DXN - First Favor - Part 2 (Ending)

Jun 16th, 2016
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  1. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  3. [08:15] <Cherem> "So, the first step is figuring out where this guy went." Honda clears his throat, "We can look up who he is while we search."
  4. [08:30] <Cherem> Following the signs the man left behind, you follow the train tracks. There's several stops along the way that he passes by, but Reiko manages to catch a glimpse of a man fitting the description Doyle has over the station cameras. He's walking with a limp, his pant leg stained strangely around the ankle, but he's making good progress despite taking a bullet. It's easy to find where he got off. Doyle shares the description as you go, confirming that it is indeed your man.
  5. [08:51] <Cherem> He tries to disappear into the crowd, but you're hot on his heels. The surgeon smells like fear, his body is lighting up with tension and stress. He's ducking down alleyways, knocking people over, and at one point he just snaps and stops a passer-by in a car, throwing the salaryman from the vehicle and speeding off.
  6. [08:51] <Cherem> He almost causes an accident as he goes. However, his pathway is clear: he's heading into the abandoned projects, over a decade old with no progress made, really.
  7. [08:51] <Cherem> This was supposed to be renovated by this time, you remember. Or, at least, you've heard in bits and pieces, part of City N's attempt to merge closer with the other cities nearby. Office buildings, a parking complex, a now-defunt railway station.
  8. [08:51] <Cherem> It was going to be the new "downtown". Then the market went through some shakes, the earthquakes threw things off schedule. It was inching along, slowly but surely.
  9. [08:52] <Cherem> Then Black Saturday happened, and that was it. Poof. Gone. The money left, the talent left, and now the land belongs to some investment types who saw an opportunity not yet ripe and the gods of limbo. Having been this way for a while, it's a hideout for the seedier elements of City N, a sort of badlands right in the center of Japan.
  10. [08:52] <Cherem> It is here that this scientist made his home, it seems, or at least a hideaway. He's heading deep in, past half-constructed skyscrapers. Somewhere around the entry, you can find his car, blood on the seat and smelling foul.
  11. [08:54] <Cherem> Following on Foot, Ai, Goemon, Doyle, you're there first, with a chance to drink in the scenery. Reiko, Miyu, you have to take more traditional routes to the place with the car, but you get there soon enough.
  13. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  15. [08:57] <Cherem> Ai, your nose manages to catch the smell almost before the movement catches your eyes. It's faint, but the thick smell of gunpowder, sulfur and coal, bitter against the dusty miasma that seems to populate this derelict area.
  16. [08:58] <Cherem> Reiko, your eyes easily pick up the movement in the distance, the little bits of shapes that shouldn't be there.
  17. [08:58] <Cherem> Hesitating, you're able to catch sight of... a man with a gun. He's watching out over the buildings, dressed in digital urban battledress.
  18. [08:58] <Cherem> He's not wearing anything as suspicious as a balaclava, but his eyes are covered with sunglasses, and he's pacing back and forth. A moment later, you catch another. These buildings are crawling with them. Where the hell do they get so many people?
  19. [08:58] <Cherem> "What's up here then?" Honda jogs up, looking around like a tourist.
  20. [08:59] <@Mr_Rage> Ai's tails twitch, freed from their pleated prison as a threat display. "Enemy."
  21. [09:00] <Cherem> "Here?" Honda frowns, looking around to follow her gaze. The next moment, he's edging towards cover. "Shit. More of these Private Military goons?"
  22. [09:00] <Otomo_Reiko> "Probably. There seem to be a lot of those here in City N."
  23. [09:02] <Cherem> "Hnn." Honda grumbles, "I remember when this used to be a nicer city." He peeks around the edge. "And the Scientist is in there, somewhere."
  24. [09:02] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What's the plan?"
  25. [09:04] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Good question." Miyu says whilst panting, sweating an abnormal amount.
  26. [09:05] <Otomo_Reiko> "Well its usually going in guns blazing, right? All American cowboy, bang bang."
  27. [09:05] <Cherem> "Uh..." Honda hesitates, glancing around. "Wow. This is... yeah. Huh. Well, we probably want to figure out who he's working with... But these soldiers... Cowboy might work."
  28. [09:16] <Cherem> As you kick over ideas, Ai and Reiko have the chance to scout out the area. With some observation on how the guards are working from Reiko, Ai has an easier time of slipping past the patrols and watchful eyes of the armed men.
  29. [09:16] <Cherem> Slinking into the abandoned cityscape, you crawl through windows and up climb up steps quiet as a reptillian mouse. The guards do have holes in their perimeter, mostly overlooking people going through the more complex buildings.
  30. [09:17] <Cherem> However, of note is that the smell of the Scientist is still prevelant: you can smell his blood, as well as the weird, chemical/sterile smell of whatever was in the testing tube from before.
  31. [09:18] <Cherem> It leads to a building, about ten stories high. The windows for the lower half have been put in, but many of them are broken. But from what you observe, this is probably the hiding place of the scientist: it has guards watching it from other buildings, pacing and lazily observing.
  32. [09:19] <Cherem> It'd be possible to sneak in the whole collection of you if you were quiet about it, but if anything goes wrong or takes too long, there's enemy reinforces in minutes.
  33. [09:19] <Cherem> On top of that, you do notice something out of the ordinary. As you get a glimpse of the building, Ai, you manage to see a black knife, hanging high, high, high above the building. It's a thin sliver from where you are, a speck against the blue sky.
  34. [09:22] <@Mr_Rage> Ai clucks her tongue, reporting the sight to Reiko, since she knew the most about the things that lived in the sky.
  35. [09:29] <Cherem> Listening to Ai's description and following her finger to where the hanging line is, you're able to make a pretty accurate guess: looks like it's a spacecraft.
  36. [09:30] <Cherem> Not really, but it's a high-flying aerial vehicle, probably a helicopter or a plane capable of hovering, as it isn't moving. It's sleek form is probably to deny detection systems, for slipping in and out of places.
  37. [09:31] <Cherem> To describe it's stealth capabilities, it could probably dive into the ocean without any more than a single ripple. Really, you're lucky it isn't moving. But it's above this area, circling probably.
  38. [09:31] <Otomo_Reiko> "Thats some impressive hardware up there..." Reiko observes the object for a while.
  39. [09:34] <Cherem> "Hmm?" Honda cranes his neck to see, shading his eye. The sun doesn't help you look for the thing, and it seems to have defeated Honda. "So... we're going in quiet or guns blazing?"
  40. [09:35] <Otomo_Reiko> "Up to you boss. That thing up there had probably spotted us, just depends on who it's with."
  41. [09:36] <Cherem> "You think... UGN? Someone else?"
  42. [09:37] <@Mr_Rage> Ai's tails--now one tail, in this serpentine sneaky-body--curl. "No attack yet. Waiting to see who wins?" There's that lizard brain again.
  43. [09:39] <Otomo_Reiko> "I couldn't begin to guess. There are a lot of well funded groups involved with Overed now..." She sighs and lifts her goggles onto her forehead. "We'd better move while he still here. Stealthy for now."
  44. [09:41] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Alright."
  45. [09:41] <Cherem> "Fair." Honda nods, "Any objections?" He glances around.
  46. [09:41] <Shinjou_Miyu> "None. Stealth suits me."
  47. [09:42] <Cherem> "Stealth suits?" Honda grins, "Reiko, do you think you and Doyle could make those for us?"
  48. [09:42] <Otomo_Reiko> "Not like we can't shoot the place up if someone catches us."
  49. [09:42] <Otomo_Reiko> "Stealth suits? I mean...maybe. Can you afford to fund it?"
  50. [09:43] * Cerys_Doyle shakes her head at the poor attempt of a joke, and then at Reiko's reply.
  51. [09:43] <Cherem> Honda hesitates, brow furrowing for a moment before nervously laughing, "Well... Maybe it's it's just a ninja outfit."
  53. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  55. [09:50] <Cherem> Crawling through the buildings, following the safest route, you all manage to come within a short dash of the building's shadow. There are the main doors, of course, but several other entrances it seems: this place isn't the most well kept. One of them is a short boost from the ground to the windows, to slip in the side.
  56. [09:53] <Cherem> A moment later, and a bit of exertion, you're all inside. It takes some careful maneuvering, but you manage to get in, the concrete cold against you skin as you climb up, rough and ragged, the glass on the ground carefully swept away before you all climb up.
