With All You Have (Tentacle)

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  1. Jack looked down at the bushel of flowers on the seat beside him, knuckles white on the steering wheel. The yellow petals of the twelve hydrangeas stared back at him as he chewed his bottom lip in worry, his stomach turning in knots.
  3. “Calm down, man.” he said to no one in particular, resting his head on the back of the seat, attempting to soothe his nerves. “It’s just a date. No need to get worked up, you’ve already talked to her a few times on the phone and everything was great. It’ll be fine.”
  5. He looked out the passenger side window at the house he had been sitting by for the past few minutes, trying to reign in his emotions. It was a rather unimpressive two-story located just a little ways away from the town center, painted a safe shade of brown with some nice stonework, but what stood out to Jack were the lush flowerbeds. Dozens of different sorts of flowers, bushes, and plants grew out front, obviously carefully cared for and nurtured by the homeowner, his blind date.
  7. Jack looked back down at the hydrangeas next to him, frowning as he fretted over whether they would be as impressive now compared to her homegrown ones. He chose them thinking it was a safe bet, but now he was beginning to have second thoughts.
  9. “Fuck it.” Jack said suddenly, undoing his seatbelt, grabbing the flowers, and pushing open the car door as he clambered out. After smoothing out his jacket and double checking his hair in the window, he strode up to the front door, taking careful consideration not to trample the plants encroaching on the pathway there.
  11. Taking one final deep breath to steady himself, Jack knocked loudly, stepping back afterwards. He waited a few moments, looking back at the gardens as he tapped his foot anxiously. The sun hung dangerously close to the horizon behind him, washing the street in a dim orange light.
  13. The opening of the wooden door caught Jack’s attention and he whipped his head back around, bringing the small bouquet up to chest level to present them, offering up his best smile.
  15. Peering out from the partially opened door was a woman, her pale green and purple hair swaying slightly as she studied Jack, her dark green eyes wide in surprise.
  17. “Ah, Ava, was it?” he asked, an awkward silence hanging between them as she hid herself behind the door.
  19. Ava’s shock gave way to a large smile as she opened the door, finally exposing herself. “Yes, that’s correct. You must be Jack, I presume? You’re a little early, but that’s alright.”
  21. Jack froze, looking at the woman before him. Ava’s figure was jaw-dropping, a healthy sized bust hidden beneath a frilly white blouse, flowing down into a slim stomach and curvaceous hips, a blue skirt clinging onto them, but her normalness stopped there. Her skin was a deathly pale shade of green, not much unlike her hair, and that was the least worrying part about her. Her body split out in multiple directions at the waist, forming a wriggling mass of tentacles beneath her. Her two arms, instead of ending in hands, also splayed out in multiple directions from the elbow, green petal like parts covering a multitude of purple tentacles, smaller but more numerous than her ‘legs’.
  23. “Um, uh… I uh…” Jack stammered, his outstretched arm faltering and falling back down to his side, jaw slack in shock.
  25. Ava’s face contorted in an array of emotions as she realized Jack’s plight, ranging somewhere between pain and understanding, before finally settling on timidness. “Are those for me?” she asked quietly, one of her smaller arm tentacles raising up and pointing at the roses in Jack’s hand.
  27. He raised the bouquet back up, looking between it and Ava. “Uh, yes, it is.” he said, extending his arm back out slowly.
  29. Jack grimaced as a long, purple tentacle sprouted out of Ava’s right ‘arm’, wrapping around the top of the flowers and taking them from Jack. “Thank-you.” she said as she smiled shyly. “They look very nice.”
  31. “Not as nice as your gardens.” Jack responded, trying to divert the awkwardness with a genuine compliment.
  33. Ava’s smile widened, her green cheeks turning slightly red at the man’s praise. “I just need to grab something; would you like to come in?” She asked nicely, opening the door wider and revealing a few more appendages that were hiding behind it.
