs
  240. >And his ass
  241. >Instant-hardon
  242. >You're thankful the cave is so dark or he'd have seen you adjust your pants to accommodate your interest
  243. >Amazing what a few more pounds on him did
  244. >But you don't wanna get too distracted
  245. >You're here for a reason, not to fuck him silly
  246. >Not yet, anyhow
  247. >You ask him why he hasn't been coming by anymore
  248. >He looks surprised then turns away
  249. >Stop looking at his ass Anon, this might be serious
  250. >Even if it's fuller and rounder
  251. >"I...umm...well...something...err...I might have been...'best bros' with someone else"
  252. >You fail to see how that's a problem
  253. >You ask him to keep going
  254. >"Well...when I left your house me and...this pony....he was red and had an apple on his butt. He asked me if I wanted to see his barn and...and..."
  255. >Is he starting to cry?
  256. >What the heck happened?
  257. >You put an arm around him and sit the two of you down on the feather bed
  258. >He grabs a gigantic emerald on the way and chomps down on it
  259. >One mystery solved...
  260. >" his barn he made me call him a pretty mare and I think I...broke the brocode"
  261. >You give his shoulder a squeeze
  262. >You tell him you're not sure exactly what he's trying to say
  263. >He chokes out another sob or two between massive bites of his gem and nods
  264. >You tell him to tell you what happened, for real this time
  265. >No more broc-odes and other nonsense
  266. >Just the truth
  267. >He looks at his feet but he starts talking again
  268. >He explains what him and Big Mac did in the barn
  269. >Every little detail
  270. >If he wasn't on the verge of tears it would be pretty hot
  271. >Not to mention a little funny, poor Fizzle didn't realize Big Mac was hitting on him
  272. >And he didn't realize how well he was reciprocating
  273. >You're kinda surprised Big Mac was...into this sorta thing
  274. >But then again you didn't know YOU were into this sort of thing till a few months ago
  275. >Fucking ponies man, they change you
  276. >Least you get why Rarity's matchmaking has been so unsuccessful with the big red stallion
  277. > to keep that to yourself
  278. >"And then he wanted.....umm...A-anon what's spit-r-roast mean?"
  279. >What a thing to ask while you're sobbing....
  280. >You tell him its not important right now
  281. >He keeps going, telling you how he flew away in a hurry
  282. >And has been in his cave ever since
  283. >He didn't know what to do so he hasn't been hanging out with Garble and his buddies
  284. >Just sleeping and...
  285. >Where the heck did he get another gem from?
  286. >Holy crap he can eat!
  287. >When he's done with his account he looks like he's going to start crying again
  288. >Before you can ask why
  289. >"I understand d-don't wanna be m-my... best bro anymore...who wants to be a best bros with a f-f-faggot dragon..."
  290. >You cup his muzzle with your free hand
  291. >Turn his head slowly to face you
  292. >His eyes are red with tears
  293. >You lean closer
  294. >He doesn't move
  295. >You bring your mouth to his and kiss him
  296. >Its not like the other times, it's not lustful
  297. >No tongue, no wandering hands
  298. >Just a reassuring meeting of your lips to his
  299. >You feel him instantly relax against you
  300. >You pull him closer for a long, tender hug
  301. >He's stopped crying but every so often his breath hitches
  302. >You whisper into his ear that he's still your best dragon
  303. >Holy crap he can hug tight
  304. >"Th-thank you...Anon...I was so...afraid you'd...b-be mad...or want to..."
  305. >You nod against his shoulder
  306. >He squeezes you even harder
  307. >You cough and ask him to let up a little
  308. >He reluctantly ends the hug
  309. >You pat him on the leg and tell him you've missed him
  310. >That you're weekends have been really boring without him
  311. >He's keeping eye contact the whole time
  312. >With a gentle smile
  313. >You feel your own heart beating a little faster
  314. >Moreso when his claw touches your hand and squeezes it
  315. >You take a deep breath
  316. >Are you feeling what you think you're feeling?
  317. >No way it's just hot in here
  318. >And emotional
  319. > that moment you thought Fizzle might have been hurt...
