MGO2 Version Changes

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  1. 02/08/2011 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.36
  3. >> Revision Points
  5. 路The issue, where the game's connection would progressively suffer if the network connection was determined to be disconnected illegitimately at the start of the game, has been revised.
  6. 路Revisions have been made so the following behaviors are no longer possible:
  7. * Performing of a particular action to throw an invisible grenade into the opponent's screen to disrupt gameplay for other players
  8. * Performing of a particular action to throw a grenade into only the opponent's screen to disrupt gameplay for other players
  9. 路A portion of the system has been adjusted to address the following action:
  10. * Prohibited actions that involve the manipulation of a network connection
  12. >> Specification Changes
  14. 路Drebin Points for weapons have been adjusted.
  15. 路Weapon paramaters have been adjusted.
  16. 路Skill paramaters have been adjusted.
  17. 路Skills for Unique Characters have been adjusted.
  18. 路Player Character movement has been increased overall.
  19. 路Idle Kicks have been implemented for Auto Matching.
  22. - Version 1.34
  24. 09/29/2009 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.34
  26. >> The following problems have been fixed:
  28. * Instances of the game hanging up when preset radio calls are played.
  29. * Game hangs up when a player exits the game immediately after performing a throat slice while squatting.
  30. * Incorrect character behavior as player readies to throw a grenade while climbing up/down a ladder.
  31. * Incorrect character behavior during respawn after being killed under water in R.R or T.T.
  32. * The problem where characters may become stuck in the CQC position after performing a CQC hold on an enemy and is let go in result of actions from a third party.
  33. * The problem in the overtime of the race mission where, Liquid Ocelot's round becomes rescinded.
  34. * The problem where reward matches begins even when "NEXT STAGE" is selected.
  35. * Instances of abnormal behavior for Old Snake's Octocamo when used outside of Sneaking Mission.
  36. * The problem where the PATRIOT is propagated infinitely when the PATRIOT's user is unconscious and picked up and dropped several times
  37. * The problem that occurs in Solo Capture/Race Mission, where the female voice H personality is not performed in game.
  38. * The problem where points for knocking an opponent unconscious are earned even when performed while the player is a ghost.
  39. * Problem where players may not be able to recover other players who are knocked unconscious or put to sleep during official matches.
  40. * Problem where players may not earn points for a successful scanning during official matches.
  42. >> Specification Changes
  44. * We have adjusted the Drebin points for the weaponry below.
  45. - PATRIOT: 6000 --> 3500
  46. - SAIGA12: 5000 --> 4500
  47. - MASTERKEY: 8000 --> 4000
  48. - SLUG: 2000 --> 500
  49. * Weaponry (PATRIOT, M60E4, D.E.) The parameters have been revised.
  50. * CQC-EX parameters have been revised.
  51. - Chokehold damage parameters have been adjusted.
  52. - Speed has been adjusted.
  53. * SOP Stealth costs have been revised.
  54. - Lv.1/Lv.2... Cost 1
  55. - Lv.3... Cost 2
  56. * Rule scoring has been revised.
  57. - The penalties for Solo Capture Mission have been adjusted.
  58. - The scoring for transporting targets in Capture Mission has been adjusted.
  59. * Old Snake's skills have been revised.
  60. - Box Move skill Lv.2 has been added.
  61. - SOP Stealth skill Lv.3 has been added.
  62. * Player/team participation count has been removed from the tournament reservation screen.
  63. * Players who join the game as clients just prior to a host change will no longer be eligible to become the next host.
  65. >> Other Additions
  67. * The E3 theme song for "METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER" has been added to the BGM list.
  68. * All "METAL GEAR SOLID 4" BGMs have been released.
  69. Players can play all "METAL GEAR SOLID 4" BGMs even if the player does not have any "METAL GEAR SOLID 4" saved data.
  71. - Version 1.33
  73. 06/16/2009 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.33
  75. >> The following problems have been fixed:
  77. 路In C.C.,W.W.,and O.O., shields can be penetrated and bullet holes can be made.
