God Of Succ [NSFW]

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  1. @@ This is the inferior version of this mad, mad tale.
  2. @@ To view the tale in it's full glory, view it at
  4. >"Hghk! Gahk!"
  5. >The little rainbow-haired pony continues choking down on your schlong, a modest bulge forming in her throat each time she bottoms out.
  6. >A real pro, this one.
  7. >Hasn't even come up for air, yet!
  8. >"Hey, who's there?" calls a certain purple voice, from behind the barn door.
  9. >Shit.
  10. >Rainbow Dash freezes at the sound, her throat constricting just enough to push you over the edge.
  11. >Not content to let it end this way, you pull her head back down as she tries to pull off of you, sheathing your cock down her throat once again.
  12. >The barn door opens as you begin to fire down her gullet.
  13. >"What the…?" exclaims Twilight, a silent Starlight in tow. "Anon, what are you doing here?"
  14. "N-nothing," you lie smoothly.
  15. >Or at least, as smooth as you can while shooting off, with Dash's writhing, panicked body conveniently hidden behind this hay bale.
  16. >"Anon, seriously, what are you doing?"
  17. "O-okay," you concede, "I… may have needed a little… breather from sitting in the castle all day."
  18. >Heh, you can feel Dash's eyes boring into you from here.
  19. >"So, you chose a… barn?"
  20. "Yep! All the hay takes me right back to my childhood, y'see!"
  21. >As if.
  22. >Twilight spends a few moments scrutinizing you, with Dash's hoof tapping on your thigh.
  23. >"O-okay, Anon," she finally concedes.
  24. >You sigh with relief.
  25. >She actually bought it, thank God.
  26. >"J-just tell me when you leave next time, all right?"
  27. "You got it," you finish, giving her the traditional white supremacist hand gesture of 'OK'.
  28. >Dash's tapping gets more and more frantic, as Twilight turns around and leaves the barn.
  29. >The instant the door slams shut, you release Dash's head, letting her pull off of you with a wet, lewd pop.
  30. "Whew, that was a close one, wasn't it?"
  31. >She's not in any position to respond, coughing and gasping for air, your spunk covering most of her mouth.
  32. "Aw, come on, no need to be so blue about it!"
  33. >She glares right back at you, her bright red blush giving away how much she actually enjoyed it all.
  34. >"h…t y…u…"
  35. "Uh, what?"
  36. >"b…ck y…u…"
  37. "Come again?"
  38. >"t…ilh…le…"
  39. "Quesque cest?"
  40. >"Wow," comes Starlight's smug voice, "Never heard her go hoarse, before."
  41. "Hah, yeah, guess not, huh? Guess they should… call me… the…"
  42. >Both you and Dash slowly turn to the top of the hay bale, where a very smug Starlight was lying, leering down at the two of you.
  43. "What the fuck?!" you exclaim, both you and Dash falling onto your backs. "I-I thought you left!"
  44. >"As if. I could smell your horsing around, the second the door opened."
  45. "Right! Uh, right, uh, well… a-and Twilight didn't…?"
  46. >"Anon, does she look like she's ever gotten laid before in her life?"
  47. >You raise your finger in preparation to speak, but lower it just as quickly.
  48. "Touche."
  49. >Dash flies up into her face, wheezing something unintelligible.
  50. >"No, no, don't worry, I won't tell a soul about what I saw."
  51. >Both you and Dash sigh with relief.
  52. >"On one condition."
  53. >Nevermind, we're back to tense.
  54. >Starlight lids her eyes, licking her lips while staring down at you.
  55. >Or rather, down at your pecker.
  56. >"Ten-thirty. My room. Don't be late, mister 'hoarse fucker'."
  57. >She levitates herself out of the barn, closing the doors again with a little boop to her own snout.
  58. >Leaving both you and Dash to stare at one another, processing what just happened.
  59. "Well, uh… I've had worse?"
  60. >She just rolls her eyes, then lands back down on top of you, giving you a little 'clean-up'.
  61. >Man, that's awesome.
  62. >Mares rule, girls drool.
  64. @@@@@@@@
  66. >"Ahh, you came,~" Starlight coos, as you enter the room.
  67. "Not quite yet," you shoot back, admiring the little show she's put on for you.
  68. >Man, lying in that bed, with the velvety covers, and the candles?
  69. >Shit, she even broke out the stockings for this, huh?
