Sneaky Shining Armor by Anon (Velvet/Twilight)

Feb 16th, 2016
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  1. Sneaky Shining Armor by Anon
  3. ---
  5. It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and Shining Armor was trotting home from a long track practice. His legs were killing him from such a long day, and he couldn’t wait to get home and take a hot shower. He went up the steps with aching hooves and opened the door.
  7. The young stallion took off his two saddlebags and put them on the floor next to the door. “Mom, I’m home!”
  9. Shining Armor stayed at the entrance to wait for his mother, Twilight Velvet. She walked briskly into the room and smiled at him. “Hello, Shining. How was track? You look tired!”
  11. He laughed a little bit at the observation. “Yeah, I’m feeling pretty exhausted right now. Coach was in a bad mood, ran us hard. I could really use a shower!” He hovered his saddlebag in his magic. “Is dinner going to be ready, soon? I’m starving.”
  13. Twilight Velvet’s face, which was fine when Shining Armor entered the house, suddenly made a turn. She shook her head no at her son. “Oh, I’m sure you are, Shining Armor. I’m working on it. However, I’m afraid you are going to have to wait a little longer than I planned. You see, dinner got a little bit delayed.”
  15. Velvet stepped out of the way. Shining Armor’s eyes went wide at the sight of what she was showing him. Twilight Sparkle, his little sister, was standing in the corner of their living room. Her nose was touching the wall, and her flat tail was tucked tightly in between her legs. Twilight Velvet shook her head.
  17. “Your sister tried to do some cooking in the kitchen, even though I told her no. She tried to help put the lasagna I made in the oven with her magic, but it was too heavy and it fell. The food went all over the floor.” She said disappointedly. “Now she has to stay in the corner for one more minute.”
  19. Shining Armor’s jaw was slack. He looked closely at his sister for a few seconds before he shook his head hard, like he was snapping out of a daydream. He replied with a dumb sounding, “Oh.”
  21. Velvet rolled her eyes, but she had a smile on her face, still. “I’m sorry about that, Shining. I know your favorite is lasagna, but it took so long to make that I think we are just going to have spaghetti instead. I don’t want us to have to wait until night time to eat. Is that ok, Shining Armor?” she asked.
  23. Shining wasn’t paying attention closely. He was looking at Twilight Sparkle in the corner again. “Yeah… that’s fine. I’m just… I’m g-going to take a shower upstairs.”
  25. He went up like he was in a hurry. He floated his saddlebag up with him and disappeared from view. Velvet looked confused by her son’s sudden leave for a minute, but her face soon went back to normal. Or at least, it went back to normal until she looked over at Twilight Sparkle standing in the corner.
  27. The minute was almost up. Twilight Velvet left the little unicorn in the living room and went into the kitchen to get something she was going to need very soon.
  29. (In Shining Armor’s room...)
  30. Shining’s heart was thumping more than 100 beats per minute. He tossed his saddlebag on the bed and, quietly as he could, slipped out of his room to walk into the hallway.
  32. Twilight, standing in the corner. Shining Armor felt his adrenaline pumping through his veins. In this family there were only two times him or his sister Twilight were sent to the corner, and that was either before, or after, a spanking. He looked at Twilight’s flank before he came upstairs, and it wasn’t red at all, which meant…
  34. Shining Armor was going to hear Twilight get spanked today. He felt building up excitement like a rush of electricity, the way he felt before he and his friends ding dong ditched somepony else’s house, but even more intense. He had no idea why whenever Twilight got spanked, he felt this way, but it was “special” in an odd way.
  36. He walked tip hooved down the stairs, but stopped before he got to the living room. Now, he could hear his mom talking to his sister, in a raised voice that made Shining armor’s hair stand up on his neck.
  38. “....took a lot of time to make, Twilight Sparkle. And even worse, the baking pan fell close to you when it broke. You could have hurt yourself, Twilight!”
  40. Shining heard his little sister’s voice, but it was less clear. He bit his lip and snuck on the tip of his hooves down a few more steps, listening hard.
  42. “ make a mess, Mommy. I just wanted to help you cook…”
  44. “No no! Don’t start making excuses, young lady! I told you that I was going to show you how to cook something easier tomorrow, but you didn’t listen to me. You deliberately disobeyed me, ruined the lasagna, and worst of all, you could have hurt yourself! That’s why I have to give you this spanking right now, Twilight. Do you understand?”
  46. Shining Armor’s heart beat so loud he was afraid his mother would hear him. He put a hoof to his heart and breathed quietly. The fear of being seen or heard was always present in the back of his mind, but the excitement he felt made it worth the risk.
  47. “Yes *sniff* mommy. I-I understand…” Twilight said sadly. She sniffled.
  49. “Good. Now come her, sweetie.” His mom replied back.