  78. 路In H.H., there is an area where the player cannot advance because Mk.II becomes stuck in a falling motion when the player tries to move Mk.II while it is on of a chair that is next to the table.
  79. 路In H.H., the hallway of the 2nd floor is missing collision.
  80. 路In O.O., if a weapon, with the strength to penetrate, is used to shoot the portion of a fluorescent light in the northernmost elevator hall on the 1st Floor, the shot will penetrate through to the 2nd Floor.
  81. 路In O.O., the ladder does not shine with ENVG.
  82. 路In O.O., the Shemagh Scarf(Gray) has a strange pattern when it is equipped.
  83. 路In R.R., if the lid of a dumpster is opened and a throwing weapon is attempted to be thrown into the dumpster, the weapon will float in midair when thrown.
  84. 路In R.R., when a shot is fired at a wooden wall or floor, the are many areas where the bullets penetrate only from one side.
  85. 路In R.R., when playing a Base Mission, a cameara at one of the blue team's respawn points(5th one) is beyond the fence.
  86. 路In R.R., there are occasions where if a hit from a grenade or other explosive is taken while in the sewer, the character passes through the collision and gets stuck in a container in the upper area.
  87. 路In V.V., if another player is standing in front of a machine gun and you ready to fire the machine gun, there are occasions when the game becomes unsynchronized and on the other player's screen it does not show that you are readying to fire the machine gun.
  88. 路A hang-up occurs if the object of Raiden and Vamp's locked-on throwing knife attack withdraws from the game in the middle of the attack.
  89. 路A hang-up will occur if Raiden attacks Metal Gear Mk.II with the High Frequency Blade (HF.BLADE).
  90. 路The lock-on paramater display for the Raiden and Vamp specific weapons are not set.
  91. 路If you throw a throwing knife while in Raiden's CQC hold, although you only throw 1 knife, the sound effect for 3 knives are played.
  92. 路When Raiden and Vamp have equipped the throwing knife (T.KNIFE) and move while their weapon is readied, Raiden and Vamp appear to be moving unnaturally on the other players' screens.
  93. 路When using either Raiden or Vamp, if a specific, different motion is executed during the motion for the removal of the "T.KNIFE" from its holster, equipped weapons are no longer displayed.
  94. 路When Vamp executes a forward roll while a weapon has been readied, the motion is shakey and appears odd.
  95. 路The game becomes unsynchronized when Vamp performs his special forward-roll action or side-roll.
  96. 路Vamp's howl is not played while he is a ghost.
  97. 路The crouching SE plays when Vamp is rolling.
  98. 路When using Liquid Ocelot, the reload motion for the MP5SD2, G3A3, SVD, M14EBR, VSS, and the DSR-1 are strange.
  99. 路Throwing knives do not hit players that are using the cardboard box to hide.
  100. 路If the preset codecs found in "GAMEPLAY OPTION" are played after using certain unique characters (Mei Ling and Vamp), the audio that is played differs from what is displayed on the screen.
  101. 路If "SCENE EXPANSION" is purchased after having created a host with the unique character settings set to random, then Raiden and Vamp will not appear.
  102. 路The display of the legs becomes strange if a team-change is executed during an elude.
  103. 路In spectator mode, when a player holding the target enters an area where the player is forced to use the elude motion or crouching motion, if you match the camera to the target, the camera goes inside objects or you can see outside of the map.
  104. 路When a spectator performs a team change to be a player, if the START Button Menu is closed before the Joinable/not Joinable decision is made, the action icon will not be displayed when the user becomes a player later on.
  105. 路When the view of the binoculars has been zoomed-up, the -left and bottom-left corners of the darkened areas are missing.
  106. 路For only the client player, the time that is spent on the briefing screen is added to the play time for each rule.
  107. 路If someone chats during the Skill screen of the Briefing, the chat window opens, however the letters are not displayed.
  108. 路For the map result of Solo Capture mode, the player in 1st place does not sing the "Victory Song."