  70. >"Mmm, you're right," she moans, beckoning you forth. "Guess we'll have to fix that, won't we?"
  71. >All you do is smile back, ripping your clothes off with the skill and finesse of Hulk Hogan.
  72. >You don't even have time to sit down on the bed, the mare just floating you on top of it, and smashing her lips against yours.
  73. >Geez, someone's thirsty.
  74. >A few choice kneads of her flank, and she sits on top of you, grinding against your little trooper.
  75. >"Mmmh… you've got no idea how long I've needed this…"
  76. "Do I get three guesses?"
  77. >"No," she giggles, kissing you again, and lining the tip up with her--
  78. ! SMASH
  79. >"Starlight!" booms a certain blue mare. "What is this emergency that you required the Great and Powerful…"
  80. >Starlight freezes, a look of horror on her face as she stares at Trixie.
  81. >You stare, too, but with the smuggest of looks that even Pepe would have a hard time topping.
  82. >"T-Trixie?"
  83. >Man, they both said that in total sync.
  84. "Ayy, Trix, what's up?"
  85. >"Wh-wh-what is the meaning of this?!"
  86. "Well, I'd say it has something to do with you getting my letter."
  87. >"Y-Your letter? But I thought it was her letter!"
  88. "I lied," you say in your best Schwarzenegger impression.
  89. >You take that opportunity to grab hold of Starlight's hips, and spear her down on your mighty blade.
  90. >She cries out, Trixie gasping in response, the blush on her face growing even bigger.
  91. >Oh yeah, she's totally into this.
  92. >All according to keikaku.
  93. >"What was that?" says a certain purple voice from behind Trixie. "Trixie, what's the matter?"
  94. >"N-nothing, Twilight!" Trixie responds, whirling around, leaning out of the door, waving to where Twilight is.
  95. >"But I heard--"
  96. >"Her yell, yes! She was simply elated to have the Great and Powerful Trixie visit her at this hour!"
  97. >"Oh, okay, but--"
  98. >"Sorry, Twilight Sparkle, but the hour is late, and the Impatient and Flustered Trixie has no time to waste!"
  99. >"But--"
  100. >"You'vebeenawonderfulaudiencegoodbye!"
  101. >And with that, she slams the door, turning to face you two with a furious blush occupying her face.
  102. >"N-now what is the meaning of this, you b-brute?!"
  103. "Aww, come on, don't tell me you're not digging this?"
  104. >"Th-that is irrelevant!"
  105. >Yeah, she's digging this.
  106. >Her digging is dripping down her back legs, in fact.
  107. >"N-now tell me why you brought me… here!"
  108. "Aww, Twixie," you coo, squeezing Starlight's flank and rocking your hips for good measure, "You're gonna tell me you forgot about that thing you had for threesomes?"
  109. >Shock now dissipated, Starlight begins moaning loudly, feverishly rocking her hips against yours.
  111. "You never stopped talking about it, during that one party. You know, the one where you got super loaded?"
  112. >"I SAID THAT?!"
  113. "Totally did."
  114. >One hand moves to Starlight's mouth, where she begins sucking on your fingers like a greedy infant.
  115. "Now, you gonna leave your bestie hanging here?"
  116. >She definitely sits on it for a while, that's for sure.
  117. >But after you switch positions, and start pounding Starlight from behind, she finally snaps.
  118. >"V-very well! I, the Aroused and Needy Trixie, accept your proposition!"
  119. >You give her your best Picardía pose of approval, even materializing sunglasses out of the æther to do it.
  120. >Then, with one final slam into Starlight's generous rear end, she comes hard against you.
  121. >With the notable exception of your own finish, of course.
  122. >After Starlight takes a few breaths, Trixie levitates her off of your dick, forcing her muzzle right into it.
  123. >"N-now tell me, O Brash and Degenerate Anonymous…"
  124. >Trixie leaps up onto the bed, levitating one of your hands towards her sopping wet opening.
  125. >"I-I have heard of your lecherous exploits, of having poor ponies f-fellate you whenever you so please!"
  126. >Starlight's mouth is half-forced onto your member, the other half being her taking it all willingly, right to the base.
  127. >Fucking ponies and their throats, man!
  128. >No thot could ever match this level of succ.
  129. >"A-and here you are, committing this vile act before my very eyes!"
  130. "Guilty as charged, your honour."
  131. >Your fingers thrust and curl within Trixie, while your other hand keeps Starlight's rhythm going.
