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  6. * A whole lot of comic book fans were outraged upon discovering that ''{{Batman}}: [[TheDarkKnightSaga Gotham Knight]]'' would be done as an {{anime}} and produced by multiple Japanese studios. Humorously, people complained about huge eyes and technicolour hair right after seeing the preview, which has only realistic hair and eyes.
  7. ** ''HaloLegends'' was announced as a collaborative project done by several famous names in the Anime industry, and was to be a collection of short films documenting different stories in the Halo universe. Unfortunantly, several "Hardcore" Halo fans felt that this was going to compleatly betray the hyper-military macho astetic that the games portrayed. Their main example? The poster for "Homecoming", which featured a Spartan hand gently taking a teddy bear cellphone strap from what looks like a young girl set in front of a field of flowers. Despite this, Legends sold rather well and has been praised for adding new levels of depth to the Halo universe.
  8. * Every single later installment of ''PrettyCure''.
  9. ** ''Anime/FutariWaPrettyCure Max Heart'': "It's not two girls anymore! There's a third! And she transforms independently! And she's associated with [[TheScrappy Pollun]]! Give me the original!"
  10. ** ''Anime/FutariWaPrettyCureSplashStar'': "[[AlternateContinuity Cast reboot]] with characters who are either [[{{Expy}} too much]] or [[ReplacementScrappy not enough]] like Nagisa and Honoka! And they use magic more than fistfighting, even though they still fight, and ''even though it's a MagicalGirl franchise''! And they look like some RainbowBrite rejects! Give me ''Max Heart''!"
  11. ** ''[[Anime/YesPrettyCure5 Yes! Precure 5]]'': "[[FiveManBand FIVE GIRLS]] INSTEAD OF [[WonderTwinPowers TWO]]!?!? And important male characters (never mind that season one had them too)? And everyone has individual attacks and transformations? This isn't even ''Precure'' anymore! Give me ''Splash Star''!"
  12. ** ''Yes! Precure [=5Go!Go!=]'': [[SixthRanger This new Milky Rose chick]] is [[ClingyJealousGirl Milk]]? And who had the bright idea to make another sequel when ''Splash Star'' didn't get one? And now they have lightsabers, which I'm sure are going to be a major element that completely changes how the show works and not just [[StockFootage part of a]] [[CombinedEnergyAttack finishing move]]? Give me ''Precure 5''!
  13. ** ''Anime/FreshPrettyCure'': "These girls look like Heidi crossed with the [[MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch Mermaid Princesses]]! Well, just the main character looks like Lucia. But still. And [[WordSaladTitle what's so Fresh about it anyway]]? Who cares? Give me ''[=GoGo=]''!"
  14. ** ''Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure'': "Oh, just what we needed, some soulless little [[FushigiboshiNoFutagoHime Fine and Rein wannabes]]! And look at that childish art style -- they're obviously going to remove everything exciting about this show and [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids dumb it down for little girls]]! Give me ''Fresh!''"
  15. *** However, in ''that'' case [[AndTheFandomRejoiced things cooled down]] a ''lot'' after NanaMizuki was announced as Tsubomi's VA.
  16. ** ''Anime/SuitePrettyCure'': "They're going back to the [[TomboyAndGirlyGirl original duo concept]]? Neat, but the artwork looks so generic! They're just re-hashing elements from the earliest series! Give me ''Heartcatch''!
  17. ** Mostly averted for ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure''. When the designs were first leaked to the public, many had this reaction, mostly due to rehashing the five-girl dynamic from ''YesPrettyCure5'' with similar colors, as well as the weird hairdos. Once the designs were confirmed to be official, the fandom reaction became much more positive, in particular due to there being an orange Cure and a second green Cure. Some people still had problem with the hair though.
  18. * ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' has a very large GirlsLove fandom. It also has a very large {{Moe}} fandom. The preview manga of the fourth Season, ''Force'', announced that [[ReplacementScrappy the very male new character Touma is replacing Nanoha as the main character]]. Cue instant massive uproar as soon as that information went public.
  19. ** Not exactly a preview, but the first four episodes of ''Nanoha'' are on the low end of SoOkayItsAverage. If not for [[KnightOfCerebus Fate]], and the [[GrowingTheBeard beard equivalent of the]] [[CodeGeass Emperor Chuck hair]] that followed her, the series would likely not be as popular as it is today.
  20. * The ''IGPXImmortalGrandPrix'' microseries was quite popular, but when the actual series, [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks which replaced the mech-battles with a roller derby]], came out fans of the original almost completely ignored it. It was different but it wasn't a bad series.
  21. * Happens a lot with {{Anime/Pokemon}}. ''Best Wishes'' revealed, as expected, that Dawn would leave the main cast. Previews and cover art show that she's not being replaced by the [[EnsembleDarkhorse Generation V female player character]] people expected, but an original character. Fandom raged.
  22. ** Turns out that the girl is actually the eighth Gym Leader in ''Pokémon White''. The fandom's raging died down considerably after this was revealed.
  23. * {{Madhouse}} is making an anime adaptation of Anime/{{Wolverine}}!? Awesome! Wait, who's that tall, thin, clean-shaven {{Bishonen}}!? ''That's'' Logan!? Ghaaa! [[RuinedForever RUINED FOREVER]]!!!!
  24. * All it took was a quick preview and few small screenshots before ''MobileSuitGundamAGE'' was declared doomed to be a failure. The apparent shift to a [[LighterandSofter lighter and softer]] art style and use of aliens has generated such an outcry from fans that a good nickname for the series would be Gundam ''RAGE''. Check out the [[ promo]] comments for just a small sample about how much people seem to hate the series already.
