So buttmad because his English sucks

Aug 3rd, 2014
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  1. [13:09] <JoJoe_Stinky> well if I cant troll Fleischy and get a reaction,, im gonna leave!
  2. [13:09] * JoJoe_Stinky ( Quit (Quit)
  3. [13:09] <Fleischy> good
  4. [14:47] <smoke_fumus> i can try. Fleischy: your favorite movie sucks.
  5. [14:47] <Fleischy> i dont have a favourite movie
  6. [14:47] <Fleischy> i stopped watching them a long time ago
  7. [14:47] <smoke_fumus> your favorite anime sucks.
  8. [14:47] <smoke_fumus> which is obviously naruto.
  9. [14:47] <smoke_fumus> so it sucks,.
  10. [14:47] <smoke_fumus> And it suck on it's own.
  11. [14:48] <Fleischy> i never watched naruto
  12. [14:48] <Fleischy> but maybe when you learn english I'll take you seriously
  13. [14:49] <smoke_fumus> well excuse me, princess, i am trying as hard as i can, but it's not that easy to transcend language barrier.
  14. [14:50] <Fleischy> it's easy enough for me
  15. [14:50] <Fleischy> are you going to pull the 'english is my 2nd language' excuse now
  16. [14:51] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: bitch please. This is an universal excuse. Especially if you constantly surrounded by non-english speakers. Give me a year in 'murica and i'll be just as good as native english speaker.
  17. [14:51] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: besides. what's your native language?
  18. [14:52] <Fleischy> I've never been to murica
  19. [14:52] <Fleischy> and english is my 2nd language and I'm russian
  20. [14:52] <smoke_fumus> ......áëÿ. Îêàé, carry the fuck on.
  21. [14:52] <Fleischy> in theory i hsoul b speak lik dis
  22. [14:53] <Fleischy> my point was, it's not an excuse
  23. [14:53] <Fleischy> usa is probably the worst place to learn english, being surrounded by illiterate black people and all
  24. [14:54] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: that if you'll move to ghetto.
  25. [14:54] <smoke_fumus> *a
  26. [14:54] <Fleischy> you sound like you'd be right at home in a ghetto
  27. [14:54] <Chase_UC> i never understand why people start bashing others because of their language
  28. [14:55] <smoke_fumus> Never did I.
  29. [14:55] <Fleischy> shut up bosnian
  30. [14:55] <Chase_UC> ok
  31. [14:55] <Fleischy> kurwa jebac
  32. [14:55] <smoke_fumus> xD
  33. [14:55] <smoke_fumus> bahahahah
  34. [14:55] <smoke_fumus> Okay, you get a point. That was funny.
  35. [14:56] <Fleischy> why is your IP russian
  36. [14:56] <Chase_UC> who's?
  37. [14:56] <smoke_fumus> because i am at moscow at the moment and my native language happens to be russian, ey?
  38. [14:56] <Fleischy> wow
  39. [14:56] <Fleischy> what a coincidence
  40. [14:57] <smoke_fumus> did " <smoke_fumus> ......áëÿ. Îêàé" not tipped you over, or it came out as jibberish?
  41. [14:57] <Coco-> Wow, both speak Russian and there won't be a problem ;)
  42. [14:57] <Fleischy> no because all I saw was áëÿ. Îêàé
  43. [14:57] <smoke_fumus> Ffff. yeaaaa, that's non utf-8 server
  44. [14:58] <smoke_fumus> either that or my client demands cp1251
  45. [14:58] <smoke_fumus> either goddamn way.
  46. [14:58] <Fleischy> ЖЖЖЖЖЖ
  47. [14:58] <Fleischy> youre not getting past my fence
  48. [14:58] <smoke_fumus> Coco-: thanks but no thanks. English is an universal language on the internets so i prefer to use it anywhore.
  49. [14:59] <Fleischy> yes we dont need to pollute the channel with peasant words
  50. [14:59] * toffi is now known as tobi9sc-
  51. [14:59] <smoke_fumus> lol.
  52. [15:01] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: also, fence? Pfft. "Ya tvoi dom, truba shatal, zabor kachal, kalitka tryas. "
  53. [15:02] <Fleischy> what
  54. [15:02] <smoke_fumus> translit
  55. [15:02] <Fleischy> if that's from literature then idk
  56. [15:02] <smoke_fumus> uh. not really.!
  57. [15:02] <DerpyBot> "Я твой дом труба шатал! — Lurkmore" at
  58. [15:03] <tobi9sc-> ok
  59. [15:03] <Fleischy> i dont pay attention to russian internet
  60. [15:03] <Chase_UC> wait, so
  61. [15:03] <Chase_UC> fleischy is a russian who doesn't know russian?