  132. >"N-now why is it that you only choose p-pegasi, hmm? D-do you have something against us unicorns?"
  133. ! …!
  134. >"Hah! Y-you do, don't you?"
  135. "I object!"
  136. >Your fingers work overtime on Trixie, getting a squeak out of her.
  137. "I'll have you know, that I love all ponies equally! The earth ponies, masters of the vacuum! The pegasi, masters of the quickie! And the unicorns…"
  138. >You grasp Starlight's horn, slamming her down onto your member like a judge's gavel.
  139. [Embed]
  140. "Masters of the pistol grip!"
  141. >"A-aaaaaaah…! S-such evidence…!"
  142. >Starlight's muffled squeaks and groans served to bring your finish creeping just that little bit closer.
  143. "Your honour, your judgment, now"!
  144. >You spear her on your fingers a little more, for good measure.
  145. >"N-n-not guiltyyeeeeeee!"
  146. >You and Trixie cum at the same time, her muscles clamping around your fingers while you fire your load down Starlight's throat.
  147. >Releasing your grip on her horn, Starlight pulls off of you with a wet pop, coughing and wheezing.
  148. >"th…t w…s s… h…t…"
  149. "You say something?"
  150. >"Hmm," Trixie moans, "Seems she lost her voice."
  151. "Huh, it's a small world, after all…"
  152. >"I think not, O Greedy and Virile Anonymous!"
  153. >And just like that, she plants her muzzle up against your cock.
  154. >"Me next!"
  155. >Heh.
  156. >This was gonna be a long, fun night.
  158. @@@@@@@@
  160. "Trix, how the hell did you keep your voice after the throat-fucking I just gave you?"
  161. >"Sword swallowing," the boisterous blue mare winks.
  162. "Sword swallowing."
  163. >"That's what Trixie just said."
  164. "That's both varieties of sword, right?"
  165. >"Not before last night~"
  166. "Ah, good to know."
  167. >"So, who's your next mark going to be, mister hoarse fucker?"
  168. "Haven't really decided yet. I--"
  169. >You stop in your tracks.
  170. "Wait a minute, Trix. You're not gonna tag along for this, are you?"
  171. >"Of course Trixie is! Trixie is thoroughly intrigued by the exploits of the Virile and Avaricious Anonymous!"
  172. "Look, if you wanted another dicking, you just had to ask."
  173. >"Don't be silly! Trixie will have plenty of time for that, later tonight!"
  174. "Uhh…"
  175. >"No, I want to see you put that voice-slaying blade of yours to good use around Ponyville!"
  176. "What are you, a pimp now?"
  177. >"A what?"
  178. "Nevermind. Just tell me who you had in mind."
  179. >"Pinkie Pie," she sneers.
  180. "Pinkie? You mean, super pink, hyper as hell, crowd pleaser extraordinaire, possible town bike, Pinkie?"
  181. >"Correct on all counts, except the last one."
  182. "Well, you could've fooled me."
  183. >"Trust me, Anonymous," Trixie says, pulling herself up to whisper into your ear. "Trixie has it on good authority that she has been craving release for years, now!"
  184. "What, she a Catholic, or something?"
  185. >"Worse, a rock farmer."
  186. >Ooh, yeah, that's even worse.
  187. "And let me guess, the throat doesn't count?"
  188. >"W-well, I… may also wish to see if there is a way to truly keep that one quiet."
  189. >You just roll your eyes.
  190. >"Wh-what was that all about?"
  191. "Oh, nothing, O Wise and Self-Aware Trixie."
  192. >"Precisely!" she beams.
  193. >Yeah, someone's getting the five dollar footlong, tonight.
  194. "Just don't interrupt my magic, all right, bluey?"
  195. >"B-'Bluey'?!"
  196. "Bluey. You. Ix-nay the terr-upt-iays."
  197. >With Trixie thoroughly confused, you continue on into Ponyville, inbound to Sugarcube Corner.
  198. >Somewhere along the line, Trixie peeled off into the crowds, off to do God only knows what.
  199. >Probably take pictures.
  200. >Yeah, your money's on pictures.
  201. >Whatever.
  202. >Instead of just entering through the front door, you Spider-Man your way up the conveniently placed vines, hanging down Pinkie's window.
  203. >Of course, nobody pays the sight of a tall green man potentially committing a crime any mind.
  204. >Ponies rule.
