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  1. The surroundings were low(-ish) on detail because he was focus on the high speed and motion; animating moving vehicles and the background around them to give the impression of a camera moving forward and he pulls it off fantastically. The only characters looking slightly stiff were the no name guards in that first shot and quite frankly I think that was on purpose to allow the eye to takein the detail in that shot. The rest of it is animated wonderfully and it's a fantastic example of dynamic animation of technical subjects from multiple angles.
  3. And VOTOMS was full of stuff you're ragging on Obari for; stiff posing, lots of flashes and effects, etc.
  5. Five Star Stories has stiff animation for most of its run with flurries of smoothness here and there The Knighf of Gold scene is similar to plenty of Obari work, just with full feature film money, time and resources put into it. Escaflowne looks good but I wouldn't say it surpasses BGC episode 5 as a matter of course (and again, contains plenty of stuff you complain about Obari doing; which is understandable as it's a tv production and Metropolis 2001 again has obscene amounts of money, time and resources pumped into it (and still I'd not say it was better, just different).
  7. As for your comment on the shot it doesn't slide into the door; you can see the motion of the hovercar It doesn't slide into the door at all; it tries to move, it tiwsts into the door, changing altitude as the pilot is trying to pull around from the door, brake, etc. Go back and watch it frame by frame (easy to do there, just drag the tracker around with your mouse). Here; I'll dump the frames I could grab.
  9. I'm sorry but you're not making a good case here.
  11. So here we see the hovercar right after that cut from the pilot.
  13. It actually had twisted a bit in that shot, but we see it dipping down and beginning to turn here.
  15. Next the pilot has swung the controls around, trying to turn around and avoid the door, but inertia is carrying his craft forward.
  17. His craft tilt towards the ground due to the thrusters and his turn, but it's too late, he's going too fast. Notice also the scraping of the front left of the hovercar on the ground.
  19. His turn begins proper but it's too late, he's committed and the inertia is going to carry him into the door.
  21. And here we are right before impact, notice also the attention to the headlights.
  23. Now, we do get an explosion flash blank first instead of shot of the direct contact, but it happens so quickly, that all we would have seen would be one frame, possibly two of crushed car before the explosion; the speed of the chase and the impact mean we wouldn't see the crumpling happening; instead by doing that flash, we further get a deeper impression of the speed of the chase as he crashes and explodes so quickly.
  25. In these simple frames, we get a high speed crash and explosion. And if you want to tell me that this was done by a bad animator, you're wrong.
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