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My Vita Tales Fanboys Can't Be This Stupid

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Nov 13th, 2014
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  1. 6 GameFAQs Vita/ToHR fanboys' actual responses to the idea that this line is an example of a poor localization decision because it's inappropriate to say that to someone whose grandfather just died:
  4. - "who died and made you boss" is idiomatic in English and doesn't have to be taken literally since it's mostly used to tell someone he's overstepping his bounds without actually referencing dead persons. Kor didn't take it literally
  6. It really isn't a huge amount of meaning outside of your own view, which I've been trying to say as politely as possible is really extreme, out of touch with the game and based on your own views.
  8. "Who died and made him boss" is idiomatic, not a sentence to be taken literally. I've seen used it countless times to mean what I said before, which is a criticism against someone who overstep his bounds. It isn't unsensitive, it doesn't reference actual dead persons and no one was offended by it because no one took it literally, while you're trying to push it as something it isn't both in English and in the game's own context.
  10. - I think it's useless to argue at this point, if some screenshot had a character telling someone to spill the beans someone could argue the localization is a fraud because they're randomly talking about vegetables.
  12. - ok lets talk about context..."who died and made you king, boss, leader" "who died and left you in charge" these are FIGURES OF SPEECH, they are not literal.
  14. - maybe, just maybe, you're the only one who thought that during that scene and forcing me to take a figure of speech literally just because you want to use it as ammo against the localization isn't going to convince me?
  16. - I would have never thought who died and made him a boss was disrespectful and in all my life I think I've never seen it using literally.
  18. - now he's trying to push the idea that a figure commonly used for its figurative meaning should be taken literally
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