BN6 no cross/beast out

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  1. Blastman:
  2.     *Keep track of how many chips you get!*
  3.     Talk to Dad, then Mom.
  4.     Run outside and talk to everyone in town (clockwise).
  5.     Select CrkShot* as your regular chip then read the lastest email.
  6.     Jack in at home and head to Central 2, then talk to everyone.
  7.     Jack out after the cutscene and sleep.
  8.     Head to the school, after the cutscene talk to Mach in the staff room.
  9.     Go to class 6-1 (second door) and talk to everyone in the room and the area to the right of the blackboard for a RegUP1.
  10.     Best draw for the Old Stove fight is any Sword. Counter then smack the other with CrkShot.
  11.         Counter with CrkShot into any other damage chip (except air shot) plus 2 charges if no Sword.
  12.     Talk to everyone in the room again.
  13.     Activate the copybot and talk to the guy with the bucket on his head in front of room 1-2.
  14.     Run back to 6-1 and talk to Mach after the cutscene.
  15.     Now go to the Staff Room.
  17.     Comp 1: HP Memory; BMD along the top-left portion, just before the last (third) Prog.
  18.     When you enter comp 2 a cutscene will jack you out. Talk to Mick 3 times, then talk to the monitor with a red screen.
  19.     Comp 2: Grab a RegUP2 near the Prog closest to the bottom left.
  20.         After grabbing the last (fourth) Prog, edit your folder(*).
  21.             Jack out, then back in (You'll have to move Up+Left slightly to be in range).
  22.         Now just run to Blastman! (Blastman will always attack after his fourth movement.)
  24.     (*)Folder Edit: This edit is really straight forward. You should add ALL chips you've gathered to this point into your folder.
  25.             Usually you'll have 4 or 5. Remove the 4 recoveries first, then AreaGrab if you have a 5th.
  26.             If you manage to grab 6+, take out a sword or two on the way down.
  27.             If you have less than 4 chips, take out Recovery L's first. Keep in mind you still have recoveries for later!
  29. Diveman:
  30.     *You really only need to keep track of TrnArrows here. Remember that 3 is the max!*
  31.     Run home and jack in. In Central 1, talk to the sub-chip dealer and buy 3 sneakruns (flee any encounters on the way!).
  32.     Activate sneakrun and continue to area 2.
  33.     As you run through Central 2, examine the left tile in the shadow of the overhanging path.
  34.     Talk to the end gate and continue to the back end of Central 3.
  35.     Talk to the Beast statues then skip the cutscene and jack out and sleep.
  36.     Run to the Staff Room and talk to the Biology Teacher (Lab Coat/Scientist) to the left of the room.
  37.     Now head up to room 6-2 and talk to the Kid across from the lower door.
  38.     Talk to the Old Man next to the Lev Bus.
  39.         Guard and Atk+10 is an easy perfect draw. If the Piranha moves down, then you can do without Atk+10.
  40.         Note you will still usually need one charge shot.
  41.         Being able to take 2-3 Cannon/Vulcan's and CrkShot should also be able to one-turn easily.
  42.     Run back to Mick in Room 6-1.
  43.     Jack in at home, activate a sneakrun after the mail in Central 1.
  44.     Make sure you talk to the Navi running back and forth next to Central 1's exist!
  45.     Talk to the Girl Navi at the entrance to Seaside Area in Central Area 3.
  46.     Now run back to the Navi in Central 1.
  47.     Jack out then go to the Bathroom in your own house (The door in the Right corner).
  48.     Talk to Mom and jack in to the toilet.
  49.         Perfect draw is Fire Burner or Guard. Counter with CrkShot then wait for the next one to get to the bottom.
  50.             Either chip will kill both the remaining Metts.
  51.         Alternatively, being able to take any 3 chips (including CrkShot) except for Air Shot can also one turn.
  52.             Make sure to save CrkShot for the Blue Mett.
  54.     Now get back on the net and talk to the Navi at the entrance to Seaside Area. Make sure to use a SneakRun in Central 1!
  55.     Generally you will get two encounter's on the way to the BBS in Seaside 1. You may get Longsword S, if you do keep it in mind.
