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  2. Around season 2, we writers had a lot of power taken from us. The producers wanted the show to pull in a much younger crowd that could be sold more toys. This is around the time that Jack became pure comic relief and when all the super flashy attacks were put in.
  3. Season 3 was almost entirely out of our hands, with Bean and all that. We only got in a few things that we originally planned, such as the alternate universe where Chase stayed good. When the merchandise fell through, so did the show.
  4. On the mention of Jack though, you wouldn't believe what what you guys missed. We had a big plan for him to become a dragon warrior. Jack Spicer, Xiaolin Dragon of Metal. Season 3 was supposed to be entirely different
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  6. Season 3 was going to focus more on Heylin magic then before, talking about its origins and its strength. Chase and Wuya more or less turn Zed and Rita from Power Rangers and form a team of Heylin Dragons; (Jesolin) Toxin, (Zhao) Wood, and (Lee) Shadow join their team.
  7. To balance this, the Xiaolin Monks get two new members of their own during the three part opening of the season. Jack, taking up Metal as his element and t a newcomer Markus taking up the element of Light. Markus and Lee are two brothers who take up a big spot light int he season, sibling struggles and all.
  8. The main enemy eventually becomes Lee, the Heylin dragon of Shadow who wants to surpass his brother and stop being his shadow. (see what we did there) He becomes Heylin the Dragon of Darkness and attempts to blow up the universes Chi so only he can be strong. Jack actually plays a huge role in the season finally which was supposed to end the series by "defeating" evil once and for all using the fountain of hui.
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  10. Well it's not canon, but during the Wuya reveal we were sitting around the office and one of our writter's just straight up asked," So Raymundo is totally hitting that right?" So from that point the big joke was that raymundo gave up sex with Wuya to save the world. It got brought up everytime Ray did anything. Get beaten up; he gave up sex for this!? Become team leader; he gave up sex for this!? Got old actually.
  11. Wuya was also going to participate in more fights early on, we wanted her to be equal with Chase. It was producers who decided to make her subservient to Chase in the end. We wanted her to eventually be this constant fear, like she could go pure evil at any moment.
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  13. Ray as the leader was eventually going to lead to the eventual harmony of the world. Long story short, Raymundo was there to teach Omi about redemption and true strength.
  14. Season 3 has the monks learning to control their inner dragons. They find a new teacher in the form of Monk Jun. A tiny little lady of Omi's size, she is no fighter but rather a holder of Chi Gates i.e. the dots. The beginning of their training is marked by a test; they can each ask any question they want and receive the absolute answer to it. Omi asks why Raymundo is the leader. She says because he is not only powerful, he is strong. The example she gives is thus;
  15. Omi, you are powerful enough to make a wave to wash away a village. But are you strong enough to leave the people unharmed?
  16. Ray ends up doing just that with tornados later when he awakens his Wind Dragon. The truth is, Omi is the chosen one, destined to balance the universes chi by becoming the Heylin Dragon of Darkness. This goes with the season theme of darkness not being inherently evil and light not being inherently good. We actually alluded to this int he episode with the Crystal Glasses. The vision showed Omi as an all ruling master of darkness where in reality he was to be a kind hearted master of darkness. That was what the mirror reversed.
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