  35. “Oh, I-I’ll just wait out here, thanks.”
  37. She nodded, breaking eye contact and looking away, trying to fight back a frown. “A-alright.” she stuttered, closing the door.
  39. Running a hand through his hair, Jack stepped off the front porch and took in a deep breath. His car waited patiently on the side of the road, his mind wandering to thoughts of escape.
  41. Jack looked behind him, back at the house and gardens that surrounded him. He shook his head, deciding to tough it out rather than flee like a coward. Besides, despite her ‘unique’ appearance, Ava really did seem like a nice girl, Jack just hoped that she didn’t end up being as aggressive as some other mamono.
  43. The door swung back open and Ava emerged from the house, two of her long tentacles flopping out and pulling her onto the deck. She closed and locked the door behind her, ‘walking’ down the steps as she smiled at Jack.
  45. “Sorry about that, Jack. Thanks for waiting for me.” she said sweetly, coming to stop a few feet short of the man.
  47. “It’s alright.” he responded, making eye-contact in a bid to seem unfazed by her. “Is that..?”
  49. The woman smiled again, a long arm tentacle rising to her head and adjusting the yellow flower pinned in her hair. “Yes, thank-you again, I really like them.”
  51. “You’re welcome, Ava.”
  53. Jack turned on his heels and fished that car keys from his pocket, looking back at the woman. “Come on, I got us a reservation at a nice place in the city. I was thinking we could eat there, then maybe do something afterwards.” he said, beckoning Ava to follow.
  55. She followed up behind him, moving surprisingly fast despite her lack of conventional legs. “Ah, Jack?”
  57. “Yes?”
  59. “I can’t ride in cars all that well, especially one that small…” she said quietly, refusing to look at Jack. “I’m so sorry…” she trailed off again, her tentacles wriggling nervously below her.
  61. Jack looked between the car and Ava, finally realizing just how large she was. Her tentacles were extremely long, maybe a good three to four feet, and even if she was to bundle them up she would still take up a lot of space, and that’s not taking into consideration the size of her arms as well. “Ah, well-”
  63. “But!” Ava said, propelling herself along the ground to stand next to Jack, adjusting her tentacles so that she was slightly shorter than him. “I know a really nice place nearby that we can walk to instead. If that’s alright, of course!”
  65. He looked at the woman next to him, her green eyes peering up at him with eager anticipation. “It’s very nice, we could even walk through the park first if you would like to?” Ava asked, trying to salvage the situation.
  67. Jack nodded. “Alright, that sounds fine to me.” he said, pushing his hands into his pockets. “And I’m sorry, I probably should’ve made sure that-”
  69. “It’s fine! Really!” Ava interrupted again, obviously flustered by Jack’s apology. “You didn’t know, so there’s no need to apologize.”
  71. “Right, sorry.”
  73. Ava let out a cute giggle, looking off to the side. “Let’s be off, then.” she said as she began pulling herself along the sidewalk with her tentacles, a wet ‘thud’ sounding out with each impact. “There’s some good restaurants in town that we can decide on.”
  75. The duo walked along the sidewalk towards the park at the end of the street, Jack making sure he stayed close to her, but not too close. Just in case.
  77. “So, Ava.” He began, clearing his throat. “I guess we should address the, uh…”
  79. “The elephant in the room?”
  81. He nodded, “You could say that, yes.”
  83. She sighed, her petal-like arms closing tightly to hide the wet, purple tentacles within, and the two tentacles sprouting off the side of her head drooping as she began. “I’m a Tentacle, plain and simple as that.”
  85. Jack stayed quiet, looking at her from the corner of his eye. Behind her, he could see a thin trail of something spreading out behind her on the sidewalk, evaporating after a few seconds.
  87. “I’m terribly sorry for not telling you earlier, Jack.” she said meekly, refusing to look at him as they walked. “I u-understand if you’re angry, it’s just that… I, um…” Ava trailed off, losing her train of thought.