  320. >You never felt that--
  321. >"Anon...are you OK? You're all...spaced out?"
  322. >Welcome back to Fizzle's cave, Anon
  323. >You nod and say you're alright
  324. >Just thinking about stuff
  325. >"Oh..yea I know that feel..."
  326. >He nods and rests his head on your shoulder
  327. >You two are sitting there
  328. >Quietly, alone
  329. >Happy
  330. >You shuffle closer, pressing your body against his
  331. >He's so soft and warm
  332. >He wraps his wings around you both
  333. >So comfy...
  334. >Don't want to leave the cave, just stay here with your best dragon
  335. >"I...don't want to....I mean...Anon I...well...could we?"
  336. >While he stutters out something, it dawns on you you said that last bit out loud
  337. >Not really embarrassed, its the truth after all
  338. >Still a bit mushy though
  339. >" was...OK with you I...would rather be dragon in y-your place."
  340. >Well...that was unexpected
  341. >He's asking to move in
  342. >And squeezing you a little tighter the more he talks
  343. >"It's not like...I mean...G-garble is...ok but...I'm...tired of that's so nice where you live. All the ponies are so...happy and...nobody is all angry and taking stuff and...b-breathing fire...I never slept that good before"
  344. >He's beginning to tremble
  345. >Poor guy is afraid
  346. >Who could blame him, he's a short awkward dragon living near a bunch of vicious ones
  347. >And your house is in the middle of pastel happy pony town
  348. >You really don't appreciate it as much as you should
  349. >"I c-could find gems for money or...I could help you do...whatever you do...Anon! I promise I'll be a really good....roomie"
  350. >He's too adorable to say no to
  351. >You nod and say sure
  352. >Just like that he's smiling brightly
  353. >You really made his day
  354. >Your place can be lonely and Fizzle is pretty harmless
  355. >Besides
  356. >You slip a hand below his waist and give the curve of his ass a squeeze
  357. >He inhales sharply and presses closer to you
  358. >You whisper into his ear that he'd be a lot more than a roomie
  359. >Sure, jumping into sex is a good way to distract you from...feeling other things
  360. >But you're not really ready to say things you're not entirely sure of
  361. >Fizzle has enough worry when it comes to being your friend
  362. >If you say...those things and then decide later it wasn't exactly what you meant
  363. >He'd...well if fucking a pony in the butt makes him run to a cave and hide for two weeks
  364. >Best not to think about it
  365. >But all that isn't important anymore
  366. >What is is there is a hot dragon underneath you
  367. >one who somehow managed to make his midsection even more attractive
  368. >And who seems just as eager to set the mushiness aside for a minute
  369. >You grin and lean forward a tad
  370. >Something you always wanted to do, now is the perfect time
  371. >You give those little tuffs of...whatever on his ear a nibble
  372. >He moans loudly and scratches a claw into the rock wall
  373. >His hips buck and nearly toss you in the air
  374. >You just discovered a secret
  375. >You'll remember it for later
  376. >You go back to his lips and kiss him again
  377. >This time with more passion and less tenderness
  378. >Your tongue is in his mouth, wrestling with his
  379. >You feel his super heated breath escape where your lips don't cover
  380. >It only makes you want more of him
  381. >You break the kiss in a rush and look him in the eyes
  382. >He's blushing fiercely and panting
  383. >He's trembling again too
  384. >For a completely different reason
  385. >One that pokes you right in the gut
  386. >You can't help but chuckle and give Fizzle's length a squeeze
  387. >He moans and arcs his back
  388. >Pre runs down your hand
  389. >You get an idea
  390. >All this time Fizzle has been doing nice things for you
  391. >Bout time you returned the favor
  392. >You slip down his chest
  393. >He asks what you're doing but you shush him
  394. >You reach his cock
  395. >Long, pink and smooth
  396. >You lick the underside and he nearly faints
  397. >He feels so warm against your tongue
  398. >And his pre tastes sweet
  399. >Sweet and...almost...