  57. [09:54] <Cherem> Inside, it looks like this was going to be a lobby of some sort, circling around the elevator and emergency stairwell in the center of the building. Glancing at an emergency exit plan on the wall, you can see that there's several other rooms like this, but a look around reveals that this room should be half the size it is to match with the map: there's been some unscheduled, undoubtably unsafe modifications.
  58. [09:55] <Cherem> There's a distant hum, like generators throbbing and pulsing, and up above you can hear faint conversation and boots on the ground.
  59. [09:57] <Cherem> "Hm... so, sneaking up? Or blow our cover?" Honda grins a little, heading towards the stairs.
  60. [09:58] <Cerys_Doyle> "We should keep as quite and hidden as people."
  61. [09:58] <Cerys_Doyle> *quiet
  62. [09:59] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu nods in agreement.
  63. [10:00] <Cherem> "Of course." Honda pushes open the door to the stairwell slowly, peeking inside. It's... actually not dark. There's makeshift lighting running up the stairs, and an ungodly streaming torrent of wires, tubes, and cables running down the steps, around the handrails, and across the way. Some kind of technologic spiderweb.
  64. [10:01] <Otomo_Reiko> "Be careful, since he fled here this could be a backup site for their testing." Reiko grits her teeth on the last word.
  65. [10:04] <Cherem> "Ah, right." Honda steps in, pulling his leg back with a disgusted look on his face as it comes up with a thick noise. And then, as he opens the door further to step out, the wave of smell hits you. It's like somebody just took a vat of that medical fluid juice from the warehouse and spilt it down the stairs.
  66. [10:04] <@Mr_Rage> Ai's nostrils perk open, then slam shut, the myriad of eyes cringing.
  67. [10:05] * Cerys_Doyle covers her nose and mouth.
  68. [10:06] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu makes a distasteful face.
  69. [10:07] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What needs these kinda chemicals?" Covering his nose.
  70. [10:07] <Cerys_Doyle> "The kind of experiments that aren't humane."
  71. [10:08] <Cherem> "Eugh... so, I guess we know they at least make that fluid here." Honda doesn't look happy at all, "Or have way too much of it." He puts his leg back in, slowly pulling it up. It doesn't make much noise, but it's stringy like mucus, probably been here for days.
  72. [10:08] <Cherem> Of note is that the stairs go down into the ground, and upstairs as well. There is less lighting near the bottom, but from up top you can occasionally hear sounds of people passing by the doors.
  73. [10:10] <Otomo_Reiko> "They must plan to fill a lot of tubes."
  74. [10:11] <Cherem> "Well, to spill like this.." Honda hesitates, as there's the sound of something metal breaking, and an anguished, spine-shaking scream that echoes through the building.
  75. [10:12] <Cherem> Honda grabs his ears, wincing and staggering. It's like nails on a chalkboard, and it's answered with a very familiar chorus of gunfire.
  76. [10:13] <Otomo_Reiko> "Starting to regret ever leaving my room."
  77. [10:14] <Cherem> "Eugh... tell me about it." Honda hisses, going for his gun and starting up the stairs towards the noise.
  78. [10:15] * Otomo_Reiko follows after Honda.
  79. [10:16] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu heads along too.
  80. [10:16] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon follows behind Honda trying to keep a look out.
  81. [10:17] <Cherem> As you head up, the wires start to branch out in all directions, slipping into doors and through holes drilled through the walls. The mixture gets drier and drier as you get up, passing by doors and ledges as quietly as you can.
  82. [10:19] <Cherem> Occasionally you hear conversation through the doors, slipping up past the third and fourth level. "Second one this week. Yamada's pushing way too hard for these results." "Well, can you blame him? Nobody appreciates the work we do. Last time we got found out by that roided-out monster thing, and now Yamada says his third best got capped by the UGN."
  83. [10:24] <Otomo_Reiko> The deeper they go the deeper Reiko's scowl gets.
  84. [10:25] <Cherem> Honda hesitates for a moment to listen, frowning as their conversation goes to how often they have to move, how annoying it is to sleep in these abandoned buildings, and how hard it is to get a TV working without an egghead getting pissy.
  85. [10:25] <@Mr_Rage> Ai doesn't have ears to swivel, but her long neck keeps attention on the conversations as they come and go. If not for her agility, the fact she was tangled between the party's feet might have tripped them up.
  86. [10:30] <Cherem> You finally get to the fifth floor, where the scream probably came from. The door is just slightly ajar, and you can hear wheezing, a sort of anguished moaning and sobbing. Boots clicking on the floor, "Y'know, I'd call this a waste of ammunition if the last one didn't put Kida on the doc's slab." A man's voice can be heard, dry and gravelly. There's another voice bleeding through the crack, "Well, if your guys at the warehouse weren't so bad, we wouldn't have to see if any of these Children are ready to release yet." A woman's voice, and the sharp click of a magazine snapping into place.
  87. [10:32] <@Mr_Rage> Something jerks in Ai's body. The lizard brain has made an excellent case for fight, and it's only a matter of time before the defense's closing argument on the matter.
  88. [10:33] <Cerys_Doyle> Cerys' eyes narrow. Children. These bastards.
  89. [10:34] <Cherem> "Whatever. Your people can't even keep the damn things from breaking out. I know you want them strong, but what's the point if you can't control them." There's a wet sound, and the blubbering sobbing starts up again. " The man sounds irritated, "So, we take care of this one, then one?"
  90. [10:35] <Cherem> "We finish cleaning up, flush the tubes downstairs, and meet up with Yamada to exfil. If the UGN is really on our tail, we need to be out of here in two hours. My team downstairs will have those taken care of, but specimen Two through eight are our responsibility." There's a pause, and a scoff, "Well, two through seven now."
  91. [10:36] <Otomo_Reiko> "We need to question these people...Yamada was bad news. He must play a big role in this."
  92. [10:42] <Cherem> The door kicks open. Honda's reaching for his gun in the same motion that the door goes in.
  93. [10:43] <Cherem> There's a flood of light from the non-glassed up windows, and you come across a terrible sight. There's bullet casings everywhere, two figures in black battledress, and one... creature.
  94. [10:44] <@Mr_Rage> A black and white blur explodes into the room, almost as quickly as light can escape it.
  95. [10:44] <Cherem> This would've been an office space once, but now it looks like it's been repurposed. Along the wall there are vats, anywhere between three to ten from what you can see. Each of them equipped with monitors and vital sign measuring equipment, most of them look empty, although one has clearly been recently oppened.
  96. [10:45] <Cherem> it's inhabitant is probably the sorry looking thing riddled with bullets. It's humanoid, sort of, it's veins pulsing black and blue blood onto the ground. It's legs are covered in little rivits, appendages and heads sporting horns of bone and chitin. It's pink flesh has been riddled with bullets, but there's still a faint glow of life in it's two eyes, fading fast.
  97. [10:46] <Cherem> The man is carrying what looks like a light machine gun, his muscles bulging under his uniform. The woman is a bit slimmer, but still around Doyle's shape and size, a pistol in one hand and an SMG slung from her shoulder. However, one of her arms is clad in some strange chrome divice, casting off information into a 3D enviroment around her arm.
  98. [10:49] <Otomo_Reiko> "I'm so taking that," the hikki mutters.
  99. [10:51] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Should we take it then?"
  100. [11:00] <Cherem> "I don't think so-" The woman starts, snapping her arm out wide as Ai darts in, "Big Design, split and cover."
  101. [11:00] <Cherem> In a moment, the giant lumber/strafes to the side, training his light machine gun in your directions.
  102. [11:01] <Otomo_Reiko> "You seem moderately intelligent. Surrender now."
  103. [11:03] <Cherem> "You're not UGN then, are you?" Chrome Lace fires back, taking a balanced stance as Goemon fills her vision.
  104. [11:03] <@Mr_Rage> Not much of a challenge for someone seeing in three directions at once--all of them red. Ai twists mid-path to close on her burlier, slower opponent.
  105. [11:04] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Hello" Goemon says and he comes up on chrome lace
  106. [11:10] <Cherem> "Tch- goodbye." She kicks back, sliding over a convenient table and spinning, her pistol slipping to her side as her submachine gun points right at you. With a grace implying every move is calculated, her gun lets out a rapid stream of bullets, chewing up the ground as it traces up your leg!
