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  1. Hello Sam,
  3. I just read your article (link below).  
  4. I only have a few words to say to you.  
  6. I am so sorry that I let you in our house to interview you on that day.  
  7. I spent a lot of time with you hoping you would be objective and yet, your viewpoint would still shine through.
  9. One other person strongly warned me not to talk with you and allow you to interview me and, that person was right.
  11. Sam, you have a lot of years ahead of you.  Think about what you are writing and why you are writing such vitriol as you have written below.
  13. I was initially impressed with your approach and seemingly neutral nature - but yellow journalism is not going to get you anywhere but maybe Fox and Friends, if you are that unlucky.  
  15. I’m sorry I ever met you.  Really sorry.
  17. http://scotscoop.com/op-ed-dont-let-rhetoric-trump-reason-in-belmont/
  19. Coralin Feierbach
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