  89. “It’s just that you thought I wouldn’t come if I knew what you were?” Jack attempted to finish her sentence. He looked forward as the sidewalk ended, turning into a worn cobblestone path that led into the park.
  91. Ava smiled sadly. “Yes, precisely. I understand if you are uncomfortable around me, not many peo-”
  93. “I’m going to have to stop you right there.” Jack interrupted, turning around and stepping in front of the tentacle woman. Ava tried to stop herself, but failed and bumped head first into Jack’s chest.
  95. He grabbed onto her shoulder with one hand as she attempted to back up, rooting her in place. “I’m so sorry!” she blurted, blood rushing to her cheeks. “I can’t stop too well with my tentacles an-”
  97. Jack cut her off again, this time with a wave of a hand. “Ava,” he started, squeezing her shoulder. “I’m not mad, I don’t know why you thought that.”
  99. “But-”
  101. “I am also not uncomfortable around you. I guess I was just, I don’t know, shocked? when you opened the door. You never really gave any indication you were, well, you, so that’s why I was a little hesitant at first.”
  103. The Tentacle stayed silent, blushing furiously as she looked at the hand on her shoulder, Jack’s strong yet gentle grasp causing her to tremble slightly.
  105. “That being said,” he continued. “I’m still looking forward to spending some time with you. We’ve had some nice conversations over the phone, right?” Jack asked, raising an eyebrow.
  107. “Right.”
  109. “So I don’t see why we can’t give this a shot, then.”
  111. Ava looked up at Jack, smiling as her head-tentacles flapped slightly with joy. “Okay, let’s.” she said.
  113. The two continued through the park, empty save for a few other couples strolling along the many pathways. They spoke at length of their jobs and hobbies, and much to Jack’s surprise, Ava revealed herself to be a painter, selling her art either online or through a friend in town. The sun had begun to set by this time, the sky’s previously fiery tint turning into a more delicate shade of purple-blue as they walked.
  115. As they began up a slight incline near the far edge of the park, Jack spoke up after a short silence. “So whereabouts did you have in mind for dinner?” he asked, looking over his shoulder at the woman.
  117. “Oh! There’s this great, small family run restaurant in the town centre, I thought we could go there for a bite, then maybe walk around town for a little, see the sights?”
  119. Jack smiled, still looking back at Ava, not paying heed to the uneven cobblestone path ahead of him. “That soun-”
  121. Before he could finish, his foot connected with a raised stone, sending him stumbling forward. He brought his arms up to brace his fall, closing his eyes and grimacing as he braced for impact.
  123. An impact which never came.
  125. Jack opened his eyes as he hung in midair, not breathing as he felt something tight wrap around and squeeze his chest. Gently, he felt himself being pulled back into a standing position, the things still tightly wrapped around him. Looking down, he saw two slimy looking tentacles wrapping in both directions around his chest, the tip of one slightly tapping against his pectorals. His breath seized as a warmth ran through his body, causing him to stand rigid, his mind going blank as she held onto him.
  127. “Are you alright Jack?” Ava asked from behind, her long tentacles beginning to unwind from around him. Before they could, however, Jack reached down and grabbed one with his hand, holding onto it near its tip.
  129. The warmth ran through his body again, this time beginning from where he held onto her. “Y-yeah.” he stuttered, blushing heavily. “I-I’m good, thanks.”
  131. Realization dawned on Ava’s face, blood rushing to her cheeks as well. She attempted to pull away from Jack’s grasped, but failed.
  133. “No, let’s, uh, h-hold hands.” Jack mumbled, moving to stand beside the woman, his heart pounding and head swimming as he looked into her green eyes. “Come on, we should get going.”
  135. Ava nodded, the two of them resuming their walk hand in ‘hand’, both slightly more flushed.
  137. -------------------------------------
  139. Jack looked up from his plate and across the table at Ava, who was currently preoccupied with digging into her food. The Tentacle woman had opted for spaghetti, her spindly arm tentacles deftly handling her utensils as she ate. Sensing Jack’s stare, she looked up, her cheeks comically puffed out as she froze under his gaze.