  205. >You get the window open, climb inside, and check the clock.
  206. >2:13.
  207. >Pinkie always shoots back into her room at 2:15, to feed lil' Gummy.
  208. >Why she told you that detail, you will never know.
  209. >Still, you take the time to strip down to just your tighty whities, and take cover behind the door.
  210. >Right on cue, it flies open.
  211. >"Gummy! You ready for your 2:15 feeding?!"
  212. >You slam the door shut behind her, the instant she heads to the other side of the room.
  213. >"Huoowwwaaaat?!"
  214. "Heya, Pinkie! You doing fantabulous this fine day?!"
  215. >"Am I ever! Wait, how'd you get in here? Oh wait, was it the conveniently placed vines hanging outside my window?"
  216. "The most conveniently placed of vines!"
  217. >"I know, right?! Also, what are you doing here?"
  218. "I'm here to tell you that you've won a grand prize!"
  219. >"I have?!"
  220. "Yes, you have!"
  221. >"Woohoo! What prize, whatprizewhatprizewhatprize?!"
  222. "A big, creamy Twinkie!"
  224. >Deathly silence reigned across the room.
  225. "Y-you don't know what a T-Twinkie is?"
  226. >"Is it good?"
  227. "Is it ever! Let me show you!"
  228. >In a single fluid motion, your Wojak-print undies are removed and slingshot off to the side, where they land on top of Gummy.
  229. >Pinkie gasps, and it's not the excited kind of gasp, either.
  230. "The most perfect of finger cakes, with the bestest cream filling ever to come outta Illinois!"
  231. >Aw, no, don't start crying, Ponko, please.
  232. >Damn it, there she goes, crying a literal waterfall.
  233. >"I'm soo-ho-ho-reeeeeee! I can't! I have to stay pu-hu-huuuuure!"
  234. "Uh, Pinkie?"
  235. >"Wh-whaa-ha-haaaaat?"
  236. "Why would you put snack cakes up the ole baby maker?"
  237. >The realization hits her, like the ton of bricks that just fell out of her mane.
  238. "C'mon, El Ponko," you coo, flexing your Hostess® brand signature confection for her to see. "Pony God won't hate you for a little taste, any more than human God will!"
  239. >Something snaps in her noggin, you can see it in her eyes.
  240. >Then, before you even realize what happened, she grabs you and throws you against a conveniently padded spot of ceiling, where you then bounce off and onto a conveniently placed bed, conveniently landing on your back.
  241. >How convenient!
  242. >Zipping right against your crotch, as speeds that would make Sonic jealous, is none other than The Pink One, lapping at your schlong like a speed-addicted camel lapping at a creamsicle.
  243. >And she looks about as thirsty, to boot.
  244. >"Gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme!"
  245. >Then, she swallows your cock whole in one go, groaning in time with you as it pokes the back of her throat.
  246. >Now, you've had the succ before, many times.
  247. >Quick succ, tongue succ, even Venezuelan Economic Recovery succ before.
  248. >But this girl?
  249. >She was taking it to the base each time, curling her tongue around you, and creating more suction than Noo-Noo during a cocaine binge.
  250. >Th-this power…
  251. >C-can it be?
  252. <The legendary 「U L T R A S U C C」?!
  253. >You, who prides yourself on your guaranteed five-minute finishes, are about to clock out at two.
  254. >You lie there, powerless against the might of the Great Pink One's 「U L T R A S U C C」, your finish screaming closer and closer.
  255. >You finally can't take it any more, grasping her head and slamming it down as far as it'll go, painting her throat white with one of the bigger loads you've ever blown.
  256. >She's all too happy to gulp it all down, quickly moving on to cleaning you up.
  257. >"that was amazing, nonny!"
  258. >Oh, my God.
  259. >She did lose her voice!
  260. >Guess even the 「U L T R A S U C C」 is no match for the mighty hoarse fucker!
  261. >Off to the side, you see Gummy shooting you the Stare of Approval℠.
  262. >Man, what a bro.
  264. @@@@@@@@
  266. <"Anon."
  267. >No, go away.
  268. <"Anon."
  269. >Aw man, why is it so persistent?
  270. >Your eyes crack open, revealing you to be in your castle room, butt naked, flanked on both sides by Trixie, Starlight, Dash, and Pinkie.
  271. >All with some very messy looking mouths on them.
  272. >Heh, glad you got to spend a few weeks getting your succ on with these gals.
