Vincent vs. Tate

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  1. Vincent glances at the golden hair, the breathless condition, and takes in the explanation in silence. Vincent's aura rises, wispy white and blue smoke that encircles him in a tyrannous maelstrom. The headband atop his forehead burns away, revealing his Third Eye.
  3. At his side is withdrawn his katana in a flourish of light.
  5. "Y'know, I really liked you lot."
  6. The magic from this item empowers you.
  7. Vincent puts on the The Rainbow.
  8. [COM]   Vincent says, "...But yeh' gone too damn far."
  9. You concentrate on the power of your mind and unlock your third eye chakra, increasing your power significantly.
  10. Vincent speaks in the guttural tongue that Amaranth had taught him, hoping to convey something only Tate can hear.
  11. Saiyan has been set as your active language
  12. [SAI]   Vincent says, "I'll kill that lizard bastard if it's the las' thing I do."
  13. [SAI]   Vincent says, "An' 'yer either with me or agains' me."
  14. Vincent fights what'd been his friend in a terrible, terrible, intense fight.
  16. They surge around the planet with Tate unleashing energy the likes of which wreaks destruction on his protective dress. He parries volleys of ki that sunder mountains with ease. Their every step create craters, and the sheer power that Tate possesses forces his knees to buckle, constantly.
  18. But in his stalwart vengance, the man does not falter. He fights without error, without hesitation, every calculated move lead to place Tate in a deadlock. That deadlock is a masterful series of swings with his katana that devastate, giving him the advantage...
  20. Chest heaving, sweat dripping from his brow, aura dwindling, Vincent stands triumphant over his former comrade.
  22. "...Leave, Tate."
  24. That form was draining his energy. It didn't take some master to figure that out. Vincent would've had even a harder time, if not an impossible time, were the other man not being sapped dry by the very power he commanded. That was not a win that it was possible he would take by itself.
  26. "I'll gather the Dragonballs, an' restore my world. Tell Amaranth that Vincent said we need to talk - an' tell Arcturus..."
  28. A bottle of rum is slid toward the saiyan.
  30. "He's gonna need tha'."
  31. You made a Rum
  32. Tate stops expanding their muscles
  33. [OOC]   RD-209 says, ( RAW )
  34. [SAI]   Vincent says, "Neither of us will die today - but if you have the strength to end me next time, so be i'."
  35. [SAI]   Vincent says, "I deserve to die."
  36. Vincent plays patiently -
  38. The two zip around each other, their battle razing the plains of Namek, leveling trees and sundering the earth. Vincent is exhausted. The human isn't conditioned for back and forths like this, blitzing opponents with ease or being crushed, usually. Tate was evasive, and above all else, tenacious, with any given move of his having the potential to crush him.
  40. So he's fast, tenacious, dashing about with the deliberate, cautious air of one who is not trying to lose. Tate was ruthless - unlike him - and a loss here meant the loss of his life.
  42. And with him went his world.
  44. "...The revive 'yer race.."
  46. The alcoholic stabs his sword into the ground, heaving for air at this point, blood dripping from his forehead and intermingled with sweat.
  48. "Work wit'' I'll..."
  50. Somehow, as he spoke the words, he knew they were futile.
  52. This wouldn't end until one of them dropped.
  53. You concentrate on the power of your mind and unlock your third eye chakra, increasing your power significantly.
  54. You repress the power of your third eye chakra.
  55. *Tate couldn't pinpoint Vincent within the sight of his beams, the man ducking and sidestepping out of every position that would have been advantageous for him. This ended with Tate left on the ground, bloodied and grasping at the dirt once more. His Super Saiyan transformation had left, but there was something in his eyes that seemed to convey that he wasn't going to back down this easily. This fight was important to him - making sure that this man didn't lay a finger on Lord Arcturus was the priority.
  57. "You can't leave me here.." he spoke, stumbling to his feet. His head was pointed towards the ground, a shadow cast over his face. He was winded, having taken two beatings by this point. But the way this situation had unfolded, it couldn't end up well for either of them. Vincent could run away with his tail between his legs, but it would come back to bite him.
  59. "I already know.. too much. Your plan. I'll tell them. I'll tell everyone in our army, including the man himself." he admitted, still speaking in the Saiyan language. He did this knowing that there were spectators on the sidelines listening to his every word. There were some things that they were better off not understanding. This was a fight between two men.