  62. [15:03] <Fleischy> i know it
  63. [15:03] <Fleischy> i just dont want to read or speak or hear it
  64. [15:03] <Chase_UC> ok
  65. [15:03] <Chase_UC> ;)
  66. [15:04] <tobi9sc-> ;]
  67. [15:05] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: in other words- you are a very shitty troll
  68. [15:05] <Fleischy> what
  69. [15:05] <smoke_fumus> exactly what i said
  70. [15:05] <Fleischy> first of all no and secondly why troll
  71. [15:06] <tobi9sc-> axes
  72. [15:06] <smoke_fumus> 1. you trying to anonymize your character - no definitive anything, quick cover protections over any data which can compromize your statements. 2. quick to insult and to judge to draw flame.
  73. [15:06] <smoke_fumus> so yea. shitty troll.
  74. [15:06] <Chase_UC> smoke_fumus: that's actually a well known fact lol
  75. [15:06] <Chase_UC> he is a troll
  76. [15:06] <Chase_UC> but an entertaining one
  77. [15:07] * smoke_fumus </cap'n obvious moment >
  78. [15:10] * Chase_UC (~Chase_UC@ Quit (Signed off)
  79. [15:12] * Mandarine (~VladVP@ has joined #buildandshoot
  80. [15:12] <Fleischy> funny how people still use 'troll' seriously
  81. [15:12] <Fleischy> in the old days it actually meant something but now it's something call a person who disagrees with you on something
  82. [15:15] * Puppy ( Quit (Signed off)
  83. [15:16] * rakiru|offline is now known as rakiru
  84. [15:17] <JustSmall> words can change their meaning, it happens all the time
  85. [15:17] <Fleischy> yes
  86. [15:17] <Fleischy> <smoke_fumus> 1. you trying to anonymize your character - no definitive anything, quick cover protections over any data which can compromize your statements.
  87. [15:17] <Fleischy> what are you even talking about
  88. [16:46] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: yea yea yea, keep trying to mix the crap in your favor. Oh wait no, don't. shut the fuck up.
  89. [16:47] <Coco-> Dude, leave it be. :)
  90. [16:48] <smoke_fumus> pfeh.
  91. [16:48] <JustSmall> so brave
  92. [16:52] * StrawHat (webchat@ has joined #buildandshoot
  93. [16:53] <Fleischy> i honestly have no idea what's his problem but w/e
  94. [16:54] <Fleischy> everything is already in my favor anyway
  95. [16:54] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: in other words - you suck. as a basic human being you are a disfunctional piece of gar-bitch. my advice- visit psychologic ward more often and take meds to fight off your internal conflicts and insecurities.
  96. [16:54] <Fleischy> what
  97. [16:55] <Fleischy> lol calm down
  98. [16:55] <Fleischy> is this because I made fun of your bad english?
  99. [16:55] <smoke_fumus> no, that's an advice for ya.
  100. [16:56] <Fleischy> just wanna know what got your ass itching so bad
  101. [16:56] <smoke_fumus> trolling never happens on it's own - it is always a result of lesser human trying to coop with internal concious or subconcious misery by trying to drag others he interact with to same level of misery.
  102. [16:58] <smoke_fumus> Hence why "lulz" term applied to it - subconcious conclusion that there are others around which feel misery gives the troll joy of not being walled off and alone.
  103. [16:58] <Fleischy> you remind me of atreyu
  104. [16:58] <Demonarion> smoke_fumus do you know someone by the name of yeticow
  105. [16:58] <Fleischy> he's an ignorant kid who uses big words to try to sound smart
  106. [16:59] <smoke_fumus> Demonarion: not really no.
  107. [16:59] <Demonarion> ok
  108. [16:59] <Demonarion> nvm
  109. [16:59] <Fleischy> and right now you're just talking out of your steaming ass
  110. [16:59] <Fleischy> go grab a grammar book and everything will be fine
  111. [16:59] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: you remind me of a typical dumb troll which is trying to be better at it but cannot because there is no such thing as smart troll - thing itself constantly flaps on itself.
  112. [17:00] <Fleischy> how on earth do I remind you of yourself
  113. [17:00] <Fleischy> we are nothing alike
  114. [17:00] <smoke_fumus> Who said i am a troll?
  115. [17:00] <Fleischy> it was the 'typical dumb' part I was referring to
  116. [17:00] <Fleischy> really you're embarrassing yourself at this point
  117. [17:00] <smoke_fumus> again. flat.
  118. [17:00] <Fleischy> shhh it's ok
  119. [17:00] <Fleischy> noone's going to hurt you
  120. [17:01] <smoke_fumus> is this suppose to give me any sort of negative reaction or something? because it don't. If any - i can see another pathetic attempt of troll to salvage the situation, now by basic condescention.