  109. 路On the tournament lobby screen, if the log window is opened, maximized, and scrolled upwards, if you continue to scroll upwards after having reached the , a sound effect will play continuously for 1 frame.
  110. 路There are occasions when the damage from vehicle explosions is not reflected.
  111. 路When a Type E female character equips the "Woodland" facepaint, the "Water" facepaint is displayed instead.
  112. 路The score of ?Solo Training? is a result of the rules that were used for the free battle that was played just prior to "Solitary Training".
  113. 路When there are 16 participants in a vote, and all 16 select "YES", "Your request has been denied." is displayed.
  114. If you get a bomb immediately after entering an Interval game in progress, the counter displayed on the screen of the player that just entered is out of sync.
  115. 路If a player executes CHARM in one location, while it is still in effect in another, when players who were caught in the effect cancel the motion, the CHARM effects will still continue.
  116. 路When a throwing knife (T.KNIFE) is held in readiness with TPS, the display indicating an obstacle between your desired direction is not displayed properly.
  117. 路While in the CQC capture stance you are able to move, become invisible, and also remotely set C4.
  118. 路The settings for Solo Capture cannot be set in Skill Preset.
  119. 路There are occasions when names that start with "#" are not displayed properly.
  120. 路The reload motion for the VSS appears strange when a female character is used.
  121. 路When a PC name or a team name uses "#", the "#" and "1 character behind #" is not displayed on certain screens.
  122. 路There are occasions where the WAKE COUNT is not counted properly.
  123. 路The knife gauge is not replenished when ENVG is equipped.
  124. 路When ENVG is equipped, there are occasions where CQC cannot be executed when the primary weapon is an assault rifle, etcetera.
  125. 路"E.LOCATOR" is not available as a Weapon Restriction for Team Sneaking Missions.
  126. 路If the enemy is defeated during the first stages of the counter-throw using CQC-EX, the character will no longer be controllable.
  127. 路If a CQC throw is attempted on a CQC-EX player while he is using the binoculars, he will perform a counter-throw and throw the enemy, all the while still in the binocular motion.
  128. 路There are occasions when only the HEAD portion of the Ghillie Suit is displayed.
  129. 路There are occasions where the game will not start in Survival.
  130. 路The count for Withdrawls increases even during Training.
  131. 路The count for Withdrawls increases, even if personal stat logging is disabled.
  132. 路The (R) of the PlayStation(R)Store icon is not clear.
  133. 路The problem where experience for certain skills did not increase during official matches has been resolved.
  134. 路Fixed the bug in RACE/RES/TSNE where gameplay would freeze under certain conditions.
  138. >> Specification Changes
  140. 路The copyright display for the title has been changed.
  141. 路Weapon parameters for the: Vz.83,P90,GSR,OPERATOR,G18C,Mk.23, and THOR.45-70 have been adjusted.
  142. 路Raiden's High Frequency Blade can now destroy objects like window glass, etcetera.
  143. 路The calculation for guard score for Raiden's High Frequency Blade has been changed.
  144. 路If the R1 button is held down during Raiden's weapon-readying stance in stun mode, the resulting attack will now knock down the enemy.
  145. 路The Stealth Deathmatch award display has been changed from "Number of Consecutive Survivals" to "Number of Survivals."
  146. 路The explanatory text for a portion of the emblems has been changed.
  147. 路A CQC counter using CQC-EX can no longer be executed during a Hold Up.
  148. 路Throwing knives(T.KNIFE) can now be thrown underwater.
  149. 路Throwing knives no longer s at the surface of the water.
  150. 路Input via the pad has been adjusted to improve the controlability.
  151. 路The light is now off as a default for the Mk.23.
  152. 路Specification changes for CQC-EX.
  153.   * Damage for direct throws has been tuned.
  154.   * It has been changed so that the CQC counter will only be executed when CQC has been performed on the character from a forward 180 degrees.
  155.   * There has been no change to the CQC-EX up until now for Old Snake and Liquid Ocelot.