  107. [11:10] <Cherem> Reiko and Doyle!
  108. [11:11] <Goemon_Hozuki> "That all?" Smiling as blood drips down from his wounds fire licking across his body.
  109. [11:17] <Otomo_Reiko> "This whole thing is /really/ pissing me off!" Reiko pops out from behind Cerys, right arm held out. It only takes a few second for her hand and forearm to change completely. She's been hiding a railgun!
  110. [11:17] <Otomo_Reiko> She aims for the smug woman that irrationally irritated her and fires.
  111. [11:18] <Cherem> "What the-" Chrome lace raises her hand, a tiny graph of the room appearing as she tries to calculate the railgun's shot. But the shot goes right through her guard, punching into her normal arm and sending her sprawling.
  112. [11:20] <Otomo_Reiko> "I can't feel my arm, is that normal?" the hikki mutters.
  113. [11:24] * Cerys_Doyle is quite startled by the whole thing herself, her aim off for once and firing into concrete isntead of the woman.
  114. [11:26] <Cherem> Chrome Lace rolls back, bullets tearing apart where she was.
  115. [11:27] <Cherem> Meanwhile, as Ai closes the gap at an alarming rate, Big Design waves his hand out, a fine sheet of steel shards filling the air to try and disuaid her.
  116. [11:30] <@Mr_Rage> Like trying to catch a helicopter with spider silk. First impact isn't from tooth and claw, but a ringing smack across his chest, like being hit with a pool noodle made of iron. Inertia wraps her around him almost before her muscles have time to squeeze, crushing the giant man from knee to shoulder. Something goes /pop/ as the process starts.
  117. [11:32] <Cherem> The man's eyes bulge under his balaclava, spitting and cursing in pain as his arm gets caught in the swing, the free one smacking at her with the butt of his gun, "Shit, shit, shit, Chrome Lace! This isn't-"
  118. [11:34] <Shinjou_Miyu> "I believe in you both. Keep the guns blazing." Miyu stumbles around as she says that in a vacant tone, sweating and leaking out a barely perceptible cloud of... whatever... from her skin. Despite the lack of injuries she's definitely not looking or sounding so good.
  119. [11:40] <Cherem> Honda aimed his gun at Chrome Lace, pepping thr ground with single shots,nowhere near hitting her, "Uh, Shinjou, you're giving off a weird..." He hesitates, turning his attention to trying to reload.
  120. [11:41] <Cherem> Meanwhile, Big Design drops his gun, snarling, "Little bitch is another one of them! Yamada!" His hand glows as a pistol spits out from his palm, before aiming the ugly iron at you, Ai.
  121. [11:42] <Cherem> However, your appendage twists and his arm twitches, lining the wall with gouges the size of melons.
  122. [11:44] <@Mr_Rage> Another one...? One of those crystalline eyes twitches, aimed back at the failing Child on the floor.
  123. [11:57] <Cherem> Chrome Lace spins out from her cover, aiming at you, Goemon. Her eyes line up with the end of her gun, looking you dead in the eye as it kicks in her hand.
  124. [12:14] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Is that all?!" Smiling as blood drips down his wounds fire wrapping around his body.
  125. [12:17] <Cherem> "God damnit..." Chrome Lace is bleeding heavily herself, eyes glancing back and forth nervously.
  126. [12:19] <Otomo_Reiko> "Ididwarnyoudidn'tI?Youhadyourchancetosurrender." Reiko, odd crackles of electricity coming from the back of her head, fires another shot at Chrome Lace but misses. "Shit.Iwonderifthesearedepleteduraniumrounds?"
  127. [12:20] <Cherem> Chrome Lace sees the shot and dives to the side, gun clutched in her hands and cursing in a distinctly non-Japanese accent."
  128. [12:24] <Cerys_Doyle> That's enough of a distraction for Cerys to take a round of perfectly aimed shots, bullets gliding through any defenses the woman had, pummelling her mercilessly.
  129. [12:24] <Cherem> Chrome Lace stops rolling and dodging for a second, but that's enough. She collapses, holding her side and grunting in pain.
  130. [12:38] <@Mr_Rage> Something in all the coils Ai's grown in the past thirty seconds goes crunch. Not enough to kill the Overed inside, but there's not a whole lot of fight left in someone who's felt themselves break like so much balsa wood. Somewhere between an anaconda and a komodo dragon, Ai releases her captive with great hesitation, and not all of it from the lizard part. Her attention turns to the fallen Child immediately, all flesh and pink now.
  131. [12:40] <Cherem> The man collapses, his body a ruined mess. His renegade is trying to bring him back, but the injuries are just too great
  132. [12:42] <Cherem> Sometime as the fight ends, there's a trembling sound. Like something crashed into the building. And there's the sounds of fighting elsewhere, both outside the building and a rapid, far-too-fast explosion of violence upstairs.
  133. [12:42] <Cherem> However, this is far above, and it's probably unrelated to this. Maybe.
  134. [12:43] * Cerys_Doyle cocks her head up at the noise.
  135. [12:43] <@Mr_Rage> "Rrh?"
  136. [12:43] <Cherem> On the floor, the strange creature is shuddering. It was probably Overed once, but something is just... wrong, about it. It's like a monster, mutated like a chimera that just can't turn back.
  137. [12:44] <Cherem> It's legs and arms are thick but sound hollow as it turns it's head to look at you, the light behind it's irides flickering.
  138. [12:48] <@Mr_Rage> Ai bristles, her renegade crystals swollen to bursting. Deaf to the explosion and fighting, she touches the pitiful creature, as though she can communicate by touch alone.
  139. [12:48] <Cherem> Honda shudders, looking at this mess, "Holy shit..."
  140. [12:48] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Pretty sad, whatever happened..." Miyu pants.
  141. [12:50] * Cerys_Doyle moves into the room, guiding Reiko in with her and keeping an eye on the stairs in case the commotion gets any closer.
  142. [12:50] <Otomo_Reiko> "Someoneelseishere."
  143. [12:50] <Cherem> "Nn." Honda nods, "Uh... The... Thing." He frowns a little at Reiko, "Urgent? Dangerous?"
  144. [12:50] <Otomo_Reiko> "They'rrOveredandnotonfriendlytermswiththeoccupantsofthisbuilding."
  145. [12:53] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Right... I'd really like to not be here when they show up."
  146. [12:54] <Cherem> "Mm..." Honda glances at the creature. "Agreed." He goes over towards Chrome Lace, poking at her arm and checking her pockets.
  147. [12:54] <Cerys_Doyle> "Go get your arm toy off that chick if you want." Cerys mutters down to Reiko.
  148. [12:55] <Otomo_Reiko> She does just that, going to have a look with Honda.
  149. [12:55] <Cherem> "She's still alive," Honda calls back. "Looks like this is her arm." He frowns, standing, "We need to find that scientist."
  150. [12:56] <Otomo_Reiko> "Thinkyoucananswersomequestion?" Reiko asks as she pokes at the woman's arm, studying it. "WhereisYamada?"
  151. [12:56] <Cherem> As you approach, her arm twitches, reacting to your overwhelming Renegade, Reiko. It spits out a map, even
  152. [12:57] <Cherem> Upstairs, it looks like. Pinging on the map, a little blue dot. And... a single red one, with several messages floating around it. "Danger" "Illegal" "Missing" "UGN[EX]"
  153. [12:58] <@Mr_Rage> Ai whines, looking back at the group. She's not exactly in a position to do the math on this one. If anyone /could/ get the beast out of here, it'd be her, but what then? Papa wasn't exactly equipped with a lab, these days.
  154. [13:01] <Cherem> Honda hesitates, "Ai, I don't wanna say, but... that..." He approaches it carefully, looking out of the window. "We can't stay here." He approaches the window, "Shit. Black Vans."
  155. [13:03] <Otomo_Reiko> "Yamadaisupstrairs."
  156. [13:04] <Goemon_Hozuki> "If we want to grab Yamada we need to hurry up."
  157. [13:05] <Cherem> Honda nods, "Ai... I don't want to be the bad guy, but..." he glances at the creature. "This... We have to go."
  158. [13:06] <Cerys_Doyle> "We can't help it with these circumstances, we'll only cause more harm. Now let's go somewhere we can do good."
