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  1. It started out as an average Saturday for the fox and dragon duo. The dragon woke up to the fox laying on his chest, didn't move a muscle for about 15 minutes until his little friend woke up. The fox noticed and profusely apologized, red in his cheeks before they got up together to fix breakfast. Well, it would've been a normal day, except today, the dragon had an idea.
  3. "So," Klave, the dragon suddenly said as he cooked up some breakfast for his 1'1" fox friend. "I've been thinking about something lately."
  5. Cuscra, the fox, poked his ears up at this, his small head quickly following to look up at Klave. "What is it?"
  7. Klave turned his attention away from Cuscra to his eggs on the stove, still addressing the fox that eagerly awaited the meal he prepared. "I'll tell you during breakfast."
  9. "Gah, you're always teasing me like this!" Cuscra said with a mocking annoyance. "Whatever, it's fun to be teased a little..."
  11. Klave laughed to himself a little before setting out a small plate for Cuscra, setting out a small strip of bacon and a single egg, putting the rest of what he cooked on his, sitting down into a chair, letting Cuscra sit on the table.
  13. "You liking breakfast?" Klave said, watching his little fox friend dig into the meal prepared for him.
  15. "Hell yes," Cuscra responded, swallowing down his first piece of egg. "So, what was that idea you had earlier?"
  17. "Aw, shit, I hoped you forgot about that..."
  19. "How could I? You can't just dangle something over me and expect me to forget about it..."
  21. "Fair point," the dragon said with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Anyway, I thought it would be fun if we could have a little partnership happening between us two..."
  23. "What do you mean by that?" Cuscra curiously asked. "There's a lot of things that could mean..."
  25. "Well, I thought we, uh... no easy way to say this, is there? I thought we could join up together as one body."
  27. Confused, Cuscra tried to clarify. "Uh, what do you mean by that?"
  29. With the hard part out of the way, talking became easier for Klave. "I thought you could become my tail. You'd have control of that part of me, and I'd have you around with me always."
  31. The fox was surprised, but intrigued. "You'd have to d-digest me to do that, correct?"
  33. "Well... yeah, but it'll be just a little tingling and then you'll get to be a part of me. We'll be able to talk to each other, and we'll never have to be apart." Klave resigned to eating his meal, monitoring Cuscra's reaction to see if he was receptive to the idea.
  35. It was hard to tell what the little fox was thinking. Many emotions swirled through Cuscra's brain, resulting in a mostly confused expression.
  37. Recognizing the confusion, Klave said, "I'll give you some time to think it over if you need it."
  39. Klave was surprised by a quick response from Cuscra. "Yeah, I think I'll take that time... it won't be painful, correct?"
  41. "Absolutely it would not..."
  43. "That's good..." Cuscra finished his breakfast and looked up at Klave. "You think I should do this?"
  45. "I'd like you to," Klave said, trying to be as respectful as possible. "but if you don't want to I'm completely fine with that. We'd be normal, the two of us, separate."
  47. "Well, uh, hmm..." Cuscra entered back into his mind, engaging in very deep thought that showed in his eyes with a clouded vision, staring into the table as if it had a bottomless hole into it.
  49. "Hey." Klave snapped his fingers in front of Cuscra's face, bringing him back to reality. "You come to a decision?"
  51. Cuscra thought for a little bit more, seemingly running anything over again in his head. "Uh, I think so. I want to do it."
  53. Klave leaned back a little, surprised that he'd agree to something like that so quickly. "Are you absolutely certain? When do you want to do it?"
  55. "Does right now sound good?" Cuscra looked excited for what was coming up.
  57. Surprised, Klave said, "Yeah, it does, I'm just surprised you're going for it so quickly."
  59. "I mean, I know you'd never hurt me, and I trust you, so why not?" Cuscra walked up to Klave, putting his tiny paw into his comparatively massive claw.
  61. "Well, let's get to it..." Klave said, picking up the fox in his claw, letting his legs dangle off the side of his hand, walking over to his bedroom and shutting the door behind him.
  63. After Klave laid down on the bed, Cuscra crawled onto the dragon's bulky chest, sitting down. "So," the curious fox asked, "how is this gonna work?"
  65. "I think I'll just have to eat you the normal way... it'll only be a tingling, I promise, and you're going to be my tail as soon as I can make it happen..."