  156. 路The conditions used to judge "illegal suicides" during Rescue Missions and Team Sneaking games during an official match have been adjusted.
  158. >> Information for players who purchased "SCENE EXPANSION"
  160. New maps added.
  161.  ?"Icebound Inferno"(I.I.)
  163. New unique characters joined.
  164.  ?Old Snake
  166. - Version 1.30
  168. Due to the additional contents for ""SCENE EXPANSION"", we updated the program.
  172. >> Addition/Modification made
  174. Several fixes have been implemented to prevent cheating by using lag switches.
  175. As a result of these fixes, we have restored the "Friendly Fire" option in "Survival" and "Tournament" games.
  176. Furthermore, in public "Survival" and "Tournament" matches using RES/TSNE, if you kill or stun more than half of your teammates (including yourself), your team will automatically be disqualified.
  177. Voice expansion pack #2 implemented.
  178. "Solo Capture" rule added.
  179. Skill added.
  180. Weapon added.
  181. BGM added.
  182. Title added.
  183. AWARDS added.
  184. Game option settings for Free Battle added.
  185. Conditions of Filtering for Free Battle added.
  186. Nametag can be hidden by pressing 脳 button during SPECTATOR mode.
  187. Hierarchy for Radar displayed.
  188. Items added for Gameplay Options.
  189. Items added for Personal Stats and Personal Scores.
  190. Map can be checked at Lobby.
  191. Log can be displayed for consecutive Death/Faint/Headshots.
  192. Change of experience points displayed at ROUND RESULT screen.
  193. KILL STATS at ROUND RESULT screen added.
  194. Report mail for designated PC can be made out of Match History at Lobby.
  195. CAMOUFLAGE patterns for items and gears added.
  196. Title T-shirt and gear can be obtained when you get the Title.
  200. >> Adjustment made
  202. Skills adjusted.
  203. Rules adjusted.
  204. Balance for weapons adjusted.
  205. Player motion adjusted.
  206. Using Mail at SURVIVAL LOBBY enabled.
  207. Other detailed adjustments made for many things.
  211. >> Information for players who purchased "SCENE EXPANSION"
  213. New maps added.
  214.  ?Hazard House (H.H.)
  215.  ?Outer Outlet (O.O.)
  216.  ?Ravaged Riverfront (R.R.)
  218. New unique characters joined.
  219.  ?Raiden - Special Weapon:High Frequency Blade / Throwing Knife
  220.  ?Vamp - Special Weapon:Combat Knife / Throwing Knife
  222. - Version 1.21
  224. 01/20/2009 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.21
  226. The following problems have been fixed:
  227. - Hang-up when Liquid executes the round abort effect during a battle with spectators.
  228. - Hang-up after the error message when a player confirms the host list which includes invalid information.
  229. - You could fall below the floor level if you use Mk.? during the M.M. sneaking mission.
  230. - Time certification error during a login session.
  231. - Hang-up when team kill kick is executed during the simultaneous attack between opponent team players.
  232. - Discrepancy of the opponent team between the tournament list and the actual opponent team during the tournament with more than 25 teams.
  233. - Weapon selection list could be broken if the team change is executed during the weapon selection window is displayed.
  234. - Sound sheltering problem: You could hear some sound effects which should not be heard that's happening at the other level that you're not in.
  236. The following problems are under examination:
  237. - Sometimes the game would not proceed during the blackout after the tournament briefing.
  238. - Player list is not initialized if you check the player list of the clan room with nobody. This problem has been found with the latest version update.
  240. We apologize the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.
  242. - Version 1.20
  244. 11/25/2008 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.20
  246. The Client has been updated following the release of "MEME EXPANSION". Updates include:
  248. >> All alterations
  250. 路New skills
  251. 路Change of skill specification
  253. 路New rules:
  254. Interval
  255. Games by this rule doesn't influence the record.
  256. You can add "Interval" to rule sycle.
  258. Stealth Deathmatch
  259. All players are equipped with "Stealth Camouflage".
  260. It is unique rules such as the range of the action is limited and the alarm function which reacts to the enemy.
  262. 路New BGMs
  263. 路Change of weapon specification
  265. 路New explanation of weapon
  266. 路Mk.II enabled to carry the Dog tag.