  273. <"Anon."
  274. >Oh for crying out loud, who is it?!
  275. >Your eyes shoot over to the windowsill, showing a certain green toothless alligator, set against the backdrop of night.
  276. >Gummy?
  277. >As you look on at his eyes, the world around you seems to go dark.
  278. >Before you realize what's happening, everything flashes white.
  279. >When you come to, you find yourself standing in a white void, a distinct lack of succ-giving poners at your side.
  280. <"Anon, my child…"
  281. "All right, either I'm on the biggest postcoital bender in my life, or the writer was smoking some serious crack."
  282. <"Definitely the latter."
  283. "Oh, cool. So who am I talking to?"
  284. <"You don't recognize me, my son?"
  285. >You turn around to the source of the--
  287. <"Yes, my son, it is I."
  288. >White robe.
  289. >Killer goatee.
  290. >Halo.
  291. >Wings.
  292. >Stuck in a life-size Gummy costume.
  293. >Ana a truly Chad-sized bulge.
  294. "Th-th-the Lord of the Succ!"
  295. <"I have a name, you know."
  296. "N-not worthy!" you chant, dropping to your knees and bowing profusely. "Not worthy!"
  297. <"My child, your final challenge awaits you."
  298. "F-final challenge?"
  299. <"Yes. One pony, who rules the land, who defeated me in the game of the succ in ages past, and cursed me to inhabit this unspeakably adorable form.
  300. <"I have watched you, Anon. Watched you rope succ after succ out of even the fearsome Pinkie Pie."
  301. "That's kinda gay, man."
  302. <"You shut your whore mouth, when the Succ Lord is talking.
  303. <"Anon, my child, you have finally attained the power, the endurance, to do what I could not. To become the next Lord of the Succ."
  304. "Really?!" you squeal. "I mean, I kinda prefer 'hoarse fucker', but really?!"
  305. <"Really. But first, I must teach you the ways of the true Succ God, to give you the skills to conquer your greatest adversary to date. The very pony who defeated me, eons ago."
  306. "Wh-who, my Lord? Who could possibly be powerful enough in the blowing arts, to defeat the Succ Lord?"
  307. <"It all started with this shitty transition…"
  308. ! { One shitty transition later }
  309. ! CRACK
  310. >With the might of a thousand Leonidases, you cave in the large, stone door with your mighty foot.
  311. "Cel--!" you bellow, only to stop upon noticing the entrance lobby.
  312. "Shit."
  313. >You move on up to the actual bedroom door inside the fancy little castle room.
  314. >Okay, from the top.
  315. ! CRACK
  316. >With the might of a thousand Duke Nukems, you boot the thick wooden door into a shower of splinters.
  317. "Celestia!" you bellow.
  318. >"Oh, good evening, Anonymous!" Celestia smiles, setting her teacup and book onto her bed. "I was just about to retire for the night. What brings you here?"
  319. "You."
  320. >With the determination of a thousand Phoenix Wrights, you point your mighty finger towards her.
  321. "I have come to finish that which the Succ Lord himself could not."
  322. >Celestia's eyes bulge with surprise, but lid soon afterwards.
  323. >"Ahfufufufu~" she chuckles. "I have been waiting for this moment, more than you know."
  324. >The room explodes out like that one scene in System Shock 2, the pair of you soon being plopped on top of a massive, velvety bed, in what you can only assume is the dimensional rift that Final Destination resides in.
  325. >Final Succination.
  326. >A worthy battleground.
  327. >"You cannot defeat me, Anonymous." she coos, sauntering her way towards you, the hunger of a thousand sex-crazed nymphomaniacs burning in the pits of her eyes. "But I am merciful. Walk away, and you can continue to experience all the succ my subjects can offer."
  328. "Princess," you pronounce with the finality of a thousand Declarations of Independence. "Do not presume to ply me with talks of peace. For I have not come to bring peace…"
  329. >Your mighty weapon, Bonescalibur, rises to it's full mast, shredding apart your tighty whities as it goes.
  330. "But the sword."
  331. >"I warned you, Anonymous," she grins. "I hope you'll enjoy your next life, as Luna's pet eagle."
  332. "Enough expository banter! Now, we fight like men! And mares! And mares who are dicked by men! For Anon, it's succ time!"
  333. >And with that, the final battle begins.
  334. >Celestia opens up, taking your mighty blade down to the base in under a second.
  335. >A-A worthy foe, indeed!