  61. "And I won't stop fighting until I drop dead fulfilling that promise I made! If you want to even so much as breathe in the direction of my Lord, you have to go through me!" he shouted, his hair shifting to that golden hue once more as he leapt forward on the offensive.*
  62. [SAI]   Vincent says, "..."
  63.  *Aiko had been trained upon watching her husband and the Saiyan duke it out - and though Vincent had fallen once, she had full confidence that he wouldn't fall again. He was strong, incredibly so. As the Android spoke up, she turned to look at him - it? Before shaking her head,
  65. ".... That's besides the point. Lord Arcturus made our home a barren hellscape of fire.... It's not.... Right," she said simply, shaking her head.*
  66. You have enabled your energy fists
  67. [SAI]   Vincent says, "...You'll make me kill you..."
  68. [SAI]   Vincent says, "I don't understan'."
  69. [SAI]   Vincent says, "..."
  70. [SAI]   Tate says, "Don't you get it? I'm already a dead man walking."
  71. [SAI]   Vincent says, "It don't 'ave to be like this. You an' I, Amaranth. The three of us, we can kill Arcturus, and we can use the Dragonballs to bring back your people, -an'- mine."
  72. RD-209 has logged out.
  73. [COM]   Aiko says, "...."
  74. [COM]   Aiko says, "Wish I knew what they were saying."
  75. [SAI]   Vincent says, "You won' 'ave to bow to anyone - you'll be 'yer own master."
  76. [COM]   RD-209 says, "Resigned confession: I do not know what they're saying either."
  77. [SAI]   Tate says, "Without him? There'd be no Tate. There'd be no Saiyan race. I'm indebted to him for as long as my life runs it's course. And if there's one thing you've got to know about me.."
  78. Tate is waiting 30 seconds.
  79. [SAI]   Tate says, "It's that I don't go back on my word."
  80. [SAI]   Vincent says, "..."
  81. Tate's muscles suddenly expand (x2)
  82. [SAI]   Vincent says, "I'll remember, Tate..."
  83. [SAI]   Vincent says, "I'll remember."
  84. 10
  85. 9
  86. 8
  87. 7
  88. 6
  89. 5
  90. 4
  91. 3
  92. 2
  93. 1
  94. Tate has waited 30 seconds.
  95. GO!
  96. Vincent's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  97. Focus has been disabled!
  98. You can't use this skill for 0.5 seconds.
  99. You stop flying.
  100. You stop flying.
  101. [OOC]   Aiko says, ( ow )
  102. Vincent stops expanding their muscles
  103. You begin powering up
  104. Tate begins to charge a Beam!
  105. Focus has been enabled!
  106. Vincent's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  107. Tate begins to fire a Beam!
  108. Tate begins to charge a Beam!
  109. Tate begins to fire a Beam!
  110. Focus has been disabled!
  111. Vincent stops expanding their muscles
  112. Focus has been enabled!
  113. Tate begins to charge a Beam!
  114. You stop powering up
  115. Tate begins to fire a Beam!
  116. You begin powering up
  117. Tate begins to charge a Beam!
  118. You stop powering up
  119. Tate begins to fire a Beam!
  120. Tate begins to charge a Galic Gun!
  121. You begin powering down
  122. Tate begins to fire a Galic Gun!
  123. You stop powering down
  124. You begin powering up
  125. You stop powering up
  126. You begin powering up
  127. You return your power to its normal levels
  128. Tate begins to charge a Beam!
  129. Tate begins to fire a Beam!
  130. Vincent's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  131. Vincent stops expanding their muscles
  132. Focus has been disabled!
  133. Tate begins to charge a Beam!
  134. You stop flying.
  135. Tate begins to fire a Beam!
  136. Vincent gets angry!
  137. You begin powering up
  138. Vincent's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  139. Focus has been enabled!
  140. Vincent stops expanding their muscles
  141. Tate begins to charge a Final Flash!
  142. You stop flying.
  143. Tate stops expanding their muscles
  144. Tate's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  145. Tate begins to fire a Final Flash!
  146. [OOC]   Aiko says, ( holy shit )
  147. You stop flying.
  148. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( that )
  149. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( was )
  150. You stop flying.
  151. You stop flying.
  152. Vincent is knocked out by low health!
  153. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( so fucking intense )
  154. [OOC]   RD-209 says, ( LOL I was so quick on the draw there )
  155. [OOC]   Aiko says, ( ........... )
  156. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( what the fuck )
  157. [OOC]   Aiko says, ( UYMMMMM )
  158. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( holy shit )
  159. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( LOL )
  160. [OOC]   RD-209 says, ( Oh, you were PU'd too high. )
  161. [OOC]   Tate says, ( RAW )