  141. She blushed and looked away, swallowing her meal. “I’m being rude, aren’t I? Sorry.”
  143. “It’s fine, really, I was actually just admiring your dexterity, it’s really impressive how you can use your tentacles like that.” Jack replied sincerely, taking the time to look around the restaurant. Relatively spartan and empty, he realized that he was a little overdressed for such a place. Not to say that it was overly casual, it’s just that he had expected to be eating in a more formal place.
  145. The sound of clattering caught his attention, and Jack turned his head back towards Ava to see her looking down into her lap, her knife and fork discarded on her plate. “Y-you think they’re i-impressive?” she asked timidly, her brows furrowed in confusion.
  147. “Yeah, I do.” Jack said, taking a sip of his beer. “I imagine your painting has helped with that?”
  149. Ava visibly perked up at this, her cheeks upturning in a sweet smile. “Yes, my tentacles let me have very fine control of my brushes when I work. I suppose I've become rather deft with using them!” she said, picking her utensils back up at returning to her food.
  151. Jack returned to his own food as well, occasionally stealing glances at the girl across from him as they ate. Ava had done up her hair for the night, pulled back in a high, tight bun, with two long bangs falling and framing the sides of her delicate looking face. One of the yellow chrysanthemums he had gotten for her rested between one of the plant like growths on her head, a stark contrast to her predominately green and purple body. To put it bluntly, Jack found her quite captivating, as if he could get lost in her green irises.
  153. A warmth ran up Jack’s leg, startling him out of his admiration of his date. His eyes closed as something hot and slick wrapped around his ankle, sending shivers through his body as what seemed like a million small membranes prodded and massaged his skin and muscle. “A-A-Ava…” he whispered, fists curling in on themselves, realizing what was going on.
  155. Just like that, the sensation ended as the tentacle released him, slithering back underneath the table. “I’m so sorry Jack, I don’t know what came over me, I-” Ava stopped herself, realizing that she was beginning to ramble. “It won’t happen again.” she said after a brief moment of silence.
  157. Jack let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, his chest deflating and eyes opening as he did. He smiled at her, “I didn’t ask you to stop.” he said quietly, looking at her.
  159. Ava froze in her seat. “You mean…” she said, not believing what she just heard.
  161. “I don’t mind. It actually feels quite nice.”
  163. The Tentacle stared incredulously at Jack, a smile beginning to form on her face. Beneath the table, one of her tentacles reached back out towards Jack’s leg, prodding it slightly before slipping beneath his pants, working its way up and wrapping around his calf. Jack gasped slightly at the sensation, biting down on his thumb to stifle himself. He looked across the table, and saw Ava smiling widely, blushing.
  165. “Thank-you.” she said.
  167. Jack tilted his head quizzically at this, about to ask her what she meant, but was silenced by a second tentacle wrapping around his other leg, causing him to tense up in his seat. After a few seconds, he came back down from the high of Ava’s embrace, opening his eyes to the view of a blushing Tentacle staring intently at her plate. He just chuckled as he returned to his own.
  169. -------------------------------------
  171. “I had a really nice time tonight, Ava.” Jack said, giving the tentacle in his hand a good squeeze. “It was really nice to get to know you.”
  173. Ava smiled, her blush barely visible in the dark night, only the distant streetlights providing any sort lighting in the warm evening. A few of her leg tentacles slapped happily against the wood of the deck of her house, the tentacle in Jack’s hand wrapping tighter around it. “It was very nice to get to know you as well, Jack.” she said.