  67. "You don't have to convince me, you already have." Cuscra crawled up towards Klave's face, eventually standing on his snout. "Just open that maw up and do your thing, I can't wait another second."
  69. "Well, if you say so..." Klave let his long tongue slide out of his mouth, curling around the fox standing on him, quickly pulling him into the dragon's warm maw.
  71. The fox giggled with excitement has he was unwrapped, allowed to sit down in the saliva-filled cavern. Klave licked around at his prey, teasing at him with his dark blue tongue.
  73. "You ready?" Klave said, his voice echoing around the inside of his maw.
  75. "Hell yes I am..." the fox said, jumpy with excitement.
  77. "Alrighty then..." Klave swallowed down, sending the fox slowly down his throat. Cuscra squirmed the whole way down, enjoying every moment of being squeezed by Klave's throat until he dropped into his warm stomach.
  79. "God, I've been here so many times, I know this place inside and out," Cuscra said, starting to squirm around inside, pushing against the tight walls around him.
  81. "You've been in there so many times, you certainly know how to please... unfortunately you won't be able to stay in there long." Klave patted the slight bulge on his belly, feeling at the squirming fox.
  83. "Hey, I'm gonna be fine, right? And I'll get to be a part of you forever, with you at all times..." The fox trailed off, obviously getting caught up in his fantasy.
  85. "Hey, you ready?" Klave asked, preparing for what was to come.
  87. "Absolutely I am," Cuscra said confidently.
  89. "Alright, this will just tingle a little bit..." Klave's belly started rumbling and slowly filling with digestive juices, the liquid tingling at Cuscra's fur.
  91. "Wow, uh... it does tingle a little. Feels kinda nice though." Cuscra stopped squirming, taking in the sensation for as long as he could.
  93. "Thanks, I'm glad it's not painful... you know I'd never try to hurt you."
  95. "Wow, this is working pretty quick..." Cuscra's lower body started getting softer. "I'll be your tail in just a little bit..."
  97. "Yeah, you're going to be perfect there..." The small bulge in Klave's abdomen started rounding out as his belly groaned. "We'll see each other soon..."
  99. The rest of Cuscra's body started to be digested as his lower body painlessly vanished. "Thank you Klave..." Cuscra said as the dragon's belly fully digested him with a loud groan, the bulge in Klave's abdomen completely fading away.
  101. "You'll be back soon, don't worry." Klave rolled over, letting his tail up into the air, watching as it immediately started to thicken at the base. "Wow, that happened quickly..." The dragon's tail's thickness increased the whole way up, the tip of the tail turning into a large club with the same thickness, the tip slowly parting to reveal a set of shining teeth.
  103. "Cuscra, you there?" Klave petted over the tail's length, feeling for some signs of life in it.
  105. His tail suddenly jolted, as if it came awake. "Holy shit, where am I?"
  107. "Hey, Cuscra. I guess it worked." The dragon pulled his tail into a hug. "I can finally give you a proper hug now."
  109. Cuscra purred at the sudden embrace. "I'm, uh, so big now."
  111. "Yeah, you're nice and large now, so we can be more similar, if you wanted more of that." Klave continued hugging his tail, giving little kisses to the maw at the end.
  113. "Holy shit, this is incredible..." Cuscra was speaking through the tailmaw, still having his cute voice.
  115. Klave stood up and let Cuscra out behind him and his tail swayed back and forth a little over the bed, the fox getting used to his new form.
  117. Cuscra, still shocked, said "Wow... with a mouth like this, I could..."
  119. "Eat somebody?" Klave finished Cuscra's sentence, knowing what he was gonna say.
  121. "Yeah... I never told you, but I always wondered what that was like." The tail clicked it's teeth together, swallowing down a few times to get a feel for his insides.
  123. "Well, we can test that out, can't we? We can find something to feed you for the time being..." Klave gently ran his hand down his tail's length, getting a little purr out of it.
  125. Cuscra contemplated for a short few seconds before answering. "I don't think anything has sounded better in my life."
  127. The two laughed together before Klave stood up, opening his bedroom door, his tail thrown over his shoulder not by his own doing. As he walked up to the front door, Klave looked at his tail's maw and asked, "You ready for this?"
  129. Cuscra responded quickly. "Hell yes I am."
  131. Klave walked outside and shut the door behind him, setting out to find his new tail's first prey.
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