  56.         You could also get a TrnArrow. If so, great! But it's less important for now.
  57.         Instead of going directly to the BBS, take a detour to the warp leading to the StfToySp Comp (to get there, walk as if you were going to Seaside Area 2, but instead of taking the conveyor belt, continue going around the loop to the warp pad.
  58.         Grab DublShot * BMD (todo: which BMD?)
  59.     After talking to the BBS, talk to Mick in the School Lobby. Then go to the Lev Station.
  60.     In Seaside Town, run to the Aquarium Entrance to trigger a cutscene. After, just go home and sleep.
  61.     When you wake up you'll get an email. If you got a Longsword S, then add it to your folder before reading the mail.
  62.         You just want to take out a Sword (Or Widesword) usually. If you still have Recoveries, take one of those out.
  63.             Always keep at least one Sword and one Widesword in your folder though!
  64.     Now read the mail and finish up the Navi Cust Tutorial. Put the UnderSht 1 left and 1 down from the starting point.
  65.         The other programs don't matter much, they're coming out later. (Atk+1; topright corner//Speed+1; 1 right).
  66.     Off to Seaside again!
  67.     Talk to Mick in front of the Aquarium. Inside, you have to talk to the white/yellow box for every exhibit.
  68.     You also have to talk to the three tubes in the first section of the building (But not the Jellyfish).
  69.     Once you're done, go to the stage viewing area (Doorway in the top corner of the second map).
  70.     Examine the Trash Can for RegUP1.
  71.     Head to the Lev Station for some cutscenes (Don't leave Seaside!).
  72.     Run to the second part of the Aquarium again.
  73.     Head behind the desk in the Aquarium Lobby to the stage area and talk to Fanny (The Elephant Seal).
  74.     Then run straight down to the sun icon on the floor for another cutscene.
  75.     Run through the aquarium until you hit a cutscene trigger (bottom of the stairs in the Lobby).
  76.     You need to talk to the CopyBot to the left of the fountain in the Seaside Town Plaza.
  77.     Talk to it again! The cutscene is made of 100% pure concentrated evil and refuses to do it for you!
  78.     Go back to where Fanny was with Megaman and run down the stairs into the water.
  79.         You need the ball at the other end of the pool.
  80.     After this cutscene, talk to Fanny again.
  81.     Run through the door and follow the path into a cutscene.
  83.     Reg DublShot *. (reg at DiveMan folder edit to save time if preferred.)
  84.     There's nothing you need to pick up in the Aquarium Comps (except FstBarr if you're Luckytyphlosion and you suck). Just keep track of how many TrnArrow's you get (up to 3).
  85.         WaveArm1 Fs are also good to put in your folder as they're F coded. Also worth noting that it's possible for you to get the PA, but PAs aren't as useful and will only mess up folder flow.
  86.             Keep an eye out for all three codes!
  87.     Seaside 3: On the skull tile before Diveman, it's time for the folder edit. Basically, use you're own judgement here.
  88.         I'd really only recommend adding in TrnArrow (Any code, preferably F), WaveArm1 F (Unless you have the PA) and any other F codes found.
  89.     Priority looks something like this:
  90.         Recoveries> AreaGrab> Swords> Wideswords> Vulcans> Minibomb L> 1 Cannon A> 1 Cannon B> Air Shot> Minibomb B
  91.         You wont really need to know passed Vulcan though! Also remember to always keep 1 of each Sword and Cannon code!
  92.     Diveman is kind of a crap shoot. He'll always pop up after moving twice, but whether he attacks or not is random.