  175. He smiled in return at her words. “Could we do this ag-”
  177. “Would you like to co-”
  179. They both stopped, not wanting to speak over one another. “Go ahead.” Jack said, spurring her on.
  181. The Tentacle took a deep breath, one of her legs reaching out and wrapping around Jack’s leg like at dinner. “Would you like to come inside for a little while? We could have some tea if you would like and talk some more.” she asked timidly, peering up at the brown-haired man.
  183. Jack struggled to stay calm, both from Ava’s touch, but also from her proposition. He like her a lot, sure, and she was great to be around, so it didn’t seem that bad.
  185. But she was also a mamono. Specifically, a Tentacle. He had heard stories. He knew that it could be a bad idea, and would probably end with him in some state of distress and in a puddle of fluids.
  187. Then another tentacle wrapped around his other leg, and all those reservations flew out the window.
  189. “T-that sounds lovely.” he said, the hair on his neck standing up, trying his best to not let his knees quiver from the warmth coursing through them and into his body.
  191. Ava smiled, fishing out her keys, opening the door, and beginning to lead the man through the doorway and into her home. Unwrapping herself from around his legs, Ava tightened her hold around his hand as she led him into the living room and over to the large couch. The spacious room was well decorated, with a few chairs and a couch arranged neatly around an oak coffee table, a few paintings and photos lining the walls, and a bookcase taking up an entire corner.
  193. “I’ll go and get the tea ready.” Ava said as she left Jack on the couch, sliding her way on the wooden floors and out of the room, turning on the lights on the way out. “I’ll be back in a moment.” she said over her shoulder with a smile.
  195. She left a puzzled Jack alone in the room, who was expecting there to not actually be any tea. Shaking his head, he sank back into the couch, looking around the room.
  197. In front of him, a lone vase sat on the table, the yellow chrysanthemums arranged carefully in it. Jack smiled at this, tapping his fingers against his leg impatiently.
  199. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied a large painting through the doorway in the next room over, hanging on the far wall. He could hardly make out its details thanks to the room being unlit, but he could tell by its impressive size that it must be quite the work of art.
  201. Curiosity getting the better of him, Jack stood up and quietly walked into what turned out to be the dining room. He leaned against the large oak table, his eyes adjusting to reveal the painting, which spanned a good four to five feet, and rose another three to four up the wall.
  203. Painted in oil on canvas, a massive Bluenose schooner dominated the painting, cutting through the choppy waves beneath it, a few sea birds trailing off the stern. In the distance, a second schooner could be seen, underneath a mix of white and dark grey storm clouds. He walked around the table to peer closer at it, trying to make out more detail.  
  205. “Jack?”
  207. Startled, Jack jumped slightly and whirled around, causing Ava to jump as well from his sudden movement. The cups on the tray held in her tentacles jittered slightly, spilling a small amount of tea.
  209. “Sorry.” he said, placing a hand over his racing heart. “Didn’t expect you to sneak up on me like that. This thing just caught my eye, so I had to see it.” he said as he gestured towards the painting behind him.
  211. “Ah, no worries. I’m glad you like it, though.” She said with a warm smile, pulling herself back into the living room and setting the tray down on the table.
  213. Jack followed, glancing back at the painting. “Wait, you painted that? That’s amazing!”
  215. She nodded as she sat, picking up one of the cups with a tentacle and bringing it to her lips. “I did.” she said between sips, her head-tentacles wiggling. “It was for my final project at university, and they let me keep it afterwards.”
  217. “How long did it take to paint?” Jack asked as he sat down beside her, grabbing his own cup. The tea had a slight sweetness to it, much to Jack’s surprise and joy.
  219. “The painting portion took the entire year, but I had been planning it for a while beforehand.” Ava said, one of her tentacles creeping over and laying grasping at Jack’s foot. “I’m still not overly happy with how it turned out, so I may do some touch-ups at some point.”
  221. Jack attempted to push through the sensation of Ava’s hold, trying to fight off the fog creeping into his mind. “I-it’s very nice, you’re very talented.” he said dumbly, beginning to feel a bit spacey as he sat.