  159. [13:07] <Otomo_Reiko> While Honda is busy with Ai, Reiko presses her linear cannon to Chrome Lace's face. "Idon'tthinkyou'llbemissed, leastofallbyyourvictics. Eloheljaykaygitgud. Scrub." That railgun does a number on the head at close range.
  160. [13:08] <@Mr_Rage> The Chimera's gaze hardens just a bit, and she embraces the misshapen creature tightly. Her attention lances skywards, though, a flip switching just like that. A look that could crack concrete tracks an invisible point named 'Yamada.' Not a lizard-brain threat evaluation. An enemy.
  161. [13:08] <Cherem> Honda jumps a bit, but neglects to turn around. "Ah.... Aaaaaah... Y-yeah, Doyle is Right, I think... if we stay around here, it'll be... bad."
  162. [13:09] <Otomo_Reiko> "Greatletsgokidnaphim."
  163. [13:10] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What was our exit plan?"
  164. [13:10] <Otomo_Reiko> "Wecouldstealtheirchopper."
  165. [13:10] <Goemon_Hozuki> Can anyone fly one?"
  166. [13:11] <Cherem> "Erm..." Honda hesitates, "I guess... shoot our way out." He heads for the stairwell, making to run up the stairs. There's no sticky fluid here, just... Well, there it is. Drooling down from waaaaay up above, it's running down like a thick, gross syrup.
  167. [13:14] <Goemon_Hozuki> "..... That's not a good sign."
  168. [13:14] <Cherem> Honda's already rushing up, his gun held carefull as he goes.
  169. [13:14] <Cerys_Doyle> "Keep moving, we'll find out." And she heads up ahead of them.
  170. [13:14] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko isn't too far behind, Chrome Lace's now severed arm clutched to her chest.
  171. [13:15] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon runs after Honda trying to stick close
  172. [13:15] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu goes along, occasionally stumbling
  173. [13:17] <@Mr_Rage> Ai leaves gouges in the walls as she ascends.
  174. [13:17] <Cherem> As you approch the top, you get to floor 8, and the door is wide open. There's several tubes there, bleeding out. And narrator does mean bleeding: the fluid is murky brown, blue, and red, oozing like pustuiles.
  175. [13:17] <Cherem> The stairs stop at the nineth floor. And stepping out, you see...
  176. [13:17] <Cherem> A broken window. Man-sized, and an impact crater. Small, a crack in the ground. About 30m away from you, with two long vats laying open.
  177. [13:19] <Cherem> Right in front of the door, one dead creature. Ai, it was rivaling you during your transformation, but it's got many, many more injuries than you. It's head is half gone, it's chest missing pieces. However, it's face is contorted in rage, fury.
  178. [13:21] <Cherem> Looking around, you see the other inhabitant, still twitching. It's bleeding out, hissing, face a hybrid between snake and human and probably a wolf. It's body is closer to a giant cat, with fleing fingers and claws.
  179. [13:21] <Cherem> It's halfway up the stairs to the tenth and final floor, where you can hear a pair of shoes clicking, two voices.
  180. [13:21] * Pinko is now known as Ian_Goodwill
  181. [13:22] <Cherem> "Shit... Shit, look, I didn't mean to let them out." You can hear a man pleading, the sound of his feet kicking at the ground.
  182. [13:22] <Cherem> He sounds... not at all happy.
  183. [13:23] <Otomo_Reiko> "I'mnotsuretheseevencountasgerms."
  184. [13:24] <Cherem> Honda hesitates, stepping up, "These... these were what they were making?"
  185. [13:25] * Cerys_Doyle steps up slightly ahead of him still, gun trained forward.
  186. [13:26] <@Mr_Rage> A thunderhead rolls in the back of Ai's throat; she keeps to point almost by force. Honda's unaugmented brain probably feels it most; she's not a predator right now. This is something altogether /human./
  187. [13:26] <Cherem> "Shit." Honda manages to catch onto the intent and starts hurrying to the stairs.
  188. [13:27] <Cherem> "Look, just, put that down, right? We're, we can be friends. It was a mistake, a mistake!" A nervous laugh echoes down the stairway.
  189. [13:27] <Otomo_Reiko> "IonlyhearddescriptionsbutthisiswhatYamadadid."
  190. [13:27] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon runs after Honda.
  191. [13:30] <Cherem> Up the stairs... You see the man you've been chasing. Yamada is on his ass, a labcoat covering his ratty clothing, blood on his hands figuratily and literally. There's smears of blue and red on his jacket, and his face is coated in sweat.
  192. [13:32] <Cherem> His emotion can only be described as "terror". The moment you come up, he stares at you, and somehow pales even more, "And now, you too?"
  193. [13:34] <Ian_Goodwill> There is a man looking like in their early 30s holding up a rifle standing next of him. His hair is scruffy and unkempt. There's a lazy cigarette resting between his lips. The person looks as if they've not had a good night's rest in weeks. He's surprisingly clean, considering the mess around him. His own expression is one of business, as if he's done this a
  194. [13:34] <Ian_Goodwill> hundred times before.
  195. [13:35] <@Mr_Rage> Ai transfixes, briefly discarding the second man as an irrelevancy, locking onto the last words Yamada spit out.
  196. [13:35] <Ian_Goodwill> His suit appears to be some kind of armored business suit. Light and allowing him to move freely.
  197. [13:35] <Cherem> Honda hesitates, frowning hard at the man's face. He's trying to place it, place it, place it. "Who..." He glances at Ai, probably worried about what's happening next.
  198. [13:35] <Cerys_Doyle> Cery's gun moves from one man to the other, then back to the one on the floor.
  199. [13:36] <Otomo_Reiko> "Reallyhopeheisn'theretokillourkidnapee."
  200. [13:36] <Cherem> "Ah.... Shit." Yamada sinks, "You were in this together? They were just the distraction... are you here to kill-" He hesitates as Reiko vomits words.
  201. [13:36] <Ian_Goodwill> He shifts his glance to Honda. Lowers his gun and takes the smoke out of his mouth. His voice is a bit hoarse, years of stress having worn him out. "This is the guy you're looking for, right?"
  202. [13:37] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon steps a bit in front of Honda just in case.
  203. [13:37] <Ian_Goodwill> He seems to be talking to the newcomers.
  204. [13:37] <Ian_Goodwill> His accent makes it obvious that Japanese is not his first language, and so does his looks. An American?
  205. [13:38] <Cherem> "Uh.... Yeah, we are." Honda clears his throat, "I swear to god, I know you. I know who you are." He screws his eyes shut.
  206. [13:38] <@Mr_Rage> The Chimera contents herself with baring her teeth; a forest of glaciers, unbloodied with today's hunt. So far.
  207. [13:39] <Ian_Goodwill> "Yeah, well, if you're here for that, we can do this another day. Today, you need me, just as much as I need you." He threateningly places the rifle's cannon next of the scientist's face.
  208. [13:40] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What for?"
  209. [13:40] <Cherem> Honda makes an involentary noise, reaching out but hesitating as the gun pokes Yamada.
  210. [13:41] <Ian_Goodwill> "You want Yamada alive. I want to know who Yamada works with." He inhales some more smoke from his cigarettes. He's obviously a renegade, the occasional twitch of his movement reaching inhuman speed. Over the floor are dozens upon dozens of rifle cartridges laying there idly.
  211. [13:42] <Cherem> "How did you..." Honda hesitates, as there's a violent sound from downstairs. Breaching charges? An APC through the door?
  212. [13:42] <Otomo_Reiko> "Ithinkwecouldeasilyworktogeteronthis."
  213. [13:43] <Cerys_Doyle> "And we can discuss the rest of this in a safer location."
  214. [13:43] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Sure but now our only escape is either jumping or the helicopter.l
  215. [13:43] <Ian_Goodwill> "I might be out of the game, but I'm not ressourceless. I'm the goddamn Middleman, and you know that." He then cocks his rifle. "We don't have much time."
  216. [13:44] <Cherem> "... AH!" Honda snaps his finger, "I know you! We've met before!" He steps past Goemon, "You! You were there on Black Saturday!"
  217. [13:45] <Ian_Goodwill> "...I was, yes." He grabs the scientist, as if ready to use him as some kind of token.
  218. [13:45] <Cherem> "Ah." Honda holds out his hand, "Do, do you have a way to get out of here? We didn't really..."
  219. [13:45] * Cerys_Doyle grabs Honda and stops him from moving forward.