  162. Tate stops expanding their muscles
  163. Vincent regains consciousness.
  164. You have become too tired to continue projecting your energy
  165. You have disabled your energy fists
  166. Focus has been disabled!
  167. Tate regains consciousness.
  168. [OOC]   RD-209 says, ( LOL )
  169. [OOC]   RD-209 says, ( And they got up at the same time. )
  170. [OOC]   Tate says, ( oh yeah )
  171. [OOC]   Tate says, ( that brings me to 3 ko's, doesn't it )
  172. [OOC]   Tate says, ( and you to 2 )
  173. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( yes )
  174. Tate has entered RPMode!
  175. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( that was legit infinitely more anime than i knew curtain call could be )
  176. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( that was fucking nuts )
  177. [OOC]   Tate says, ( i was in the call with magi like )
  178. [OOC]   Tate says, ( "i know it won't work... but there's only one way i can end this fight" )
  179. [OOC]   Tate says, ( as i started charging final flash )
  180.  *Vincent matches Tate in a final, stunning battle, the two of them shaking with impassioned fury as they clash again and again, speeding all throughout the planet.
  182. They vanish and what becomes of them generates shockwaves, high-speed zanzoken rushes as his blade lashes out at supersonic speed, impacting the explosive projectiles that level everything they so much as glance. The energy that coarses through him rises exponentially over time, above and beyond what he could even hold...
  184. And then, in the face of Tate's ultimate attack, Vincent charges forward.
  186. It looks like suicide, tantamount to madness, and he's a hair's breadth from being engulfed by a wave of energy of bright yellow that sears him just from daring to stand so close to it's regal presence:
  188. Final Flash.
  190. Zanzoken, a technique he'd learned from them.
  192. Vincent's afterimage is all that remains in the entire vicinity of where he'd stood as Tate's beam propels forth with the velocity and raw ki that'd suffice to level a planet, and devours everything that'd been where he'd stood. And Vincent, searing, bloody, screaming Vincent, attacks Tate with a powerful combination, going for the knockout...
  194. Only for the insane bastard to whip the Final Flash around while getting clocked in the dome.
  196. The brilliant technique veers off and destroys the entire plateau, singes him, and for a moment, he swears he is dead, everything is white, and the man is stunned...
  198. And then stands up and on both legs, now, although they quiver. He looks more than like he's been through the ringer - the man is, in every definition of the word, struggling to stand. He trembles, using his sword as a support to keep going, and through his body coarses the little that remains within his ki reservoirs.
  200. Was it finally over?
  202. Dragging himself over using his katana as a walking stick, limping with his clothes utterly torn asunder, he looks down and at Tate, the two men having pushed each other to their very limit.
  204. "...My world's gone...and so's 'yers.."
  206. A heavy silence as the man from a dead world speaks in a dead language to another man from a dead world.
  208. "But if yeh' had a shot at the bloke who did it..."
  210. He coughs blood.
  212. "Wouldn' yeh' take it?"
  214. Vincent waits.*
  215. RD-209's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  216. RD-209 stops expanding their muscles
  217. It is now September of Year 211 AW (9/211)
  218. You are now 18.2 years old
  219. OOC: Mike43:  Why is lava everwhere?
  220. OOC: M o l d y Lunchboxx:  earth is byebye
  221. OOC: Zenma:  planet's surface is fucked up and uninhabitable
  222. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  Yep
  223. OOC: Mike43:  hA
  224. OOC: Mike43:  Well fuck there goes my Idea of Ending earth
  225. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  I still have ideas for events to do.
  226. OOC: Tipsyrooster:  lmao who tf ever were u
  227. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  Mike
  228. OOC: Mike43:  The Necromancer of Earth
  229. OOC: Mike43:  That's Who I was. .  still am
  230. OOC: Mike43:  I like how my island seems fine.
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  238. OOC: Mike43:  Guess it's time for the Necromancer to explore space and find some courpses. .  or . . . oh no this is perfect.
  239.  *Tate // From the moment that the battle start, he knew it. This would be the final bout, the one that decided both of their lives. The stage was set on planet Namek, the dragon balls still scattering off in different directions and nestling themselves on different parts of the planet. What they fought for went beyond that, it was a battle that absolutely wouldn't end until someone took their last breath. These were two men, drawing out every ounce of strength that they had in a deathmatch.