  93.     Do your best to counter hit and keep in mind that TrnArrow does more damage per tile between you and the target.
  94.     Also, Minibomb type attacks and FireBurner will hit him while hes underwater.
  96.     After the fight, run to the second main part of the aquarium for some cutscenes. Then sleep.
  98. AquaCross:
  99.     Head to the Staff Room to talk to Mach.
  100.     Back to 6-1! Hold straight across from the lower door is a cutscene with Iris.
  101.     Now go through the Red(Pink?) door in the Staff Room and talk to Shuko.
  102.     Talk to the computer to start controlling Aquaman. Grab the BMD from the top segment of this Lab Comp.
  103.     In Central 1, grab 4 more sneakruns from the sub-chip dealer. Activate one right away.
  104.     Head to SeasideArea2. Hug the left wall until you see a Warp, and step on it.
  105.     Talk to the Brown Navi.
  106.     Collect all fish in Seaside Area 1-3. Usually, the preferred order of where to collect the fish is 2 -> 3 -> 1.
  107.     Once all fish are collected (DON'T JACK OUT!), go back to the Comp with the Brown Navi and talk to him.
  108.     Jack out and talk to Shuko for a Battle with Aquaman.
  109.         No actual strategy other than use your powerful chips on him.
  110.     Once Aquaman is defeated, Shuko will reward you with AquaCross, which you will only use once (tutorial) for the whole run because Lucky loves arbitrary categories.
  111.     Head home and sleep.
  113. Circusman:
  114.     TalkToMom, then run outside and talk to Iris. She's in the "park" where you saved her from the Robot Dog.
  115.     After too many cutscenes, stop by Tab's Chip Shop. That's the building left of the park.
  117.     Lotto Codes!
  119.     71757977 - AirSpin3 O
  120.       97049899 - BlizBall H
  121.     51378085 - CircGun V
  122.       23722234 - TimeBom3 M
  123.     60884138 - DrillArm M
  124.       04789479 - Unlocker
  125.     12404002 - HeatMan *
  126.       84387543 - EraseMan *
  127.     77837421 - SpinRed
  128.       88674125 - M-Boomer M
  129.     69544569 - Lance *
  130.       32310827 - DiveMan *
  131.     67520179 - TmhkMan *
  132.       99910954 - Unlocker
  133.     54654618 - HP+300
  134.       08749780 - HP+400
  135.     55031325 - HP+500
  136.       19790420 - BustPack
  137.     08789369 - ElemTrap *
  138.       75641392 - Recov300 Y (Kappa)
  139.     00297421 - TenguMan *
  141.     Edit your folder. You have a number of chips to add and their all at the top. Folder can be a bit varied by here.
  142.     Recommended Priority:
  143.         Recoveries> AreaGrab> Swords> Wideswords> Vulcans> Minibomb L> 1 Cannon A> 1 Cannon B> Air Shot> Minibomb B
  144.     Read Email 6 for the Tag System. Yes AFTER you edit. It's for later.
  145.     Navi Cust: Remove Atk+1 and Speed+1. Compress BustPack (BAABBBALBA) and UnderSht (RRALLRAABB).
  146.     Add in Buster Pack and HP+400 ON THE BOTTOM.
  147.         Yes, it does fit. The bottom half of HP+400 can and should be placed outside of the grid.
  148.     Off to the net. Sneakrun up, you'll be running to Central 3.
  149.     You're looking for the path that hangs furthest over the pit. It's on the bottom left side.
  150.     TalkToDad and get back on the net.
  151.     Soul Weapon time! Talk to the Collapsed Navi near your warp in Central 1 and clear out the Central Area's.
  152.         You don't need to sneakrun. You wont get encounters unless the last ghost you kill is far from the exit.
  153.     In Central 2, grab the RegUP2 on the first path on the left. Also grab the CopyDmg * BMD on the branch closest to the exit.