  267. 路"Display Magazine" was added to the Mk.II's weapon.
  268. 路New functions "Skill Set" and "Gear Set"
  269. 路Briefing Screen appears changed
  270. 路The Game Screen appears changed
  271. 路New Gears
  272. *Some of new Gears cannot be bought without MEME EXPANSION.
  274. >> Lobby
  276. 路The icon was added to the lobby name in "Lobby Select" menu.
  277. 路The time which can enter the survival lobby was restricted.
  278. 路Automatching lobby was divided into the following:
  279. *Only for users who have bought the "MGO MEME EXPANSION". All stages are playable.
  280. *Normal lobby. The stages added with GENE are playable.
  281. *Only for biginner.
  283. 路Survival lobby was divided into the following:
  284. *Only for users who have bought the "MGO MEME EXPANSION". All stages are playable.
  285. *Normal lobby. The stages added with GENE are playable.
  286. *Only for biginner.
  287. *Tournament lobby is only available for users who have bought the "MGO MEME EXPANSION".
  289. 路The headshots invalid lobby was added.
  290. *Headshot is not effective in this lobby.
  292. >> Ranking
  294. 路The figure of the displayed ranking was increased.
  295. 路The quantity of the ranking which moves by the left button or the right button was changed from 100 into 2500.
  296. 路When viewing personal details, the page of a corresponding rule will be opened by the default.
  297. 路The GRADE display of the player details was unified with "Community Support Page".
  299. >> SURVIVAL
  301. 路The total number of the Teams currently in battle is added to "Survival match List".
  302. 路"Clan Members Only" is added to the stance of "Creat Team". *When enabled this stance, only members of your clan will be able to join the team.
  303. 路"Clan Members Only" is added to the condition of the filtering stance of "Team Select".
  304. 路On the screen of "TEAM CREATION" and "WAITING ROOM", the icon of "Spanner" is displayed next to the character name who exists in "Personal" menu etc.
  306. >> Others
  308. 路"Radar orientation" added in "Gameplay Options".
  309. 路The check menu of whether to change equipment was added in "Appearance Settings". The menu will be displayed when you select the gear which needs to remove current equipment.
  310. 路The icon of EXPANSION which shows the owned pack was added to "Personal Stats".
  311. 路The icon of "Beginner" added to the "Personal Stats" of biginners.
  312. 路The E-mail Address was changed from "GM" to "CS"(Customer Support).
  313. 路The new functions "Delete all read messages", "Delete all messages from a particular sender" and "Delete all messages" added to inbox of Mail.
  314. 路Decision method of the "Beginner" was changed.
  315. *If one of the character becomes over level 6 in same GAME ID, the all characters are not beginner.
  316. *"Beginner" influences:
  317.  路Can enter beginner lobby.
  319. 路"EXPANSION PACK" is added to the condition of the filtering stance of "Free Battle".
  320. 路The display was added to appear when Riward Points was earned at the time of login and the Automatching play.
  321. 路The display of the current Riward was changed on the Personal menu.
  322. 路Warning is displayed when playing for a long time.
  323.   *The first warning is displayed after 3 hours. When further 2 hours pass, it is displayed for every hour.
  324. 路The score came to be added through assistance action.
  325. 路Change in the specification of the level up.
  326. 路The icon of "Friendly Fire" and "Voice Chat" and "Lock on" were added to "COMMON SETTINGS" of Free Battle and Survival.
  327. 路The camera was added to the equipment of Mk.II
  328. 路The function which turns OFF a text chat was added to the "MUTE" menu of "BRIEFING"
  329. 路When one of the team disappeared from the Free Battle, the game becomes invalid match.