  220. [13:46] <@Mr_Rage> Ai bristles in a very real way, tail smashing a dent into the floor.
  221. [13:47] <Ian_Goodwill> He inhales another smoke from his cigarette. He seems to be utterly amused. "Sure. But I'm the one in charge of the radio."
  222. [13:47] <Cherem> "This guy isn't gonna hurt us..." He glances at Ai, "I mean, he knows me. Right?" He grins at the illegal wanted-by-the-UGN man.
  223. [13:48] <Cerys_Doyle> "Just, being safe." She tells him, not letting go "But either way, let's get out of here."
  224. [13:49] * Ian_Goodwill nods at them, and dragging the scientist, begins leading them to the roof. "See, this is why I work solo." He obviously needs to hold back on his speed, as he darts to the roof. There, a mininuscule looking helicopter awaits. Designed for stealth and infiltration, obviously.
  225. [13:50] <Cherem> "Yeah..." Honda gently, gingerly pats Ai on the shoulder, "I know it's hard. But, this guy, if we keep him alive, we could learn from him. Where his people are. Prevent this from happening. And... when we're done with that..." He grimaces.
  226. [13:50] <Otomo_Reiko> "Ahsoyou'retheownerofthehighendtoy. Impressivegiventheestimatedpricetag."
  227. [13:51] <Cherem> Getting up to the rooftop is actually pretty simple: if Yamada had kept running he would've made it. But indeed, it is the helicopter that was circling above, a stiletto-like helicopter painted matte black.
  228. [13:51] <Otomo_Reiko> As if to illustrate Yamada's fate, Reiko gives a wave with Chrome Lace's arm.
  229. [13:52] <Ian_Goodwill> The shady mercenary then takes the pilot seat of the small vehicle, opening the side doors to allow them in. It'll be a tight fit, and it doesn't look like the thing might support their combined weight.
  230. [13:54] <Cherem> Honda hesitates, climbing inside. "So... Uh, Middleman. We're expected back at the Shirobayashi forest. Until this gets settled, at least..."
  231. [13:54] <Ian_Goodwill> "I hope you're ready for some good old fashioned Dad Rock." The man grins and puts on a pair of sunglasses and a headset. "The fuck you want from the hag?"
  232. [13:55] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon attempts to squeeze in as best as he can.
  233. [13:55] <Cherem> "Uh..." Honda doesn't have a response to that, really.
  234. [13:55] * Cerys_Doyle climbs in the co-pilot seat, eyes narrowed behind her sunglasses.
  235. [13:57] <Ian_Goodwill> "I'm not happy about this, but you hear me Honda. And you too, rookies-in-hiding. Every single one of you owe me a big fucking favor. Man, when I went into hiding, it wasn't half as sloppy as that... Guess they don't make them like Playback anymore."
  236. [13:58] <Ian_Goodwill> And with that, Metallica begins blasting in the stealth chopper as he turns the radio on, taking off, not without difficulties.
  237. [13:58] <@Mr_Rage> Ai would be flying alongside the helicopter if she could. The only thing stopping her from opening the door and letting her legs dangle fearlessly is the risk Yamada might fall out.
  239. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  241. [08:51] <Cherem> Goodwill stopped the helicopter a small distance from the forest, landing smoothly against all odds. "There's zip-ties in the back there, make sure his hands are bound. I'm not handing him over for him to get away." His tone is lighthearted at least, until he turns to Honda, "You owe me a big one. I'll be collecting sometime next week. I'll call you."
  242. [08:52] <Cherem> The Tindalos agent pales a little bit at the blunt declaration, but nods, making to get out of the helicopter. You're on top of a small warehouse, and Shirobayashi's trees spread out and over the hills like a green sea.
  243. [08:52] <Cherem> "Wait, I'm not going with him then?" Yamada manages to sputter out, looking around with bagged, frightened eyes. There's something animalistic and basic lurking in the depths of his eyes, pupils dilated and looking around wildly.
  244. [08:57] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Relax." Miyu hisses out in a way that isn't entirely reassuring. The cranky is definitely showing. Along with a really vacant stare that just screams "Drugs!".
  245. [08:58] <Cherem> Honda smirks a little, "I wouldn't press her." He glances at the captive, who shoots him a rotten glare.
  246. [08:58] * Cerys_Doyle climbs out of the helicopter and helps the others out. "Make sure he's secure. I don't want to chase him again."
  247. [08:58] <Mr_Rage> Ai's chest rumbles. If the doctor had more freedom of choice, it might be a noise that merely spooked him, but in his current state of mind it seemed almost intended to push him right over the edge into the serene calm of abject terror.
  248. [08:59] <Cherem> However, the glare melts like ice as he tries to edge away from Ai, his already sweaty face gaining an additional layer of perspiration.
  249. [08:59] <@Otomo_Reiko> "You'reluckyyou'reuseful, doctor."
  250. [09:00] <Cherem> "Not lucky enough," he mumbles.
  251. [09:00] <Cherem> "Enough." Honda manages to grab several of the zip-ties before Goodwill pulls away, the Helicopter disappearing in moments after.
  252. [09:01] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Let's just go and get it over with."
  253. [09:01] <Cherem> As you approach the forest, you come across a familiar face. Kagami waves with measure as you approach, "Welcome back. You managed to clear that lab, did you?" She glances at Yamada, and her lukewarm expression drops to an icy stare as her eyes meet his. "Who's this then," she asks without 'asking'.
  254. [09:04] <Cerys_Doyle> "A bargaining chip, and someone to question."
  255. [09:05] <@Otomo_Reiko> "DoctorYamadaformerlyofUGNR-Labs."
  256. [09:06] <Cherem> "Is that so? Former UGN then?" Kagami leans down a little to look the man dead in the eye, before standing up, "Well, as the Master herself may not have the opportunity, allow me to thank you for what you've done today." Her heads bows a little bit.
  257. [09:06] <Cherem> "The Master is waiting at the Old Shrine. We will be meeting with several UGN agents to finalize the agreement regarding Nomi Akane and yourselves."
  258. [09:08] <Cherem> The walk to the Old Shrine isn't a long one, and as you approach you see a figure seeming to keep watch, sitting and watching another as she sweeps.
  259. [09:08] <Cherem> Tindalos Representative and Overed Board Member Ginyomi looks up as you approach, standing up and brushing herself off.
  260. [09:09] <Mr_Rage> Ai's ears swivel, her demeanor melting just a bit at the mention of Akane.
  261. [09:09] <Cherem> Beside her is... Akane. Dressed in a black kimono with the sleeves tied up, you can barely recognize her. She's got hair, a blossoming black bob cut, and her skin isn't as covered. There's still the burn scarring, but it's much, much less pronounced.
  262. [09:10] <Cherem> Yamada doesn't give you any help going up tthe stairs, half of the time forcing you to either pick him up or literally drag him up the stone steps.
  263. [09:11] <Shinjou_Miyu> On seeing Ginyomi Miyu takes on a slightly horrified, yet still high, look. She flails her arms a little before going as stiff as a board.
  264. [09:11] <Mr_Rage> A duty Ai is happy to serve, though she stumbles at the sight of her housemate, head tilting and tails perking up.
  265. [09:11] <Cerys_Doyle> Dragging him would be more than fine, not giving him any comfort as he slams into each step.
  266. [09:11] <Cherem> Honda watches Yamada with a mixture of humor and pity as the captured scientist lets out a foul stream of obscenities with every bump.
  267. [09:13] <Cherem> "You're alright!" Ginyomi starts walking down the steps to meet you with a relieved look on her face.
  268. [09:13] <Goemon_Hozuki_> "Just shut it." Goemon is getting more and more irritated with every obscenity.
  269. [09:14] <Cherem> Akane doesn't actually seem to be looking at the stairs until the swearing finally reaches her ears, turning to look. Her eyes meet with yours, Ai, and her cheek twitches a little.
  270. [09:14] <Shinjou_Miyu> "We're back." Miyu says quietly, feeling rather small in her current condition, sweating up a storm and getting random twitches.
  271. [09:14] <Cherem> "Agreed." Honda scowls at the scientist, who actually spits into the air at the two of you. Eugh.
  272. [09:16] <Cherem> "Mm." Ginyomi nods a little, reaching out and taking yours as if to make sure you're actually there, Miyu. "I heard from Tsukimiya there was fighting." She starts to step up the stairs slowly, "Did anybody get badly hurt?"