  241. For a Saiyan, this is everything that he had ever dreamed of and more. Knowing that he could lose his life at any second, pushing onward despite the burning pain as his emotion brought him to new heights. This was the greatest battle that he ever had. If it was his last, he wouldn't have a single regret. Until his dying breath, he fought for his Lord. And what a fight it was. This was the closest thing to peace that a Saiyan could get.
  243. "There's only one way this can end!"
  245. His final attack, the greatest display of destructive power that he had. Passed down from the late King of Vegeta to himself, an omen. Everything about it spoke his heritage. It was his pride, and he wouldn't be caught dead using it where it didn't matter. His most powerful signature attack. Spreading his arms and legs out and gathering an immense store of energy, Mother Namek did not react well to this disturbance.
  247. "Final..."
  249. The skies darkened overhead, cracks sent through the ground as he floated at the epicenter of an enormous crater. Thunder rocketed off into the distance, the tides of the planet thrown for a loop as waves pushed out from Namek's ocean. He brought his hands forward, grinding his teeth together as an extremely volatile ball of golden ki gathered within his palm.
  251. "FLASH!"
  253. A massive golden beam of energy exploded from his hands, holding a claim to every last drop of energy that Tate had gathered. He went absolutely wild, rotating the course of his final attack. Whether or not he brought Vincent to the ground, it didn't matter. His hair had returned to the usual jet black, and there wasn't any strength left in him. When the dust cleared, it was clear that the Saiyan had lost.
  255. "Yeah.." he murmured, staring up towards the skies of Namek as the clouds began to clear. Quite poetically, one of Namek's suns peeked through an opening and basked Vincent in a circle of sunlight. ".. and that's what we did, too. We.. ran the Tuffles off of this planet. Killed plenty. It was.. probably the second most satisfying thing I've ever done." he admitted, grinning.
  257. "But, Earth? I'm afraid.. I don't really have a claim to that place. And so long as I'm still livin' my life, you're not getting a piece of that cake. So.. You should kill me while you can." he gave Vincent his ultimatum. But for some reason, he didn't seem to have any kind of problem with this. A dead man, given another chance. Finding peace in a way befitting of a Saiyan warrior, it was obvious that this was more fulfilling than to be given pity. Especially now of all times.*
  258. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  (have you hit FBM)
  259. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  woops
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  262. OOC: NotCoolBro:  Did anyone hit FBM yet?
  263. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  I have
  264. OOC: NotCoolBro:  What race, human?
  265. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  Yep
  266. OOC: Khaos_Dragon777:  sitting at 859k
  267. OOC: Daringdan127:  Aliens hit fbm yet?
  268. OOC: Morthel:  should
  269. OOC: Morthel:  need an AT?
  270. OOC: Trooper43G:  AT?
  271. OOC: Daringdan127:  Nah I def dont have bp req yet
  272. Aiko has automatically been set to AFK!
  273.  *Vincent knew that this was how things had to be.
  275. Vincent withdraws his katana from the dirt. Where he'd had no strength...well, he still had no strength. Will alone sustained him, will alone drove him. Determination guided his wobbly legs, rose his heavy eyelids.
  277. ".."
  279. The human had seen the death of his friend, drank himself damn near to a coma. The thin smile on his face is absolutely ludicrous in the face of the havoc that'd been reaped on his body, but here, after all that he'd undergone and everything he had suffered through, the man couldn't possibly process all that had transpired. What he had been able to, surprisingly, accomplish, and Tate's life, his legacy.
  281. Death isn't a thing of beauty. Death was cold, alone, and on some foreign planet, aeons from home - if the cells in their body even remembered home. Vincent's did. He didn't know if Tate's could, given all these years, all of this suffering.
  283. There was no rain to mask tears, so there were no tears. A man couldn't cry.
  285. Lightning had streaked across the skies and now the sun itself enshrouds him in wonder, as if the scene here were something biblical, to be immortalized to the end of time. Vincent's sword raises up, stalwartly, and he sucks in a deep breath.
  287. "Arcturus won't be long behind ye'."
  289. And so that was it - because purple prose and dramatic farewells were beyond the two warriors who now wholly respected each others' species.
  291. Why would there be words delivered from the heart, poetics, a swan song?
  293. That wasn't what Saiyan was about.
  295. Vincent looks Tate in the eyes one final time as the life is extinguished from Arcturus's prized Saiyan warrior, an elite, rare commodity of the universe that was irreplaceable, one of the only that remained of his kind, bred for combat, unmatched, and having reached an impossible height with his impossible soul.
