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  2. GalaxyToday at 3:36 PM
  3. zaxo
  5. ZaxosaurToday at 3:43 PM
  6. Hi
  8. GalaxyToday at 3:44 PM
  9. hey man
  13. Gyazo
  14. Gyazo
  18. Gyazo
  19. Gyazo
  21. can you explain these?
  23. ZaxosaurToday at 3:45 PM
  24. Y'all chose me to represent the community since I am part of the community
  25. I'm just as displeased with MCG as everyone else
  27. GalaxyToday at 3:45 PM
  28. we brought you on so that there is fair input from the community with how we handle things
  29. I havent seen you express your displeasure for how things are going
  30. but here it is very clear outside
  32. ZaxosaurToday at 3:46 PM
  33. I have in vc
  35. GalaxyToday at 3:46 PM
  36. I wasnt there so I missed it
  37. have you spoken to silenceh about any of it?
  39. ZaxosaurToday at 3:46 PM
  40. No
  42. GalaxyToday at 3:47 PM
  43. hes the one in charge of managing MCG
  44. so if you do have complaints please share with him so that we can get them covered
  45. like, I suggested you to be a mod cause I know youve been posting in mcg for months and we've memed back n forth
  46. you seem like a good guy from what ive seen
  47. we dont want our own guys to be talking shit about us behind our backs
  49. ZaxosaurToday at 3:48 PM
  50. Isn't silenceh in that discord
  52. GalaxyToday at 3:48 PM
  53. Im not sure
  54. we want to repair the damage with the NA scene because its been blown way out of proportion
  55. bunny and clow have gotten all the hate cause initially they were the only ones doing shit
  56. now they are easing up as they shift their focus again to growing MA
  57. so im left here wondering are you with us? or are you just for the memes
  59. ZaxosaurToday at 3:50 PM
  60. I'm here purely to represent the community's interests
  61. So not here for the memes but probably not as with y'all as yall would like
  62. I don't think y'all realize exactly how salty the na community is rn
  64. GalaxyToday at 3:51 PM
  65. we're aware
  67. ZaxosaurToday at 3:51 PM
  68. I'm one of the more optimistic ones
  70. GalaxyToday at 3:51 PM
  71. can you share your perspective though? is it because of bunny?
  73. ZaxosaurToday at 3:51 PM
  74. Yet look at the screenshots
  76. GalaxyToday at 3:52 PM
  77. most of these people have been talking shit about us since we were MGA
  79. ZaxosaurToday at 3:52 PM
  80. tbh bunny is like 90% of the community's complaints from what I've heard
  81. Like
  82. Here's the thing
  83. Venatus gets shit bc of MGA and bc the NA stuff (in mordhau) was sloppily run
  84. MCG right now gets shit bc there's no point in being there
  85. Well actually venatus probably gets hate for even more reasons than that but I don't know them
  86. I've literally had people DM me questions instead of ask them in MCG bc they would get muted for asking
  87. That's insane
  88. MCG went from a place for comp players to hang out and etc kind of like a public forum, to really only being there to ping @scrimna and @pugna
  89. Except pugs have been dead until very recently
  90. And people rarely respond to scrimna
  91. Much better chance of getting a scrim if you DM people
  92. So really recently the only reason to be in MCG is 1) to get venatus news 2) to shitpost
  93. 2) started to get out of hand a bit
  94. But it was dealt with somewhat reasonably in the past
  95. But now there's a lot of salt over how easy it is to be muted and how you can't really question authority at all
  96. At the end of the day
  97. There's basically zero reason for NA to use MCG anymore
  98. There's little reason for the other regions as well
  99. EU has melee slasher
  100. OCE has foppish gaming and a separate comp discord
  101. AFAIK Asia doesn't even use discord to organize, they have clan discords and organize through DMs
  102. That's why NA started making these resistance discords
  103. None of them are good
  104. The current main one was made by puppets so
  105. Lol
  106. It's barely used
  107. But a decent amount of us are in there anyway just in case there is some kind of competition there or etc we could partake in
  108. That being said he's fucking insane for the shit he's trying to do to bunny and venatus
  109. And he's supposedly stepped down from staff there but that's bullshit imo lol
  110. So right now NA is just a bunch of disgruntled clannies who're talking to each other now through clan discords and these meme discords like the church of ronguatism
  111. bc the way mcg is currently headed, it'll just slowly lose inactivity
  112. People will stay there, look for scrims and pugs, read announcements
  113. But it won't actually be a community hub if that makes sense
  114. Now
  115. I'm just one guy
  117. GalaxyToday at 4:00 PM
  118. Yeah I see what youre saying
  120. ZaxosaurToday at 4:00 PM
  121. Y'all need to ask other people how they feel
  122. But tldr there's not much reason to use mcg anymore
  123. And to be fair, I'm starting to drift away from mord anyway, so I've slowly stopped giving a frickfrack anyway
  124. But that's basically the situation as I see it
  125. I understand if y'all choose to demod me, since I see how it looks bad if a mod isn't happy with MCG and is vocal about it, but you had to expect this when you got community moderators
  127. GalaxyToday at 4:02 PM
  128. we knew it was a possibility
  129. im a bit disappointed you didnt at least come to me first or anything before shitposting about us like that
  130. but I do appreciate you sharing your perspective above and I agree with a lot of it
