Disciplining time

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >your screen lies on the floor, broken
  2. >and before you there is Dandelion, pulling off her best puppy dog eyes
  3. >you feel a vein throb
  4. >she did not listen to you at all
  5. >she was having fun all over your place and you told her to settle down before she broke something
  6. >and she chose not to listen and here the two of you are
  7. “Dandelion is very sorry Anon...”
  8. >a simple sorry won’t cut it
  9. >”Dandelion, I told you to stop goofing around too much before you broke something, and you did not listen. I am going to have to punish you”
  10. >Dandelion tries the tearful puppy dog eyes look but your heart is stone
  11. >you lift her up, making her go eep and sit down while placing her on your lap for a spanking
  12. >you lift your hand, and bring it down on Dandelions flank
  13. >she yelps as your palm connects with the soft little butt
  14. >her butt is surprisingly firm and perky
  15. >but you can’t let that distract you, so you slap her again
  16. >and again
  17. >and again
  18. >each time making her tense up and yelp
  19. >yes, this should be enough, you slap her one more time
  20. >Dandelion yelps, but you catch something else coming out of her mouth
  21. “M-more...”
  22. >wait what hold the fuck on
  23. >you process the situation and notice that there is wetness on the palm of your hand
  24. >Dandelion, she possibly couldn’t
  25. >you take a look at her backside and yes, she is wet
  26. >”You’re not supposed to enjoy this”
  27. >you slap her again
  28. “Mmhh”
  29. >”Stop enjoying this”
  30. >slap
  31. “MMmmh ooh”
  32. >”Stop being a bad girl Dandelion”
  33. >Dandelion turns to look at you, her cheeks flush with arousal and eyes hazy
  34. “B-but Dandelion is a bad girl...”
  35. >did your dick just twitch?
  36. >it’s her fault for being so sexy while getting spanked, bad girl
  37. >another spank, this one with more force
  38. >she lets out another moan
  39. >you spank her few more times until her wetness has made the slaps sound way too lewd
  40. >Dandelion is now panting and there’s an unfamiliar sound in the air which is heavy with Dandelions scent
  41. >you look at her butt area
  42. >she’s absolutely drenched and winking
  43. >you have to take a moment
  44. >how can this little filly get so much pleasure out from getting spanked?
  45. >you have to spank her more to see what happens
  46. >you have all together forgotten that you were supposed to be punishing her
  47. >”Do you want to be spanked more Dandelion?”
  48. “Yes please spank dandelion more!”
  49. >her voice, dear god her voice
  50. >it is filled with desperation, she really wants this
  51. >and give it you will
  52. >you slap on her wet butt again, and then again
  53. “Aaah yes!”
  54. >you quicken your pace until you are slapping her at a rapid speed
  55. >Dandelion grabs one of the pillows on your couch and bites it while trying to desperately hold her moans inside herself
  56. >her fluids are spreading all over the place, flying about as your palm connects with her behind
  57. >Dandelion herself starts to slightly move her body as well, rocking so that she pushes her behind against your incoming palm in rhythm
  58. >the sounds she is making are so erotic
  59. >your boner is now poking against her chest area as she squirms in your lap
  60. >it rubs your member in a good way trough your pants
  61. >Dandelions frame starts to move more erratically and she lets the pillow out of her grip
  62. “Ah ah ah ah spank Dandelion more!”
  63. >your hand has now lost feeling on its palm but you keep going
  64. >suddenly fluids gush out from Dandelions little rose as her body is rocked by a powerful orgasm
  65. >they absolutely drench your hand
  66. >you cease your assault on her behind and let the poor filly catch her breath as she pants with her tongue out
  67. >an idea pops into your mind
  68. >”...Dandelion, now look at my hand and the mess you’ve made! I’m going to have to give you another spanking!”
  69. >Dandelion turns her still rosy face towards you and looks at you with hazy bedroom eyes
  70. “Yes, please spank Dandelion more~”
  71. >and that you did until her fifth orgasm made you loose yourself too and cream all over the insides of your pants
  73. and bam, full house
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