  25. ** Actually, this also happened with {{Gundam 00}}. The ''very'' stylized character designs made by Yun Kouga from {{Loveless}} fame made MANY a fanboy starts stomping their feet and whining about how '''this is Gundam for girrrrrrls, eeeeeewwwww!'''.
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  29. * The DC Reboot keeps doing this to itself. Just when the fans are relaxing, or starting to console themselves (except over Batgirl, that never settles), more preview material comes out and gets them mad again. First it was the JLA. Then the Bat-books. Then Superman. And then the Teen Titans costumes/new back story blurbs did it AGAIN. DC might just want to keep mum starting now, at least then no one will get the wounds re-opened.
  30. ** The only area where more info might be a good idea is if DC tells us what's happening to characters like Stephanie Brown, who are losing their mantles to the people who had them earlier. That might help their case more, since everyone seems to want to know if Stephanie/Wally West/Donna Troy/Cassandra Cain/ect will be all right. That might be something worth releasing.
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  34. * When it was revealed that the ''Film/{{Spider-Man}}'' movie would use organic web-shooters instead of the mechanical ones used in the comics, the uproar amongst comic fans was intense. However, when the movie proved so popular that the organic web-shooters became {{Canon Immigrant}}s, there was remarkably little and muted complaining, apart from how insane the issue they were introduced in was written (i.e.: Peter turns into a giant pregnant female spider, then gives birth to himself.)
  35. ** And of course once mechanical web-shooters came back (via ''OneMoreDay'') fans were pissed, but then again the way those things keep running out of web or were jamming up every issue really got on fans' nerves (who were already pissed thanks to ''OneMoreDay'').
  36. ** And now that the reboot has pictures and a trailer out there are more complaints. Complaints about the mechanical webshooters, complaints about the costume, complaints about it being an origin story again, complaints about the first person sequence at the end of the trailer, complaints about the DarkerAndEdgier vibe in the trailer, everything. And of course, there are the complaints over the fact that they're rebooting it in the first place.
  37. * When it was revealed that Arthur and Trillian would have romantic scenes in ''Film/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy'' movie, many complaints (particularly in webcomics) could be found about how terrible it was going to be because they were [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks changing the books]]. Fans of [[AdaptationDisplacement the radio show]] had to be forcibly restrained.
  38. * The live-action ''{{Transformers}}'' [[TransformersFilmSeries movie]] drew a lot of ire in the early stages because the Transformers didn't look like their cartoon counterparts. It took PeterCullen [[AndTheFandomRejoiced to garner fans' support.]]
  39. ** The art style in ''TransformersAnimated'' led to a similar result. Only rather than casting, they did it by simply being [[GushingAboutShowsYouLike the best Transformers series]] since ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars''.
  40. * DanielCraig as JamesBond initially caused a stir, being blonde, blue eyed and nothing like the most famous Bonds before him. Most people calmed down once they say him in action.
  41. ** When production on ''Bond 23'' is being delayed in 2010 because of MGM's financial troubles, most fans throw an angry outburst and [[{{Misblamed}} accuse MGM itself]] of this.
  42. * When they announced there would be a American film LiveActionAdaptation of ''CowboyBebop'', you think they would wait until they had something about to tell us ''besides'' Spike being played by KeanuReeves (whose involvement in pretty much anything leads to massive online hatred).
  43. * The first cast photos of the ''Film/TheLastAirbender'' film caused ''serious'' problems when [[UnfortunateImplications there wasn't a single Asian in the cast]] (the cartoon drew heavily from Asian cultures, but didn't cast many Asians). The later re-casting of villain Zuko with Dev Patel only created ''new'' problems since the plot now appeared to be [[UnfortunateImplications good white people versus evil brown people...]]
  44. * A lot of CGI animation movies for kids put the crudest and most cliched jokes from the film in their trailers. This usually gives a bad impression on older audiences that don't bring kids to the movies.
  45. ** A Disney film about Rapunzel had its name changed to the more Dreamworks-esque ''{{Tangled}}''. To make matters worse, a teaser trailer attached to ''ToyStory 3'' played the above comments painfully straight and put its emphasis on the male lead instead of the heroine. The fandom did not rejoice.
  46. * ''{{The Princess and the Frog}}'' was subject to tons of debate ''even before'' trailers arrived, primarily because it was the first DisneyAnimatedCanon film with a black protagonist. The ''New York Times'' examined the dilemma [[ here]].
  47. ** The teaser really got the worst of it, mostly because of what it showed - we see Tiana in a sparkly ballgown, standing on what appears to be a castle balcony, kissing the frog. People familiar with the premise of the movie by that point knew that Tiana was a working-class girl dressed for Mardi Gras, and the "castle" was actually her rich friend's mansion. People who were not familiar with that began to complain that (A) Disney was making a fairly large oversight of American politics in having there be an "American princess" by birth (it took quite awhile for word to spread that she ''married'' into it) and (B) that Disney was setting the movie in the traditional vaguely European setting, but making the princess black for the heck of it.
  48. * This will happen for ''any'' "horror" movie that has a good trailer, promises cool characters and bomb-ass action, and then ends the trailer with "Rated PG-13". Likewise any sex-comedy.
  49. * ''{{The Saga of Darren Shan}}'' had this trope occur when it was announced that the film would be a comedy.
  50. * The remake of ''Film/ANightmareOnElmStreet''. Some find the new voice grating, are unsatisfied with the new facial design, and complain that it's by {{Michael Bay}}'s [[ production company]].
  51. * JamesCameron's movie ''{{Film/Avatar}}'' has gotten this kind of reaction to its trailers.
  52. ** to be fair, Cameron is [[AcceptableTargets one of the most despised figures in Hollywood]] for some reason, so a positive reaction to ''anything'' he's involved in would be more of a surprise than the alternative.
