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Minoris Carmine

ninjajermz Sep 19th, 2011 84 Never
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  1. [IMG]http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj111/Sparkeycat/HSCAKES.png[/IMG]
  3. Your name is MINORIS CARMINE and it is going to be your FOURTEENTH birthday soon. You say “soon” because you're not completely sure when it will actually occur, due to the fact that you have a very DISTORTED SENSE OF TIME. Because of this, you are never certain what time it is and are late for everything as a consequence. Any watches you are given break within the hour and you have no idea how to fix them.
  5. It is getting to the extent that you are starting to feel suspicious of TIME ITSELF and feel like it's moving faster or slower in order to spite you. TIME is the only thing you feel any animosity towards, and you otherwise have a very SWEET PERSONALITY, with a strong sense of CURIOSITY.
  7. Your DISTORTED SENSE OF TIME has become such a problem that you are no longer allowed to use the oven, which is somewhat hampering, because you live in a BAKERY and BAKING happens to be one of your interests. You must now make due with preparing treats and allowing your GRANDMOTHER to cook them for you, otherwise you might lose track of time and set fire to your kitchen again.
  9. In a way that almost makes up for your TERRIBLE TIMEKEEPING SKILLS, you have a knack for NAVIGATION, especially the kind that involves you using the North Star. In fact, you own your GRANDFATHER'S old COMPASS, which you keep on your person at all times.
  11. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is ROLLINGPINKIND, and you tend to hold one in each hand and bop people over the head with them. You use the MAP MODUS, where you store your item within one of twelve squares on a map, and must memorize where it is when you want to retrieve it. Whatever box you select, you get that item (unless it's empty).
  13. If you were to (eventually) get around to playing SDRICT, your title would be the KEEPER OF TIME, and your Denzien would be Apheleias.  You would dream in Prospit. You would find yourself in the Land Of Forest and Illusion and your consorts would be white rabbits.
  14. Your chaphandle is [COLOR="#ff0038"]risingPolaris[/COLOR] and [COLOR="#ff0038"]You sometimes... Take a while to reply... But when you do... You are quite lovely~![/COLOR]
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