The Province June 4th 1997

Jan 21st, 2014
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  1. The Logo was lobbed all over Greater Vancouver on Tuesday, but ground zero was the explosion of rhetoric and rock music in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  3. The Vancouver Canucks officially unveiled their killer-whale logo, uniform and team colors to a throng of rain-dampened onlookers after players and staff had visited traffic stops in the city's core to give away T-shirts, bumper stickers and hats to passers-by.
  5. On the steps of the art gallery well known players from the past - - Orland Kurtenbach, Harold Snepsts, Stan Smyl -- modelled past jersey designs while current captain Trevor Linden showed off the new look, which was the worst-kept secret in town after the logo was posted on the Internet five weeks ago.
  7. "We've been looking at changing the uniform for a long time," said Canucks president and GM Pat Quinn, who ceremoniously handed the new jersey to Linden.
  9. "A West Coast artist finally came up with something we liked. Tradition is very important. I've always liked the (Chicago) Blackhawks' clean lines and they've never changed their logo. We wanted something that said where we are from."
  11. The design was developed by Orca Bay creative director David Youngson and White Rock artist Brent Lynch and was refined through input from Quinn, some of the current players, fans and focus groups. It's the fourth distinct uniform design since the club began in 1970.
  13. While there has been some speculation that this is the first step in changing the Canucks name, the Orca Bay brass have steadfastly denied that.
  15. "A name change is not an issue," said Orca Bay vice-president of corporate communications Kevin Gass. "There are no plans or intention to do it."
  17. While the new uniforms have created some excitement, the fans would clearly like to see an improvement in the bodies in them. "We realize that," said Linden.
  19. "For a crowd like this to come out after the season we had is really great to see," said Gino Odjick.
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