  223. The Tentacle beside him just nodded, setting down her teacup and looking away from the man. “I… you…” Ava murmured, her ‘hands’ in her lap, two of her lager tentacles tapping against each other nervously.
  225. “What was that?”
  227. “Why are you doing this?”
  229. Jack sat stunned in his seat, the girl next to him slightly shaking in silence. “What do you mean?” he asked gently, not wanting to spook her.
  231. “Why are you putting up with a monster like me?" she blurted. "A guy like you could be with someone far more beautiful and less disgusting than I am. I...”
  233. A heavy silence hung between the two, Jack taken aback by Ava’s sudden outburst.
  235. Carefully, Jack rested a hand on Ava’s far shoulder and pulled her in for a hug. His breath caught as a few of her tentacles wrapped around him, but he managed to fight the feeling off. “What’s with this all of a sudden, Ava?”
  237. Ava said nothing as she buried her face into the crook of her neck, fighting back tears. “I told you I had a wonderful time tonight, didn’t I?” She nodded. “So there’s no need to be upset or put yourself down like that. You’re a great girl, and even though we’ve only been on one date, I really enjoy being around you.”
  239. Ava sniffed as she sat back up, a few of her tentacles still wrapped around him. “D-do you really mean that, Jack?”
  241. Jack looked into her deep green eyes, wiping away some stray tears from her green cheeks with the back of his fingers. “I do.”
  243. With that, Jack cupped one of Ava’s cheeks in the palm of his hand, leaned in, and pressed his lips against hers, a small squeal escaping from her lips before being silenced as she reciprocated in kind. The couple sat embraced for a few brief moments, before Jack pulled away, still holding onto the Tentacle girl, and the Tentacle girl onto him.
  245. They sat staring at one another for a few moments, before a purple appendage shot out of Ava’s left arm, wrapping around Jack’s to pull herself closer to the man, her eyes half-lidded and breathing heavy. “Jack...” she whispered, her hot breath washing over his face as she spoke. “Stay with me?”
  247. Another tentacle seized around Jack, snaking beneath his shirt and coiling around his torso, causing him to shudder. “For tonight?” he asked weakly, the Tentacle girl beginning to move closer to him once more.
  249. “No, forever.”
  251. Before Jack could protest, Ava’s mouth found his, her long, slimy tongue working its way between his lips and entering his mouth, her forehead pressed against his. At the same time, Jack felt more tentacles work their way beneath his clothing, the slimy membranes coiling around him and pulsating against his skin. He moaned into her mouth as Ava’s arms lowered onto his, trapping them up to his elbows within the petal-like confines, the smaller tentacles within beginning to work on him like the others were.
  253. Jack’s mind blanked as he was assaulted from thousands of directions simultaneously, the gentle caresses and tender squeezes of Ava’s incredible body something unlike he ever had, or hoped to experience.
  255. On top of the dazed Jack, Ava sat trembling and staring down at his face, having removed her long tongue from her lover’s mouth. His expression contorted in immeasurable pleasure and ecstasy as she felt him wholly, her slick tentacles nearly forming a cocoon around the man.
  257. Smiling widely, perhaps the widest she ever had, she removed her clothing and began to truly work on him, shocks reverberating though his body and into her own. A lone tentacle crept its way between them, stopping at the hem of Jack’s pants, before slowly sliding beneath them to claim its prize.
  259. Jack cried out as the mouth-like tentacle greedily engulfed his hardened shaft, and he came as soon as it hilted at his base, millions of fibers working in tandem along his length to bring him to orgasm. Ava dove back onto his mouth, her tongue slipping further and further in as she continued to mercilessly milk for herself the built-up energy with her lover’s loins.  