  131. id much rather have you share these things with us so we can improve then have ot said beind our back where we are in the dark
  132. cause we want to improve and we want the NA community to be happy
  133. but it seems like nothing we do is good enough for them
  135. ZaxosaurToday at 4:04 PM
  136. I thought y'all were aware but you weren't as aware as i'd thought, and sharing my thoughts with staff feels kinda pointless ngl, but I'm not sure why it feels pointless
  137. I don't have a solution for you if I did i'd tell you
  139. GalaxyToday at 4:04 PM
  140. bunny has shut down a lot of dissent but thats easing up now
  141. if anyone has concerns of over moderation, you can tell them not to be worried
  143. ZaxosaurToday at 4:05 PM
  144. I will say that I've personally heard a LOT of complaining about bunny from other players and I bet if you ask around a lot of people will be pissed at him
  145. Probably for various reasons
  146. Some more or less valid than others
  148. GalaxyToday at 4:05 PM
  149. yes  I agree
  150. we've already talked with him about focusing more on MA
  151. he was never supposed to be this involved with moderating
  152. its just that the team we had was doing nothing
  153. but thats been fixed now hence the pivot of his focus
  154. I guess ill ask do you want to keep moderating? You dont have to if you dont want to
  155. we wont remove you for this one transgression but if it is a consistent thing we'll have to
  157. ZaxosaurToday at 4:06 PM
  158. Well last night people were complaining to me about him bc he was muting people in a way that they felt was unjust
  159. Well actually the people muted didn't contact me at all
  160. But people who were just lurking or barely talking DMed me like "wtf"
  162. GalaxyToday at 4:07 PM
  163. there were some people he muted last night he shouldnt have
  165. ZaxosaurToday at 4:08 PM
  166. I've always had the standpoint that I can't and won't enforce things I don't think need to be enforced, but this also means I allow a lot of stuff slide that others wouldn't and when people air their grievances to me I have to hit them with the "I largely agree and will be bringing this up in internal discussions" but then nothing changes and they're like "wtf bro"
  167. So I need to do a quick think but I think I'm gonna come to the conclusion it's best if I'm NOT a moderator
  168. There will probably be a very small scale shitstorm but only a very small scale one bc most people have stopped caring tbh
  169. Maybe a couple people will be like :pepehands:
  170. That's it
  171. And I'll tell them no I voluntarily stepped down
  172. I was in no way forced to
  174. GalaxyToday at 4:10 PM
  175. all you have to say there is "each mod has their own style of moderating, if you have an issue with a mod please discuss it with an admin"
  177. ZaxosaurToday at 4:10 PM
  178. Their problem is usually not with a mod
  180. GalaxyToday at 4:10 PM
  181. its bunny huh lol
  183. ZaxosaurToday at 4:10 PM
  184. Usually lol
  186. GalaxyToday at 4:10 PM
  187. yeah
  189. ZaxosaurToday at 4:11 PM
  190. It used to be silenceh but people realize now silenceh really wasn't bad at all
  192. GalaxyToday at 4:11 PM
  193. now that its been a week since our changes, things seem much more calm since the initial change
  194. well one thing ive noticed too is people seem to be entitled to the ability to say whatever the fuck they want in mcg
  195. all we've really asked is for people to be generally respectful and leave any controversial or edgy things for their own communities
  196. yet the common offenders have continued to push back and test our boundaries
  197. then act surprised and upset when they get punished
  198. its very hypocritical coming from these people
  199. but any concerns with bunny can be squashed cause hes moving away from MCG now
  200. he was never the new MCG guy or whatever the fuck people think
  201. when it comes to you being mod, theres no problem with you being more lax about things than others
  202. there are other people who have a laid back style, me included
  203. and you are more than welcome to share these view points cause its extremely valuable
  204. if you want to step down thats fine, but you dont have to
  206. ZaxosaurToday at 4:14 PM
  207. I'll do some thonking about the situation
  208. I'd advise you get some different perspectives than me bc I definitely have a different pov than other prominent community members
  210. GalaxyToday at 4:14 PM
  211. any suggestions on where to start?
  213. ZaxosaurToday at 4:14 PM
  214. hm
  215. I'm tryna think of someone who will actually try and help and not just call you a ronguat
  216. Maybe nathook? But actually he's not very active in mordhau anymore
  218. GalaxyToday at 4:16 PM
  219. ill talk around and see what I can do
  221. ZaxosaurToday at 4:16 PM
  222. Maybe trails is a good start
  224. GalaxyToday at 4:16 PM
  225. might even make a little survey to pass around so we can collect feedback
  226. cause we really are tired of all this fucking drama man
  228. ZaxosaurToday at 4:16 PM
  229. inb4 "remove bunny as admin" pt 2 lmao
  230. When that got passed around the rioters were like WHO THE FUCK VOTED NO????
  231. (it was me lmao)
  233. GalaxyToday at 4:17 PM
  234. :joy: im ready for the gamer words
  235. honestly he shouldnt have gotten so upset over that
  236. it is what it is
  237. anyway zax I thank you for your help mate
  238. your my favorite lizzerr
  240. ZaxosaurToday at 4:17 PM
  241. No problem
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