  154.     Once Central 3 is cleared, go to the Cybeast at the entrance to Seaside Area.
  155.     Megaman is having some... issues. Go get Heatman so we can fix him.
  156.     With Heatman you'll want to pop a sneakrun, doesn't really matter when as long as it's before Central 2.
  157.     Head to Seaside 1. More Soul Weapons! Talk to the collapsed Navi near the entrance and clear out the area.
  158.     At the entrance to Seaside 2 there's a gate. You need a TrnArrow to open it.
  159.         If you don't have a TrnArrow you'll have to fight virus's in Seaside 1 until you get one.
  160.         Ideally, you want 3 TrnArrow Fs for more folder flow.
  161.     In Seaside 2, talk to the collapsed navi and clear out the ghosts.
  162.         You'll want to move down while the 100z cube is opening and shoot a ghost across the movement panels.
  163.     After it's cleared out you've got another gate to deal with. 3 battles in Succession.
  164.     The Navi is standing this time, talk to him and clear out the area.
  165.     Talk to the water thing at the end of the area for another fight.
  166.         If you got M-Boomer, move up and counter the Mett with DublShot. Fire the Boomer when the Quaker lands.
  167.         If you didn't, just wing it. This fight really sucks.
  168.     Jack out and talk to the computer again then take the warp in Central 1 to Lan's homepage and talk to Megaman.
  170.     Beast Out tutorial time. No it's not OP, and we're not using it Kappa.
  171.     Now, with that out of the way, grab Vulcan and Widesword.
  172.     Counter the Mettaur and the Widesword will kill both Gunners.
  173.     Skip cutscenes, jack in, sneakrun up and run to the beast statues in Central 3.
  175.     Circusman time. Behold the power of not using BeastOut or Spout Cross! Use chips and buster as well, i.e. wing it.
  177. Judgeman:
  178.     Run home and get on the net. You're out of sneakruns at this point so make a b-line for the sub-chip dealer.
  179.         If you got an encounter you only need 2 sneakruns.
  180.         If you didn't, buy 3 and use one before moving again.
  181.     Up+Left and talk to the yellow girl navi. Jack out.
  182.     Take the Lev Bus to Seaside and head to the second part of the Aquarium.
  183.     Jack into the monitor along the left wall and talk to either girl navi on the top segment, then jack out.
  184.     Jack into the fish sticks store next to the fountain in Seaside Town. Talk to either navi.
  185.         There's an Unlocker BMD at the bottom left of the comp that you must get.
  186.     Lev Bus back to Central and head up to Class 6-1.
  187.     Talk to the tank across from the kid on the back wall, then talk to the security camera in the right corner and jack in.
  188.     Talk to either navi and jack out.
  189.     Leave the classroom and talk to the kid at the back end of the hallway. This will set something up for later.
  190.         Answer in this order: 2, 3, 3, 1, 2.
  191.     Take the Lev Bus to Green Town.
  192.     Jack into the statue outside. Get RegUP2.
  193.     Keep going straight until after the first set of stairs then turn up to get to the Courthouse.
  194.     After a couple cutscenes, jack into the "TRUTH".
  195.     There's a PMD on the top segment of this comp that you want. Talk to the blue navi to your right then take the warp.
  196.     Take the second warp, then the second warp, the the right stairs. Second branch, second branch again, talk to the gate.