  400. >You go for another lick...and another...and another
  401. >Maybe its because he's a dragon or maybe its all the gems he's been eating but
  402. >His pre tastes incredible
  403. >You feel your own cheeks flush and your pants tighten
  404. >You want so much more
  405. >But it's not about you this time
  406. >You slip your mouth down on him slowly
  407. >He gasps and moans your name softly
  408. >You've never done this before but it can't be that hard, can it?
  409. >it's just like sucking a Popsicle
  410. >A...smooth and really sweet Popsicle
  411. >That's dripping its incredible flavor on your tongue
  412. >He's moaning louder, you got it, Anon
  413. >Drag your tongue in the spots you know are more sensitive
  414. >Twist and lap at the very tip
  415. >Not hard at all
  416. >And nothing says you can't give his plush rump a squeeze
  417. >With both hands
  418. >Let every finger sink into his
  419. >Soft
  420. >Amazing
  421. >Rear
  422. >Holy hell
  423. >Your hands act on their own, kneading and squeezing that smooth squishy dragon butt
  424. >Your fingers do what your cock desperately wants, prodding and pushing against his hole
  425. >You have to fight the urge to flip him over and fuck the daylights out of him
  426. >Show him exactly how much you like your best dragon
  427. >Its about Fizzle today, keep telling yourself that
  428. >Besides his pre is intoxicating
  429. >Every drop that touches your tongue sends a wave of warmth through your body
  430. >You do anything you can to get more
  431. >You're bobbing your head up and down like a champ
  432. >Fizzle pressing against the wall, his moans and gasps echoing down the cave
  433. >His hips shutter and he grabs your head with his claw
  434. >Presses you down
  435. >You see a jet of blue flame arch over your body as he stutters out he's going to cum
  436. >Brace yourself Anon
  437. >Whoa...
  438. >You thought his pre tasted good
  439. >Your mouth is filled with warm dragon cum
  440. >You nearly gag from the rush of fluid but you fight it and swallow it all
  441. >You want it
  442. >Every drop
  443. >That's your reward for how good you did
  444. >It tastes too good to let any of it get away
  445. >You suckle and gulp down the last of him when the whimpers to stop begin to slip from his lips
  446. >You slip your mouth off and let his member slap into his belly
  447. >Take a minute to admire your work
  448. >Fizzle is sprawled out on the cave floor
  449. >He's barely conscious, his cock twitching and pulsing every so often
  450. >Your'e tempted to tease him but he's too spent for that to be anything but mean
  451. >You watch his chest and belly rise and fall with every labored breath
  452. >Not bad for your first time
  453. >Crawl back up to him and pull him close
  454. >Fizzle is thanking you between gasps for air
  455. >You only nod and nuzzle his neck
  456. >Tell him anything for your best dragon
  457. >You find yourself wrapped up in his wings again
  458. >Dunno where he found the energy but you're glad he did
  459. >You cuddle against his chest and give him a squeeze
  460. >Him moving in will be pretty nice
  461. >If only you could bring the magma pool with him
  462. >Guess a regular hot tub will have to do for the time being
  463. >Then again Twilight has spells, maybe she could--
  464. >"H-hey...Anon so...I mean...what you just...did its..not gay if.."
  465. >You jab him in the gut with your elbow before he can say anymore
  466. >You really had enough of that crap
  467. >Yes you're both dudes and yes you seem to enjoy fucking each other but who gives a crap what it might be called?
  468. >"S-sorry, Anon...old habits, ya know? D-don't be...upset with me...p-please?"
  469. >You nod and feel bad for getting short with him
  470. >He's such a cute doofus after all, and those other dragons are more the reason he's so nervous about being gay
  471. >He won't have any issues in Ponyville at least
  472. >You lean against his face and after a quick kiss on the cheek
  473. >You whisper in his ear that
  474. >Its not gay if you like the taste
  475. >He blushes bright red and you give his little ear tuff another nibble
  476. >His moans echo in the cave again
  477. >Plus he shivers like you've never felt before
  478. >And you feel his cock spring to life against your body
  479. >You're gonna have a fun night in his cave before the move
  480. >Better make good use of the magma pool
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