  331. >> For MEME EXPANSION only
  333. 路New Maps:
  334. Forest Firefight (F.F.)
  335. Silo Sunset(S.S.)
  336. Winter Warehouse (W.W.)
  338. 路New unique characters:
  340. Special Weapon:G.O.P. and THOR .45-70
  341. MEI LING
  342. Special Weapon:MISSOURI and Soliton Sonar
  344. 路New game mode "Tournament"
  345. The tournament is a reservation system, the participant reserves from the tournament lobby in advance, and held at the schedule time.
  347. - Version 1.12
  348. 09/09/2008 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.12
  350. The following problems have been fixed:
  351. - When a host leaves a game, the position of host is automatically forwarded to someone else. When someone else filled the free 16th slot, the player would be invisible to the new host.
  352. - The game would sometimes freeze if a player would invite a Clan Member while in Survival mode.
  353. - The day of the week of "Match Time" was not correctly displayed when viewing the rules in the Survival Lobby.
  355. The following game specifications have been changed:
  356. - The motion of reloading the shotgun cannot be canceled by equipping a box or changing weapons.
  357. - Change of weapon specification:
  358. Saiga 12's cost changed from 8000DP to 5000DP.
  359. G3A3's cost changed from 5000DP to 4000DP.
  360. - Change of skill specification:
  361. "NARC" Lv2's cost from 1 to 2
  362. "NARC" Lv3's cost from 1 to 3
  363. *With this change, all skills will be temporarily removed, but players will be able to put them on again with the existing skill points they have.
  365. - Version 1.11
  366. 07/25/2008 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.11
  367. Updates for all versions
  368. (GENE EXPANSION enabled or otherwise)
  370. * Changes to the scoring system:
  371. Points will now be awarded for Scanning and Assists in TEAM SNEAKING and RESCUE Missions.
  373. * Improvements for Voice Chat:
  374. Improved sound quality.
  375. * However, please note that without a quality line, there may be no noticeable improvements.
  377. * Bug Fixes:
  378. The count for the number of times a player falls for a trap will resume as the previopus problems have now been fixed
  379. The collision detection has been corrected for the iron doors in the "Groznyi Grad" map where previously players could shoot through them.
  381. * "SURVIVAL" restarted.
  383. "Survival" mode which had been temporarily disabled since 18/07/2008 07:00 (BST) has been restarted. They will be held on weekends between Fridays and Sundays.
  384. To take part, players need to enter a team where the maximum capacity is 6.
  386. * Finally, we would like to inform you that problems involving players not being correctly displayed will be fixed with the next update to the game. We would like to apologize for any confusion and inconveniences this may cause in the meantime.
  388. - Version 1.10.0
  389. The Client has been updated following the release of "Expansion Pack 1". Updates include:
  390. * New Skills
  391. * Greater mail inbox
  392. * Creation of Clan Rooms
  393. * Minor bug fixes
  395. The all new "Expansion Pack 1" is packed with amazing new features guaranteed to give you a whole newexperience in MGO!!
  396. Buy yours now at the MGO Shop!!
  397. * The update does not include "Expansion Pack 1" itself.
  399. - Version 1.1.0
  400. New patch released for "METAL GEAR ONLINE".
  402. We would like to announce the release of a new update file for "METAL GEAR ONLINE" which will have the following effect:
  404. * Lighten the strain the game places on our server.
  405. * Adjustments have been made to the character's moving speed.
  408. [ MAP LIST ]
  410. Ambush Alley (A.A.)
  411. Gronznyj Grad (G.G.)
  412. Midtown Maelstrom (M.M.)
  413. Urban Ultimatum (U.U.)
  414. Blood Bath (B.B.)
  416. Coppertown Conflict (C.C.)
  417. Tomb of Tubes (T.T.)
  418. Virtuous Vista (V.V.)
  420. Forest Firefight(F.F.)
  421. Winter Warehouse(W.W.)
  422. Silo Sunset (S.S.)
  424. Hazard House (H.H.)
  425. Ravaged Riverfront (R.R.)
  426. Outer Outlet (O.O.)
  427. Icebound Inferno(I.I.)
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