  53. * The casting of TomCruise as Lestat in ''InterviewWithAVampire'' sparked protests from fans and from author AnneRice; Rice liked him once she saw the film and went on a promotional campaign in his favor to make up for her previous complaints.
  54. * In a case where TaintedByThePreview outstripped AndTheFandomRejoiced, the news of a ''Film/ShortCircuit'' remake was met with cautious but hopeful reception, helped by news that the original's producer and scriptwriters were on board, and that the robot's look wouldn't change. Then came news that the scriptwriters were replaced by one from ''RobotChicken'', and the subsequent announcement that the director of ''Paul Blart Mall Cop'' and ''Are We Done Yet'' has been hired. As it stands, only the (currently unbroken) promise of the robot's look staying the same is keeping the fans from totally decrying the whole thing as ruining the franchise forever.
  55. * Previews of ''TheSecretOfNIMH'' remake have been met with hate from many of the fans of the DonBluth version for it being a live action/ CGI hybrid. Articles gleefully comparing it to the ''Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'' movie don't help. Now we all expect to see a joke where [[IAteWhat someone eats a piece of poop]] and [[ToiletHumor claims it's a raisin]].
  56. * There was much wailing and rending of garments on the news that RobertDowneyJr and Jude Law had been cast as the leads in, and Guy Ritchie was to direct, a ''Film/SherlockHolmes'' movie. Holmesians all around the world were wary, mainly because Downey Jr didn't look like Holmes as he was described and illustrated in the books at all, but some maintained a let's wait and see attitude. Then the [[ trailer]] came out, which made Holmes seem more like if ''Series/{{House}}'' and ''Film/IronMan'' had a baby in Victorian times than the real SherlockHolmes, and everyone ''but'' the fans were happy. Some gave up [[InkStainAdaptation and feared the worst]] and some preferred to [[NeverTrustATrailer Wait and See]]. [[BrokenBase Heated arguments arose]] and every new clip and trailer served to make matters worse, but some minds were changed. Then the movie came out, [[YourMileageMayVary and while opinions on how good of a story it was differ]], most agree that RobertDowneyJr and Jude Law did a great job as Holmes and Watson, and some put them amongst the most beloved like Jeremy Brett and David Burke/Edward Hardwicke.
  57. * ''DragonballEvolution'': "We have to get the Dragon Balls... ''before the eclipse.''"
  58. * ''BeverlyHillsChihuahua'' received a lot of hatred thanks to its teaser trailer with the infamous EarWorm.
  59. * ''TheLoveGuru''. It was decided that Mike Myers (the actor) would promote this film in character during the season 7 finale of AmericanIdol. It was a long segment, it probably gave away too much about the character, it was dealing with subject matter some American Idol viewers would be ''extremely'' uncomfortable with, and it was not funny enough. Oh, and it was a long segment on a season finale that ran so long that many people using [=DVRs=] had the last name of the winner cut off -- which was bad because the finalists had the same first name. It is likely that this segment helped sink ''TheLoveGuru'' at the box office.
  60. * ''{{Devil}}'' seems to be your typical psychological horror film. Why were people laughing? The words [[ "From the Mind of]] MNightShyamalan". He isn't [[Darthwiki/FallenCreator directing it]], but seeing [[LadyInTheWater his]] [[TheHappening track]] [[Film/TheLastAirbender record]]...
  61. * The ''{{Film/Ultramarines}}'' movie is currently having this sort of reception. Good Writer: check. Brilliant actors: check. Being made by an award winning 3D animation company: Check. And then [[ the trailer came out]]...
  62. * When it was revealed that the ''[[TheLordOfTheRings Fellowship of the Ring]]'' movie would not have Tom Bombadil, fans were outraged. There was a petition with thousands of signatures. But the movie came out, and people quickly got over it.
  63. * [[ The first cast shot]] from ''Film/{{X-Men}}: First Class'' had a mixed response. The trailer, [[AndTheFandomRejoiced not so much]].
  64. * They just announced the director for the ''GIJoeTheRiseOfCobra'' sequel! And it is... the guy who directed ''Music/JustinBieber: Never Say Never'', and never had any experience with action flicks. OhCrap. And to make it worse, Rachel Nichols [[ announced]] only Duke, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow would return...
  65. ** Then the teaser trailer came out. Four words: AndTheFandomRejoiced.
  66. * When it was announced that TimBurton's adaptation of ''CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' would star JohnnyDepp as Willy Wonka, people questioned how well he'd do the character justice. Then the movie came out, and people were [[YourMilageMayVary pleased]] with how it turned out.
  67. ** YourMileageMayVary indeed.
  68. * Fans of the KirBulychev children's SciFi series AliceGirlFromTheFuture were initially excited for the LiveActionAdaptation ''CaptivesOfTheThreePlanets''. But then the [[ teaser trailer]] came out in fall 2008, and fans felt let down. Why?
  69. ** DaryaMelnikova was 16, [[DawsonCasting much older]] than Alisa is normally said to be.
  70. ** The film looked too much like a Hollywood ActionAdventure or horror film, compared to the softer SciFi usually seen in the series.
  71. ** The forest in the trailer looked a lot like the forest from ''JurassicPark'' or ''BattlestarGalactica''.
  72. ** There are guns in the trailer--the series generally DoesNotLikeGuns, and those that do appear are normally EnergyWeapons used by the villains, where as the heroes use science or friendship to save the day.
  73. ** And, to cap it off, most fans still have very fond memories of ''GuestFromTheFuture'', making it hard for any subsequent adaptation to compete. As of 2011, the project has been frozen for an indefinite period.
