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Apr 14th, 2018
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  1. [21:09] Ali: Yes?
  2. [21:09] doug: Just wanted to give you a small piece of advice.
  3. [21:10] doug: I'm not going to call you a dumbfuck or something, but it's just something you should keep in mind when thinking about growth.
  4. [21:10] Ali: Uh-huh.
  5. [21:13] doug: Don't ban people that disagree with you. I know you think it's justified, but it really would help you to just let many of these people stay on the site. There's a reason why a bunch of people are trying to flock to a certain site that may or may not actually exist. Sure, a large amount of people flock to Vidlii for the nostalgia factor, but others flock to get away from the censorship of youtube. Create a checklist for banning people, impliment a strike system, whatever. But if you keep going the way you are with your moderation, people will end up leaving.
  6. [21:13] Ali: Strikes are already implemented.
  7. [21:14] Ali: And VidLii doesn't care about growth, not with a community like this.
  8. [21:14] Ali: We want them to leave.
  9. [21:14] doug: You want people to leave the site..?
  10. [21:14] doug: For what reason exactly?
  11. [21:14] Ali: Because, plain and simple, the current community is horrible.
  12. [21:15] Ali: Once they're all gone, the site will get better and we can start over with better people.
  13. [21:15] doug: That's not the way it works. Trust me, if one group of people leaves the site, another group won't begin to inhabit it. People will stop advertising it and it will fail.
  14. [21:15] doug: I know from experience.
  15. [21:16] Ali: And I know from experience I don't want these people around.
  16. [21:16] doug: Why exactly?
  17. [21:16] doug: You not liking them isn't a just reason for a ban.
  18. [21:17] Ali: I'm tired of talking and explaining myself why they were banned. Just go and stay in your shiny new site that allows unlimited free speech and people can do whatever they want. Forget about VidLii and move on, it's dead for you and the rest of that community.
  19. [21:18] doug: Vanillo is run by a bunch of idiots who can't create a site. I don't think you understand where i'm coming from with this.
  20. [21:18] doug: Also, this is what your moderation has caused
  22. (I send a censored pic of the doxx threat, then he spergs out, don't worry [POSTER REDACTED], you're safe)
  24. [21:18] Ali: Are they talking about me?
  25. [21:18] doug: Yes.
  26. [21:19] Ali: Good, I'm reporting all of your asses to Discord. And god help you if any of you find my address.(edited)
  27. [21:19] doug: It's at the point where they're wanting to reveal your personal information because your moderation has gone too far.
  28. [21:20] doug: Reporting doesn't do anything. You know that, right?
  29. [21:20] Ali: But real-life authorities sure do.
  30. [21:20] doug: You really don't think your way of moderating is the issue?
  31. [21:21] Ali: I think a bunch of retards who have zero moral standards are the issue, specially when they're threatening to doxx me.
  32. [21:21] Ali: Find a bunch of idiots to make your shiny 100% free speech site for you, I'm not going to do it, neither is Jan.
  33. [21:21] Ali: VidLii is not your dream site, forget about it.
  34. [21:21] doug: So you're saying free speech is a bad thing?
  35. [21:22] doug: And why are you attacking me? I tried coming to you as calmly as possible.
  36. [21:22] Ali: No, I'm an avid supporter of free speech and feel furious when conservative speakers get deplatformed by a mob of angry leftists.
  37. [21:23] Ali: But guess what? I'm also a supporter of capitalism, the system that says I also have the freedom to kick your asses out.
  38. [21:23] Ali: Freedom isn't a one-way street.
  39. [21:23] Ali: VidLii is our site and we dictate the rules.
  40. [21:23] doug: Right, i'm starting to think you don't completely understand what's happening.
  41. [21:25] doug: And as an avid capitalist, you should see the opportunity to grow Vidlii into a proper YouTube alternative.
  42. [21:25] Ali: As an avid capitalist, I'd rather not if this is the community I'll get.
  43. [21:25] Ali: Goodbye.
  45. [21:25] Ali: Btw, still reporting your ass until they track your friends down.
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