  336. >Just as the Succ Lord instructed, you prepare his final spell, siphoning her dark powers to fuel it.
  337. >All you have to do is survive her onslaught for three minutes, and she will be yours!
  338. >You grasp her head and plunge into the depths of her maw, making sure to coat her tongue in that extra salty pre, special for her.
  339. >She moans, but her immobility doesn't last long.
  340. >Gripping your waist, she begins plunging down atop your mast.
  341. >She's starting slow, good!
  342. >A minute passes, and--
  343. >Haaaghk…!
  344. >H-her tongue…
  345. >Th-the suction…
  346. >The strategically placed moans and giggles, made to vibrate through your weapon!
  347. >I-it cannot be!
  348. <The 「D A R K S T A R S U C C」, spoken only of in the darkest of succ legends!
  349. >N-no!
  350. >Your finish climbs closer and closer.
  351. >You can't!
  352. >You've…
  353. >You've failed…
  354. >…
  355. >No.
  356. >You're not through, yet!
  357. [Embed]
  358. >With the objections of a thousand Von Karmas, you grasp her horn with both hands, taking back control of the rhythm.
  359. >Her eyes roll back as you strike back, right at the uvula and down to the windpipe, as you were taught.
  360. >"I-Imphhsibrhuuu…!" she moans against you.
  361. >The spell is ready.
  362. >You form the jutsu signs before her unbelieving eyes.
  363. "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru (お前はもう死んでいる)", you sneer, savouring the fear in her eyes.
  364. >You plunge her head down to the base for the last time.
  365. ! 「F I N A L S U C C」
  366. >You explode down her throat with the force of a thousand Kamehameha blasts, as she helplessly comes with the paltry force of a thousand suns.
  367. >The fabric of reality itself breaks against the force unleashed in that moment, the answers to the very universe itself flooding before your eyes.
  368. >An infinite arrangement of possibilities, of answers, of pure, unfiltered succ.
  369. >And then, the embrace of eternity ends.
  370. >The world flashes white, and when sight returns to you, you find yourself back in Celestia's bedroom, sat atop her bed.
  371. >The coughing, teary-eyed Celestia herself lies a scant foot away from you, spunk covering her mouth and dripping out of her nose, a not insignificant pool of the stuff sitting just beneath her muzzle.
  372. >Then, she looks up at you.
  373. >She looks up at you with disbelief, with defeat, in her eyes.
  374. >Then, she speaks.
  375. >"h…w h…ve y…u d…ne t…is?"
  376. >But she cannot.
  377. >For you, Anonymous…
  378. >No.
  379. >You rise to your feet.
  380. "Come, Celestia. It is long past time you relinquished that crown of yours."
  381. >Your voice, like buttered Frank Sinatra with a touch of Vin Diesel, send shudders through her body, her eyes rolling back for the briefest of moments.
  382. >She has no choice but to comply, shakily rising to her hooves, and leading you towards the throne room.
  383. ! { One extra shitty transition later }
  384. >"What of the tax plans, my lord?" Celestia coos, licking your member from tip to base, as she is wont to do.
  385. "Taxation is theft, Celestia. You know that."
  386. >"Y-y-yes, my lord," she whines, a shudder passing through her at your godly voice.
  387. >"I have devised a plan for this, my lord," proclaims Luna, giving your balls a good tongue-over. "We simply press the griffons into service as our slaves, instead of consigning them to the ovens!"
  388. "Slavery, Lulu?"
  389. >"You cannot enslave that which is not a person, my lord."
  390. >A single manly tear of pride streaks down your cheek.
  391. "I knew you were best princess for a reason, Lulu."
  392. >"Huzzah! Now hurry Tia, I must have my take of the lord's seed, and soon!"
  393. >Groaning, Celestia sheathes your cock down her throat, where she will remain for a solid five minutes, trying her best to work another load out of you.
  394. >While she does that, you gaze down across your new dominion with pride.
  396. >And with that final defeat, you became the legendary Hoarse Fucker, the new God of Succ.
  397. >And whenever a man and a woman, stallion and a mare, or man and a mare got down and dirty, and when one proceeded to fellate the other, you were there.
  398. >And regardless of whether or not they spat or swallowed, they all did so with your blessings and guidance.
  399. <"Wow, and you called me gay?"
  400. "You shut your whore mouth, when the God of Succ is epiloguing."
  402. @@@ The End @@@
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