  74. * All of the trailers for Film/TheMuppets have been well received by the Muppet fandom, but the revelation of "fart shoes" has a few fans worried (not enough to declare RuinedForever, but still less optimistic).
  75. * A lot of people had this reaction to the trailer for {{The Help}}.
  76. * The trailers for the 2011 version of TheThreeMusketeers left some fans skeptical about its chances of being good. This troper in particular became ''extremely'' worried after noticing one of the trailers showed a brief cut of what looked like a flying ship. He got talked into watching the movie and soon realized that it was ''worse'' than he feared.
  77. ** For those not aware, the movie is a steampunk fantasy with very loose ties to the original story and completely different main characters.
  78. * ''TheExpendables 2'' is going to have JeanClaudeVanDamme and ''ChuckNorris?'' Yes, this is gonna be awe- wait, Chuck is insisting that [[ the film be rated PG-13?]] [[ And the producers went through with his demands?]] ... [[Film/DodgeballATrueUnderdogStory fuckin' Chuck Norris]].
  79. * The announcement that ''The Hobbit'' is to be shot digitally and at 48 frames per second (rather than the usual 24) has led to numerous people declaring that the film will look "cheap and nasty", "like a reality show/mexican soap opera/home video/70s BBC Costume drama" before anyone had even seen a single frame of footage from the film. As no major Hollywood production has ever been made this way before, very few people outside the film's production have seen any of the 48fps footage, and the released trailer is only at 24fps (looking no different to your regular film), it's very rash for people to make decisions on the film's look based on entirely different products with wildly different production standards.
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  84. * A series is being written about a post Covenant war Halo universe? The fandom looked on eagerly to see more information about this... only to see the author listed as Karen [[WriterOnBoard Traviss]]. Some fans have started making bets upon how many pages it will be before the SPARTAN project gets turned into a [[PuritySue Mandalorian]] Expy.
  85. * The ErinHunter series ''Survivors''... is not being written by the authors who work under the Erin Hunter pen name. The WarriorCats and SeekerBears fans aren't happy.
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  89. * In a case similar to Daniel Craig, count the number of people complaining about MattSmith's "emo" looks when he was cast as the [[TheNthDoctor Eleventh]] [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor]].
  90. * Fans of the pilot of ''Series/BeingHuman'' were very anxious about the changes made to the series, rumoured and actual, but it worked out great. There were a lot of complaints before the series proper came out, though.
  91. * It seems that some ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' fans got ludicrously negative over the casting calls for the new characters in [[Series/TorchwoodMiracleDay series 4]], and complaining about characters not being 3-dimensional enough when these are just ''casting calls''.
  92. * Before it premiered in the 90's, the PrimeTimeSoap ''CentralParkWest'' was promoted in multi-page spreads in trade publications and banner ads across buses and buildings, and promised that the show would change the landscape of television forever by offering risque content for a pre-{{watershed}} series. All this talk of throwing as much sex and drama as possible into the series (helmed by ''MelrosePlace'' creator Darren Star) turned off viewers who, according to reports, were sick of being beat over the head with the message that they were supposed to like the show because of its sex appeal. It didn't help that the pilot episode was scheduled against airings of ''Melrose'' and ''BeverlyHills90210'', which had both already covered the market in terms of pushing the envelope of adult and teen dramas, respectively. ''CPW'' was actively avoided by most viewers, and promptly died a quiet death soon after.
  93. * The reimagined ''[[Series/BattlestarGalacticaReimagined Battlestar Galactica]]'', full stop. Before the 2003 miniseries premiered, hardcore fans were already up in arms after a preview trailer that showed it was a reboot, Boomer and Starbuck had been changed from men into female characters, and that the Cylons were now CGI and no longer resembled their bulky "man-in-suit" predecessors. Not helping matters was Richard Hatch (Apollo from the 1978 series), who was loudly railing against the show because it had caused his personal continuation project of the original series to be shunted aside in favor of the new series. Even though Hatch hadn't seen the series, he blasted it on message boards and interviews every chance he got. Most of these cries died down when the show become a critical and commercial hit (including Hatch's; he ended up becoming a pivotal supporting character starting in the first season).
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  97. * The early previews for 4e ''DungeonsAndDragons'' were meant to drum up interest for the game and show how it improves upon the existing game. Unfortunately, they took a derisive YouSuck tone, saying that the game that people had invested hundreds of dollars and up to 8 years of their lives on wasn't really fun. Though the final product has been a financial and critical success ([[YourMileageMayVary MOSTLY]]), the InternetBackdraft, BrokenBase, and cries of RuinedFOREVER have become ''legendary''.
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  101. * AndrewLloydWebber's ''LoveNeverDies'' (2010) is the sequel to his adaptation of ''{{Phantom of the Opera}}''. Virtually all of the fan base was decidedly ''not'' amused by the preview clips on Amazon; some cancelled their pre-orders for the soundtrack, and when the preview ''performances'' started in London and detailed plot summaries arrived...ItGotWorse. After it officially opened, the London production underwent a significant {{Retool}} and the announced New York production was indefinitely delayed (it was supposed to open that fall), though an Australian production arrived in the spring of 2011.
  102. ** Based on the reception of this retooled production, it appears it may actually have [[GrowingTheBeard grown the beard]].
  103. * The announcement of two different MichaelJackson-themed CirqueDuSoleil shows was not warmly received by many of Cirque's vocal fans; for starters, they were their third and fourth JukeboxMusical variant in five years after ''TheBeatles' LOVE'' and ''Viva [[Main/ElvisPresley Elvis]]''. Since that fanbase wasn't happy with the majority of new Cirque shows from 2007 onwards, this just added more fuel to claims that the company no longer cared about art, but money. And then there were the issues of whether it was TooSoon after Jackson's death for both Cirque and his estate and how big an audience for a show about a performer with ''a lot'' of XPacHeat would be by 2011, when the first show debuted. However, to ''Jackson'' fans the reaction to this announcement was more AndTheFandomRejoiced.