  273. [09:17] <Goemon_Hozuki_> Goemon just looks at yamada "Was that really neccessary?"
  274. [09:18] <Shinjou_Miyu> "No one on our side." Miyu says, a little relieved. "I've been feeling weird though. Like... pink elephants making sense weird."
  275. [09:19] <Cherem> "Fuck off." Yamada moans, "My ass, my poor ass. You people are the worst."
  276. [09:19] <Cerys_Doyle> "Want me to gag him or break his jaw?" Cerys offers.
  277. [09:20] <Cherem> "Ah?" Ginyomi frowns a little, leaning close. Her hand slips up, palm on your cheek as she murmurs, "Hold still." Her fingers circle your eye as she peeks in, examining you carefully.
  278. [09:20] <@Otomo_Reiko> "That'srichcomingfromamanresponsibleforethicallymonsterousexperiments."
  279. [09:21] <Cherem> "I don't want to hear that from some kind of rejec-" He lets out a wheeze as Honda finally jerks his foot out and connects with Yamada's solar plexus, sending the scientist into a coughing fit.
  280. [09:21] <Shinjou_Miyu> Her pupils expand a touch and she still looks rather vacant in her stare.
  281. [09:21] <Cherem> "Oops. I tripped." Honda sniffs, "Gag him at least I guess."
  282. [09:21] <@Otomo_Reiko> "Waitwait."
  283. [09:22] <Goemon_Hozuki_> "we need him able to talk later so dont break his jaw just yet."
  284. [09:22] <Cherem> "Mm... You need to lay down when we have the first chance." Ginyomi steps back, "Here, we can rest in the shrine for a minute."
  285. [09:22] <@Otomo_Reiko> The hikki walks over and squats down, watching the coughing man. "YouseemtohavesomeideaofwhoIam.IstheGermaninthiscity?"
  286. [09:22] * Cerys_Doyle has a gag ready and is holding Yamada's jaw in her iron clutch, but waits for Reiko to speak.
  287. [09:23] <Cherem> Yamada responds by coughing, tears in his eyes. After a moment, he's well enough to, "Fuck you. I don't have to tell you anything."
  288. [09:23] <Cherem> Akane watches this whole procedure as you approach, carefully sweeping back and forth, pushing leaves around as she does so.
  289. [09:24] <@Otomo_Reiko> "Ibetheis. Hesacresyoutoothen?" She grinned and stood, motioning for Cerys to do as she pleased now.
  290. [09:24] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Sure. That's a great idea." Miyu's lips twitch into a smile, and then she stares at empty air, looking a bit daydreamy. Then a wobbly step forward.
  291. [09:25] * Cerys_Doyle gags the man, pulling it painfully tight in his mouth.
  292. [09:25] <Cherem> Ginyomi darts forward a little to steady you, squawking as she wraps her arms around you. "Alright, baby steps." She carefully helps you up the stairs, coming into full view of the opening.
  293. [09:26] <Cherem> Yamada makes a sound like he's struggling, growling into the gag before ending with a pained whimper. At least he's not swearing anymore.
  294. [09:26] <Cerys_Doyle> "I can still break his jaw if you want love." Cerys half-whispers to Reiko.
  295. [09:26] <Shinjou_Miyu> A wave from Miyu. Then she's off with Ginyomi, taking slow steps.
  296. [09:27] <@Otomo_Reiko> "MaybebeforewehandhimovertotheUGN."
  297. [09:27] <Cherem> At the far end of the opening, Michio is trying to sweep. Trying being the key word, as every move he makes is ghosted by.. a ghost. He hasn't noticed you all yet, his attention plagued by this woman. Her silver hair bounces as she glides an inch above the air, teasing Michio as he tries to sweep up the pile of leaves.
  298. [09:27] <Cherem> "Welcome back." Akane intones quietly, glancing between you and Michio's back. She doesn't look happy about this situation, but she does at least seem pleased to see you. Or less "angry glaring".
  299. [09:28] <@Otomo_Reiko> "Ilikethehair.Cute."
  300. [09:29] <Mr_Rage> "Akane!" It isn't immediate, but by the time she bounds across to give her firebrand roommate a hug, most of her bad mood's dissipated. Or, perhaps more accurately, curled up in the shadows to lurk until it's needed again. Even her individual emotions acted like animals.
  301. [09:30] <Cherem> "Thank y-" Akane can't get the rest of it out, but she almost falls under Ai's hug. Arms pinned to her sides, she can only hammer weakly at Ai's sides, "Tight. Tight." Doesn't look too uncomfortable, is that a flush on her face? "Help me."
  302. [09:31] <Cherem> "Mm?
  303. [09:32] <Cherem> " Michio finally seems to notice you all, turning, "Ah, Shinjou-san, are you alright?" He looks at Ginyomi, who gives him an apologetic look as the older woman takes this opportunnity to get right behind him and drape herself over his shoulder.
  304. [09:32] <Cherem> "Aaaah, Shinjou-san!" You recognize that voice, Shinjou, since she's been cosplaying as your face.
  305. [09:33] <Mr_Rage> The Chimera sizes up Michio's arm-candy, and her tails stand on end, looking to Akane for a bit of guidance.
  306. [09:33] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Just feeling weird and dizzy."
  307. [09:33] <Cherem> Akane meets your look, Ai, and scowls, "Don't. She'll get all over you too."
  308. [09:34] <@Otomo_Reiko> "Whatswiththisatmosphere?"
  309. [09:35] <Cherem> "Oh, do you want to lay down?" Michio glances between you two, "I think Watanabe-san is inside away from the sun."
  310. [09:35] <Cherem> As he says this, the door to the shrine slides open slowly, invitingly.
  311. [09:36] <Goemon_Hozuki_> "Should we go in?"
  312. [09:36] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah, if it's not too much trouble. If not I could just tip over somewhere out of sight." And then Miyu begins trudging along.
  313. [09:36] <Cherem> Honda nods, "This is... well, not what I expected." He shrugs and steps forward towards Michio. He gives the woman a strange glance, which is returned with a playful look.
  314. [09:37] <Cherem> Kagami clears her throat, "We will put this man inside, away from the UGN's view when they come."
  315. [09:38] <Cherem> Ginyomi helps you along, Miyu, as you go up the veranda's steps and inside. There's a few cushions set on the veranda itself, and inside looks... well, it's about as empty as it was before, although a rug has been placed down.
  316. [09:38] <Cerys_Doyle> "Just show me where to put his arse."
  317. [09:38] <Cherem> Sitting at the far end, Watanabe has her eyes closed, glancing up as you enter.
  318. [09:39] <Cherem> Kagami nods, leading the way inside. There's a side-door, but Watanabe gives you a curious look as you approach. "Welcome. Who is this?"
  319. [09:40] <Cherem> Outside, Akane has returned to searching you for injuries, Ai. "You heal quick. No wonder you're out fighting."
  320. [09:40] <Shinjou_Miyu> "You don't know Ginyomi?" Miyu asks, shivering once.
  321. [09:41] <Mr_Rage> "Hn!" Ai's tails swish happily. "Also good 'cuz I'm clumsy."
  322. [09:42] <Cherem> Watanabe shakes her head, "Tsukimiya introduced us before. I meant him." She points past you at Yamada. Honda starts to give an explanation, and Watanabe listens with a careful expression. At the end, she finally smiles, "This is unexpected."
  323. [09:42] <Cherem> Ginyomi helps you sit down against the wall, sitting down beside you. Folding her legs to the side neatly, she taps her lap gently, "Lay down."
  324. [09:43] <Cherem> "Clumsy..." Akane smirks a little, pinching your cheek as she does, "I wouldn't call it clumsy."
  325. [09:44] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Sorry. I'm out of it." A shaky attempt at a bow comes before Miyu moves along to sit, then lays down as instructed with her head on Ginyomi's lap. Hard to tell what she's staring at now, but it must be pretty interesting.
  326. [09:44] <@Otomo_Reiko> The hikki rolls her eyes at the lot of them, heading inside the shrine and taking a seat. No sooner is she sitting and her advanced goggles come down over her eyes.
  327. [09:45] <Goemon_Hozuki_> Goemon takes a seat where he can.
