Saurian tongue wrestling

Apr 11th, 2017
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  1. Prompt
  2. >>GF notices you're missing just in time to see a lump go down another saurian's throat
  4. >Out shopping with your gf, a sweet herbivore girl with a very nice rump she's currently wiggling back and forth in excitement as she browses through the clothes on the rack
  5. >You might not like clothes shopping but you'd by lying if you said she (or at least a specific part of her) didn't have your undivided attention right now
  6. >Perhaps you should have been paying better attention to your surroundings though
  7. >"Hey honey, what do you think about this?" she asks, holding up an unusually long skirt for a saurian for you to see, or rather she would if you were still there
  8. >"Honey?" she asks again looking around, thinking you just wandered off until she catches a glimpse out of the corner of her eyes of a familiar face in the jaws of a topless carnivore (unless you count nipple piercings, and some saurians will argue they're perfectly valid clothes)
  9. >"Hey! That's mine!" she shouts as she storms over to the other girl, just in time to you disappear as her jaws snap close
  10. >"Spit him out!" your girl growls out, face inches from the carnivore's
  11. >Instead the carnivore answers with a quick gulp sending you half way down her throat before opening her maw to give your gf a front row seat to the sight of you slowly slipping down her throat
  12. >You see a flash of panic on your girl's face before she suddenly lunges at the carnivore much to her surprise, the two girl's lips meeting as your girlfriend's tongue darts down her throat and wraps around your arm
  13. >You find yourself raising your gf's long, long tongue to your second favorite part of her anatomy as she begins to pull you out, only to be stopped by the carnivore clamping down hard and wrapping her own tongue around you
  14. >You quickly become the subject of an impromptu tug of war, their tongues intertwining around each other and you as they literally wrestle for supremacy
  15. >Back and forth, back and forth you go, the two tongues snaking their way around, exploring every inch of your body and each other's mouths, probing and tasting each other and yourself as you're caught in the middle, a tasty little prize
  16. >As rough as this treatment may be, you certainly can't say it's unenjoyable on your end, their warm, slick tongues rubbing and kneading your flesh, milking you of every ounce of pleasure
  17. >Not helped by the throaty moans surrounding you, the two girls apparently also enjoying their little game
  18. >Yet distracted as they may now be, they're still fighting over you, eventually something's gotta give, and sooner or later it happens, one of them slips
  19. >Their kiss breaks, you find yourself alone in a maw, too disoriented to determine which, whoever it is rolls you over her tongue for a bit, savoring the taste of victory before tilting her head back and sending you down as the crowd of catcalling saurians who've gathered to enjoy the show disperse
  20. ---[Ending 1]---
  22. >"S-sorry" your gf breathlessly apologizes, blushing deeper when she realizes the carnivore's arms somehow ended up wrapped around her during their kiss, "T-that was my boyfriend, couldn't let you have him"
  23. >"No worries", the carnivore responds with a toothy grin "T'was pretty fun" before leaning in for another deep kiss
  24. >Your gf shifts around awkwardly in her arms for a moment, letting you settle in her stomach as she steals several glances at the carnivore who's currently licking her lips in memory of the way your flavor and that of your gf's tongue mixed
  25. >"Hey, uh.... can't ask my boyfriend's opinion on clothes anymore, you wanna take his place? Maybe go get coffee or something afterwards?" your girlfriend hesitantly asks
  26. >The carnivore's answer is a big squeeze of your girl's ass and a "I'd love to"
  28. ---[Ending 2]---
  30. >"Whoops, guess he's mine now" the carnivore says breaking their embrace so she can give her toned abs a pat, "And I don't plan on letting him out any time soon"
  31. >Your girlfriend just responds with a crestfallen look
  32. >"Oh don't look so down, that was fun, anyone ever tell you you're a good kisser?" she asks giving your girlfriend a peck on the cheek, "Doubt you can reach him again but feel free to try again anytime~" she says before sauntering off
  33. >Pausing a moment to look back, "You can also try the back door if you want," the carnivore offers as she gives her ass a smack, "pretty sure he'll be leaving through there eventually, in a month or four anyway~"
  34. >After a second, your girlfriend follows
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