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  106. [[folder:Video Games]]
  107. * Many fans of Bioware's classic and original RPG ''DragonAge: Origins'' tasted the bitter fruit of disappointment after watching the cliche-ridden trailer for its heavily anticipated sequel. Many were disappointed to find that they would not be encountering the characters they came to know and love in DA:O, and would be limited to play as a human.
  108. * ''BrutalLegend''. TimSchafer talked exclusively about the multiplayer and Action/RTS hybrid battles. ElectronicArts talked exclusively about the presence of JackBlack, the story, the setting, the single player component, and nothing on the core gameplay. The demo consisted of just the first five minutes of the game. Guess who's message got through. To this day TimSchafer says that [[ Metacritic]] shows that people who liked the game ATTEMPTED multiplayer, and that the low reviews don't even touch it, and are mostly complaints based on expectations.
  109. * ''{{Halo 4}}''. Despite being announced nearly ''two whole years'' before its release, and still in major development, fans have been sighing, shaking their heads, and pointing out sadly that the series is RuinedFOREVER because ''Chief doesn't have a freakin' codpiece'' (they're still working on what he'll actually look like: the trailer-Chief is a fairly early concept). Also, the actual idea that it's a sequel to ''{{Halo 3}}'' (which even had a cliffhanger) is detestable to many, and the fact that {{Bungie}} isn't in charge irks players. Although, to be honest, continuing the series at all is unacceptable to some fans.
  110. * ''{{Castlevania}} Judgment'' for the Wii wasn't due out for a long while, and had only released limited information about the available characters and gameplay, and yet it was declared ''Worst Castlevania Ever'' minutes after the info got out because it's a 3D fighting game and not a {{Metroidvania}}. Then the ''DeathNote'' style character designs came out, and it was declared as ''Worst Castlevania Ever'' again. Then it was actually released and, well... it didn't really WinBackTheCrowd.
  111. * ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker'' was widely scorned when it was first announced that the game would be {{cel-shaded}} (leading to the derisive "Celda" nickname), with many proclaiming it to be a complete disaster based purely on the first screens released. Its gameplay (and a graphic update) did change many minds, but there are still some holdouts.
  112. ** The earlier "preview" (actually a [=GameCube=] tech-demo) that displayed a hyper-realistic ([[TechnologyMarchesOn for 2000]]) duel between Link and Ganondorf really did not help matters. It seems that most of the pre-release complaining about ''Wind Waker'' was specifically from gamers who felt cheated by not getting a game similar in style to the earlier demo; a style very different in spirit from both ''Wind Waker'' and ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]]''.
  113. *** In an aversion to this, they actually cheered when they got that very thing with trailers ''TwilightPrincess'' ([[ToughActToFollow but then complained after it came out]]). Now every time a new Zelda game is announced, the art style will be ripped on regardless of the style - if it's "real", it's derivative, if it's "cel", it's violating the spirit (or kiddie).
  114. ** ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks Spirit Tracks]]'', with its [[ForTheCelOfIt Wind Waker-like graphics]] and for putting AnachronismStew on a whole new level (you know, from a series with a boomerang and a primitive grappling hook as among its iconic weapons) with the introduction of a [[CoolTrain Steam Train Engine]] as mean of transportation. Later trailers and the release of the game have reduced this outcry. Considerably.
  115. * ''DevilMayCry 4'' - Oh, the teeth-gnashing that erupted when the main character was announced to be Nero and not Dante.
  116. ** All of that Nero-bashing is nothing compared to [[RuinedForever the reaction]] towards the [[HeavenlySword Ninja Theory]]-developed reboot of the series.
  117. * Pretty much ''every'' new announced ''SonicTheHedgehog'' game after ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'' seem to run into this trope.
  118. ** The team mechanic of ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes''.
  119. ** The guns and the DarkerAndEdgier tone in ''ShadowTheHedgehog''.
  120. ** The realistic humans and fourth hedgehog in ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006''.
  121. ** Moving like a car in ''SonicAndTheSecretRings''
  122. ** The [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Werehog form]] in ''VideoGame/SonicUnleashed''.
  123. ** The sword gameplay in ''SonicAndTheBlackKnight''.
  124. ** Pretty much ''everything'' about ''SonicTheHedgehog4'', if it's not AndTheFandomRejoiced. [[BrokenBase Or both.]]
  125. *** After the first glimpse of gameplay for Sonic 4 was shown - merely 4 seconds showing Sonic jump, go through a loop and a twisted board from Sonic 2 - fans were already claiming the complete ruin of the series due to Sonic not moving his legs fast enough and the jump being slightly higher than in the Genesis games.
  126. **** [[ItGotWorse Then the prototype leak came...]]
  127. ** ''VideoGame/SonicColors'' being Wii-only. Sega, being [[GenreSavvy Fan-Savvy]], disguised the helper characters as powerups to stifle that element of fan whining.
  128. ** ''VideoGame/SonicGenerations'''s level list. Some people are complaining there's no variation between them, despite the fact that the zones barely resemble their original game counterparts (the Modern-era levels being especially guilty of this.
  129. *** Which is ironic considering that the level list is rumored to be the result of a poll that Sega held to determine the most popular level in each Sonic game.
  130. * ''{{Fallout}} 3'' was met with this at it's announcement, primarily because of the perspective was changed from isometric to first-person and turn-based combat was scrapped. Many of the games haters mocked it for being "Oblivion with guns" which is rather amusing, considering that's what made it one of the top selling games that year.