  197.     Jack out and in then talk to the same navi as before, then the green one next to him.
  198.     Run back to the gate and enter Green Area 2.
  199.     Take the first right, then go up and follow the path to a set of two sliders. Cross and go up the stairs.
  200.         Talk to the navi behind the desk and jack out.
  201.     Examine the Flower Bed to the right of the main door for a RegUP2.
  202.     Reg CopyDmg * and add BlkBomb in. Tag BlkBomb F + FireBrn1 F.
  203.     Enter the Court Room and talk to all the NPCs.
  204.     Go home and sleep.
  206.     TalkToMom at home, then take the Lev Bus to Green Town.
  207.     Talk to Ito in at the back of the Court Room. He's got a unique sprite and is the only one there.
  208.     Head back to central town and talk to Mach in the School Lobby.
  209.     Jack into the Camera in 6-1 and talk to the console. FireHit cleans up this fight in one attack with HeatCross.
  210.         Otherwise just buster them all, ElemTrap or whatever else.
  211.     After the fight, jack out and talk to the lockers in the left corner of the room.
  212.     Next up, jack into the console in the Staff Room. Where you did the Blastman scenario.
  213.         Talk to the console behind where Blastman was.
  214.     Take the Lev Bus back to Green Town and talk to the guy outside the Court Room.
  215.     The hall to the right leads to the Punishment Room, go there.
  216.     After the cutscene, continue through the room to the back entrance to the Court Room.
  217.     Run to the middle of the Court Room for a series of cutscenes.
  218.     Hold left after the cutscenes and pass through the door.
  219.     The next door is locked so go talk to the blue navi in the "TRUTH" comp again and come back.
  220.         If you missed the code, it's 153.
  221.     Run through this room and climb up the ladder to start the Judge Tree Comps.
  222.     You can hit L to take a look around the comp when needed.
  223.     Comp 3 will have a BMD in your way towards the end, pick it up.
  224.         Other comps also have BMDs in your way but they're unnecessary (One HP Memory and a RegUp3).
  226.     On the Judgeman fight, wing it. BlizBall doesn't gain damage with the small books.
  228. Elementman:
  229.     After some cutscenes, head to Seaside.
  230.     Talk to the guy next to the Console for the Aquarium Comps (Where you did Diveman).
  231.     Quiz order: 2, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 2
  232.     Edit your folder. This time is kinda different, edit folder 2 first.
  233.         Take out the two DublShot *s.
  234.     Edit Folder 1 and add BlkBomb, Cannon* (and Longsword S).
  235.         You also want to hit select and choose tag chips. Cannon B and Cannon * are best, but any two Cannons work.
  236.         Feel free to take out WhtCapsl/Atk+10 if you're running out of options.
  237.     You're done here, take the Lev Bus to Sky Town.
  238.     Talk to the man in the brown suit by the elevator, then take the elevator up to the second level.
  239.     Get Charge+1 in one of the 4 Comps (I forget OpieOP)
  240.     Compress SlipRun (ALAAALLABR). Remove HP+400. Add Charge+1, Speed+1, SlipRun and HP+300.
  241.     Follow the path straight, and jack into the shower head comp. Hold up+right+b until the animation finishes and you move.
  242.         BAM! Slip Run is a god program right? Don't worry, it's also Auto Run.
  243.     Buy 1 Rush Food from this Punk Navi and jack out.
  245.     Enter the building and talk to the Navi.
  246.     After the cutscene take the door on the right wall, go left at the bottom of the stairs and talk to the console.
  247.     Now take the other path and continue through the elevator.
  248.     You want to jack in to the antenna.
  249.     To your right (Bottom segment) there's a Prog, talk to him and make a link. Don't forget this.
  250.     Continue to the main net (Sky Area 1, not the link you just made!). Don't slip!
  251.     At the top of the first stairs, take the stairs up on the right.
  252.     At the back end of this platform there's an Official Navi, talk to him for a 3 round battle.
  253.     After the battle Slip Right, then down+right, then down+left, then hold right and follow the path you end up on.
  254.     You should see another official navi, talk to it for a 5 round battle.
  255.     Slip directly into him, then slip up+left.
  256.     In Sky 2, slip forward and follow the main path. You'll see some movement panels and a red ghost panel with a bone on it.
  257.     Talk to the red panel, cross and talk to the official for another 5 round battle.
  258.     Up+left lands you next to a movement panel, cross it then slip down+left.
  259.     Take the stairs and go straight, there's another official at the end with a 10 round battle.
  260.         If you die you just have to start the battles again by the way, it's not a game over.
  261.     Go back to the line of movement panels and cross, you should see a blue navi to the right. Talk to it.
  262.     On the other side of that line of panels you probably noticed an orange arch-way.
  263.         It leads to the undernet, that's where you'll be going.
  264.     Cross the first movement panel and slip forward, the down+left. That'll put you on the path you need to be following.
  265.     Take the left turn and grab the BMD on the right segment of the comp.
  266.         Open the Navi Cust, remove HP+300 and add HP+500, just stick it on the bottom, half out of the grid. It'll be fine.
  267.     Then go back and follow the path to a PMD. Unlock it for Muramasa M and put it in the folder.
  268.     You'll get to some stairs with a beast statue, talk to the collapsed navi.
  270.     Megaman is gone again... Time to grab Heatman!
  271.     You have to bring him to the same place, go to Lan's Homepage and take the new warp to get to Sky Area faster.
  272.     After a cutscene you'll be in class 6-1, head home for more cutscenes.
  273.     Back to Sky Town. The elevator isn't working, take the stairs right of it then follow the path to a panel on the wall.