  51. Shining Armor listened and heard Twiley’s little hoofsteps coming toward her mother. But all of a sudden, he heard Twilight start crying and go into what sounded like a panic.
  53. “Oh no, not the spoon mommy! Just use your hoof, not the spoon!”
  55. “Twilight, you’re lucky your father isn’t home this weekend, or you’d be waiting for him to come home right now! You’re getting this spanking with the spoon, and that is final, young lady! Now come here, right now!”
  57. Not only a spanking, but with a wooden spoon from the kitchen? Shining Armor couldn’t believe it. His mother sounded so angry.
  58. “I said, come here!”
  60. “No, not the spoon, pleaaase, mommy!”
  62. Shining Armor felt a wave of sympathy wash over him. He grabbed his beating chest and listened with his ear tilted up. There was some moving around, some more crying, and the chiming sound of magic from his mother’s horn.
  64. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!
  66. “Ow! Owwie! Mommy, I’m sorry! Oww!”
  68. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!
  70. “Oww! I’ll be good! Ow, ouch, oww!”
  72. Shining’s mom got right into his little sister’s discipline. The spoon spanked Twilight hard. Shining Armor winced when could tell from the noise it made that it was the bigger wooden spoon, because it sounded much more painful.
  74. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!
  76. “Ow, ow, ow, oww, owwww!”
  78. Whap! Whap! WhapWhap! WhapWhap! WhapWhap!
  80. Velvet was speeding up the spanks, and Shining’s tongue hung loosely from his open mouth. The last time he tried to eavesdrop on his sister being spanked, he had stayed in his room and pressed a cup to the wall to hear it, but today he was on the stairs and listening from not far away.
  82. He crawled a little further down the stairs. Velvet scolded Twilight some more.
  84. “You have to listen to your mother, Twilight! When I say don’t do something, I’m saying it because I know what’s best for you, Twilight Sparkle. Do you understand?”
  86. WhapWhap! Whap! WhapWhap!
  88. “Owww, Yyeees, mommy! I understand, owww!” Twilight’s crying was the loudest yet.
  90. Shining Armor snuck even further down the stairs. He hid against the wall, walking quietly on the tips of his hooves. He realized with a jolt that the spanking was happening on the couch that was not looking out toward the stairs, and he began to quiver.
  92. Whap! Whap! Whap! WhapWhapWhap!
  94. “Owww!”
  96. Not only that, but Shining Armor also understood from listening to her cries that Twilight wasn’t looking at the bottom of the steps, either. Her head was turned the other way, which meant that her tail end was…
  98. Whap! Whap! Whap!
  100. Shining Armor breathed deep, and very carefully, he peeked out from around the corner.
  102. All the times he heard the spanking going on, Shining never actually got to see it happening. Now, he was looking right at his sister’s behind, turning red under his mother’s kitchen spoon.
  104. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!
  106. He couldn’t see a lot, but what he could see was his mother had an icy look of determination and focus on her face while she whapped Twilight with the spoon. She didn’t look away, or more importantly in his direction, ever.
  108. Shining also couldn’t see his little sister’s face either, but based on her little legs kicking the couch and the red coloration of her butt, the unicorn filly was in a good amount of pain. He couldn’t take his eyes off it, the view he was currently seeing, the way her bottom twitched and hopped around when the spoon struck it was somehow so incredibly interesting to Shining Armor.
  110. Interesting, but something else. Something was shaping up deep inside the colt’s young mind when he watched and listened to his sister getting spanked.
  112. Suddenly, Shining Armor stopped looking around the corner at his mom and sister. While the spanking sounds were continuing on, Shining went back up the stairs with the fastest speed he could muster without being heard. His eyes were wide open, and he was sweating like he had just been caught stealing.
  114. Shining Armor looked down, between his back legs, and saw it. His mind raced in confusion when he actually saw the thing that he was sure he felt growing under him before he ran back upstairs.
  116. His penis was hard.
  118. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!
  120. The body of his rod pumped at the same time as the rhythm of the spanks he heard downstairs. Shining Armor, sweating even harder now, walked awkwardly to his room and closed the door.
  122. He hid in his bedroom somewhat out of concern for what his penis was hard about, but at the same time, the urge for release that he suddenly had growing like a wildfire made him hover the box of tissues to his bed. His worry for growing a boner when he watched his sister get spanked turned quickly into nothing more than the sudden, incomparable urge to masturbate.
  124. Shining Armor was a colt, a teenage colt. He wasn’t going to stop himself.
  126. He gave up and gave in, masturbating on his bed with tissues covering all over his chest. In his mind, his memory played a moving picture in front of him of his sister’s behind getting spanked with the big kitchen spoon.
  128. In his bedroom, behind his closed door, the image kept rolling like a film in his head long after the spanking was over downstairs.
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