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  1. 10:45:56 Stuart Eccles: yo
  2. 10:46:19 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: hi!
  3. 10:46:21 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: we need to meet up
  4. 10:46:47 Stuart Eccles: we always need to meetup. it will be easier when you are downstairs/just across the office
  5. 10:47:31 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: indeed.
  6. 10:47:40 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: lets meet up and decide which offices to visit ;)
  7. 10:50:23 Stuart Eccles: good plan. won't be until next week though. this week is MAD. (and we probably starting amnesty next week so will be in the shoreditch area ;-)
  8. 10:52:24 Stuart Eccles: anyway i'm rewriting this amnesty proposal. i'm not sure it encapsulates all our thinking.
  9. 10:52:34 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: (!)
  10. 10:52:45 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: what parts?
  11. 10:53:01 Stuart Eccles: the iteration parts
  12. 10:53:09 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: ah okay
  13. 10:53:17 Stuart Eccles: who wrote it?
  14. 10:53:26 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: gwyn
  15. 10:53:32 Stuart Eccles: can i get his IM details
  16. 10:53:47 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: gwyn@new-bamboo.co.uk [mailto:gwyn@new-bamboo.co.uk] is his jabber
  17. 10:53:48 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: but.
  18. 10:53:50 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: he's away today
  19. 10:54:26 Stuart Eccles: ah right
  20. 10:55:27 Stuart Eccles: ok. can i get you to answer some questions
  21. 10:55:38 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: of course
  22. 10:55:52 Stuart Eccles: ok
  23. 10:55:53 Stuart Eccles: one:
  24. 10:56:28 Stuart Eccles: bq.
  25. 10:56:42 Stuart Eccles: Once the stories are selected and split as required, the technical members of the team will begin breaking them down into 'engineering tasks'. While you won't be actively involved in this process, it is important that at least one Amnesty representative is around, in order to answer questions. When this is complete, we will have a good understanding of what needs to be done, and will be in a position to commit to completing the selected stories in time for the iteration demo.
  27. 10:57:44 Stuart Eccles: would it be fair to say that in this process we have more than just *engineering* tasks but they could include IA'ing tasks (such as a wireframe) or design tasks (such as a screen design)
  28. 10:57:57 Stuart Eccles: ?
  29. 10:58:10 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: yes, completely
  30. 10:58:28 Stuart Eccles: ok. no we have a better name than 'engineering tasks'
  31. 10:58:37 Stuart Eccles: do we have a better name than 'engineering tasks'?
  32. 10:58:37 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: tasks ;)
  33. 10:58:40 Stuart Eccles: lol
  34. 10:59:41 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: hrm.. what's your IM?
  35. 10:59:49 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: lets do a group chat
  36. 10:59:58 Stuart Eccles: im on it
  37. 11:00:04 Stuart Eccles: .... group chat where?
  38. 11:00:11 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: are we talking on jabber?
  39. 11:00:15 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: I don't actually hav eyou as a contact
  40. 11:00:23 Stuart Eccles: using adium?
  41. 11:00:51 Stuart Eccles: stueccles@gmail.com
  42. 11:01:11 Stuart Eccles: who we group chatting with?
  43. 11:01:16 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: max
  44. 11:01:36 Stuart Eccles: is he onine?
  45. 11:01:40 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: yes
  46. 11:02:41 Stuart Eccles: has he changed his IM account?
  47. 11:05:57 Stuart Eccles: got a group chat room?
  48. 11:06:08 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: irc...?
  49. 11:06:22 damien@new-bamboo.co.uk: #newbamboo on freenode
  50. 11:08:05 Stuart Eccles: hold on
  51. 11:09:26 Stuart Eccles: in
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