  274.         If you're on the Heli-Pad you went the wrong way.
  275.     You can take the elevator now. You'll get a cutscene and the appliances will start spewing out bad stuff.
  276.     Jack into the back of each and talk to a console in the top left of each comp to stop it.
  277.         Order doesn't really matter, 1>2>3>4 or 4>3>2>1.
  278.         In the forth comp there will be a windbox and starfish. I would advise against using HeatCross usually.
  279.     Continue into the room passed the appliances and examine the lockers.
  280.     Take the door to the far left (note the CopyBot).
  281.     Run through the hall and hold down when outside again.
  282.     After the cutscene, go activate the CopyBot.
  283.     While you were fixing the appliances you probably noticed an off-path on the left, run to the end of it for a cutscene.
  284.     Take the elevator and run straight.
  286.     Welcome to the rainbow macaroni comps.
  287.     These comps involve riding a cloud around to collect rainbow macaroni and circling typhoons with your magic nyan cat powers.
  288.         Yes.
  289.     Hold A to start making a trail after you collect all the macaroni. You need to box in the black clouds.
  290.         Connect the box/circle/whatever at the same place you started it. It's easier to make smaller boxes.
  291.     There are three of these comps and we don't need anything in them. Second comp's cloud is top right.
  293.     Elementman is also easy since he always changes to Wood Style first. Beat him up with Fire chips and other stuff. TrnArrow is good when he changes to Heat Style.
  294.         ElemTrap also works if hes not invuln.
  295.         He'll do wind twice then style change. He also always moves 3 times before attacking.
  297. Blast/DivemanEX:
  298.     Jack in at home and go to Undernet 1.
  299.     From the entrance talk to the red punk navi.
  300.     Then take the first slider the slip forward. You want the path to your immediate left.
  301.     Follow this path to the double sliders in the back and cross them, now talk to the red punk navi by the gate.
  302.     Jack out and go to the Punishment Room in Green Town and talk to the man in it.
  303.     Now head over to Seaside Town and talk to the pink maid lady next to the fountain.
  304.         You have to talk to her three times before she tells you what you want.
  305.     Go back to the gate at the end of Undernet 1, you can pass through now.
  306.     In Undernet 2 follow these slips:
  307.         Up+Left, Up+Right, Down+Right, Up+Right, Up+Left, Down+Left, Down+Right, Down+Left, Down+left.
  308.     Now follow the path left until you come to a ramp. Go up it, and take the path up+right of the warp you see.
  309.     You want the next warp. There's an invisible path in front of the Punk Navi's here with an weird looking thing. Grab it.
  310.     Now jack out and leave your house. Talk to everyone (except the judge lady).
  311.     Go sleep.
  313.     Head to the Lev Station and go to ACDC town!
  314.     Talk to everyone in town except Dex, Mayl and Yai.
  315.     Jack into the squirrel in ACDC park.
  316.     Talk to Roll next to the warp. You can't leave without talking to her, so just slip forward into the warp.
  317.     ACDC Area is pretty linear, follow the main path (right at intersection) and take the warp you see on an off shoot.
  318.     Talk to the gate, the go back through the warp and continue until you see a green section.
  319.     Talk to the shogi piece (orange thing) at the back of that area and go back to the gate.
  320.     Talk to the gate, then the prog and jack out, then back in.
  321.     Talk to Roll again, you can leave this time so don't just slip forward.
  322.     Now you have to run through ACDC passed the green area and follow the movement panels onto the yellow area for a cutscene.
  323.     Go back to where the gate was and take the area transition, following the path takes you to Central 3.
  324.     See that large ramp? You need to go up that, talk to the cloud to remove it and enter Sky 1.
  325.     Walk up the ramp and slip down the one to the left. You should know the way from here, go to Undernet 2.
  326.     In Undernet 2 follow these slips:
  327.         Up+Left, Up+Right, Down+Right, Up+Right, Up+Left, Down+Left
  328.     Don't cross the sliders this time! Take the next set to the right and slip up the ramp.
  330.     BlastmanEX is exactly the same as the normal version pattern-wise. BlizBall H is really good here if you get him in the middle.