  131. * It also didn't take long for people to whine about ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}: Still Alive'' when it was announced that it would be a 360 exclusive and there would not be any dialogue from [=GLaDOS=] in the new maps.
  132. ** It's also based off of a fan project! A really good fan project, but one you can get for the PC for free.
  133. * When Nintendo started releasing details of ''MetroidPrime'', people started assuming it would be bad due to a combination of a 3D shift and an American third party developing it. Then the game came out [[KillerApp and all]] [[SoCoolItsAwesome was forgiven.]]
  134. ** ''MetroidOtherM'', mostly because [[JigglePhysics it's developed by Team Ninja]] and [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks focuses more on action than the ''Prime'' series]].
  135. * Square's initial announcement for ''KingdomHearts'' consisted of them saying they were going to make a collaborative game with Disney aimed at teenagers. This set off the cynicism in a ton of people.
  136. ** Anything about Xion from ''358/2 Days'' also got this treatment. The complaints were that she was the heretofore unknown ''fourteenth'' member of Organization ''XIII'' (where the fact that the Organization ''only'' had thirteen members was somewhat of an important in-story point), and was shown to be close to two fan favorites who were best friends and had never mentioned a female friend before, and Axel had in fact specifically said that Roxas was the ''only one'' he liked. [[spoiler:The actual game proceeded to justify all of this so well, even despite the necessarily bizarre nature of the retcon, that some fans suspect Xion's presentation in the trailers was deliberate trolling of the fanbase.]]
  137. ** The announcement for ''Chain of Memories'' also brought about how they were trying to make a card-based battle system, and immediately there were people complained about how it was about "Random draw" and how that doesn't work. There exist people to this day who still say that, despite the remake being released overseas, that the system is all random's fairly obvious that these people are [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch complaining about a game they've only seen the preview and box art of]] since people who actually tried to play the game or even saw a video on Youtube wouldn't call it "random draw". Especially since any degree of random draw can be ''easily ignored'' or even bypassed altogether. (Don't use a "Premium Bonus". It's as easy as that.)
  138. * The Xbox 360 game ''TooHuman'' from Silicon Knights may be the absolute king of this trope. Opinions are still based on a notorious early [[ trailer]] released in 2006. The infamous behaviour of its creator, Denis Dyack hasn't helped: he has repeatedly slammed both [[ the gaming press]] and [[ Neogaf]] for pre-judging the game prior to its release. Now that the game has been released, it's been reviewed as [[SoOkayItsAverage average at best]].
  139. * ''{{Diablo}} 3's'' screenshots had a rainbow in it. This caused such an uproar among certain fans that there are online petitions and fan-held contests photoshopping the presented screenshots. Blizzard's response was to have artists go back and put MORE rainbows into the game (as opposed to just that one, or something). On the flip side, Diablo 3's art director 'quit' for 'personal reasons' long before the game was ready for release...
  140. ** Interestingly, one of the game designers responded to complaints, and refuted several altered pictures, pointing out why they wouldn't work with the game.
  141. ** Then they gave us [[ this]].
  142. * ''{{Banjo-Kazooie}}: Nuts & Bolts'' received major ire for being vehicle-driven.
  143. ** It also got flack for the ugly re-designs of the characters.
  144. * ''StarWars: The Old Republic'', for being a MMORPG sequel to the ''{{Knights of the Old Republic}}'' series rather than being a single-player ''[=KOTOR 3=]''. Never mind the fact that [=BioWare=] is returning to the series, maybe ''Star Wars Galaxies'' left enough of a sour taste in people's minds to turn them off from another ''Star Wars'' MMO.
  145. ** Let's not forget about Chris Avellone's fans who actually ''don't'' want [=BioWare=] to be returning to the series.
  146. ** Then there are single-player fans who, though disliking the idea of an MMO on principle, hope it'll be successful as this may motivate the powers that be to give us a single-player ''KnightsOfTheOldRepublic 3'' at a later date.
  147. ** Not to mention the myriad of complaints surrounding individual parts of the game from the people who are comfortable with the game being an MMO.
  148. * ''MortalKombat vs. DCUniverse'' for ''not'' being RatedMForMoney. As an extension, ''every'' fatality reveal comes with whining (except for the Joker's... and the first of which has a GoryDiscretionShot [[RegionalBonus unless you're in Europe]]) because Midway is opting for quick and efficient kills rather than the usual over-the-top brutal stuff. Story Mode trailers, [[AndTheFandomRejoiced on the other hand]]...
  149. * ''Wii Music'' is possibly the ''only'' Wii game to receive so much InternetBackdraft when Nintendo previewed it in {{E3}} 2008. Common outcries were "[[RuinedFOREVER Gaming is dead as we know it!]]" and "NINTENDO SOLD OUT THE HARDCORE!!!" When the game was finally released, reviews ranged from below average to decent.
  150. ** This trope is pretty much the reason why Nintendo is no longer releasing previews for their games.
  151. * ''DeadRising'' on the {{Wii}}. The game was designed with an actual difficulty curve, which required loads of zombies (even if not as much as the 360 version) to be reserved for the last third (?) of the game. Trailers showed parts from the earlier missions, where zombies were fewer, and gamers just assumed this would be the number for the entire game. And the low picture quality of screens and videos didn't help either. The actual game is almost nothing like this (you can see high quality videos that show this on YouTube), so this game had some really bad trailers that hurt its hype.
  152. ** But it wasn't helped by this widespread fallacy that ports cost little to make (I admit to thinking that once). That is not true, especially with this game, which required virtually every asset to be completely redone just to fit on the Wii and the ''Resident Evil 4'' GameEngine. Yet the FanDumb still thinks from those trailers that this cost little to make, and is thus a cheap cash-in.