  121. [17:03] <Fleischy> in other words 'i dont disagree with this guy so ill call him a troll in an attempt to discredit everything he's saying'
  122. [17:04] <Fleischy> besides you're clearly already negatively affected by something I said
  123. [17:04] <Fleischy> even though that was not my intention
  124. [17:05] <smoke_fumus> no, in other words 'i am annoyed that any human being, instead of using means of self-reflection and analyzing why such behavior even persist in his daily life, instead falls back to such juvenile/imbecilic methods of cooping with the his internal self. You are a goddamn human being. Fucking use your brain. Or at least what's left of it after your mother hit you with a shovel"
  125. [17:05] * HaltingState ( has joined #buildandshoot
  126. [17:06] <Fleischy> are you really this mad because I said your english sucks?
  127. [17:06] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: as i just stated, it's not your wors that negatively affected me, it's your actions.
  128. [17:06] <Fleischy> what actions lol this is IRC
  129. [17:06] <smoke_fumus> even before you pointed out my english. that just were catalyst for the reaction.
  130. [17:07] <smoke_fumus> trolling.
  131. [17:07] <smoke_fumus> ^those actions
  132. [17:07] <Fleischy> IRC is just words words words
  133. [17:07] <Fleischy> where do you see trolling wtf
  134. [17:07] <smoke_fumus> i've seen it from ya at least 3-4 times in past 2 days
  135. [17:08] <Fleischy> is there something wrong with humor
  136. [17:08] * smoke_fumus yawn.
  137. [17:08] <smoke_fumus> ok fuck it, i already stated my point and i am not going to repeat it.
  138. [17:09] <Fleischy> is this how all your conversations occur
  139. [17:09] <smoke_fumus> No, only when i open up my "why are you not a decent human being - analysis and conclusions" 'book'.
  140. [17:10] <Fleischy> 'I disagree with you youre fucking retarded die in a fire' "what why" 'fuck you i already said why im done here im the best'
  141. [17:10] <smoke_fumus> *you are
  142. [17:10] <Fleischy> top debate skills
  143. [17:10] <Fleischy> 10/10
  144. [17:10] <Demonarion> sigh
  145. [17:10] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: if that's what you've seen - gratz. As i pointed out - someone hit you in the head with a shovel when you were young.
  146. [17:10] <Fleischy> I'd like to know who appointed you to this high rank of deciding who is a human being and who isn't and why
  147. [17:11] <Fleischy> clearly I'm the autistic one here
  148. [17:11] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: i did not said you are not a human being. I said so far i've seen that you are not a decent one. Like at all - barely functional more like.
  149. [17:11] <smoke_fumus> Yea you totally are.
  150. [17:12] <Fleischy> and you based all those conclusions off of what I say in a random channel on IRC?
  151. [17:12] <Fleischy> great judge of character
  152. [17:13] <Fleischy> in any case you're entitled to your own opinion, no matter how unfounded and biased
  153. [17:14] <smoke_fumus> I wish that opinion wasn't correct.
  154. [17:14] <smoke_fumus> so far you only proven it
  155. [17:14] <Fleischy> ok
  156. [17:15] <smoke_fumus> ok cool. now open up a phone book and locate nearest psychiatric ward, because i don't think you can self-reflect.
  157. [17:15] <Fleischy> I'm not the one here in need of emergency psychiatric attention
  158. [17:16] <Demonarion> people relax
  159. [17:16] <Demonarion> no need to build walls
  160. [17:16] <Demonarion> build bridges
  161. [17:16] <Fleischy> all I did was say his english sucks
  162. [17:16] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: Yea sure, i basically disjointed and laid down what's wrong with your behavior, just for the sake of trying to convert you to a decent human being, and now i am the one who needs psychiatric attention. Go figure.
  163. [17:16] <Fleischy> which it does
  164. [17:17] <Fleischy> and he goes full autist mode
  165. [17:17] <Fleischy> funny guy
  166. [17:17] <tobi9sc-> bridges hahaha
  167. [17:17] <tobi9sc-> no
  168. [17:17] <tobi9sc-> stairs
  169. [17:17] <Demonarion> stairway to hell
  170. [17:17] <smoke_fumus> Good point.
  171. [17:17] <Fleischy> trying to 'convert' people on the internet into your own images of perfection
  172. [17:17] <Fleischy> priceless
  173. [17:18] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: not perfection. just some basic decency
  174. [17:18] <Fleischy> are you implying that you are decent
  175. [17:18] <smoke_fumus> if you think what i've said is an image of perfection - you are really, REALLY low.
  176. [17:18] <smoke_fumus> I am trying to be.
  177. [17:18] <Fleischy> I never thought that for a second
  178. [17:18] <Fleischy> well you're failing miserably
  179. [17:18] <smoke_fumus> Ok. Explain why.