  331.     DivemanEX is annoying, but can be dealth with easily with your folder.
  333. Colonel:
  334.     Megaman pls.
  335.     Head home for cutscenes, then take the Bus to Seaside for another. Read your mail.
  336.     Lev Bus to Sky Town and run to the same dead end you took the CopyBot to earlier.
  337.     Now go grab HeatMan. Once on the net, use a sneakrun and run to Central 3.
  338.     Remember where we first saw the Cybeast? There's an official navi there now, talk to him and jack out.
  339.     Take the door at the back of the Staff Room and talk to the Punishment Bot in front of the next door.
  340.     Now run out to the lobby and talk to Mick.
  341.     Back to that door where the robot was, there's a cutscene waiting inside.
  342.     Grab Heatman again and go to the end of that dead end path overhanging the pit in Central 3.
  344.     Welcome to the Underground Areas. Talk to the collapsed navi, you probably know where this is going already.
  345.     Once the area is cleared out, move on to the next area. Yup, there's another collapsed navi.
  346.     Clear it out and run up the ramp in the middle. You may want to save before reaching the top.
  348.     GBeast is the more annoying of the two fights, but it's basically the other bosses you've fought with a shittier buster.
  349.         Try to learn to counter hit him when he uses the claw attack.
  350.         He'll do the claw attack twice, followed by a thunder (ElemTrap works on this).
  351.         Just hit him with chips and charges until you win.
  352.     Colonel is more straight forward. You'll notice a green slash attack he has, it's called CrossDiv.
  353.         If your standing on one of the three panels it targets he'll do it every other attack in rotation with ColArmy.
  354.         He has a third attack that breaks two panels. This could prevent you from reaching him to hit him with chips.
  355.             Try not to let him use it.
  357. BossRush:
  358.     Head over to ACDC Town and jack into the Squirrel.
  359.     The top segment of this comp has a new Prog, talk to him for a link and take it right now.
  360.     Take your other link to Sky Area and go to where you fought BlastmanEX and DivemanEX.
  361.         You'll have to fight some Punk Navi's on the way, you probably want to save before the third one.
  362.     Once you're at the top, go to the right side of platform and read the top post on the BBS.
  363.     When you're sure you've read the right post, jack out.
  364.     Off to Sky town. Remember where you fixed the elevator? Head down there.
  365.     After the cutscene go trigger the next cutscene in Central Park.
  366.     Go home and yet another cutscene will advance the day for you.
  368.     You'll end up in 6-1 again. Talk to Mick in the top corner.
  369.     On the way out, talk to Iris in the School Lobby.
  370.     Talk to Tab in the Chip Shop.
  371.     Jack in at home and take the link you made to ACDC Area.
  372.     Run around the area and talk to Protoman, Roll (right at split, pink section), Gutsman (green), Glyde (yellow).
  373.     Jack out and sleep.
  375.     TalkToMom then meet your friends at Central Park. Go to the left corner of town and pass through the gate.
  376.     Go around to the three buildings and talk to the desk in each (Right corner, Left corner, at the end).
  377.     After entering the Pavilion Plaza again you get cutscened back to Class 6-1 with some beat up Punk Navi's.
  378.     Go to the Principle Office (That's the room the Punishment Bot was guarding earlier).
  379.     Behind the desk examine the bookshelf (one book stands out).
  380.     Go through the passage that opened. It's linear from here.
  382.     The BossRush Comps are styled like the other boss's comps in this order.
  383.         Aqaurium, Judge Tree, Weather, RoboControl. You know how they work, there's nothing we need so just clear them.
  384.         Aquarium is the only one without a boss fight at the end, and Circusman is in RoboControl.
  385.     Once you've beat CircusmanEX head up the stairs and save in front of the door, that's the point of no return.
  386.     Remove SlipRun and HP+500. Add in HP+400 unbugged.
  387.     Remove any ground-based chips (including DublCrak) and replace them with various chips found on your journey. Save and go through the door to fight Falzar.
  388.     Skip through cutscenes and run through the path to Falzar. Wing it and don't tank too many attacks.
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