  153. * The first one-minute teaser trailer for ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' was greeted with a good bit of flailing from the fanbase, and several proclamations of RuinedFOREVER. Pictures of a new squadmate -- a tattooed, pierced woman -- also set off the same reaction.
  154. ** As the marketing campaign for ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' picks up, BioWare has revealed they felt too much of ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' was spoiled by pre-release videos and interviews. It's hard to argue.
  155. * ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'' was dubbed as RuinedFOREVER when people got their hands on the demo disks. Complaints ranged from the game being too easy due to having the majority of spells right there (although both levels in the game are fairly late locations in the final version) and the new battle system being too different from the previous games.
  156. ** Every single time a FinalFantasy game is announced, fans will declare the series RuinedFOREVER. Once the game actually comes out, half will stand by their RuinedFOREVER claims while [[BrokenBase the other half]] will declare the new game the best the series have ever seen.
  157. *** The VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV announcement was almost physically painful. The trailer showed lots of amazingly rendered locales and awesome character designs, and ends with the words "Final Fantasy XIV" appearing onscreen. The crowd goes wild, then the word "Online" appears, and the silence is INSTANT.
  158. * ''PunchOut'' for the Wii got some flack before it was released. Most complaints ranged from lack of new fighters to being [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks too samey]] compared to the NES version. The critics were silenced after the game was released and they discovered the significantly deeper NewGamePlus mode.
  159. * After Nintendo previewed several games from E3 2009, fans were split. The half pertinent to this trope declared that ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy2'' is [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks too samey]], ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii'' is also too samey, and ''{{Metroid}}: Other M'' is dubbed as RuinedFOREVER for being more based on action. Note that all these accusations are based on 1-minute or so trailers.
  160. ** On the subject of ''New Super Mario Bros. Wii'', fans decried the fact that a Yellow Toad and a Blue Toad were playable characters instead of [[VideoGame/WarioLand Wario]] and [[EnsembleDarkhorse Waluigi]] (some even wanted Princess Peach, who is still a DistressedDamsel in the game). ShigeruMiyamoto spoke up about these complaints, saying that Peach would be subjected to the NoFlowInCGI problem and doesn't have the proper physique. Also, Wario would need to be a {{Gasshole}}.
  161. * [[FanDumb Quite a number]] [[ of people]] [[ were]] [[UnpleasableFanbase really]], ''[[MissionPackSequel really]]'', '''[[RuinedFOREVER REALLY]]''' not happy with the announcement of ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2''.[[hottip:*:That "quite a number" is well over 40,000.]] Also, those fans' complaints were all made off E3 2009 footage (which seemed to include content and features promised to be provided in the original for free.)
  162. ** The boycott was driven by mainly by people outraged due to statements by Valve higher ups that ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' would receive content updated similar to ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2''. At the time of the sequel announcement, there had been no new content, and several GameBreakingBug had still not been addressed that were present at release. It was also partially driven by ''HalfLife'' fans, outraged at the several year wait in between episodes while ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' was getting a sequel in less than a year (by one day).
  163. *** And don't forget the large number of ''HalfLife'' fans who are feeling very left out by a lack of ''Half-Life 2: Episode 3'' or even a third ''Half-Life''.
  164. * The excitement some people had for mere announcement of the third ''MaxPayne'' game has been marred with Max's new design. Then came the new Brazil setting (translating into daytime missions. Then the new voice. Then ''[[GearsOfWar the cover system]]''.
  165. * ''TetrisTheGrandMaster 4''. A new TGM game gets announced? Yay! Preview screenshots that show [[LighterAndSofter pretty]] [[ flowery visuals]]? Yay?
  166. * After ''Backyard Hockey'' redesigned the characters of BackyardSports, many series fans thought the games were RuinedFOREVER. YourMileageMayVary on this game, but the series reached its peak a few games later.
  167. * ''VideoGame/MegaMan 10'' is getting complaints based on a 1 and half minute trailer. Some fans are whining about Capcom's direction to keep ''10'' in the NES style like ''9'' did. The majority of the complaints comes from the advertised [[ItsEasySoItSucks Easy Mode]]. In the trailer, it shows one level where Mega Man is jumping over big pits of spikes and in Easy Mode, there are solid platforms on top of the spikes, allowing Mega Man to just run across the level.
  168. * ''TimeShift'' was initially a first person shooter with emphasis on using your time travel powers to solve puzzles. However, the reaction to the initial demo was so bad that publishers Atari freaked out and sold the game to Sierra. In turn, Sierra used the bad reaction to the demo to force the developers into totally restarting the game from scratch, and what we ended up with was more of a ''{{Gears of War}}'' clone with time travel gimmicks bolted on.
  169. * ''{{X-Com}}'' is coming back! As a FirstPersonShooter (a ''[[ second]]'' attempt at that. Let's not even mention how {{Genre Shift}}s in the series have never ended well). In which you take control of a FBI agent instead of the eponymous anti-alien unit itself. Multiplatform. By [[{{Bioshock}} 2k Marin]]. Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the [[strike: {{Fallout}} 3]] ''DragonBallEvolution'' of this decade.
  170. ** ''{{Syndicate}}''. The original game was a ''very'' innovative RTS that used gameplay concepts that have yet to be copied by later games. The reboot? Basically the ''Shadowrun'' Xbox Revival with a little ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' thrown in.
  171. * Guess how PC gamers respond to [[ModernWarfare2 one]] of their FirstPersonShooter NOT having dedicated servers? Not very nice, and that was ''before'' its release date. This of course doesn't happen with console gamers, not that it helps easing [[PCVsConsole the war]] or anything.