  180. [17:18] <Fleischy> you can start being decent by chilling the fuck out over something some stranger told you on the internet
  181. [17:19] <Fleischy> secondly just because you don't like the way someone is acting doesnt make them mentally retarded or psychologically unstable
  182. [17:19] <smoke_fumus> Isn't it a good thing - to help other fellow human being to realize what's wrong with it to send it off to the path of improvement? because i think it is. Only problem is that sometimes method to do such a thing is to point out all the flaws. hard way.
  183. [17:20] <Fleischy> they don't see it as a good thing if they don't think there's anything wrong
  184. [17:20] <Fleischy> they just see you as a guy trying to enforce his ideals onto them
  185. [17:20] <smoke_fumus> So in other words - you are happy plowing through the life as a cocksucker?
  186. [17:20] <smoke_fumus> that's sad.
  187. [17:21] <Fleischy> see what I mean
  188. [17:21] <`Pi> wow lol
  189. [17:21] * smoke_fumus cackle
  190. [17:21] <Fleischy> you're very quick to judge who is a lowlife while really knowing nothing about them
  191. [17:22] <smoke_fumus> Want me to judge subject more objectively - reveal whole picture to me
  192. [17:22] <smoke_fumus> because patterns are patterns
  193. [17:22] <Fleischy> you want everyone to be like you, that's understandable, but that's not going to happen
  194. [17:23] <Fleischy> just because you don't understand why is someone doing/saying things you don't like doesn't make them retarded or a degenerate
  195. [17:23] <@willy> can we not
  196. [17:23] <smoke_fumus> Fleischy: i did not said i want EVERYONE to be like me...although that would be awesome if i can find someone with..khm..similar experiences i had in life, but what i am saying is that so far you only displayed patterns of troll behavior, so i rinzed up and dumped exposition about why trolling is bad and why it occurs
  197. [17:24] <@willy> take it elsewhere
  198. [17:24] <@willy> and invite me i want to watch
  199. [17:24] <smoke_fumus> xD
  200. [17:24] <smoke_fumus> I am done.
  201. [17:24] <@willy> good
  202. [17:24] <@willy> \:D/
  203. [17:24] <tobi9sc-> log saved
  204. [17:24] <Fleischy> this will make for an amazing pastebin
  205. [17:24] <smoke_fumus> Just not forge it
  206. [17:24] <smoke_fumus> alright?
  207. [17:24] <tobi9sc-> let me do it :(
  208. [17:25] <@willy> smoke_fumus who r u
  209. [17:25] <smoke_fumus> you want the full answer, or a short one?
  210. [17:25] <Fleischy> people on the internet are almost never the same way irl
  211. [17:25] <Fleischy> just a tip
  212. [17:25] <@willy> i would disagree there
  213. [17:25] <smoke_fumus> yea well, the choices in interaction they make over anonimity display them far much better than their irl counterpart choices
  214. [17:26] <@willy> no smoke_fumus i mean like do you have a different name around these parts
  215. [17:26] <smoke_fumus> willy: nope.
  216. [17:26] <@willy> o ok sweet
  217. [17:26] <Fleischy> see he's completely new and already decides who is what
  218. [17:27] <smoke_fumus> New? new..where? on the internet? no. On irc? no. on this channel? oh who the fuck cares it's another chatroom
  219. [17:27] <@willy> arriving without bias usually paints a clear picture sometimes
  220. [17:27] <Fleischy> BnS in general
  221. [17:27] <Big-Boss> Hi
  222. [17:27] <@willy> hola Big-Boss
  223. [17:27] <@willy> im small boss
  224. [17:27] <smoke_fumus> How does being new to BnS related to me bashing trolls with armchair psycholigist bat?
  225. [17:27] <smoke_fumus> it doesn't.
  226. [17:27] <Fleischy> try hanging around here for 3 years like some of us here, then your opinion on people will carry weight
  227. [17:28] <@willy> most of the people who've been here for more than 3 years' opinions carry no weight with me
  228. [17:28] <Big-Boss> hola willy
  229. [17:29] <@willy> como estas
  230. [17:29] <Big-Boss> hablas español?
  231. [17:29] <tobi9sc-> willy pro
  232. [17:29] <@willy> si senor
  233. [17:29] <Fleischy> you don't care for the opinions of people with top experience here?
  234. [17:30] <`Pi> I've been here for some months and I think everyone here is nice
  235. [17:30] <@willy> definitely not all of them
  236. [17:30] <smoke_fumus> nobody cares about how long you've been to somewhere
  237. [17:30] <`Pi> Except Spring
  238. [17:30] <@willy> `Pi is my favourite
  239. [17:30] <smoke_fumus> it's about character in general
  240. [17:30] <@willy> yeah screw you Spring
  241. [17:30] <Coco-> Yes, however, you build up quite a character after being here for 3 years.
  242. [17:30] * smoke_fumus chuckle
  243. [17:30] <@willy> Coco- with the surprise left hook
  244. [17:30] <smoke_fumus> Yea you can say that.
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