  328. [09:45] <Cherem> Ginyomi's hand gently pats your head, "Just sleep for a minute. It'll be good for you."
  329. [09:45] <Mr_Rage> "Uuu~!"
  330. [09:46] <Cherem> "Ah, Ai!" Michio starts heading over, the drifting woman almost being pulled along with him, "You're safe! Mary told me she got to see you fight, but she didn't tell me anything."
  331. [09:46] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu gives a thumbs up and closes her eyes.
  332. [09:46] * Cerys_Doyle sighs, still holding onto Yamada.
  333. [09:46] <Cherem> At her mention, the woman smiles, finally landing her feet and switching her attention from Michio's back to Ai and Akane. "You did well. Sorry I didn't do much, but, it's too hot to work today."
  334. [09:47] <Cherem> Kagami shows you where to set him, what seems like a broom closet. "Thank you for capturing this man. With this, you are preventing much suffering."
  335. [09:48] <Cerys_Doyle> "Mmn." Is all she says, shoving the man in harder than is necessary, hoping he cracks his face off something."
  336. [09:48] <Cherem> "Although, perhaps you enjoyed that fighting?" Kagami raises an eyebrow.
  337. [09:49] <Mr_Rage> A hug for Michio too, and then her attention focuses on the... ghost? Yukionna?
  338. [09:49] <Cerys_Doyle> "Not in the least bit. I just want to enjoy a nice drink."
  339. [09:51] <Cherem> Just a shrine maiden, but the way she looks at you... she presses past Michio and reaches out, poking your cheek gently, "What was your name again, dear?" A smile covers her face, the kind of smile a very old person might have looking at a photograph of a fond memory.
  340. [09:51] <Goemon_Hozuki_> "Enjoy? not really"
  341. [09:52] <Cherem> "Well, that's better than taking too much joy in it," Kagami nods, "I believe we may have some sake here somewhere..."
  342. [09:53] <Mr_Rage> "Ai! Yuu Ai!" The Chimera introduces herself proudly, the crystal in her cheek glittering when poked. She can't say she's ever been introduced that way, before.
  343. [09:55] <Cherem> "Hmm..." She leans in, examining you. Her hands go to both of your cheeks and squeeze a little, playing with your cheeks like putty. That'll probably get annoying fast, "You're friends with Michio and Akane here?"
  344. [09:56] <Mr_Rage> "Mhmf!" Though Akane might have preferred a dierent word, herself. Her fangs poke out the more her cheeks are stretched, reminiscent of a certain pudgy breed of dog. "Uu~"
  345. [09:58] <Cherem> She grins, "Cute... Too cute." Mary finally stops, grinning, "And, did you have any friends like them before? Overed friends?" Her mouth is smiling but her eyes aren't.
  346. [10:00] <Mr_Rage> Ah-- Her face droops all at once, ears and tails falling low. "B-before Tindalos... not really..."
  347. [10:01] <Cerys_Doyle> "Sake would be nice." She tries to make that sound as nice as possible, then leans on the wall beside the door to guard it.
  348. [10:04] <Cherem> "Mm... I see." Mary smiles a little, and then, wham. She pulls you into her bosom, squeezing you tightly, "Sorry sorry! Onee-chan didn't mean to ask like that!" She punctuates that with a giggle, "Here, let's go inside and wait for the..." She hesitates, "Ah, I think that's Takao-kun." She peers over your shoulder, rising up off the ground to look down the steps.
  349. [10:06] <Cherem> Kagami nods, disappearing for a moment. She's back a little bit after with several wooden cups, pouring out of a ceramic bottle. She offers cups to everybody, abstaining herself and filling one for Watanabe without even asking.
  350. [10:06] <Mr_Rage> "Mfhfm?"
  351. [10:06] <Cherem> "So, the UGN comes here..." Honda frowns, "What's going to happen with Akane and Michio?" He glances at Watanabe, who smiles mysteriously.
  352. [10:08] <Cherem> Indeed, peeking down the stairs you can see two figures starting to come up. One of whom is the House of the Moon's own Shadow Arm Takao, and following him half a step behind... UGN. One woman, her hair fluttering freely in the light breeze, her uniform opened in a carefree manner, hands in her pockets as she walks. You recognize this tank, having met once before: Tsuboki 'Beast King' Junko.
  353. [10:13] <Cherem> "Ah, inside then." Mary's smile drops at the UGN agent, "Time to let them know they're here."
  354. [10:15] <Cherem> Inside, Watanabe stirs, sipping at her cup. "The first has arrived then." She stands, leading the way out to sit in the center of the veranda, where a cushion is conveniently waiting for her.
  355. [10:15] <Cherem> Mary hesitates as Watanabe steps out, "Aaah, so you heard them already." She clicks her tongue, "Ai, Akane, Michio, come here with us." She sits at Watanabe's left side.
  356. [10:16] <Mr_Rage> Ai obeys, on-guard again, but without aggression.
  357. [10:17] <Cherem> Honda follows them out, tapping Ginyomi on the shoulder. He goes to stand to the side near Michio and Ai, "Did you manage to see who they sent?"
  358. [10:18] <Cherem> Ginyomi gently pats Miyu's head, "Hey, UGN is here. We should be out there too."
  359. [10:19] <Mr_Rage> "Mn," Ai thumbs to herself. "Big one."
  360. [10:20] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu's eyes flutter open. She looks a bit groggy but gets to a sitting position without any trouble. "Oh? Sure. Let's go see them." While still a little out of it the rest seems to have done Miyu a little good.
  361. [10:21] <Cherem> "Oh. Hm." Honda frowns a little, and it melts away to "very worried" as Tsuboki comes into view.
  362. [10:21] <Cherem> Ginyomi leads you out, Miyu, careful to have a hand at least on your shoulder as you go.
  363. [10:21] * Cerys_Doyle stays put, guarding the door.
  364. [10:21] <Cherem> Tsuboki doesn't look too pleased to see Watanabe, but glances across to see you all. "So, she managed to catch you all in her web?"
  365. [10:21] <Cherem> "Tsuboki-dono, a pleasure." Watanabe grins as her fan snaps open, flipping up to cover the lower half of her face. Tsuboki ignores her.
  366. [10:22] <Shinjou_Miyu> And out Miyu goes. "Thanks. I feel less out of it." she mutters quietly.
  367. [10:23] <Goemon_Hozuki_> Goemon follows Honda just in case.
  368. [10:23] <Cherem> "It'll be over soon. We can take a real rest then," Ginyomi smiles a little.
  369. [10:25] <Shinjou_Miyu> A nod and a smile from Miyu. On reaching the other room she gives a practiced wave and a smile to everyone else.
  370. [10:26] <Cherem> Honda smiles a little at Tsuboki's comment, but declines to say anything. Better to be quiet in this case.
  371. [10:26] <Cherem> A moment later, you start to hear footsteps. Boots, even, and the tops of heads start to appear. You recognize the bright yellow and red hairs, UGN Agents Raiji and Red King. Both of them are dressed in black suits, with a noticably tense air as they march up the stairs after the apparant leader of this trade-off.
  372. [10:27] <Cherem> Long, elegant black hair against white skin, pale like porcelain. Her silouette is slim and her movements graceful as she takes the stairs in stride, her black pants cutting above the ground with her steps. She's wearing a black sports coat over a blindingly white blouse, a small black tablet under her arm.
  373. [10:27] <Cherem> Her eyes wash over you from behind her hime-cut bangs as she takes point, Tsuboki moving to stand beside her. She's wearing a smile as she bows from the waist, "Good afternoon, Watanabe-san." She's one of the only members of the four to bow, Raiji and Red King inclining their heads slightly.
  374. [10:28] <Cherem> In return, Watanabe bows herself, Kagami mirroring the guesture as the Shrine Maiden and Takao keep their eyes fastened on their opposites. Ginyomi returns the bow, grabbing Honda's Sleeve and yanking him to bow. She hisses, "Head down, that's Kirishima Shizuka!" She's careful to not pull Miyu down, however.
  375. [10:28] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu catches on anyway, returning the bow.
  376. [10:29] <Mr_Rage> Ai bows as well, with the fullness of someone who still has to think about the movement.
  377. [10:30] <Cherem> If you're familiar with UGN innerworkings, you'd recognize that Kirishima holds a middling position, acting as coordinator unit commander, tasked with keeping track of the UGN's agents and keeping them in line. If anybody has a finger on the City N Branch's pulse, it's her.