  172. * ''MetalGearRisingRevengeance''. Metal Gear is now a multiconsole release, but the game is going to be a hack-and-slash starring Raiden? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  173. * The {{Nintendo 3DS}} is arguably their most hyped console in their history since it was revealed in E3 2010. However, after reports in early January 2011 that the battery life will run only 3-5 hours with the 3D effects enabled and the return of [[ScrappyMechanic friend codes]], some of the excitement turned to disgust. The same reports claim that keeping the 3D and networking features off will extend the life to 4-6 hours, but that hasn't helped.
  174. ** As of the European Nintendo 3DS preview conference on January 2011, [[AndTheFandomRejoiced some of the news turned this around]], including a single friend code per device (which fan reaction indicates is a very fair compromise), a $250 price point, a release date of March 27 ([[RegionalBonus with Europe getting it 48 hours earlier]]), GameBoy and GameBoyColor games in VirtualConsole, and a promise of 30 titles by June to include all major genres.
  175. * Every ''SpyroTheDragon'' game after the original trilogy has gotten this, but [[TheLegendOfSpyroTrilogy both]] [[SkylandersSpyrosAdventure reboots]] got it real bad.
  176. * Much like the Short Circuit example above, most fans of ''MortalKombat Armageddon'' were hyped when ''MortalKombat9'' was announced...until someone hacked the demo and leaked the info they found of the full game in there, revealing several character designs that not many people liked and a story mode that is being almost universally derided as being of the same poor quality that ruined ''VideoGame/MortalKombatShaolinMonks''. [[MurderArsonANdJaywalking Not to mension the fan furor over Rain being deconfirmed for the game...]]
  177. * Disillusionment with the promise of ''VideoGame/DukeNukemForever'' has depleted anticipation into deep negative expectation. It was even predicted that a number of fans would be happy just to see the game finally come out. In the end... nope.
  178. *  ''ModernWarfare 3'', mostly because it looks almost exactly the same as ''ModernWarfare 2''.
  179. * The fourth SuperSmashBros game is apparently tainted by the ''announcement''--[[UpToEleven it's not even in development yet]] but apparently it's going to be a terrible Brawl clone or something.
  180. * ''AceCombatAssaultHorizon'': The demo forcing you to use Close Range Assault to splash aces has not been warmly received. Others are hoping that one should {{Never Trust A| Trailer}} Demo.
  181. * FossilFighters was viewed as a {{Pokemon}} knockoff, however, besides the {{Mons}} aspect and the BB Gang, which is similar to Team Rocket, the two games are actually very different.
  182. * AsurasWrath have started suffering from this after it's demo was released.
  183. * The PSP Vita appeared to have a good reception when it was announced at E3, and then they announced the service provider would be [[CollectiveGroan AT&T...]]
  184. [[/folder]]
  186. [[folder:Western Animation]]
  187. * ''WesternAnimation/LoonaticsUnleashed''...whoo boy. Now, Warner Bros. certainly has done updated versions of ''LooneyTunes'' in the past - ''[[SpinoffBabies Baby]] [[BabyLooneyTunes Looney Tunes]]'' and ''TinyToonAdventures'' being among them. However, people who saw the apparently DarkerAndEdgier initial designs for the show immediately flipped out, saying that the animators were [[RuinedFOREVER raping their childhoods]], and one twelve-year old started a popular petition protesting the show over a year before it even came out.
  188. ** In 2010, while attempting [[TheLooneyTunesShow another Looney Toons reboot]], the artists are specifically told NOT to repeat Unleashed's artstyle, along with a TeamShot with the caption "Do not do this" underneath. Take that as you will.
  189. * Pretty much anytime a new Batman series comes out and Kevin Conroy isn't playing [[BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Batman]] will invoke this. It's telling that just simply having him and or MarkHamill (aka the Joker) doing a guest spot is a AndTheFandomRejoiced moment.
  190. * ''{{Chaotic}}'' got flak simply for being a ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' ripoff just because the show has a card game in it.
  191. ** Also, ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' has been accused of being a ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}'' ripoff because it has monsters in it.
  192. *** Also, the ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' card game has been accused of being a ''Magic: The Gathering'' ripoff for having the exact same basic rules system.
  193. *** Also, ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds}}'' was accused of being even more of a merchandise driven series than its [[{{Yu-Gi-Oh}} two]] [[{{Yu-Gi-Oh GX}} predecessors]], and ridiculous for having '''[[{{Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series}} card games on motorcycles]]''', among other complains. After released, the reception wasn't really ''that'' negative.
  194. *** And, in a case of things coming full circle, ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal}}'' is being derided as a Chaotic rip-off, simply because of the look of the new characters.
  195. * Much like Transformers Animated, the first images of TheSpectacularSpiderMan showing off the new character designs instantly put off many potential viewers, despite the [[BoringButPractical simpler designs making smoother animation more cost effective.]]
  196. * ''WesternAnimation/AvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes'' has ran into this. While the second season has a lot of fans looking forward to it, they are not looking forward to seeing [[spoiler:Red Hulk]].
  197. * ''WesternAnimation/{{Ultimate Spider-Man}}'' has advertisments that turn people off because of their unexpectedly goofy gags (eg, Spidey becoming a toaster after a villain exclaims, "You're toast!")
  198. * Some fans of ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'' declared the franchise RuinedForever after the first trailer for ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' aired at SDCC 2011. Their complaints stemmed from the much higher {{Steampunk}} influence present in the new show, including things like cars and motorcycles. Of course, given that the first show had things like jet skis, gondolas, and absolutely ''massive'' dirigibles, and that ''Korra'' takes place 70 years after that technology existed, it's a logical course for the show to take.
  199. [[/folder]]
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