  261. He laid slackened within Ava’s embrace, his hips bucking as she drained load after load from him, his clothing long since removed, subjugating him to an unstoppable onslaught of her methodical loving. Her longer tentacles slid up and down his legs, tickling and teasing at his weak points and gently squeezing in a pseudo-massage, the membranes on the undersides of them giving his body multitudes of wet kisses. Around his torso, Ava ground her breasts against his chest, slime leaking out of her large, purple nipples to coat him, allowing her to more deftly slide against him. His arms were entombed within hers, the suction of the petals trapping him within a prison of caresses and touches that extended well up to his shoulders. Finally, the mouth-tentacle pulsated along his cock, accepting every load as a second one engulfed his balls, spurring on his continued orgasms.
  263. The sound of muffled moans and lewd squelching reverberated throughout the dimly lit room, the two lovers’ ecstasy pouring out and into one another.
  265. Jack came to a few minutes later, the fog momentarily clearing from his brain has Ava sat up on him, removing her tentacles from his still raring-to-go erection. “A-Ava…” he slurred, his chest heaving with effort. Ava’s ministrations had slowed down, and now she peered down at the man, her tongue retracting into her mouth after resting down on her chest.
  267. “It’s okay, Jack.” she said in a sing-song voice, her eyes tearing up as she spoke. “L-leave it a-all to me.”
  269. Jack’s eyes widened as she shimmed down his chest, coming to rest on his lap. The leaf-like fiber that extended down the front of her chest and over her nethers folded upwards, revealing a sight unlike one Jack had ever seen before.
  271. Ava was practically drowning in her own juices, thick rivulets of fluid pooling on her thighs, and now on Jack’s exposed cock. He twitched as her secretions covered him, the underside of his shaft smacking into the folds of Ava’s quivering flower.
  273. She moaned and the simple contact, the entirety of her body, tentacles included, twitching in response. That was not the only thing to happen, however, as following that, Ava’s green folds parted on their own, exposing her untraveled insides, a small number of purple tentacles emerging and spreading out like the petals of a blooming flower.
  275. Without a word, these tentacles reached out and wrapped themselves around Jack’s cock, pulling it straight into the air as Ava moved to hover above it. With a single motion, she fell onto him, letting out a heavy sigh her hymen broke, Jack plunging deep into her depths, uniting them.
  277. He moaned as she continued to methodically rise and fall on him, her powerful grip tugging on him with each push and pull, the tentacles wrapped around his cock squeezing and covering wherever there was room for them. He felt every bump, every caress, every touch she bestowed upon his shaft and body, doing her best to heighten both of their pleasures.
  279. Wet slaps of hips meeting hips rang out as Ava’s other tentacles wrapped even snugger around him, as if she was afraid he would slip out of her grasp at any moment. “I-ah! Lo-mmm! Love you, Ja-ah! Jack!” Ava moaned out between thrusts, Jack’s hips bucking upwards to meet hers each time.
  281. Her confession fell on deaf ears, Jack once more beginning to lose his way in the heavy fog that clouded his thoughts. All he was able to focus on was the wriggling mass of love that engulfed his entire being: his balls aching, cock throbbing, and heart exploding as the Tentacle, no, the woman, loved him tenderly and fully, expressing her true feelings she had been attempting to suppress since their meeting.
  283. With a final grunt and a final thrust, Jack found himself lodged deep with Ava’s trembling, hot folds, her tentacles seizing and voice crying out as they climaxed together. His love shot forth into her, the tentacles still wrapped around his cock milking subconsciously as Ava’s womb was filled with strands of white.
  285. In a split second, Jack collapsed back into the couch, Ava following suit onto his chest, her ragged breathing the only sound in his ears. After a few moments, she sat up again, still not letting go of him.
  287. “That was…” Jack wheezed, unable to catch his breath. “Amazing.”
  289. Ava smiled, gazing longingly down at him. “And to think that we’re just getting started, too…”
  291. “What?”
  293. Wrapping a free tentacle around Jack’s mouth and whispering into his ear, Ava chuckled. “Do you really think I would stop after finally finding my husband?”
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