  297. A sword is driven into Tate's heart as Vincent finally realizes the words, the pronounciation of Saiyan words he hadn't before. He achieved full fluidity in a language of savages, felt alive like he'd never been before, with every muscle in his body screaming, writhing in agony, crying for an end. Tate had reached the status of myth - he was a living fable, a Saiyan legend whispered of on begotten winds by a people long gone. He was a Super Saiyan, unmatched in Heaven or on Earth, and the very cosmos seemed to mourn as his golden soul was relinquished from this mortal plane.
  299. Vincent drops to a knee as if the very effort of killing something so immensely powerful had scarred his very soul.
  301. And his eyes close in respect...
  303. For a Super Saiyan.*
  304. [COM]   Aiko says, "......"
  305. You concentrate on the power of your mind and unlock your third eye chakra, increasing your power significantly.
  306. You repress the power of your third eye chakra.
  307. Common has been set as your active language
  308. Current Admins:
  309.     Lyiat
  310.     Morthel
  311.     Karmatic102
  312.  *Aiko hadn't ever really witnessed death in front of her - not like this. She stared in silence, eyes wide. Death was indeed cold, destructive - it broke up friendships, families... It broke lives. Literally. Aiko had been blessed and cherished with having avoided all of that.
  314. Up til' now.
  316. Now she was foreced with the harsh reality that this was what they had to do - to stop Arcturus. To gain revenge for Earth. She was silent for a long time, before her gaze shifted to Vincent. She seemed shocked, and finally emotion flooded her face. Her bottom lip trembled, eyes watering, as she just sat there in silence. What could she say, truly?
  318. She had been so close to losing -Vincent-, that the thought of Tate dying never really... Occurred to her. She sprung upwards, attempting to hug the man tightly, even if he was injured, destroyed, dirty - she didn't care. She hugged him tightly, thankful that at least, at the end of the day? He was alive.*
  319. Super Elder Kami Guru Kazoo removes the Boxing Gloves.
  320.  *Vincent is grabbed. Held. Hugged. The sensation of it, whatever she did, was lost on him. He wobbles backward, the blade remaining embed in Tate, left there as if it were the Master Sword sealed within the Pedastal of Time.
  322. He doesn't lean on her for support, or anything of that nature. He just remains kneeled, bloodied, clothes ruined...he looks like a statue, unable to move a muscle. It's as if he's a monk, locked in prayer, at the end of his pilgrimage.
  324. It's like Aiko's not even there.
  326. This was just so much more important.
  328. Any who'd just arrived would see Vincent matted in blood, sweat, and dirt, burns on his entire left-side. He's shallowly breathing, but that's the only indicator he's even still alive...that and that he remains on his knees.
  330. But otherwise, he is unmoving.*
  331. This is   Marta.
  332. +603'787 BP to each melee attack. However this bonus cannot exceed double your own BP no matter how great the sword is. Swords are twice as easy to evade for your Opp compared to melee attacks.
  333. Power enchantment of 5%
  334. You already have a sword equipped.
  335. Vincent removes the The Rainbow.
  336. Vincent's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  337. Vincent stops expanding their muscles
  338. Focus has been enabled!
  339. Focus has been disabled!
  340. Focus has been enabled!
  341. You concentrate on the power of your mind and unlock your third eye chakra, increasing your power significantly.
  342. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( ARE YOU UGLY NIGGAS )
  344. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( UNIRONICALLY )
  345. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( IS THAT REAL FUCKING LIFE )
  346. [OOC]   Akira says, ( yes  )
  347. [OOC]   Super Elder Kami Guru Kazoo says, ( You're actually jealous. It's okay. )
  348. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( Y'ALL SO FUCKING UGLY )
  349. [OOC]   Vincent says, ( ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFL )
  350. [OOC]   Akira says, ( ROFL )
  351. [OOC]   Akira says, ( my profile dope tho don't hate )
  352. [OOC]   Super Elder Kami Guru Kazoo says, ( look dog if you thought UP was gonna be some gay vanilla buff )
  353. [OOC]   Super Elder Kami Guru Kazoo says, ( think again )
  354. Vincent's muscles suddenly expand (x4)
  355. Focus has been disabled!
  356. Vincent stops expanding their muscles
  357. You repress the power of your third eye chakra.
  358. This is   ScannerTate.
  359. Level 70 ScannerTate (883'483 BP)
  360. This is   Scanner.
  361. Level 79 Scanner (1'232'598 BP)
  362.  * Kazoo arrives to find Vincent, battered and bloodied, standing over the corpse of his now dead best friend. There is.. A twinge of emotion. Sadness, anger, regret.. And then it vanishes with a single, cleansing breath. The life of someone close to him had been put out, one of the last Saiyans to live met his end by an Earthling.. Another person Kazoo thought to be his friend. To think that this was the outcome.. That this was the only thing that they could have come to? Kazoo simply could not believe it.
