Kill Screen (KickStarter) & Matthew Gallant

May 4th, 2015
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  1. Subject: Kill Screen & Matthew Gallant (Naughty Dog)
  2. Sources: Kill Screen, Kickstarter.
  3. Date Compiled: May 03rd, 2015.
  4. Credits: @Blaugast and an anonymous "leader" on the old gamergate board on 8chan. @_LaBattaglia for managing to get a working archive with both kickstarters. I only compiled the evidence.
  6. **************************************
  8. 1. VIDEOGAMES + MAGAZINE + ADULTS = KILL SCREEN (Successfully funded November 15, 2009)
  9. 2. We're Throwing a Scandinavian Indie Games Party! "An indie games party in SF in honor of the wondrous work of Scandinavia? Yes, please. Free beer + Aquavit, a Swedish DJ, and much more." (Successfully funded March 1, 2011)
  10. (
  12. These two kickstarters hosted by Kill Screen were backed by Matthew Gallant.
  13. Matthew Gallant worked on The Last of Us.
  15. Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  16. Matthew Gallant, who worked on The Last of Us, backed two Kill Screen kickstarters. This could have affected coverage.
  18. Articles with Potential Disclosure Issues:
  19. 05.20.13: How the sound designers of The Last of Us built a quiet armageddon
  20. 12.20.13: High Scores 2013: 5-1
  21. 01.14.14: The Last of Us DLC sounds fascinating, even a year after the original game came out
  22. 02.18.14: Naughty Dog to those who think The Last of Us is too violent: Get over it
  23. 02.24.14: Naughty Dog to flip coin to decide whether or not to make a Last of Us sequel
  24. 02.26.14: Watch the devs of The Last of Us wrangle over the differences between film and games
  25. 05.16.14: Watch Naughty Dog give a fascinating peek into the AI of Ellie
  26. 05.16.14: Holy jeez, characters in The Last of Us PS4 will look as pretty as they did in PS3 cut-scenes
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