  378. [10:31] <Cherem> "A pleasure to have you, Kirishima-san." Watanabe smiles, "And might I introduce our Tindalos friends here." She nods slightly in your direction, "They have been instrumental in allowing this meeting."
  379. [10:34] <Cherem> "Now, your subordinates have discussed the agreement with us." Watanabe continues.
  380. [10:34] <Cherem> "Indeed." Kirishima glances at the tablet in her hand, "Regarding the charges levied against Illegal Overed Nomi Akane, said Illegal shall either be surrendered to UGN Custody." At this, Red King nods proudly. Tsuboki rolls her eyes.
  381. [10:34] <Cherem> Akane freezes. Michio goes pale. Watanabe smiles behind her fan.
  382. [10:35] <Mr_Rage> Ai's tails wrap around Akane and Michio by reflex.
  383. [10:36] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu takes a deep breath. Somehow it seems different from her combat breathing.
  384. [10:37] <Cherem> Akane is like a stiff board. Her skin is, surprisingly, cold. Michio swallows a little, and his hand takes hers carefully, other one touching the end of Ai's tail.
  385. [10:37] <Cherem> "However, in reference to UGN Child procedure," Kirishima continues, catching a surprised look from Red King and Raiji, "Should the branch be incapable of processing said Illegal, she may be permitted to carry out house arrest within an approved faculity."
  386. [10:37] <Cherem> Kirishima looks over the top of her tablet at Watanabe, who slowly fans herself. Neither of the two, nor Tsuboki or Kagami, look terribly surprised at this. Meanwhile, Raiji is already voicing his complaints, as Red King starts to object.
  387. [10:40] <Cherem> "Regarding Moto Michio, as his charges are lesser, he shall be given leniancy, provided he present himself to the UGN once a fortnight and consent to checkups." Kirishima shrugs a little as Red King's face starts to get red, although from how he hasn't directly contradicted her, perhaps she has higher ranking?
  388. [10:41] <Cherem> Honda, who looks like he swallowed something terrible, finally starts to relax. His hands, if you're looking, are clenched into fists, behind his back, his face looking relieved.
  389. [10:41] <Cherem> "And regarding the Tindalos agents..." Kirishima turns her eyes to look at you all, finally. "Unfortunetly, we do require you to come in for questioning."
  390. [10:43] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu, though dazed, seems to pick up on the social hints. Probably instinct.
  391. [10:45] <Shinjou_Miyu> "I don't object to that."
  392. [10:46] <Cherem> "Good. As I was informed," Kirishima looks at Red King, who finally closes his mouth, "You had six in your group. I see four here." She looks at Ginyomi, "Despite your report saying there were five." The two exchange a very solid staring contest for a moment.
  393. [10:50] <Cherem> "Ah, well..." Honda clears his throat, "I don't think we can all go along with that." He takes a full-on stare from three different women as Kirishima, Watanabe, and Ginyomi all turn to look at him on a sliding scale from "yes, and?" to "What in god's earth are you opening your mouth for".
  394. [10:51] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu gives in to peer pressure and joins in on the stare.
  395. [10:52] <Cherem> "However, we do have something of interest, that might put us back in your, uh, good graces." Honda tries his best to not wither, although, the fourth stare starts to take a toll. "Doyle, could you bring out the prisoner?"
  396. [10:53] <Cerys_Doyle> She gets up off her lean on the wall, and without much haste she begins dragging the bound and gagged Yamada out, droping/tossing him on display.
  397. [10:54] <Cherem> The UGN members watch with interest, and Tsuboki in particular takes a step forward as Yamada comes into view.
  398. [10:55] <Cherem> "You were the ones who picked up Yamada?" Tsuboki asks roughly.
  399. [10:56] <Cherem> "Would explain the lovely phone call we recieved." Kirishima smiles just slightly, "I take it, then, that you want the same deal that Middleman requested?" She glances at her tablet, flicking her elegant fingers across it quickly.
  400. [10:56] <Cherem> Red King starts as Yamada comes into view, hand going to his hip, to his holster.
  401. [10:57] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu puts on a pleased smile.
  402. [10:58] <Cherem> "That'd be nice," Honda admits, "We don't have any explicit quarrel with the UGN, so I'd like to sleep in my own bed tonight."
  403. [11:02] <Cherem> "Of course," Kirishima smiles thinly, "Red King, Raiji, take Yamada to the van." She watches as her agents step up, "And take him to the Station, we have questions for him." She pauses, waiting for them to take him into custody.
  404. [11:04] <Cherem> As soon as he's been handed over and the three are heading down the stairs, she lets out a breath, "Now... Akane, was it?" She turns her attention to the girl, "You have a choice, then. Come with us, or stay with... them." She glances at Watanabe.
  405. [11:04] <Cherem> "Rock and a hard place," Tsuboki comments over her shoulder.
  406. [11:06] <Cherem> Akane hesitates for a moment. Her hand closes around Ai's tail as she grits her teeth.
  407. [11:09] <Cherem> After a moment, Honda clicks his tongue, "Not much of a choice, is it?"
  408. [11:10] <Cherem> "Don't worry," Mary speaks up, "Akane, you'll still be able to see them." She gently places her hand on the Overed's shoulder, and she girl sighs slightly.
  409. [11:11] <Cherem> She glances at you, Ai, from under her newly grown bangs, "You have to visit me, alright?"
  410. [11:11] <Mr_Rage> The Chimera beams. "Yeah!"
  411. [11:12] <Cherem> Akane hesitates, and squeezes Michio's hand so hard her flinches, "You too." She sighs a little, "I will... stay here then."
  412. [11:15] <Cherem> As soon as she says it, Kirishima nods, "Good then. The Illegal Nomi Akane will be staying with the House of the Moon until the UGN is ready to house her. Consider your charges dropped, although..." She hesitates, sharing a look with Tsuboki, "We may be in contact with you in the next few days. Yamada is a dangerous man, but the company he keeps is worrysome." She smiles at Ginyomi, "We will be in touch and keep you within the loop as well."
  413. [11:15] <Cherem> "I would appreciate that." Ginyomi responds, glancing at Akane and Michio.
  414. [11:17] <Mr_Rage> "Mn..." Ai screws up her face at mention of Yamada, instinctively rubbing at one of her crystalline nodules.
  415. [11:17] <Cherem> "Now, we should be going." Kirishima glances at Tsuboki, "And Moto-san," She glances at Michio, "We will be watching you as well. Behave, please." It sounds like a genuine, light request, as if to break up the tension at her previous ultimatum. As Michio nods a little, she bows, turning to head down the stairs.
  416. [11:18] <Cherem> Tsuboki lingers for a moment before, turning around and waving over her should, moving to follow the other UGN Agent. And as they do, Honda and Ginyomi both let out long, relieved sighs.
  417. [11:18] <Cherem> "So... I guess we're good to go then." Honda wipes his forehead, laughing nervously to himself.
  418. [11:18] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu twitches and breathes deeply, getting a bit red in the face.
  419. [11:20] <Goemon_Hozuki_> "i suppose we are."
  420. [11:20] <Cerys_Doyle> "Good. About time this shite was done with."
  421. [11:21] <@Otomo_Reiko> "Atleastyoudon'thavetogowiththescarydinosaurwoman," Reiko chimes in, lingering at Cerys' side.
  422. [11:21] <Cherem> "Indeed." Watanabe's face has no smile on it as she addresses him, "Kagami will bring your companions to you. Nomi, Tsukimiya and Takao will help you collect your things." She stands up, "Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter."
  423. [11:21] <Cherem> Akane doesn't say anything, instead holding onto Ai and Michio for lack of words.
  424. [11:22] <Cherem> Kagami blinks a little, "Ah, yes, Master." She stands up to follow Watanabe, hurrying after the Renegade being.
  425. [11:23] <Cherem> Mary hesitates, "Eh? But I don't want to carry things..." She grumbles, floating backwards, "Takao can do it... but It has been a while since I got to walk around."
  426. [11:23] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Thank you, too. It's been nice."
  427. [11:24] <Cherem> "Don't mind her." Takao finally pipes up, scratching the back of his head. Oh right, he was here. "She's like a kid with too many toys, loses interest way too fast."
  428. [11:24] <Cherem> Mary clicks her tongue, "Don't say such things."
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