  364. He steps forward, approaching only to lift the body of his fallen Captain. Of perhaps the closest friend the Namekian had ever made. A mournful grimace is give to his contented face, and a look to Vincent. "Is this going to fix your planet?" He asks simply. "Are you satisfied with ending lives in the same senseless manner that they do?"
  366. He should hope not.
  368. Kazoo shakes his head, disappointed in the man, and stalked off. Last rites needed to be had, and his friend needed to be seen off well.*
  369.  *Akira could feel his Vincent's ki as well as another. In the time that passed, Akira came to realize that the ki of Tate... had disappeared just moments ago. In response to Kazoo's words, Akira moved to follow the Namekian, flying towards where he knew his friend and ally to be... and yet there was a sense of dread that filled Akira to his very core. He'd sensed the battle from afar prior, but all the same he didn't get involved-- he was sure that Vincent wouldn't have wanted him to.
  371. Yet... what he saw wasn't pleasant.
  373. Hovering in the air with his breath held, Akira scans the scene-- aside from the obvious destruction and carnage that raged across the battlefield, he notices three individuals in particular... no, two. Aiko is there, and within her embrace is Vincent. Nearby... Tate. The fallen Saiyan's body is there, and stabbed through him is Vincent's blade.
  375. "You...did you...?" Akira mumbles, shaking his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe it-- Tate, the very man whom he'd spoken to earlier... dead and gone. Tate, someone he considered his 'friend', and also someone who'd killed many. Tate... a warrior of the mighty Saiyan race was dead.
  377. And Vincent was the one to do the deed.
  379. "Just... what the hell is going on here. What does this have to do with saving our home, with protecting people?!" He'd arrived late... but even then, he doesn't understand. He probably wouldn't understand even if he was told face-to-face. "He's... he was our friend, wasn't he? Isn't he?!"*
  380.  *Aiko remained silent, as she eventually pulls herself away from Vincent, to stare at Kazoo solidly for a long time, before shook her head,
  382. "It was either him or Vincent - ... What was he supposed to do?" she asked.*
  383. OOC: WorldsEnds:  nope
  384. [OOC]   Akira says, ( brb )
  385.  *Vincent soaks in their criticism, takes in their words. He does so because that is who Vincent is, to his core, to the very depths of his being, a man who'd shoulder the burden of doing what no one else wanted to, of striving to matter in a meaningless world, doing that which others shied away from. A face shadowed by the veil of his bangs, a thin smile. Hints, small ones, toward his internal conflict, the ongoing strife that had become every waking moment of his miserable, pitiable existence.
  387. "Stop," he requests of Aiko. It's very plainly obvious he is speaking to her, of everyone here, because his head turns to face her, and her directly. Afterward, his hand grips the hilt of the katana embed within what'd been one of his most memorable allies...and friends. It is extracted, because he still needs it. Because in the fights to come, against some of the most fiercesome enemies he'd ever know, he'd need every iota of his strength.
  389. Who was he to tell them they were wrong?
  391. An alcoholic.
  392. A sinner.
  393. A deadbeat.
  394. A failure.
  395. A schemer.
  397. And so he takes anything they'd dish out, and he does so while raising up on legs that shouldn't still move. He wobbles while standing, sucking in a deep breath, and then begins walking off, by his own power, leaving the body to Kazoo, for him to do with what he would.
  399. Because none of those sins could take away from what he truly was, the insurmountable spirit and determination that was so inherently flawed, hypocritical, self-contradicting native to what could only be one thing, something unlike anything else in this cosmos:
  401. A human.*
  402. [???]   Vincent thinks, < I can't rest...until he's dead. >
  403. OOC: Bushido Brownskin:  wish i knew how much bp i have
  404. [COM]   Kazoo says, "We should go, Akira."
  405. [???]   Vincent thinks, < One by one, he'll lose 'is army. And then, I'll take him, too. >
  406. [COM]   Kazoo says, "There's nothing we can save, here."
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